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  1. Koukouvaiya was great. Many of the indoor peeing scenes (especially carpet peeing, which is no 1 for me) that circulate comes from this site. It must have been British as it displayed many of the models that worked for Glimpse and Sneakypee. I think the latter still is acting. As for Glimpse I was a member for many years (15 years ago) and had good contact with the managers, even invited to a live peeing weekend in the UK - but the price was exorbitant. Wet In Public was great in its heydays, don't think they do new stuff. And the SG movies from Budapest with gorgeous girls peeing right in the center of town surrounded by ordinary people - I am not sure that can be repeated. So its really unique material.
  2. Became a member today although I knew that this forum existed. I have been active on Chaturbate for many years and the persecution of girls that actually pee goes up and down. When I joined in 2015/2016 it was no problem getting a girl to pee massively. But it has become more rigid although I did not find any specific mentioning in the regulation page of banning pee lately. It has been specifically stated there before, together with for instance fisting. The pee was only available in pvt. You need to be tactical here, go for the lowest token-girls, choose someone with a nice smile and not the ones jumping around, acting too much and giving in directly. Those are just bad actresses wanting money for nothing. It takes some time to find a good girl for 6 tkn/minutes who allows a recorded pvt show, who has a hd-camera, who is willing to do it without charging extra right in the act. But the ones that remain have been awesome. They went much further than I even asked them (rolling around in their pee on the floor, peeing in a glass and pouring it over their hair and face). Recently girls have told me that just mentioning words that lead the administrators to believe that you are asking for pee are scanned and the show is shut down and the girl gets a warning, with three warnings she's banned. Still, the fairly-new models may do it, those with followers between 1000 and 2000. The ones who are too new is high risk. Those with a lot of followers won't risk their job. And moving up the hierarchy to Russian models, that's a waste of time. Eastern European girls are in general very unfriendly. I always go with the Colombians. Cam4 allows, but there are not many nice girls with tags "pee". It does not happen often in free that I see them pee at all. I am just a member in Chaturbate and I do not want to join any other site, because it will just be too costly. If not there is a fetish webcam site for peeing only, I would reconsider.

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