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    Straight male
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    Upper Midwest USA
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    Pretty standard for the most part: mid 30’s; married; kids; love sports; great listener; always look for the humor in situations; not afraid to ask deeper better understanding questions with no judgement, and returning the favor at the same time. All with a kink..............I’ve always loved the thought of a girl peeing her pants and other casual peeing.

    Seeking to engage in conversations with like minded people to better understand this fetish.

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    Peeing pants; peeing panties; women casually peeing standing up
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    Met someone from another site many years ago who turned out to live 8 blocks away from me. Her and her husband invited me over one night to watch her pee her jeans since I never got to experience that before with any previous girl.

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  1. Curious if you’ve talked to your wife about it since it happened and if she’s willing to explore further? my first was with my wife when I told her on our honeymoon. We got back to our hotel room that night and she stood in the bathtub to let me watch her pee. I did get to take it one step further and put my penis in her stream. just the start though
  2. Anyone can answer but this is probably targeted with those that have a spouse or significant other who does not share a pee fetish. How often would that person still engage in pee activities with you, and what do they include (if any at all?) This last week my wife randomly wanted to pee her pants for me as part of a fun evening. I wish I could say that happens a lot but maybe 2-3 times per year. She never sees a problem with me just watching her pee if we’re both in the bathroom, or just stepping into the bath or shower naked and pee standing to let me watch. There are defin
  3. I feel fortunate that I in a way lived out my fantasy(ies). I met up with a random girl for the whole purpose of watching her pee her jeans.
  4. @Sophie I’ll try one more follow up then, since you seem to love being asked questions. since it feels like wetting yourself is your main kink with the fetish, how often do you find yourself wetting your pants on purpose for fun? And do you like to do it alone or have your husband watch? Like “hey honey I’m going to to pee my pants right now, want to watch?”
  5. For myself and my own well being, lots of golf and evenings at the gym. While I miss traveling for work right now, I’ve been able to be at home with my kids. Physically I’m in the best shape I’ve been in the past 10 years since I’m not waking up at 5:00 AM for a long commute downtown and instead can go to the gym after I get my kids to bed and still get adequate sleep. Trying to look at everything with a positive lens the best I can
  6. @Sophie pee related: what was your first pee related experience when you were exploring your interests and fetish non pee related: what’s the most challenging and frustrating thing(s) about being a moderator on a site like this?
  7. I agree with how many different forms it could come in. Like my own pee doesn’t turn me on at all or even the thought of drinking a girl’s pee. Now if I was eating her out and it happened, I’d probably go with it. Lol.
  8. Just like a lot of comments above. This just makes up a unique combination of who we are. Nothing to be proud or ashamed of
  9. Depends on if they know about your fetish or not. if they don’t, then I might ask them what turns them on and offer up anything they want to try showing them that you are willing to try anything for them. If they do know, work it into what feels good for them too. For example, my wife’s kink is using her toy in front of me. I won’t go into any details but basically she’ll pee on purpose when she cums. We both get our fix and take it from there. common theme is find out what she wants and that you’ll make it all about them too
  10. 10 girls for me. All between the ages of 18-21 and have been with my wife ever since
  11. Hi Bonnie. welcome, and glad to see the willingness to experiment and see what happens from there. Per your post, what sports do you like?
  12. I like watching as my own pee doesn’t turn me on. However, if I was with someone who got turned on by watching me pee, well then I’d be all for it with no holds back
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