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    The sight of a mature lady pissing a strong, yellow stream from her natural, hairy pussy. The hissing sound, when she pisses hard. The sweet fragrance of her hot piss and her pussy. To taste and to drink it, the whole of it, doing my best not to spill.

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  1. Damn, she's hot. I don't know a lot of US politicians, but I'm totally into mature ladies. Very, very few people here on peefans share our interest in mature dames. I'm the first to like this post. And typically, nobody has so far liked my post near the top of this page. (Jennifer Tilly) Did you see the pic of Tilly I posted? She's gorgeous.
  2. Meh... Naughty, but too much spillage that way. I need the full, fat, hissing power stream down my throat. Worship your feet before and after would be very nice, though.
  3. And that is the no1 reason for modern men's depressions/low life quality. If ladies would spend more tinkles on us, for free, just for the fun, the World would be an awesome place. Heaven is a place where mature ladies, all with naked feet in stiletto mules, and all bursting to piss, constantly call my name - "Jesper, I need to pee, come here NOW" - "Jesper, hurry up, come drink my piss NOW" - "Jesper, when you're finished drinking from that other lady, you come here" Now that's HEAVEN. Please stay away from my Heaven - unless you change your mind in more generous ways.
  4. Damn, you're lucky lucky lucky to have a lady like that. I can get my woman to piss me full 1 or 2 times a year, and it's not especially naughty as she doesn't like it. Wish I were you. Holy Mackerel - it sounds outrageously NAUGHTY with that whisper: "Are you thirsty?" right after you licked her to an orgasm. Wow, happy you. I hope you are vey lucky. My GF's piss tastes delicious, though, can't complain about that - it's REAL piss, yellow and with a strong, sharp taste - but two times a year, and she gets nothing out of it, she actually hates it - meh. That is also why I hardly ever bother her with my lust. Everynow and then I go see a working girl. Sometimes it can be good, but mostly disappointing. But - cheers mate. (pun intended)
  5. Jesper

    pissing woman

    Couldn't this pic fit into one of the many threads here?
  6. Some fine new pictures here in thread lately that I haven't seen before - very good, indeed...
  7. Vids are all great - but pics have something that vids can't compete with... I think I found a few that's not here already...
  8. Err as a mod - is it possible for you to delete the post I wrote , and thereby the little thread it started? Somehow I misenterprted the post I referred to, I can see now that it was idiotic of me? Feel very, very free to delete it.  You can also see that I liked the pic yesterday. 

    Kind regards

    1. Sophie


      Done 🙂

    2. Jesper



  9. Damn your piss looks delicious.
  10. Hmmm - I'm actually very proud of my fetishes (pissing, older ladies, feet and stilettos - total worship of the mature lady) Proud? Yeah, some, because it shows I have GREATT tastes - attracted to the beauty and the self-consciousness of the ripe madame, and that I dare to compliment her, using words that haven't been out spoken by anyone else but me for the last 150 years or so. Preferably in Danish, as it takes a lady of my own language to be surprized about my words of choice, and laugh at it - if I use English, it will be because the fine lady (a professional) doesn't understand Danish, and hardly any English. I know that I have great tastes, no doubt. I just wish I knew more ladies I could adore and compliment, damn...
  11. Your car is now a true Feinschmecker item, it's value doubled after the fine lady pissed it full - and you drive around with a little smile. All fine, but - GIMME YOUR CAR. Did you keep the napkins? They live in the glove box now, right???
  12. Coincidentally saw your video post - that was smoking hot. I don't ONLY like grannies lol. HOT that was.
  13. MILFS??? Hmmm I saw 95% young girls between 18 and 25. But Hell yeah, there are a few (few) who seem to be in the 30ies or 40ies... Isn't the topic title a little misleading?
  14. Well - celebrities don't interest me that much; an every-day lady with a look I like would be as good as any celebrity. However - there's one US celebrity that I have a crush on, she's an expert in playing naughty, slutty roles. Jennifer Tilly - yes, her. She's so gorgeous and slutty, and she has the right age for my preference; in her very early 60ies now. Here's a pic of Jennifer from 2014 - she's only 56 yo on the pic, nothing wrong with that. But I would like some "locals" to piss me full just as much. Jennifer Tilly, 56 yo, 2014: Pic can be clicked several times for bigger size - high quality

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