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    The sight of a mature lady pissing a strong, yellow stream from her natural, hairy pussy. The hissing sound, when she pisses hard. The sweet fragrance of her hot piss and her pussy. To taste and to drink it, the whole of it, doing my best not to spill.

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  1. Click on the pics, they're really good, and on some of them you can see her stream is beautifully yellow
  2. Here's a few - please note - some of them can be found here on page in other threads as well - but here they are concentrated as to the topic - I didn't find any with rainwear, though, just bootzies
  3. Here's some - a couple of them are very small, but others can be clicked for OK size. Oh and one of them can be found on previous page, but here's a bigger one, so improvement of existing, so to speak.
  4. Couldn't agree more - problem is that whenever a vid or pic says "grannies pissing" - it is about some men pissing ON the grannies, and stuffing their dicks down the grannie's throats. Just hate it so much. It is close to impossible to find videos with grannies pissing solo, or on each other. There's always some asshole stud(s) involved. So we must enjoy the little we can find...
  5. Peeing through panties was never my no 1 fetish (I have nothing against it of course, lol), but here's my small contribution to this thread.
  6. Jesper

    Potty peeing

    Wish I could be their potty boy...
  7. Bumping an ancient thread...

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