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    straight female
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    Looking to exchange thoughts with like-minded people.

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    Naughty peeing, wetting myself, peeing into soft things.
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    I was in my 30's, young and could hold it even after drinking liquids. I had held it for hours while out doing errands but drank way too much iced tea. I started spurting in my panties but it eased up a little when I sat down in the car. The pressure became intense and painful driving home but I held it. I had to stand up to get out of the car and started spurting. I ran up the steps to my apartment with the crotch of my light blue jeans obviously wet. I couldn't get the two locks of the front door open fast enough and was near tears because I was peeing and couldn't stop it. I pressed myself up against the door and let go in my pants. I got inside and realized how liberating and sensual it felt. Rather than finishing in the bathroom, I took off my wet clothes, spread myself open and finished on the floor.

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  1. I'm playing a game tonight. Anybody want to join? Lots of neighbors are shooting fireworks. I have had lots of water and coffee so every time I hear a firework burst, I burst a little too. 😁 I'm wearing a diaper and sitting on a thick towel the same color as the chair. A little pop = a little quirt, big pop = a big squirt. Ooh, two big pops in a row. That felt nice.

  2. Bursting Betty


    Welcome Josh.
  3. Hi. I am new here but have been into peeing for many years since I was in my 20's. I got out of it for many years but now that I am an older female sometimes it happens intentionally or unintentionally, hehe. I am married but husband is not into peeing so I do it secretly and hidden. Nobody knows about my desires so sometimes I have the need to talk about it with like-minded people. Not sure what to say here. Kind of scared to just open up about it but I enjoy reading your stories.

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