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    I've just gotten into pee and drink my piss daily

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  1. Gnome

    Pee fetish

    Hi and welcome to the site.
  2. Gnome


    Hello and welcome to the site.
  3. Gnome


    Hi Pissygal00 feel free to message me anytime I would love to chat.
  4. @MiaDarling you are a beautiful strong woman. From what I've read I'm sure you can handle this. You can always act like you're going to be bathroom and just sit on the toilet in your Pampers.
  5. Gnome


    Welcome @Pboy123 hope you enjoy the site.
  6. Welcome Zogan this is a great community of like minded people.
  7. Welcome I hope you find someone.
  8. I have peed on the carpet in my house my wife doesn't know about my naughty pee fantasy.
  9. Welcome there is something sexy about a woman wetting herself.
  10. How about while you are cleaning the house, you could just stop cleaning and squat and pee the when finished you go back to cleaning.
  11. Hello and welcome to a great group. Feel free to ask questions.
  12. WOW thank you for providing such a vivid image of your distress.
  13. My first experience with pee was in 2003 is was 43 years old and just had surgery for Prostate Cancer. One of the side effects of Prostate surgery is loss of bladder control. I would not only pee my bed but also my pants. I discovered that I enjoyed the feeling of trying to hold my piss till the last moment. In retrospect I may have felt controlling my pee was at least something I could control at that moment in my life. It was during that time I discovered my joy of desperation pee. Over the years I started experimenting with different things concerning pee. I love peeing in naughty places, peeing my pants and drinking my own pee. I have given myself a golden shower and hope one day to find a female pee friend.
  14. Marley I sorry to hear this. I have many Transexual friends and I enjoy being with them. As others have said please feel free to message me if you want to talk.

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