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    Into outdoor pissing and pissing into things you shouldn’t especially sneakers lol

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    Watching girls pee. Especially outdoors

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  1. Was it in your own bathroom or someone else’s?
  2. Awesome video! And I totally agree it’s always more fun to pee somewhere you shouldn’t!
  3. Ya, was to lazy to put on shoes needed something from down stairs and decided to just go there
  4. Took a morning piss down the drain of a bathtub https://www.erome.com/a/Entx2Y5Q hotel lobby public bathroom! Couldn’t finish was afraid someone was about to walk in so finished at the urinal https://www.erome.com/a/oh0HNJbw
  5. Sounds awesome hope to hear more. Especially you pulling over to piss outdoors
  6. Stopped to take a piss at a gas station last night and kinda made a mess. What you guys think? At the end I thought I was done but had a little left in me lol https://www.erome.com/a/c4rhhBOW
  7. I never pissed in a parking garage, but one time at the mall I was so desperate I had to get out of the car and face towards the inside and just let my dick hang out and pissed so no one would notice. My wife was pretty amused by it she even recorded it lol
  8. That was a serious piss, didn’t even think that’s possible lol. I certainly will not even try to hold long enough to attempt that long.
  9. It definitely was but not nowhere near as bad compared to the post I made about having to go behind the gas station
  10. Stopped to take a piss and decided to take a piss in the sink. It’s 2 videos because I stopped recording halfway thru as someone was about to walk in and I moved over to the urinal https://www.erome.com/a/KVy13Q2R
  11. It was really bad, I’m not the type to have to hold myself and leak in my pants but literally my crotch had visible stains and I was holding myself as I asked the lady if it’s ok to go ore behind the station.
  12. Was out and about today and wanted to see how long I can hold for, went about 4-5 hrs between my morning piss and this one! I was downing water and red Bull like a mad man. My bladder finally decided it was not going to last anymore so I stopped at a gas station and ran to the bathroom to find it out of order! It seems to never fail that when I legitimately need to piss and don’t want to piss in public I can’t find an open restroom lol. I asked the lady at the station if there was any other bathroom and she’s said no, so I straight up asked if it’s ok if I go around back and she just
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