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    Normal with an almost obsessive interest with everything relating to peeing and playing with pee. Always keen to meet up wit people to share this fetish with.

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    Everything about pee peeing etc. Get the clue?
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    To many to pick one out but have had a girl piss over me and then me piss over her. On another occassion I attended a piss bukkake party and pissed over the two girls faces at the same time while everyone else watched.

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  1. I occasionally piss into my hand. Love the warm wet sensation then the taste when I pick my palm. Would be happy if a girl pissed on my hand and lick my hand. Such a lovely taste.
  2. Would be more than happy even turned on for you to watch me piss in a bucket or jug for you. If you return the favour the better! 😉👍
  3. Would be fun to have some real dates with girls who are genuinely in to peeing. I have been to those two sites and agree that they seem to be dead. ☹️ If you or anybody come across a peeing dating site then please post here.
  4. Who is into drinking pee? If so, is it your own or somebody else's or both. Personally I have and enjoy drinking my own and somebody else's pee. I consider it true recycling!😉
  5. I totally understand where you are coming from. The act of doing something that is normally done alone, i.e. pooping in the toilet, but in the presence of, and even on, other people is an erotic turn on. A classic vid is two girls and one cup. I presume that if you have a bad head cold you won't smell it. Therefore enjoy it without gagging! lol 😁
  6. Hi there, Just joined. Can we chat and see where we go from there? 😉
  7. Hi all, New to this site but not to the erotic sensation of peeing. I've had an an interest in playing with pee since I was a young boy. Was really curious how girls peed since I knew that they didn't have Willie's. Ever since then I have always wanted to watch girls pee. Being grown up now my interest is more mutual pee appreciation. Love to combine mutual masturbation with all, and I mean all, aspects of pee play I'm here to chat to other pee lovers and share experiences, especially with you girls. I've had a plenty of lovely wet pee experiences and would love to experie
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