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    A woman pissing straight into someone's mouth. It's the ultimate sexual experience. Total devotion and worship.
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    Drinking lots of liquid (beer,water and of course pee!) then holding it in as long as I can while jerking off at the same time. When I finally let go in my undies, I had an orgasm as intense as if I would have cum.

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  1. I have never done this, but reading many posts about it since I joined this wonderful forum makes me wonder if I'm missing out! I will definitely try it soon!
  2. I guess I'm nothing special if I say clear to light yellow!
  3. I remember 2 instances of someone wetting themselves when I was about 10 years old. A kid in my baseball team who though he could hold it till after the game. We were on defense and at some point he asked the umpire for a time out, but just as he did, he said "Too late". Most everyone was laughing at him, but I wasn't. I felt bad for him and wouldn't want something like that to happen to me. Other was a shy girl in my classroom. She waited too long to ask the teacher, like many of the other posts on this thread! She started crying instead. The teacher asked her why and then realized... She got sent home to change but didn't come back that day. Again, even though I was amused by the situation, I never laughed at her, and not many did. I guess the desperation part fascinated me, but also the humiliation of wetting in public as everybody knew what just happened.
  4. In many hotels, restaurants and public bathroom sinks in my boss' coffee mug in a river while on a bridge from my balcony while there was a party going on indoors in a litterbox In my pants while kayaking
  5. I would love to experience a golden shower, and I would definitely want some in my mouth to drink.
  6. Last week, I had workers at the house and I was drinking and held my pee for a few hours waiting for them to leave. All the while jerking off in the basement. When I was finally alone I went into the tub to pee all over myself while jerking off (see profile pic!) But I was semi hard 'cos I had to pee so much. At one point I tried to pee and I came instead. Not much, more like pre-cum, but it felt amazing! Needless to say I ate it all up!
  7. hrlv

    Hairy Pussy?

    Also love the hairy armpits! Great pics!
  8. I sometimes like to shut mine closed with two fingers and fill it with pee. Then let go and it splashes everywhere!
  9. Also glad to know I'm not alone with this dilemma. And love all the advice given here! We have talked a bit about this from time to time. I borrowed a VHS tape from a frind which had a pee clip and she was tempted to see it but didn't I told her a friend of mine was into peeing and when I brought up the idea of a 3some, she said: "And I could pee on him after?" to which I replied "And on me too I hope!" So yeah, there's lots of potential, but she never goes through with any of it. I'm thinking I should bring it up again soon. Maybe just ask to see her pee when she's on the toilet. She never shuts the bathroom door. I also often pee when when she's putting on makeup next to me. So she's not repelled by it. I also think I should try asking her to send me a pic of her peeing when we're texting from work. But maybe not out of the blue! So first step will be to tell her about my kink next time we talk about sex (which is not often) and see where it goes from there. And make sure we start at her pace. Like I won't ask her to fill my mouth right away! I'll keep you guys posted!
  10. Realizing the fetish is more common than I thought. Also, that drinking lots of it turns me on. And that wetting myself in public is my exhibitionist kink!
  11. I would love to be this good in photoshop! I could have a whole collection of my wife peeing! On a side note: GREAT THREAD!
  12. Bi-sexual pissing. I have seen some clips and pics, but not that many.
  13. Ok! Thank you so much for the replies. I will know where to look, and post mine as well. And will get more familiar with the site and find what I'm looking for! So far I really like how open minded everyone seems to be. And that there isn't the "pee is gross" type of comments on every thread, like it is the case with many forums.
  14. Thanks @Sweets Yeah, I have a question: Can we upload pics to our profile? I looked at many members profiles, click on "See their content" on the banner. There is a Media section, with Gallery and all, but it is always empty. Am I looking at the wrong place? Thanks!
  15. forum links on theporndude

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