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  1. I'm sure I done The Lunge many a times, or at least close enough to that!
  2. I meant you 2nd pee of the day. Most people will have a longish pee when they first wake up, but to go for 30 seconds just an hour after emptying your bladder that seems like an impressive accumulation! Even if I had my coffee waiting for me right out of bed, I don't think it would run through me that fast. But now looking back, it appears most of your "leave for work" wees are around 10 or so seconds. That seems more typical.
  3. Sophie how do you always produce so much pee the first hour of the morning?
  4. Obviously staying hydrated. That's excellent!;)
  5. I totally get it! Just promise us you will share any pee that is at all remarkable from the usuals!
  6. Crazy how 38 mph seems to be that magic number here in the NE USA as well, on any 2 lane road. Must be a human trait! There was a time when every single day on the way home I would be stuck behind a couple of those 38 mph drivers, mind you this was 45-50 mph rural 2 lane road with no lights or significant number of driveways or other hazards along the way. Brutal part was the 10 mile stretch of no passing zone. When you finally make it to the solo short passing zone and get around the road hog(s), there is a 25 mph flashing school zone just a couple of miles ahead. I would slow down to near 25 mph, and what do you know the same jerk is right on my bumper still trying to do 38! And this was every single day! It got to the point where I would slow to a crawl on purpose (staying literally at <25 mph through there) simply as payback for them delaying me getting home for the past 10 miles. First world problems I know.
  7. Yeah and some of the Gatorade bottles...unfortunately these things aren't always planned. 😞
  8. Hahaha I learned peeing in a water bottle while driving is a lost cause for me. I can easily get it in the bottle when standing up, but there is something about the angle when sitting in the drivers seat where I just couldn't get a good seal around the tip of my cock. End of story, it ended up spraying all over. It was late so I didn't bother cleaning up until next morning, that wasn't a good time though!
  9. Sophie you ever actually measure your wee? Like maybe the volume when you get up first thing in the morning?
  10. A slight smell might be arousing, as long as it's not overpowering. Not into smearing or poop play, but simply being in the same room I am all there as long as she's not humiliated over it.
  11. Hello anybody have experience with sites like WettingHeavens and PeeBar? I see PeeingCupid is unfortunately a ghost town, just wondering if those or others have given guys any more luck?

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