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    Hi there! BBW here - I love peeing outside or in naughty places (house plants & furniture are my favorite indoor spots), and I looooove desperation! Really excited to finally be a part of this community!

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    Desperation is probably what I love the most. When you’re about to burst, there’s no bathroom in sight, and you finally give in, fumble with your pants and relieve yourself wherever you are. Ugh. Just the best.
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    So many! I’ve really enjoyed all the times I’ve gotten to pee on carpets and couches - I love pushing my throbbing cunt against the fabric and releasing right into it.

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  1. Is there a certain way to upload videos, or should I just make a pornhub profile?
  2. Yes please!!! I love seeing the relief after holding for a long time 😍
  3. I’ll try to upload some videos soon! ☺️
  4. Thanks so much! I’m really glad to be here!
  5. Hi there! I’m new to the site but have been obsessed with peeing in naughty places for my entire life. I’m really excited to meet people who share the same love of peeing and desperation as I do! Feel free to message me and exchange stories and things! xx

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