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    That reminds me, I did this car park piss awhile ago where I came back from an event. They had an open bar so you could get free drinks. I had a couple and deliberately didn't use the bathroom at the venue in the hours I was there. Needless to say, when I was going back to my car I really needed to take a piss. I was tempted to just pee somewhere on the street as it was dark outside but I made it back to the car park. No one was around so I ended up whipping my dick out and doing a piss walk and spraying all over the floor and the wall.

    Here is the full video:


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  2. Similar thing happened with me finding out the stairwell to the car parks are used as toilets. I came through one night with a friend and noticed the pee smell right away.

    I came there another time and it was dry when I came out of the car park but by the time I came back to my car in about 3 hours. Booths levels of the stairwell were drenched in piss. You really had to hold onto the rails and swing yourself onto the first step to avoid stepping in the piss. I was tempted to add my own piss to the puddle but I ended up leaving. I wish I did though. Next time I want to make a video there.


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