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  1. So after a bit of a hiatus of making videos I might start posting again. Pulled into an ugly looking truck stop off the side of the road and didn’t even wanna bother going inside and was pretty desperate so I jumped out and started peeing. A trucker did drive pass me while I was going and I’m sure he knew what I was doing but I doubt he cared much. I find it exciting when someone may see me or catch me in a way that I won’t get to much trouble I recorded a few other videos I might share later https://www.erome.com/a/rve9mN0a
  2. Awesome video and super long piss! To be honest anywhere you can pee besides a toilet is a good idea! Lol
  3. Wow well done indeed!!! Do you know her or was she just some stranger passing through? I need context!!! Lol
  4. Wow those are awesome and I love the fact that it’s all the same pair
  5. I am so in the same boat I absolutely love when when sneakers especially converse get wet when pissing and it’s so hard to find sometimes. Pissing directly into them or purposely is cool but it’s soo hard to find genuine videos where a girl mistakenly pees on her sneakers or at least wets herself and shows how they get soaked but those are the best. I always wanted to find a genuine shot of a girl pissing directly onto her sneakers mistakenly but they are soo hard to find but I’ve seen a few ones that’s come close Whenever my wife pees outside she usually high squats and gets a p
  6. Yes!!!! I agree! I LOVE when someone’s pissing and they’re shoes get splashed (mainly sneakers or socks) obviously with my username lol!
  7. Haha that sucks there’s a particular truck stop I always stop to that has one and I purposely make myself desperate and hold until I can get there just to piss in it!
  8. Was it in your own bathroom or someone else’s?
  9. Awesome video! And I totally agree it’s always more fun to pee somewhere you shouldn’t!
  10. Ya, was to lazy to put on shoes needed something from down stairs and decided to just go there
  11. Took a morning piss down the drain of a bathtub https://www.erome.com/a/Entx2Y5Q hotel lobby public bathroom! Couldn’t finish was afraid someone was about to walk in so finished at the urinal https://www.erome.com/a/oh0HNJbw
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