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  1. Where, from experience, are some of the best places to see desperation and peeing? Off the top of my head: Concert tailgating in parking lots (particularly in rural areas) Large festivals Bar areas in cities Any one else have any places they have seen people peeing in public?
  2. golers

    Peeing favourites

    1. What is your favourite peeing fantasy? Being with a women and her becoming very desperate to pee. In my fantasy I would have it end in either her peeing her pants and becoming very embarrassed or she finds a place to just barely make it and I see her pull her pants down and pee. 2. What is your hottest real life peeing experience? I posted a story about my friend Faith and I peeing in the woods by where I parked my car because she was very desperate. I suggested she pee with me in this tiny circle of trees, when she did she let out an incredibly strong stream of piss and it made a hissing sound. As she got up and began pulling her pants up I approached her and stopped her from pulling her pants all the way up. She then kissed me, I slide her pants down and we had sex. It was one of the hottest moments in my life. The craziest thing is that it wasn't the only time something like this happened... (I will continue to post my experiences) 3. What is your main area of interest with the pee fetish I get off on seeing desperation, women forced to pee in public/the woods etc, and also watching women loose control and pee their pants. 4. Briefly describe the first pee porn you can remember seeing. The best early pee porn I can remember was really going on to the old "Community Webshots" site and seeing people post pictures of their friends peeing in the streets, out at partied, in the sink etc... 5. If you could choose any one - but only one - celebrity to either watch peeing or be peed on by, who would you choose? Off the top of my head? Margo Robbie 6. Where is the naughtiest place you personally have ever peed? Back alley behind a bar, nothing too crazy but I could have easily been discovered 7. Have you ever peed on or in someone else's property? And was it for pleasure or out of necessity? I can't say I have 8. What is the hottest pee scene you have ever seen on mainstream TV or in a mainstream film. Probably Doc Holiday or Kate Winslet in Holy Smoke 9. Describe your favourite porn scene. Can't pick just one 10. Have you ever given or received a golden shower? Kinda- I was at a pool day drinking with my friend Bri when she was goofing around and sat on my lap when I was in my chair by the pool. See said she needed to pee and was about to get up when I held her and joked that I wouldn't let her go to the bathroom. To my amazement she started peeing through he suit on my lap. I pretended to be shocked but I secretly loved it.
  3. Does anyone have ANY working links to videos Nikki Noo aka Tiffany?? They are becoming awfully hard to find and simple Google searches aren't working. Thank you and Merry Christmas!
  4. Okay, so I have never seen a wetting but I have seen several "near misses" that could have been major wettings. As a result I remember them as scenarios that COULD have caused peeing accidents, let me explain... 1. Road Trip - My friend Catherine was on a road trip with myself, one guy, and two other girls. She told the driver she needed to make a 'pit stop' but was told we would pull over only if it was an emergency. By the time she order us to make the next exit she was in absolute desperation. She was fidgeting in her seat and hoped out of the car while we were still rolling towards a parking spot. After a little while from her going inside I wanted to go onside hoping she had an accident. She did however make it to the bathroom in time but told me a little pee escaped while she was next in line! I so wonder if there was one more person ahead of her, an exit too far or the bathrooms were out of order. 2. I have a women deliver meals to my place, her business is like Blue Apron but she prepares the food. Anyway I ran into her as she was coming out of my door and didn't see me coming in at the same time. Needless to say I startled her a lot when we ran into each other. What I wondered from that particular situation is what COULD have happened if she needed to pee...missed opportunities. Are there any situations like these that others can relate to?
  5. golers

    how did it start for you?

    For me I started finding it hot when the opposite sex (Women in my case) had to pee in both in a bathroom and out in other places in desperation. Once when I was a freshman in high school I was at a concert with friends. I needed to take a piss so I headed to the woods. As I was heading into the wooded area I saw a lot of other people coming and going, particularly girls. I was so excited as I found a spot and then I saw it...through a clearing a beautiful girl walked to a spot, looked around, and dropped her pants and peed. I knew I always thought that was sexy but that really did it for me.