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    I enjoy games n challenges

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    The smell of it when you get that 1st whiff and the idea of being Naughty
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    I decided to drive on a busy street in rush hour traffic in was dusk my windows were tinted so I was more excited then nerves. The question was: How was I going to pee ;Safely on the floor or in my pants(that would have been to safe) I thought what about straight up into the air, with the chance of maybe someone might see got me more excited. So no matter where I was I going to do it. When I felt the urge I unzip my pants pulled out my Dick and was ready to release, now to my surprise at the time I ended up at a Red light right in the front row of one of the busiest intersections, yes I was on the edge people right next to me on both sides and people walking in the crosswalk right in front of me. I didn't want to reach down I be so obvious, I kept both hands on the steering wheel and let loose and decided to just let it go wherever. Well the pressure built up at 1st shot the stream high in the air. I was a lil-bit nerves so I cut it off, still excited, I didn't care where it went. I look around to see if anyone was looking, no one was paying attention, I let it go again it was strong and long as it started getting my arm wet then than soaking my shirt I was feeling naugty I looked around wanting to make eye contact with the feeling of yes I pee right here and now, well my stream pull to the left it stop soaking my shirt and hit my door then as it slowed down I could hear it going into my side door pocket. I knew I had a lot of paperwork n other important things in there. I didn't care it was a long light and a lot pee and a lot of fun

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  1. Desperation it's not really my thing, I'm more into ideas and places
  2. Does anyone like playing challenging games?🤔
  3. As a long term student of watergame, I'm always looking for new, different, challenging ideas and places to pee.
  4. Sometimes I like soaking after I work out, I try to pee in there a couple of times before I get in to really get the full effect. The aroma of it with the Epsom salt for me is relaxing
  5. I don't know how much you enjoy the anticipation of waiting to carry an session ( I think it's just as exciting as the deed), you can wait until a Raining Day and while in a public place (with people around). Soak your pants while you're getting soaked in the storm. Until then put an towel on the floor beside the bed at night and try to soak it without getting out of bed or even looking. In the morning if you realize you missed, then so be it that's part of the fun
  6. Just so were on the same page, public pee for me is sitting in a car in a store parking lot. My area is not a place to whip it out and I've rarely seen a female squatting, both are illegally bad ideas. Here an idea that I've tried in public that I feel is relatively safe: 1. It was a rainy day and I was at that Store, as I was cking out it started to pour down rain. I had to pee bad, I was going to run into the bathroom because I knew I wasn't going to make it hm (I'm not able to pee in my car unplanned either). I always wanted to pee my pants in public, I have a couple of pair of
  7. I enjoy details, but I remember I try this some time back sitting in the car, in a store parking lot. I ended up soaking my steering wheel and I think it mess up my turn signal. So pissing on electronic is limited, especially without more details
  8. So one dashboard pee is worth two car seats. Are we sitting in the car or from the outside? At hm or in a public
  9. Like my car even though it's old that doesn't mean I want it to smell like a toilet so I try an limit my fun. Are you dwn with soaking ur car seats or we can bounce ideas back and forth
  10. Since I'm also limited in what I can do, I do enjoy being Naughty atlease once, that way it limits the damage and not the embarrassment of getting caught. Also drinking lots of water all most eliminate the smell. Do you have own a car? I also can use some fresh ideas
  11. Well I challenge you to do both or pee in the car twice both drivers and passengers seat
  12. Eventhough I'm not that much into Desperation, I have tried it while at the last minute start to simulate myself until the urge to pee comes back and forth with this urge to cum, Wow what a great feeling
  13. Let just say I'm not allowed to do laundry, I get in the way of my wife's routine and she's been on a laundry mission all day. I like the idea of sitting naked and peeing into a old towels so I can just throw away. But wifie not into my games so I have to be discreet. I do enjoy soaking things more than myself
  14. Raining day in my part of the world or should I say Evening, I all ready took my shower for the day and didn't plan on getting wet again,😏 but I'm good for getting something else wet.
  15. @Merkus are you going for Desperation or up for something different, I never tired desperate yet except if I'm suck in traffic and I I dnt think that's the same lol
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