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  1. Happy Birthday
  2. Hi there mate hop all is well just to let you know of one of the members called epic Jess is needing to be band from this sit and here IP address given to the police not sure but she he whatever they might be that are asking for pic of miners and that as you know is just sick so please put a stop to this and also make sure you let the police know as well
  3. Hi there when is the new downloadable content gong to be uploaded
    1. Admin


      Tomorrow. There's some big changes coming to premium membership, and new uploads will be happening throughout the next week. Enjoy. :)
  4. all right mate is that you going to be putting up some new videos hop so looking really foreword to seeing them cheers
  5. you need to start talking to me still can't use the video section yet get it sorted
    1. Admin


      Ah, you actually paid for access to the premium members area which you have. I've given you access to the videos are too now though.
  6. what is going on here I pad you last night and still not been upgraded whats talking so long
  7. Hi there would like to pay to use the sit not interested in any of the other options that you have so if possible lets talk cheers
  8. Tornado199

    Pee movies...Fake audio or music

    I totally agree withe both comments let put it to bed ones and for all
  9. Tornado199

    Peeing as a turn OFF?!

    I would have to say wetting themselves such a wast of a good movie or involving a guy in any way drinking it diaper peeing is just wrong
  10. Hi there mate sighed up for the miss piss .com Earle on and was hoping by now this would have let me get into the video section on this sit but still nothing and yes I no it can take up to 24 hours but thought you might be able to speed things up a bit cheers
    1. Admin


      Hey, if you've bought a months membership at MissPiss to upgrade to premium on here, you simply need to message me the transaction ID. You do have access to the basic Videos section now too.
  11. hi there need to ask something when I went into Search Threads and Posts there is a tick box marked Search child forums as well now what is that about then
    1. Admin


      Sub-forums; sections of the forum within other sections. (E.g. 'forum games is a child forum of the Off Topic section). Thanks.
  12. Tornado199

    english speaking vidos

    Hi there would like to know if there are any English speaking movie clips out there of just woman peeing outside on the toilet things like that hop you can help me cheers Iain:unsure:
  13. Tornado199

    Pee & Fart?

    hi there what videos do you have can I see them :sneaky:
  14. Tornado199

    Best places to see desperate ladies

    looking for videos of this sort of stuff if anyone can help me out cheers Iain