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  1. “Rebecca?” “Yerse.” Somehow I was expecting something, he had been in a funny mood all evening, quite vague as if miles away. Maybe our month apart had given him time to think, reflect on our friendship. I’d had time to think about things too so was curious about what might be coming. “I know you only do this for me, but do you …….. well ……… get worked up too?” It had been over 6 months & he had finally started to wonder. “What do you think?” He shrugged. “Of course I do! I’m not a bloody robot!” “But you don’t have anyone do you?” “What’s that got to do with anything?” “What do you ……. you know ….. do …. do about it?” “Peter!” “What?” He seemed genuinely clueless. “I masturbate of course.” “You what!” He seemed shocked. “I masturbate! Why?” “Do you?” “Yes. Most women do.” “Do they?” “All my girlfriends at School used to. My Mother masturbates.” “Does she? How do you know?” “I saw her one day when I was in my teens. That’s what got me started.” “You saw her? What did she say?” “She didn’t know.” “Did she really …….. you know?” It was as if masturbation was somehow a forbidden word. “Masturbate? Yes Peter, she masturbated, really & truly, rubbed her cunt & from what I saw & heard she climaxed too. Doesn’t Maria?” “NO!” He was very firm. “Are you sure?” “Yes! She has had a proper upbringing & would never touch herself down there, not like that!” “And I haven’t?” The look on his face was funny, awkward as if he didn’t know how he was going to get out of this one. “I didn’t mean it like that.” “How did you mean then?” I could see him concentrating hard, desperately trying to think of something. The moments passed before he replied. “I didn’t mean that you weren’t bought up properly, what I mean was that you didn’t have a really strict upbringing like her. Catholic girls are bought up so strictly, much worst than anyone else, they would be too scared to ever touch themselves down there.” Scared? Of what I wondered? Being struck by lightning? It was a reasonable attempt so I let it go, except he wasn’t finished. Several moments passed before he plucked up the courage to carry on. “How …….. how do you?” He quickly backtracked. “I mean how do girls …. you know ……….?” “They would all do it differently I imagine. You must have seen them on your videos?” “I don’t believe that, it is all fake.” “Is it?” “Yes!” He was certain. “They can hardly fake peeing can they?” He had to think again. “Not that, it would be hard to fake but I have seen videos where they have a squeeze bottle instead.” “How do you know?” “It doesn’t come from where it should.” “How do you know?” “You can see.” “Oh.” I accepted that he would probably know better than me so let it go. “There are fakes, wee wee fakes, not many but I can always pick them.” “Right.” He still wasn’t finished. “So ……. when do you?” “What?” “You know?” “What?” “…………………….. touch yourself.” “Masturbate Peter. It has a name, it’s called masturbating okay? I masturbate!” He looked miffed at my telling off. A silence followed again but he wasn’t about to give up in spite of how awkward I was being. “When?” “What?” “Do you do it?” I looked blankly at him so he added, “ ………… masturbate.” & had to force himself to say the word. “Oh that? When I’m in the mood.” This was fun & he definitely wasn’t enjoying it. I could see him thinking, trying to find a way of getting more direct answers. “Where?” I shrugged. “Where ever the mood takes me.” “Anywhere?” “In bed usually.” “When?” I shrugged again. “Before I go to sleep.” “How often?” “Depends when I am in the mood.” “Do you get in the mood often?” “Mm! Most nights.” “Really?” “Yes really!” I decided it was time I teased him. “& in the mornings sometimes, before I get up. Most mornings,” I added, “& during the day if the mood takes me.” “Oh!” There was a hint of surprise in his voice. There was a long silence. “So ……. So …….. how do you do it?” “How do you imagine I do?” I could hear a bit of frustration creeping into his voice. “Do you ……….. finger yourself?” It took him a while to find the words. “Finger myself?” “Yes.” He was blushing. “What put my fingers inside myself as if they were a penis & pretend I’m with a man?” He looked uncomfortable with my description & got a silly look on his face. “Yes.” “No definitely not.” “Don’t you?” He seemed surprised. “No.” There was a pause as if he was waiting for me to carry on but I didn’t. “How …… how do you do it then?” “I just focus on my clit, that’s all I need to climax. Satisfied?” No, & he was not about to give up. “How?” I shrugged. “It depends on what I feel like at the time.” Another pause. “What do you mean?” “I rub usually. I have to be very careful because it’s very sensitive & can get quite uncomfortable.” It wasn’t what he was looking for, I knew that. “So when you rub it how do you do it so it doesn’t get uncomfortable.” I hesitated & he was getting irritated. “Well ………………………….. most women have a hood over their clitoris to protect it, a bit like a man’s foreskin over the head of his cock but not as big. I can rub myself through to hood without it getting too sensitive.” I was quiet again & could see him search for something to say. “But ……… but ……… I mean, um what is it exactly that you do?” He wanted to watch me, that was becoming clear but couldn’t summons the courage to ask straight out. I stretched out on the rug, one hand propping up my head, a leg raised & parted for him & he was sitting almost in front of me, eyes darting from my vulva to my face & back while trying his hardest to get me to give him what he wanted. It had crossed my mind from time to time that the subject would arise & to be honest, would prefer it be out in the open rather than the childish way we were going about it. I knew he was masturbating when he went out to Toilet, it took far too long to just pee & he was very flushed & guilty when he got back. Not that I minded, I could sometimes manage to climax twice while he was away & wondered if he noticed any changes in me, but outside of watching me pee & staring endlessly between my legs, he didn’t seemed to be aware of much else. I had wondered what it would be like to masturbate in front of him, as good as peeing? I had never masturbated with anyone, the opportunity had never arisen but it would be nice to be able to relax & take my time rather than the present rushing before he got back. I was becoming curious about him too, his penis & wouldn’t mind turning the tables, watching him pee. There was an almost constant bulge in his trousers from his erection, sometimes it really stuck out making him acutely self conscious. I wondered what he would look like masturbating. I had never been with a man while he masturbated & was curious to watch. We could share it, me climaxing first & he after. It would be good for us both, reduce some of the sexual tension. As committed as I was to not crossing that boundary, it wouldn’t take much, not much at all. His wiping had been getting longer & longer & he was pushing the limits I had set but made no attempt to stop him, enjoying it far to much & could even have climaxed on occasions had he gone on longer. Given the right mood, if he did get carried away & wanted to penetrate me I probably wouldn’t stop him. The only thing was that if we went all the way that would be it, things would change between us & it would hasten our parting & I wasn’t ready for that yet but it would be inevitable if we consummated our friendship. I decided to use this opportunity to get everything out in the open, reset the boundaries with him, but first I was going to give in to him, let him see what he wanted because it was what I wanted too. I had moved my free hand down to scratch, supposedly, but left it resting on my mons softly seeking out the bump of my clitoris in amongst the vulva folds. He had noticed & was now filled with anticipation, that look he gets on his face while he is watch me pee. I moved to make myself comfortable. He went very quiet but the sexual tension stood out all over his face. It was becoming clear he had been thinking about this for a while, long before my arrival that evening. “Mmmmmm!” I smiled up at him, took a deep breath & let out a long deep sigh. His breathing increased almost instantly & the bulge in his pants was not only huge, busting to get out, but pulsing, moving noticeably, involuntarily I imagined, just like my vagina which was now in a constant state of twitching. I watch his eyes the whole time & could see him glancing up, wanting to enjoy my facial reactions, but the draw of what ‘those’ fingers were up to took precedence. They had started to prepare me, tracing down the sides of my labia forcing them open with the middle finger penetrating enough to fetch moisture & deliver it to where it is required. There certainly was an abundance of slippery stuff to be had so I let my finger squelch noisily in the reservoir at my vaginal entrance. I worked away steadily, spreading it round, his face set, fixed on what I was doing, twitching with the expectant tensions. A finger each side of my clitoral hood, I began to rotate slowly. “Mmmmmm!” His face was twitching as he realised he was about to witness his first masturbated female orgasm. “Aaaahhhhhh!” His breathing got heavier & louder. He did glance up quickly from time to time catching my gaze & giving an aroused smile which I returned. “Yes!” I said it softly & his trousers jerked. I got into a rhythm & it was right there! I hadn’t realised how close it had got with the teasing working for me too & that look on his face! I loved seeing it & it has always a trigger for me. After all it was what it was all about as far as I was concerned. His face was tight, strained, aching with expectation. “Mmmmmm!” I was teasing again. “Aaaaahhhhhhh!” Another long sigh for him, meeting his rapid glance. It felt wonderful, & yes, every bit as enjoyable as peeing for him, if not more so! I could have finished it of in just a few moments, if I chose to, but no, I would draw it out as long as I could keep my orgasm at bay. “Mmmmmm!” I found just the right tempo while my other hand found my breasts, caressing each in turn, seeking out my nipples for some firm tweaking, not wasted on him either, his eyes completing a circuit, darting from nipple to face, to vulva. It was my face that I really let him know what was going on, pouting, purring, wincing, smiling, closing my eyes right down, like a cat, before blinking them open again, all the while my nipples were being draw out, pulled very hard indeed & the circular stirring of my clitoris danced a tango on my mons. “Aaaaahhhhhhh!” Each time his breathing got heavier, louder, I was sure that would be it, but no, he seemed to have an endless height to his arousal. It wasn’t wasted on me either as I was now as I struggled to keep my orgasm at bay, but I intended to, savour these moments for as long as I could. The pressure was building in my bladder, pushing against the door of my urethra which just compounded it, making my sensations more intense. He was quivering from head to foot, fit to explode I imagined & as much as I was enjoying my high, it was starting to get uncomfortable as my need had gone way beyond anything I had felt with him before. The battle was lost so I relaxed & allowed myself to tumble over the edge, struggling to focus on his face as a huge surge rose in my body higher & higher like a tidal wave of pleasure peaking before crashing over me. I could just make out him shaking visibly as my orgasm took control. I tried to speak but couldn’t find words or sentences to describe my joy. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” I was floating on a cloud now & no longer bothering to try. If he couldn’t see what I was going through then there was something wrong with him. I felt shy, demure almost, blushing as my body was engulfed in goose bumps, looking up at him, smiling, sailing off to a vague, distant horizon. It was a most wondrous sensation, almost trance like as the full impact of what I had done became real. I was ‘grinning like an idiot’ as my Mother would have said but couldn’t help it, not that I wanted too. Sharing the most private, most intimate experience & whether he liked it or not he was going to have to put up with it again & again if I had my way. When I thought back at all the times I had been tempted, but denied myself! No more! Gradually as his face lost its tension he began to smile. I wanted to say something but couldn’t. ‘Was that nice’ just didn’t cut it. It have been a huge experience, a huge thrill for both of us, I imagined & as words could never have adequately described it, I was better to say nothing at all. His eyes left my face at last & returned to my hand. I certainly had produced more than enough to satisfy myself several times as I wiped the excess away & became aware I had sprinkled, wondering if he had seen that too. My power returned enabling me to raise myself up & rest on my elbow, cocking my head to the side knowing I had the biggest self satisfied look on my face of my whole life. The moments passed as he gazed at me, taking in all there was to see, My face, my breasts, nipples now fully erect & reddened for being tweaked & my vulva, glistening in the light I imagined. “Happy now?” He smiled. “You have wanted to watch me wanking my cunt since I got here, haven’t you?” He couldn’t have looked guiltier or blushed brighter if he tried. It seemed to jerk him back to life, to reality as he stood quickly & headed for the door. “I’ll be back in a minute.” “Peter please don’t go, we have to talk?” “I won’t be long.” “Not now Peter. Please stay?” “I have to go to the Toilet.” “It can wait.” “I ……… “ “PETER?” He hesitated. “I will only be a minute.” “& I won’t be here when you get back.” He stopped. “What?” “You heard me.” He stared in horror. “I will get dressed & go home.” “Do you mean it?” “Yes.” “Why?” “Because we need to talk.” He turned slowly. “Come over here & sit down.” He did so reluctantly. “It’s time we stopped pretending, you going out to the Toilet & wanking while I am in here doing the same, trying to get myself off before you get back!” “Do you?” “Yes! And you do too!” He blushed brightly & looked admission came over his face. “It’s alright I don’t mind. I think I would be more upset if you didn’t want to wank yourself after looking at me.” He was looking down too ashamed to look me in the eye. “Peter I’m not silly. You are gone far too long to just pee & you have guilt written all over your face when you get back.” He looked acutely embarrassed. “You masturbate when you are out there, don’t you?” He kept looking down. “Peter?” He didn’t acknowledge me. “Tell the truth.” “Mm!” It was so quiet I could only just hear him. “What was that?” He cleared his throat & said it a little louder. “I can’t hear you Peter!” “Yes.” “Yes what?” He dragged it out as long as he could but knew the risks of not answering me would be to great.” “I play with myself.” “You what?” “I …………………. masturbate.” It sounded more like an alcoholics admission, ‘My name is Peter & I masturbate!’ “That’s better.” We sat in awkward silence together for several moments. “There is nothing wrong with it, masturbating. I don’t go along with it being bad for you.” “I was bought up to believe it is wrong.” He still couldn’t face me. “It hasn’t stopped you though, has it? & it didn’t start with me either, did it?” He glanced up briefly & gave me a shameful grin. “That’s better!” He looked up again & smiled. “Hello? Peter? It’s me, Rebecca, remember me? I pee in front of you & let you wipe me & change my tampons. You can trust me. I’m the only one in the world who knows all your dirty secrets & disgusting habits.” He relaxed a little. “That’s more like it! No, what I’m concerned about is that we might get carried away one night & go all the way.” His mouth dropped wide open & he stared at me. “But you said ………………….. “ “Forget what I said, that was a long time ago, before I knew what I was getting myself into.” “But you wouldn’t, would you?” “To be honest Peter, if you were to make a move on me I wouldn’t stop you.” “Wouldn’t you?!” “I’m a normal healthy red blooded woman & you are a very attractive man! Why would I stop you?” I had stunned him. “But! ……….. But! ………………. But! ………………… You said.” “I know, I know, but things have changed.” He was speechless. “I also know that if we did it would spell the end. Not straight away maybe but I don’t think we would carry on what with the guilty you would feel & the betrayal I would feel to myself.” He was looking down & I could see he knew I was right. “When I was young I had a favourite Aunt, Aunty Jill & I loved her. She was a bright happy fun loving person who I looked forward to spend holidays with. When I was 9 my Uncle left her for a younger woman & I watched as she changed into a sad lonely woman. I just a few months she aged 10 years. She has never found anyone & is just a shadow of the woman I once knew. I swore a vow to myself that I would never take another woman’s husband & if we did go all the way & make love that is what I would be doing, stealing.” He sat with his head hung low. “It might be fun at the time but how do you think you would get on having to face Maria again. The thing is Peter, if we did it once we would want to do it again, & again & again.” “Would we?” “Well I would.” “Would you?” “Peter don’t be so naive. I love sex & as I haven’t had as steady partner since we met there is nothing more & would like than to make love with you. It would be so easy to get started & get easier & easier to do it over again & after a while the main reason we would get together would be to make love, but sooner rather than later it would all fall apart consumed by guilt & shame or worse, if we somehow got found out. You know what I am saying is true, don’t you?” He put up no argument. “I haven’t been entirely honest with you. I deliberately let you think I was only doing it for you but the truth is I have been enjoying it just as much the whole time.” His mouth was gaping & he stared. “Have you?” “PETER! Surely you don’t think I would keep coming here unless there was something in it for me, do you?” He got such a dim look on his face & blushed brightly. He hadn’t, that was obvious. “But you said.” “OH PETER!” He seemed dumbstruck for several moments. “You mean you weren’t angry with me at the park?” “Yes I certainly was, but for a different reason.” “Oh!” We sat quietly for a while before I decided to explain. “This is probably going to sound crazy but I have been peeing outside for years. When I left the farm the one thing I missed was to be able to pee anywhere. When I am at home I seldom used the Toilet, only if I have to. You said at the time there was a Public Toilet near by & it was true, but it didn’t matter as I never intended to use it anyway. It was just a little fun thing I liked to do as a protest at not being on the farm I guess. I had been there before & lots of other places & although I came close, you were the first one to catch me at it. I haven’t been outside since, well not like that anyway.” He got a sad look on his face “I’m sorry.” “Don’t be. It was time I grew out of it anyway. I’m not complaining, if I hadn’t been playing my little game we would never have met.” We exchanged warm smiles. I felt myself started to blush as I continued my confession. “I enjoyed it from that first time in the park, you seeing at my cunt & watching me peeing, not that I realised at the time.” He was clearly gob smacked by my admission but let me carry on. “I got so excited when I got back to work I masturbated at my desk.” “Did you?” I gave him a naughty grin. “Yes & again that night, & nearly every night since & in the mornings, in the Toilets at work , at the weekends around the house & out on the deck, in the car, you name it & I have probably masturbated there.” He was aghast, his mouth still open. “I didn’t think you would play with yourself, not someone like you.” “WHAT? It’s not just a male thing, I started when I was in my teens. Before we met I was in a real rut, Wednesdays & Saturdays & only climaxing once but now I’m back to my good old days, almost every day, usually more than once & it is nothing for me to climax 3 or 4 times in a row.” I looked at him & grinned & he nodded as if he was finally conceding that he had been pretty naïf. “I didn’t realise until that first night in the Toilets at the café that I am an exhibitionist, I love you seeing at my cunt. I don’t know if it is a power thing, you can look but you can’t touch but I love it, really love it & get very turned on every time. Still do. What I have just done too!” He was looking very sheepish now. “It is the look on you face as if you are completely fascinated by me. I probably shouldn’t tell you this but it is this that really gets me going.” Poor Peter, he had no idea what had been going on. “After our first night together I masturbated in the carpark when I got to my car & again while I was driving home.” “While you were driving?” “Yes.” “But ………. “ “It was dark, no one could see.” I kept shocking him over & over. “When I got into bed I climaxed 3 more times before going to sleep. It was then I realised what it was all about & how much I wanted you to watch me pee & see my cunt. I nearly phoned you several times to tell you to forget what I said about finding me somewhere private & would have gone in front you anywhere we could find.” He looked stunned! “Peter, what I’m saying is we are playing a very dangerous game & it could blow up in our faces. We are both getting aroused by this, not surprisingly, it’s sexual plain & simple. Not that it is a bad thing, it’s only our situations, well your situation especially which we need to consider. It is time we stopped kidding ourselves, we masturbate to relive the pressure & have been, but it is time we brought it out into the open.” I could tell by the look on his face he agreed. “It is a wonder nothing has happened this far, it could have so easily. But it’s not just that, what is happening now makes it seem dirty somehow, you wanking in the Toilets while I’m doing the same in here. We are like children doing something naughty & it’s time was stopped, time we behaved like mature adults. I would like to suggest that we stay together all evening long, you can pee in one of the potties & it can be disposed of down the sink, the same as mine. Now that I have masturbated in front of you & I really enjoyed it, like peeing in front of you, I would like to be able to do so again, sometime, anytime, whenever the mood takes me. What I said before is true, like peeing, I have never really masturbated in front of anyone before & it made it much better for me having you watching.” He was smiling broadly. “Rather than go running of to the Toilets & making it seem grubby I want you to masturbate in front of me too.” A look of horror came over his face. “But! …….. But! ……………… But!” “PETER!” He had gone quite pale. I left him for several moments to let it sink in before continuing in my nicest possible voice. “I’m curious about you too you know.” He blushed. “Are …. are you?” As if he hadn’t realised. “I love seeing you with an erection sticking out the front of your pants.” “Do you?” He was blushing. “Yes & I’m dying to see your cock, see how big it is & what it looks like. By the bulge in your pants you must be pretty big.” I added that to appeal to his ego & hope encourage him to show me. “We could start with you peeing in front of me & once you got used to that you could masturbate in front of me.” I could see him dithering. “I would really like to watch you too.” He didn’t know what to do. On one hand he didn’t want to, definitely didn’t want to, years of conditioning made the shame powerful, but couldn’t bring himself to go against me. “I could hold the potty for you, I would you like that?” His embarrassment looked excruciating. “Peter!” I said it firmly. He stood there dithering. “I’ll go & get it for you.” I was back in a flash with the big china one. He stood there looking dreadful. I walked across & held it in front of him at about the right height but wasn’t at all sure if he was going to or not. What I will do if he refuses? He fumbled with his fly & his penis appeared, poking through his open trousers. The first sight of it thrilled me. He was about half mast with a beautiful loose foreskin, uncircumcised, my favourite, dark, a lovely olive colour & I could see the jet black sheen of his pubes. It was only then I realised how much I had been looking forward to seeing it. A huge surge went through me & I knew he would get to watch me masturbating again before he went home that night. He looked painfully shy & acutely embarrassed, looking down as if he was too ashamed to look me in the eye. He bought out more, drawing his foreskin back, exposing the big, purple, shiny glans, perfectly formed with a deep cleft running up to the slit of his urethra which still had a droplet gleaming & hanging from it, the whole area covered in white precum. I could hardly wait for him to pee, see it leaving his body. The seconds passed as it jerked & I imagined he was trying to get started but to no avail. “See, we are not the only ones who have trouble.” That seemed to break the tension & he did look up at last & gave me a bashful smile. Another minute passed & he softened a little before I watched in delight as his urethra slit opened & began dripping. He seemed to be content to let it continue without any pressure on his part, just as I had done that first time he had watched me, gradually building up to a weak flow. “That’s better.” He looked up & gave me a relived smile. It went on & on but I could tell there was little pressure, just letting it leave him at it’s own pace. It stopped suddenly with just a few drips. He let out a huge sigh. I looked at him & he had a self relieved look on his face. I smiled back. Then didn’t know what came over me as I leaned forward & kissed him on the lips. “Thank you.” It wasn’t just a short peck either going on for several seconds before spilling a little of his urine in the floor bought them back to reality. “Opps! Sorry!” With that he began again, a stronger flow this time which swirled around the potty, one way then another, going too high & splash over the top of the rim, wetting me. It felt warm & wonderful, much better than I imagined it would. He managed to fill the potty to about the same level as I do before 3 final spurts showed he was done. Carefully setting the potty down I look some tissue & dabbed the tip of his penis dry much to his delight. I kissed him deeply for over a minute, blushing as I broke away. “Yes, well, we can get carried away now & then, but at least we won’t go all the way after everything we’ve said.” As I headed to the sink I was aware of how urgently he was wriggling until it was all in place & out of sight. He gave me a nervous smile as I returned. “Thank you for sharing that with me’” “That’s alright.” “Will you let me watch you again?” He wasn’t sure. “I will have to see.” As much as I wanted to see more of him, to drop his trousers completely so I could see his penis properly, now was not the time to push him or to expect him to masturbate in front of me. Clearly just peeing for me had taken a lot on his part so I decided to give him time, let him think about it & come round in his own time. There was a closeness between us for the rest of the evening, really put on a show for him, reaching down & open myself to his gaze from time to time, especially when I bent over & parted my labia, the smiles that passed between us had a very special meaning. I continued peeing for him off the rug on the floor sending jets high in the air landing beyond the protective plastic put down to save him having to clean up after me each time. I was putting on a display for him, a treat, so wasn’t concerned about the mere practicalities of where it landed! “We had better get ourselves cleaned up I suppose.” He looked at his watch & a reluctant look came over his face as he pulled himself up to his feet. “Will you need to go before we leave?” I had turned the tables on him. “I suppose I should.” I hesitated before asking. “Can I get the bucket?” It was my turn to search his face for an answer. Finally there was the merest of smiles. “I suppose so.” I moved quickly returning with it & much to my surprise he had started getting ready. “Will you pull them down?” “No.” “I take my pants off for you.” He was dithering again. “And leave them off!” He released his grip & they slid down to his knees. I couldn’t take my eyes off it! His penis looked even longer forming an arc out of the glistening black bush, his deep purple glans just peering out from his foreskin. I was stunned! It was much nicer than the indications from last time suggested. He was painfully shy again but I ignored it as I began rolling his shirt & singlet up to his waist. “Don’t!” It was a half hearted plea not accompanied by any meaningful attempt to stop me, just to satisfy any obligation to himself perhaps, that he had made some sort of gesture. Despite his acute discomfort I crouched down & made no effort to hide that I was staring at his jerking penis, looking up & smiling my approval while he made contorted facial gestures towards me showing it was an ordeal for him. “You are beautiful Peter!” He blushed, but smiled too. Happy for the time being I held the bucket in front of him. His penis rose up as he began peeing & I moved the bucket to catch it. It was another long pee which pleased me. “Thank you for that!” I started to pull his pants back up but he wrestled them from me & dressed himself again with urgency as if he couldn’t stand being exposed any longer. I ignored him & emptied the bucket before rinsing it out & putting it away. He was standing in the middle of the room seeming content now his modesty had returned. Reaching, we kissed deeply again. “I love looking at your cock & watching you peeing too!” He looked so shy. “Sit down?” “Why?” “You’ll see. Sit!” He did slowly. I came across & put one foot up onto the arm of the chair hopping into position so my vulva was only inches from his face. I began caressing, spreading my labia wide for him putting on a very intimate display. He watch intently in silence. I took my time as the moments passed gradually focusing on my clitoris & working into a rhythm. “Okay?” “Mm!” “I’m going to make myself come again, would you like that?” “Mm!” “A close up of me masturbating, okay?” “Mm!” “I’m going to masturbate for you every time we get together on a Friday night. Would you like that?” “Mm!” “It will probably be more than once, 3 or 4 times maybe. You don’t mind do you?” “No.” “Can you see me playing with my clit?” “Mm!” I was teasing & imagined he was about to explode. “Mmmmmm! ……………. I love you watching me masturbate.” “Mm!” I hadn’t been going that long & it was there. “I’m coming.” “Mm!” He was so worked up I doubted he could make any other sound. “Yes ……… it’s on the way …… yes!” I built up speed, my hand passing so close to his face he must have felt the wind from it. “OH YES!” It was definitely on it’s way just seconds away. “YES! ……. YES!” I rubbed faster my hand only just staying in contact with my clitoris, his eyes were fixed on it. “OH YES!” Almost there! “YES! ………… YES!” The sensations were swelling inside me climbing to their inevitable conclusion. “MMMMMM! ………………. YES!” The point of no return approached & holding back as hard as I could, fought the losing the battle as it forced it’s way through. “OH FUCK!” He was mesmerised! “Put your fingers in me!” That jolt him awake! “But you said …… “ “JUST DO IT!” I almost screamed it at him. His hands were trembling but somehow he found my vagina & I felt his finger penetrating. “TWO! TWO!” Another join the one already inside me. “DEEPER!” I grabbed his wrist & forced his fingers as far inside me as I could while continuing to strum my clitoris with the other. My contractions began almost immediately & I was over come by a powerful orgasm. “Can you? ……… Can you? ……………Can you feel me?” He managed a mumble. “See! See! I don’t fake. If I say I climax, I climax. OKAY!” I grunted my way through the rest of my orgasm aware that I was sprinkling, seeing it on his shirt, while his face shone with awe. It was a long time before I slowed milking it for all it had to give. “Did you feel me?” “Yes!” He seem enthralled. “I don’t fake! Why would I, I’m the only one I am fooling! Now go & wash your hand.” He looked up at her almost pleading. “If you must!” For some reason I felt very hypersensitive, not him seeing me masturbate, but rather the intensity that had been between us. I had revealed all to him tonight, all my secrets about my part in our relationship & now I was feeling exposed, vulnerable. “We better get moving, it’s late.” Moving quickly away from the chair & busied myself getting dressed not looking across in his direction once as everything was tidied up & put away in silence. “Ready?” “Yes.” “Better go.” I felt relieved as we turned out onto the road & headed out of the city, driving faster than usual weaving through the traffic with greater urgency. He seemed vague, staring out the window. I stop along the way so he could watch me, then carried on, a little slower as I felt the tension lifting. “You know before, when you let me feel you come, is that what Ladies do?” What a surprise! He came straight out with it, no procrastinating. “I don’t know. I guess they must. When I have heard other women talking about their orgasms, they sound just like mine.” “Oh!” “Why?” “Nothing.” “Are you sure?” “It’s just that I didn’t know what happened when Ladies did.” “Like you didn’t know we masturbate or how we do it.” I could feel him blushing! “I hope you don’t mind me asking but have you ever felt Maria climaxing.” Several moments passed as if he was thinking. “I might have.” “Do you know when she is climaxing?” “I’m not sure but she tells me if I have pleased her.” “Do you feel her up, you know, properly, finger her?” He was shy again. “Not really.” “Do you bring her off by hand?” “I’m not sure, I don’t know how.” “You do now so the is no further excuse!” I laughed & he had the good grace to smile at himself. The train had been & gone when we arrived & heading to the dark corner of the Station carpark to let him off. Hurrying round, I squatted in the open door & wet my pants. “Okay?” “Mm!” “Thought I would wet myself for a change. Did you like it?” “Mm!” I took a towel out of the back on my return & spread it on the seat before climbing in. He hadn’t moved. “Thanks for a wonderful evening & for the lift home.” “Your welcome.” “What you did tonight, thank you, it was very special, letting me feel you ………… you know.” “Your welcome.” He gave me a quick peck on the cheek. “Thanks.” He started to climb out reluctantly. “Peter?” As he turned to face me I leaned over & kissed him deeply on the lips. It lasted several seconds before breaking off. My heart was pounding & I was breathing hard making no attempt to stop him seeing me like this. I hugged him tight for several moments. “You had better go!” “Yes.” I kissed him softly again. “Goodnight.” “Goodnight.” Speeding away before he had retreated into the darkness, eager to get on my way I made it home without having to stop but ended up soaking myself almost completely from the waist down out on the deck before my hand found it’s way inside my pants. The breeze was cool & my sodden clothing clung to me as I looked out to sea & not 1, 2 but 3 tremendous orgasms, each making me rest against the railing as my legs refused their usual support. My clothes were drenched so I put them in to soak before heading to the shower, washing my hair & having a good long douse until the hot water ran out, in some sort of ritual cleansing the reason for which I couldn’t even explain to myself. Snuggled up in the warmth & security of my bed a hand sought out my still sensitive clitoris & began to play until sleep overcame me.
  2. “I have been asked to have a word with you about your leave.” “When I’ve got time I will take some.” “Rebecca you have hardly taken any since you have been here & now have 13 weeks owing.” I hadn’t realise I had accumulated up that much. “You’re not saving it for something special are you, a trip overseas perhaps?” “No but I will take some soon.” I had no intention of taking any, just wanted to get Carol off my back. “When?” I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. “Soon.” “When?” “Over the Summer.” “That’s too far away, its only early Spring.” “There is far too much to do here for me to go swanning off.” “There always will be. When?” She was pushing. “I will think about it & let you know.” “When?” “Soon.” “Tomorrow & I won’t let you put it off any longer. Take a month, you could do with the break.” “Okay, okay!” That night I was working in front of my computer when her words came back to me again. The idea of having a break did appeal. I could go home & help Dad. Since Hamish & Ben had moved to their own farms they had little time to help him & Mum was always talking about the list of jobs he had been putting off getting longer & longer. It wasn’t too late so I phoned her. He could do with a hand, that was clear. I didn’t mention coming home but could see I was needed. Spring was a very busy time so it would be better to go now & miss the Summer heat. I decided. “Have you thought about what we discussed yesterday?” I could see Carol was primed up ready for a battle so I stole her thunder. “Yes I have & I have decided to go home for a while.” “Good, the fresh air will do you good. How long are you going to take?” “A fortnight.” Knowing how much needed to be done, with my help 2 weeks would just about do. “A month.” “I can’t stay away that long.” “We would have to cope without you for a month if you got sick & by the pressure you are putting on yourself that is definitely on the cards. A month.” “2 weeks.” “A month Rebecca.” She said it very firmly. “I will meet you half way, 3 weeks.” “It’s not ideal but it will do. Now when?” “I will talk to Mum & see when she can fit me in & get back to you.” “Do it now!” “But …………. ‘ “I know you! It will just get put off & put off. Ring your Mother & tell her you are coming home this weekend.” “I can’t get everything done by then, it’s only 2 days away.” “What you don’t get done will have to wait, now ring your Mother or I will!” She was so pleased to hear from me & delighted I was coming home. “There, happy?” “Yes!” We exchanged smiles. “It’s me here, I have some news. Can you stay in town this Friday? ………………… I’m going home. ……………….. It’s only for 3 weeks. ………………. I have too much leave & they want me to use some of it up, …………………….. Of course I will, I’m only having a break from work, that’s all. …………………….. Peter. ……………….. PETER! ………….. I’m not finishing it, promise. …………….. Anyway you have been away far more often than me & I have always been there when you come back. ……….. No! ……………. No! …………….. Peter everything is fine & I am happy to carry on. This was bound to happen sooner or later. …………………. Can you get this Friday ……………… Right, I will see you then. Ring if you can’t make it, okay?” He had got very upset & I couldn’t understand why, it had only been 2 weeks since we last spent the evening together & I was sure he would arrange it for my first Friday back so it was only the lunchtimes he was going to miss out on. He should consider himself lucky, I had so much to do in a short time he could have missed out on me completely. 7am on the dot as I closed my garage & hit the road. There was no real rush as I wasn’t expected until dinner time. As I pulled up at the gate just before 4pm having had a very leisurely drive they both came running out to greet me. “New car?” “I’ve had it for a while.” “It been a while since we last saw you.” His word struck a chord with me. “I’m sorry Dad, I’ve been so busy.” “That’s alright, we can expect you to make the long journey too often.” That was it! I felt guilty & decided from now on I would come home more often. There was nothing stopping me, I had plenty of leave so why not. It was only my dedication to my work that had been stopping me. Besides, I liked coming home, it meant a lot to me as well as Mum & Dad. “Got plenty of jobs lined up for me?” “You don’t have to, just relax & have a break.” “You know me Dad & I haven’t changed.” He smiled. “There are one or two things you could help me with.” “Right, we’ll start in the morning.” “No work on Sundays.” “Monday then?” It was good to be home catching up with them & I wondered why I had ever left. There was all the news, how things had changed since I had been away. Everything was familiar to me which was very comforting. Things hadn’t got away from Dad exactly, but having said that my visit was timely. The discussion turned to the farm. I could easily spend 3 weeks helping him get up to date & if we got through it earlier there was plenty more for me to go on with. That was one thing I like about coming home, there was always something to do. 9.30pm is bedtime. It felt strange going so early but I was weary from my drive & the warmth of their welcome had put me in the mood for a little after lights out wickedness. It was pitch black & silent. I was used to having the sound of the waves in the distance to send me off to sleep but being at home in my own bed had a special quality about it I always remember fondly. I started caressing my body, rubbing my hands over my breasts massaging them gently but being firmer with my nipples. They were soon standing to attention & sending warning messages to my clitoris that hands were on their way. I had my eyes closed & with nothing to disturb my peace was rediscovering my body with a new sensitivity, tracing my vulva inside & out lightly penetrating enjoying the slippery lumpiness of my vagina. My urethra seemed bigger than usual prominent & much easier to find. Swollen & opening slightly like a flower, my clitoris welcomed its turn for attention. After thoroughly exploring I began to rub slowly. My bed squeaked! Still it wasn’t loud so long as I was slow & gentle. Somehow the rhythm of the squeak the only sound a part from the flipping of my clitoris hood as my hand passed, added to the sweet sensations I was giving myself. Going so slow meant it would take a long time but in my experience it usually culminated in a far more intense orgasm. My nipples were getting a right tweaking as I dug in hurting myself. “Mmmmmm!” I let it out softly so not to be heard beyond these walls. My orgasm advanced slowly teetering on the edge for what seemed like forever. Had I picked up the pace, would have tumbled over the edge but had kept the squeaking to an absolute minimum & didn’t want to spoil my efforts. The sensation overwhelmed me completely a few seconds before my contractions started & built in intensity leaving me dazed as every single part of my body pulsed. It was an amazing feeling. As I floated up in the darkness achieving a high seldom reached before becoming aware I had been making soft sounds but was sure they had been quiet enough. Anyway by then Mum & Dad would have been well asleep. The tingling in my body was replace by weariness. Waking, I found myself in exactly the same position as when sleep had overtaken. It was 9.30am! I rarely slept that late certainly not on the farm but was sure it had been all of the frantic running round so I could get away that was responsible. I got up & peed before showering, dressing & made my way down to the dining room. “Good morning sleeping beauty!” “I’m sorry about that, I never sleep that late at home.” “You’re here for a holiday, you are allowed to stay in bed as long as you like, all day if you want to.” I felt guilty because I had never known Mum & Dad to sleep past 7am, even on a Sunday. “Morning Darling.” Mum was baking already while Dad watched the farming programmes on TV. “Sorry I slept in Mum. Can I give you a hand?” “Sit yourself down & I will bring you your breakfast.” “But Mum it’s nearly lunchtime.” “Do as you are told & sit yourself down!” “Yes Mum.” There was no point in arguing. Dad chuckled. Mum arrived with a full farm breakfast freshly cook with all of the trimming & I tucked in. There was a quality about farm food I had never found anywhere else & the very best were the breakfasts. Much to my surprise I cleaned it all up. “You will need that tomorrow, build up your strength.” I knew he was right. Sunday was lazy, helping Mum in the kitchen baking bread & biscuits. I love working in the Homestead Kitchen because I know where everything is, nothing had ever changed & it felt great getting back to those sort of chores. There was nothing to stop me doing the same in the city but I always let the pressure of work take precedence. Still I knew I could never achieve the same results with my modern appliances. As I worked along side Mum she spoke quietly. “Would you like Dad to do something about your bed?” “No it’s fine Mum, I love my bed. It’s one of the things I look forward to coming home.” “Are you sure?” “Yes Mum.” “There is a queen size one in the spare room if you would prefer that?” “No Mum a single is fine, there’s only me.” “Are you sure, it wouldn’t take much to change them over.” “Don’t fuss for me Mum, I’m fine.” “Okay then, if you are sure?” “Yes Mum.” It suddenly occurred to me what she was talking about & found myself blushing a little at the thought. “I didn’t keep you awake did I?” “No it’s fine.” She looked up & smiled. “Good.” “With you being away so long we forget you are not a little girl anymore.” If there had been any doubt in my mind as to what she was referring to that confirmed it. She could have gone on to say I was a woman with a woman’s needs but it was not necessary, we both knew. “You will tell me if I am disturbing you, won’t you?” “Yes of course, but you are fine, just fine.” I got the distinct feeling she had enjoyed listening to me masturbating & in a strange way, after all these years we were evens. Lunch over I helped Dad in the shed, a bit of vehicle maintenance, a chance to get my hands dirty again. There was a certainty about working on the farm I loved, knew exactly what needed doing, how to do it & where to find what I needed, almost an instinct I have never lost. Hours on the farm & it was as if I had never left. It bought home to me that deep down I wished I never had. ‘Me & my head!’ For all that I revelled in the challenges my job enjoying it just as much, but there was something about working along side Dad I had never found anywhere else. Working with Carol was the closest but it still wasn’t up to my relationship with Dad. After dinner we sat outside again & 24 hours after arriving I was home in every sense of the word. 9.30 came & we headed for bed & I was ready again. Should I or shouldn’t I? ‘What the hell they know now’, I decided but kept it down again. I didn’t let it go on & on like Saturday night, there was work to do in the morning so there may have been a little more for them to hear. Knowing that they might be listening certainly heightened my sensitivity & although I didn’t reach the heights of the night before it was a pretty pleasant orgasm just the same. “Rise & shine my little girl, rise & shine.” I stumbled out of bed. It was still dark! The shower woke me up finally & with a big breakfast under my belt we set off in the Ute just as the dawn was breaking chatting the whole way. Dad filled me in as to where everything was & the plans he had while I was there. There certainly was plenty to do. Arriving at the hollow it was just light enough to start. Within minutes we fell into stride working side by side with scarcely a word spoken. As always we took turns at the various tasks without prompting each other & in no time it was morning tea. I wandered off to pee as I have always done & he headed in the opposite direction for his. Lunchtime & he reported that excellent progress was being made in spite of spending most of the morning telling me to slow down. I couldn’t, that was the pace I worked at. A little tightness was making its presents felt but I was feeling good, better than expected. The shadows were getting longer & there was a nip in the air. “I think we will call it a day.” I didn’t argue. I had definitely started stiffening up since afternoon tea & had struggled a little, not that I let it slow me down, the best way to overcome it was to keep going. There was only about half an hour of light left so by the time we had packed up the Ute it would be dark by the time we got back to the house. I helped with restocking for the morning before heading across the yard. “That was a very good day. We got through a lot more than I was expecting.” We undressed together in the shower room & he turned on the water. “You can have first ……. WHAT THE …….. “ He saw my vulva & just stared. I waited letting him have a good long look. The seconds passed & he kept staring, fascinated. “See? I’m still your little girl.” That snapped him out of it. “Excuse me ….. Er …. Pardon me ……. Er ….. ah …. Sorry …. I’m …….. “ I walked past him & into the shower quite casually as if nothing had happened. Mum came in & took away our clothes while I was showering. The water felt good on my aching muscles but it is at a premium on the farm & not to be wasted. After the regulation 4 minutes I reluctantly got out. His eyes went straight to my vulva again as I passed, before stepping into the shower behind me. I took my time drying, subconsciously, so I would still be naked he stepped out. He stared again so I let him enjoy the view. It started to rise. He wasn’t aware of it at first but by the time he realised was nearly fully erect. I smiled. In all the years we had showered together, as a young girl, right through puberty & each time I was home since, I had never been conscious of him looking at my body & this was the first time I had seen him with an erection. He was painfully shy desperately trying to hide it but it was too late. “Sorry …. Um …. Sorry …. You shouldn’t have seen that.” “It’s alright Dad. I’m might look like a little girl in some places but I’m all grown up now.” He finished drying & dressed quickly. He was quieter than usual while we had our beer, a tradition after a hard days work & over dinner but seemed to perked up as the evening progressed. We had made big inroads into what he had planned with me & he was generous in his thanks for what I had helped him achieve. “I can’t tell you just how good it is to have you home.” I could see by his face he meant every word. “I love being here too Dad. This will always be home to me.” I was tired & sore, looking forward to bed. Strangely 9.30 now seem a long way away & when it eventually arrive I needed no encouragement. I had just got settled when there was a knock. “It’s me Darling.” “Come in Mum.” I had been having a read before turning out my light so put the book down. “Are you okay?” “Yes fine Mum.” “Not too sore are you?” “I always am the first few days but it will wear off.” “Dad says you can stay at the house tomorrow if you like.” “Don’t be silly, I will come right. Sitting round doesn’t cure it only going back out until it goes. Tell him to wake me when he gets up.” Mum smiled & then her face changed becoming quite serious. “Um …… about before.” I looked at her unsure of what she was referring to. “He didn’t mean to stare, it’s just he has never seen a …. well …. grown woman like that before. I have never done it for him.” So that’s why she had come in. “It’s fine Mum, I didn’t mind, truly.” “He got a very big surprise & couldn’t help himself.” “Mum I’m fine. Dad has seen me in the nude all my life & I have no intention of stopping now just because of the way I am these days. If he wants to look that’s fine by me he can look as much & for as long as he likes. There is no one I trust more than him. Tell him please.” “If you are sure?” “Yes, very sure.” “He said he …… “ “That’s fine too Mum. I’m a big girl now & I have seen males with erections before. It happened & there was nothing he could do about it so tell him I am not upset & not to worry. If it happens again not to concern himself, it doesn’t bother me if I see him like that. I might be doing you a favour.” I tried to lighten it up a bit. She got quite coy. “We have never had a problem with that part of our marriage, in fact it just gets better & better.” She took my hands & squeezed them. “Thank you for being so understanding.” “He’s my Dad & I love him very, very much.” “You are such a good girl.” She stood up & kissed my forehead. “I will see you in the morning. Sweet dreams.” “Good night Mum.” Mum didn’t have to tell me she & Dad had a very good sex life somehow I just knew. Not that I ever saw or heard anything, it was the way they were together, very close. The affection between them was constant & mutual. I imagined she had never turned him down & for his part had never made an unreasonable demand of her. I recalled the countless times Hamish, Ben & I had seen her naked. She had always been quite matter of fact about it but when Dad was there it was different somehow, as if it was meant for him. Although not a great beauty or with stunning figure there was a sensuality about her I had always been aware of, comfortable & at ease being a woman & having a woman’s body. There was never any indication she had any hang ups or inhibitions & I imagined they probably had a very adventurous love life which had carried through to middle age for them. I doubt either of them had ever had their head turned by another. Theirs was a life long marriage with all the freedom & security that comes with it. ‘If only my marriage will be as strong?’ I hoped. I wasn’t sure if it was being in the great outdoors, working closely with Dad again doing what I love or if it was the attention he had given me when we were showering & seeing him standing up so proud that had done it, but my clitoris was certainly beaconing. I didn’t have the freedom of movement, but was determined to satisfy myself anyway waiting, hoping they had drifted off before starting. The bed squeaked more than before but I was having trouble keeping it down. Fortunately I was a lot more aroused than I expected & came in just a few minutes. It was his erection I had fantasised about & like Peter, the look on his face as he stared at me. The intensity thrilled & I would have loved to have carried on for another but the morning wasn’t far away & another full day. “Rise & shine little girl.” He woke me out of a deep sleep. I tried to moved but the stiffness had set in. It took a big effort to roll over & put my feet to the floor. I yawned. It was going to be a long day. He turned on the main light dazzling me. I looked up & he was still standing at the door if waiting for something. I wondered? “You can give it a miss today if you like, we got more done yesterday than we needed too?” “No I’ll be alright once I get going.” Just managing to stand up without making it too obvious just how tight my body was turning to face him. He was smiling at me. What could he be waiting for? He showed no sign of going so I stripped off my nightie in front of him & stood naked letting him admire me. His smile got bigger as if he just wanted to confirm that he had my permission to look. The seconds drifted by & he didn’t move, just looked at my body from head to toe. I smiled back confirming my approval. “I’ll let you get dressed.” “No rush.” He really smiled now. As I got to the breakfast table he was still watching me & smiling. I smiled back & that was it, from then on it was business as usual. I felt every bump as the made our way through the dawn sky. The first half hour was agony but I didn’t let on, then after that I started to come right & as morning tea approached was moving much freer. It was time to pee so I moved away, but stopped short. I don’t know what came over me, but I turned to face him. He wasn’t expecting it as I unzipped my jeans & squatted down making sure he had an uninterrupted view of me peeing. His face went quickly from disbelief to delight as my stream began. He made no effort to move away to pee himself as he always had before, just remained where he could see me clearly as if he realised it was for his benefit. I bobbed & shook before looking him in the eye & smiling & hauled my jeans back up again. He smiled his appreciation & as I moved back, finally walked away standing with his back to me. I wouldn’t have minded watching but it was up to him. He was ready the next time & less self conscious about watching me. By the end of the day he was quite relaxed as if I had always let him watch. It was getting dark by we headed back down. The afternoon had gone much better for me & I hadn’t flagged quite as badly later in the day. The soreness was still there but not as debilitating. The sun had well & truly set as we loaded the Ute for the morning. Once again he was pleased with what they had got done, far more than he expected. “I had forgotten what a hard worker you are. I’m glad the city hasn’t taken that away from you.” It was real praise coming from him & I loved hearing it. We made our way over to the shower. I undressed quickly & stood naked in front of him. He admired my body, especially my vulva as he undressed just taking his time to make it last. I could have turned on the shower myself & stepped in but waited for him to undress completely & do it for us. Once he was naked he took his time finding little thing to do to prolong it while he gazed at me. Mum came in for the clothes & seemed to realise instantly what was going on & unobtrusively collected everything up & hurried out, not before she too had looked at my vulva too. He turned on the shower & I stepped in. We changed places & when he re-emerged he was already half mast. I didn’t hide the fact I was looking & watched as he became fully erect. That seem to change our approach & we continued drying & dressing while opening looking at & enjoying each other. “God you look beautiful.” It was a bold comment quite out of character for him as he was normally almost shy & bashful. “You’re pretty impressive yourself. Mum’s a lucky girl.” That made him blush as he chuckled delightedly. Sunday morning I woke just as it was getting light. Making my way back from peeing there wasn’t a sound, they must be asleep still. Lying in was not an option at home so I got dressed & made a cup of tea, sitting outside to watch the sun rise as I waited for them to surface. I had finished & there was still no sign of them so decided to go for a walk. Passing the shed I picked up a whistle before making my way round the back & letting the dogs out. I hadn’t worked with them so far & this was my chance. Finding the right position in my mouth for the whistle took some practice because I hadn’t used it for a while. Mastering the commands was the next challenge & after a spell of total confusion they gradually began to respond as my skills with the range of calls returned. I had set off with no particular goal but wasn’t surprised that my first port of call turned out to be the dam. It was just as I remembered it & the sign was still there, if very faded now but I could still make it out, ‘REBECCA’S POND’. It made me feel warm & contented. I had spent many hours at this place in the shade in the trees over hanging it when I had wanted to be alone. It had a very special place in my life & now, being there again, it hadn’t change, nor had my feeling for it. I unzipped my jeans & pushed them right down to my ankles before leaning back & pushing my hips forward, peeing in a high arch into the water. I had peed hundreds of times at my pond before, but always squatting, not like this! ‘Thank you Peter Parker!’ I smiled. There was no one around so I let myself go, not constrained my the squeaking bed. The dogs seem to be aware of what I was doing, or what it was doing to me & watched intently. One orgasm was followed by a second, then a third for good measure. Should get me caught up for a day or 2 I decided. ‘This will always be home’, I decided making my way over the hills. Even though it had been some time since I last explored on foot, I knew every trail, gate & tree, little having changed since I had discovered for the first time. My whistling got better & the dogs started taking notice. I walked miles in the land I loved & it was turning out to be a very good time & I had to admit Carol was right, this was exactly what I needed. My stiffness had worn off by Friday & stamina returned. I was working until it was too dark to see now, Dad had given up telling me to slow down taking breaks instead as I carried on for both of them until, ‘Here let me’, signalling his return. It was good to work along side him again. It was as if I never left falling back into stride supporting each other as if by instinct. He was constantly looking towards me & smiling & I guessed he had been feeling the same too. There was no need for a PhD out here, working the land since me childhood taught me more than any university ever could. In spite of the heavy physical demands, it was soothing & relaxing, uncluttering my mind so I could think clearly again. It was a magic way of life, fresh air & sun shine, the very best of food & sound restful sleep. In just a week I had noticed changes in my body too. In spite of huge cooked breakfasts, fresh home baked bread door step sandwiches for lunch & enormous farmhouse dinners I had trimmed down, firmer all over, especially my bottom which had become round & tight. My tummy was definitely getting flatter & legs a lot more shapely. Although I didn’t have time to really pamper myself in the shower, I was enjoying rubbing my hands over my body & feeling the difference. It was getting harder to pinch up my skin as the flabbiness was being burnt away. I first noticed the changes in my breasts when I put on my bra. They seemed to be a little higher & I had to adjust the shoulder straps twice, but it was in the cups I noticed the most change. My breasts were much firmer, without being hard & now filled my bra completely. I could see they had restored their shape & were like I was when younger. Dad had noticed the changes too & commented on more than one occasion, removing any doubts or concerns he might’ve had when I had talked with Mum, he now made no attempt to pretend he wasn’t looking & wasn’t enjoying the new freedom I had given him. Shower time became showtime for him & I flaunted myself exposing as much of my body to his gaze as I could while trying not to be tarty about it, not that it mattered much, we were both enjoying it immensely & I had been rewarded with the sight of his erection each day, no longer self conscious about it & almost flaunting himself too. When Mum came in to collect the clothes she simply smiled her approval & left us to it. I stayed closer when peeing while working, facing him full on & being careful to see I wasn’t hidden in any way. He stood directly in front of me & watched between my legs smiling with delight. He was getting to watch me 4 or 5 times every day & showed no signs of becoming tired of it. He had started talking to me after his wake up call, waiting while I had my morning pee & managing to spin it out until I was dressed. I knew exactly why he was there & took my time, peeling my nightie off before looking for my clothes & getting them ready to put on. There were plenty of opportunities to bend over for him when we were showering & I made the most of them. Friday morning I caught him completely by surprise. I was the one who started the conversation as I was getting out of bed & continued as I passed on my way to the Toilet, turn back leading him to follow. He did but I was sure he was not expecting what he got. I had been leaving the Toilet door ajar since I had been home but this time left it wide open, turned on the light & still talking as I turned to faced him before letting my dressing gown drop open high before sitting down & opening my legs wide. The look on his face made it all worth while. Saturday morning I told him I was going for a pee & he followed without any prompting which was exactly what I had intended. While he looked, legs wide apart again, I could see Mum at the end of the passage watching us & smiling. When I came out for breakfast I got an extra big smile along with her usual morning greeting of, ‘Did you have a good night?’ not a good sleep which I took to mean she was referring to the squeaking bed. I had always assured her I had & she always finished with, ‘That’s good’. Dad never ever made any reference or inference to the nightly squeaking & I wondered if it was only her that was keeping track. It must have been more obvious to them because I had abandoned trying to stay dead quiet but still didn’t let loose completely. I’d had a second orgasm on Friday night for the first time since I had been there & wondered if Mum realised what was behind my extended session. I wondered if Peter was missing me because I certainly wasn’t missing him, Dad being an equal if not more appreciative audience. I was smiling to myself as I strode along briskly before joining the main track which led me down & back to the house. I put the dogs away & freshened their water before heading over to the veranda where they were sitting with a pot of tea. “Cuppa?” “Oh yes please.” “I will start breakfast shortly.” “So what have you been up to?” “I went for a walk.” I looked at my watch & to my surprise I had been away for nearly 4 hours but then I had covered an awful lot of ground. “Where did you go?” “To the pond,” That got a smile from Dad, he knew how special it was to me. “and just about everywhere else.” “I can’t tell you how good it is to have you home.” I blushed a little as I climbed the steps to joined them. “It’s good to be home Dad.” The very close bond between us was stronger than ever. Mum went in & started breakfast. “Do you want a hand?” “You’ve done more than enough this week already.” Dad was thrilled with working with me & how much we had tackled & completed. “You will be able to go back earlier & have a few days at home before you have to go back to work.” “No Dad, I said I would leave on the Saturday & that’s what I intend to do.” “We’ll be finished the middle of next week at the rate we are going.” “There is still plenty more.” I started rattling off a list of my own from observations on my walk. “If we get through that lot we will be doing well.” “Let’s give it a damn good try?” He laughed. We watched the farming programmes on TV. Breakfast was late so lunch was delayed to. After I went through the farm accounts with him & made some suggestion. “Whatever you think little girl.” He trusted my judgement completely since I lifted the viability of the farm after taking an overview of the books when I started at Uni. It was doing very well now he didn’t have to support Hamish & Ben, much better than ever before. I gather up what I needed to take back with me & put it in the car. “Well that’s about it.” “Beer?” “Why not?” After dinner we spent a lazy evening chatting before bed. They don’t ask much about what I do & when they do I reply in very general terms, seem content just know that I am doing well, very well. “I’m going for a pee & a shower & then hit the sack I think.” It was just after 9 so I certainly wasn’t having an early night. Mum put her knitting away & went to make us a hot drink before bed. He appeared from out of nowhere just as I got seated before coming closer with a face that said ‘Please?’ I had left the door open anticipating his arrive so slid to the back of the seat & parted my thighs. He followed me through to the inside bathroom & sat on the edge of the bath watching me undress, shower. The bathroom shower has clear glass screens & I could see him watching me wash. There was more room to dry myself & a spot just beside him on the edge of the bath was ideal to put my foot up while I dried my legs & give him a close-up view waiting so he got a very long look. He glanced up a couple of times & I smiled letting him know it was especially for him. He followed into my bedroom & saw me safely in bed before turning off the light. “Another big day tomorrow.” “Yes.” They weren’t up as I set out on a walk again. Taking the dogs with me, first stop at the pond & a much bigger pee into the water before heading on right to the top boundary. The week had flown by working all the daylight hours available. We had finished all he had for me on Wednesday lunch & moved onto my list. I had taken over operations & he seemed content to let me. I worked all day while he was having regular breaks before rejoining me. It was going so well & I was in my element. I had more energy than I’d had in a long time, the food I suspected. Eat! Three square meals a day, big meals, much larger than I would eat in the city but still my body reshaped itself into a firm, tight working machine lean & strong. During his breaks I was aware he was watching me & met his eyes with a smile. It was hard physical work, relentless in its demands but my body was up to the challenge. Even my soft hands had toughened up giving me back a vicelike grip. This was the way I used to be, not quite as mature but super fit for my age, but now with a fully developed body I was getting better & better, breasts high & round, tummy flat, bottom tight, thighs shapely, but what delighted me most was my mons. I had only become aware of how much of a bump I had quite recently but now as my tummy receded it had become very prominent showing my vulva off to perfection. That too had change & unexpectedly it had been my inner labia that had shrunk so my mound almost closed over them completely given me a smooth slit appearance, the way I wanted to be. Striding it out I was never short of breath even though my heart was pounding in my chest. I walked the length of the top boundary before heading back down. They must have been on look out for me because breakfast was just being put on the table as I made my way up the steps & into the house. “It will be good to see Hamish & Ben again.” It had been quite a while but I had kept in regular contact with them to help them settle on their property’s & take care of any contingencies as they arose. Mum & Dad were looking forward to the family reunion too. Since they had all moved away their visits were becoming less & less frequent. I felt for them & knew I was the odd one out & resolved to work towards them becoming more regular. Breakfast over we sat outside. Ben was the first to arrive as usual & I gave him & Sharon a warm affectionate welcome. “God you look great, farm life obviously agrees with you.” I smiled. It certainly did in more ways than one. “Beer Son?” “I wouldn’t mind Dad.” We sat in the shade watching the children at play. “Had a good holiday so far?” “It’s been great, very relaxing.” “Relaxing!” Dad chipped in. “She hasn’t stopped since the minute she arrived.” “It’s not that bad.” “Do you know what she has done?” He rattled off the list. I found myself blushing. It sounded a lot fuller than it felt. Ben’s eyes got wider & wider. “Bloody hell Sis, do you want to have a holiday with us next time?” He just stared at me as if he wasn’t quite sure he believed it or not. Hamish & Jane rolled up & I gave them an equally warm & affectionate welcome. “Whose car is that?” “Mine.” “You haven’t borrowed it?” “No it’s all mine.” “Jees you must be doing alright!” I blushed a little. Before they had sat down Ben had started. “Do you know what Sis has done?” He described it & Hamish shook his head in surprise. “And that’s not all, she’s got another 4 days yet. You will be able to eat your dinner off the place when she is finished.” I felt embarrassed & tried to change the subject but Hamish took over. “You cleaned up that hollow?” I smiled blushing. “I spent over a week on that I hardly made a dent in it.” “You probably got it ready so we could finish it quickly.” “Yeah right!” He wasn’t convinced so I smiled at him. “So you haven’t got soft sitting on you bum all day?” “It took me a while to get used to it again.” “3 days, that’s all.” “It was longer than that Dad, I just didn’t let on.” “It’s done you good, I have never seen you looking so great. Fresh air must be good for you.” “Must be.” At last the conversation moved to the practical side of farming. They both sought my advice so I gave it. That led to a grand discussion. The 3 of us sat together debating the pro’s & con’s of modern farming. Dad sat back & smiled. We had always been very close in spite of the many battles we’d had fought over the years, but at times like this all that got put to the side & they seemed genuinely interested in my approach. We had to be pulled apart for lunch but carried on over the table with Mum, Dad, Jane & Sharon looking on & smiling. There was differences in points of view but we soon resolved & moved on. “It’s great to see you like this.” We all stopped, looked at Dad before carrying on. “Yes but ……. !” Dad threw his head back & laughed. The discussion took up most of the afternoon until Mum put her foot down & reminded them they had come to see her & Dad too. Even that didn’t stop them entirely & from time to time one of them raise a point that had just come to mind. They stayed much longer than intended & it was getting close to dusk as they headed away. “God it’s been great to see you again Sis.” There were long hugs & lots of kisses before the two cars headed down the track to the road. “That was the best day I have spent in a long time!” It was Dad the tiny glint of a tear in his eye said more than he ever could have. Dinner was left over’s & after a quiet evening & watching me pee & shower before we all retired ready for my final week. We finished what we were doing at lunchtime on Thursday & in spite of my protests he put his foot down & insisted I call it a day as he had done for Friday so I could accompany them to town. As we made our way back down to the house I rued not listening to Carol & taking the month, another week would have made a big difference & I could have gone away knowing I had left everything ship shape so he could concentrate on the day to day management. We set off early. A quick call at the School to catch up with Sean turned into a hastily convened assembly which I found myself addressing again, the staff along with a number of parents after an apparent ring around. Mum & Dad stood proudly at the back as I gave my motivation talk flanked by the three photos of my Graduations which had been hanging in the foyer. Morning tea was produced from out of nowhere in true country style during which I was approached by one & all, eager to hear of my progress. It was after 11am before we made it to the main street & the process began again. Everyone seemed to be in town & every few paces I was recognised, stopped & Mum & Dad standing back quietly as I bought them up to date. Lunch was constantly interrupted & lasted an hour & a half before I was back on the street & the lack of progress continued. Popping my head round the door at Thompson I was given a royal welcome & told my truck would be ready in 10 minutes. Bob had heard of my reputation & after a flurry of activity on the copier, I came away with his company to review. The shopping finally got done but by then it was too late to get home in time for dinner I shouted them to the Truck Stop. Again I was inundated with passers by & was sure that by the time we left for home I had talked to everyone in the Town including the Mayor. It was a very quiet journey as the inevitability of my departure became closer. Dad watched me pee & shower before we headed off to bed at the ridiculous hour of 10.15pm! My last orgasm at home was going to be special. I was going to miss the quiet solitude which had bought out the very best sensations. Knowing Mum was probably lying in wait for me to start just increased my anticipation. I came quickly & continued on for a second, then a third. I wondered if Mum could distinguish the changes & realise that I had managed 3 on my final night. One last time on the Toilet for Dad, a big breakfast under my belt & it was time to leave. “I’ve decided to come home once every couple of months or so for a few days. It won’t be as long as this time but we should get a few things done.” “I don’t expect you to work the whole time you are here.” “But I want to Dad. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed myself, enjoyed working around the farm again.” “You are very welcome anytime whether you do anything or not.” “Thanks Dad.” I had to drag myself away because Mum kept holding my hands stopping me from going. “Don’t forget …… “ “No Mum.” “Oh & don’t forget ……… “ “No Mum.” She covered almost everything before Dad lovingly restrained her so I could escape into my car. There were floods of tears & I fought hard to keep mine back at least until I was heading down to the road. I could see them waving until I finally disappeared out of view. It was to be a leisurely trip home but as I got closer found myself getting back into city mode putting my foot down so I was pulling up in my garage just before 2pm. Once I had unpacked & put away, a Country Stores worth of home made Jams, Pickles & Chutneys to go with the freshly baked bread, I was ready to wandered out onto my deck, letting go & thoroughly soaking my jeans. Ironically I had missed that freedom up at the farm. What Mum would make of wetting my pants at the end of each day I wasn’t sure but there were other distractions up there. Showering with Dad had taken on a whole new dimension, one I hoped would be a permanent one. As with Peter, I had enjoyed the ‘looking but not touching’ arrangement as it gave me an unexpected feeling of sexual power. I had seen Hamish & Ben with erections in our teens, they were quite deliberate about it & they had seen me naked but there wasn’t the same feelings of power then. I was young & unaware of the full extent of my allure & imagined my reaction would be very different if I had the same opportunities today. “Good morning.” “Good morn………….. Rebecca is that you?“ “Yes, why?” “You look fantastic, what have you done to yourself?” “Nothing why?” “You are so slim & tanned.” “I have been working on the farm.” “Well it certainly has done you the world of good. I have never seen you looking so great,” “Thank you.” I was slightly bemused by Carol’s comments as I made my way into my office but as it turned out it had set the tone for the day, everyone while not actually commenting, had been stopped in their tracks, momentarily taken a back by my new shape. It certainly did me no end of good. “Good morning Mr Parker. …………………. Yes I’m back. ……………… I told you I would. ……………………….. No, not as far as I’m concerned. ……… Yes. …………….. This Lunchtime? I think I could make that. …………….. 12 o’clock, yes I can be there. ………………… I will see you then. Bye.” I didn’t want to keep him waiting. I told him I was coming back to work today so didn’t want to leave him dangling on a string. 3 ½ hours & I could hardly wait to pee in front of him already. He stared at me as I passed through the door. “What have you done to yourself?” “Nothing. Why?” “You have changed!” “Have I?” “You certainly have.” “Blame it on 3 weeks up at the farm.” “You look absolutely fabulous.” “Well thank you Sir. I will pee for you anytime!” Potty half filled I sat with my sandwiches. “Are you busy on Friday?” “Very, by the sound of it.”
  3. As I made my way into the cubicle Marcia met me at the doorway. “Go ahead & get ready I will just get some fresh towels.” I stripped off down to just my pants & not waiting, stretched out ready for her return. She was clearly surprised. “You don’t want a towel?” “I’m sure you have seen it all before.” “Many times.” She smiled as if she approved. We made small talk as everything was checked & readied before coming over & slowly looking me up & down. After Peter’s constant attention I had wondered if it felt pleasant being looked at by another woman, not that I imagined she was bothered by it, not like Peter. “Usual?” “I thinks so.” “Right, let’s get started.” I could see my pubes inside my pants every time I looked down & started to wonder. While he hadn’t asked me to shave, not directly, he had let be known that his curiosity went as far as seeing a woman without any pubic hair. She started on my legs before working her way up to the bikini line. Pushing up the sides of my pants in preparation I butted in. “I suppose you never get asked to take it all off?” “A Brazilian?” “Is that what it is called?” I had heard the expression & remembered seeing it on the price list so it now made sense as I recalled the dancers at the Mardi Gras but apart from them I imagined Fashion Models to be the only other group that would go that far. “You probably think I am strange for asking?” “About getting a Brazilian? Not at all. They are currently in fashion. We do about 120 a week.” “120?” “Yes, they are very popular.” I was surprised. “What sort of woman gets them?” “All sorts. Anyone from Schoolgirls to Grandmothers.” “Really?” “Yes. I’m done. We all are, take turns at doing each other. One of the perks of the job.” “Really? I never would have expected there would be so many.” “There has been a growing demand for it. When I first got started with waxing 30 years ago it was just legs, under arms & bikini lines. I remember my first one. It had been round for a while & got its name from the Brazilian Carnival & those very narrow costumes the women wear but I never thought it would ever get as far as a small suburban Salon like mine.” We laughed. “She was a regular & member of the local nudist group. I knew she shaved because I often saw the stubble & the rash. From what I could make out most nudist women shave. I had one or two other clients in the group & they had the rash too. She was so shy asking & I must admit I nearly said no, worried I might hurt her. As it turns out you don’t wax the sensitive bits & even they are not as tender as armpits so I really didn’t have too much to worry about. It wasn’t as scientific then & we didn’t have the range of skin products we do now but I had my own ideas which I had found from trial & error. I took my time & it turned out really well. She was delighted & came in every week & told me so. It was 8 weeks before the regrowth was long enough for me to do it again. She was so impressed & so was her Husband!” We laughed again. “I hadn’t expected it would last so long.” “You’d be surprised. I have had some clients that have gone longer, but 6 weeks would be the average.” She continued on working along the bikini line. “News soon spread & I had a number of the nudist women coming to me. While I started doing a couple a week, the other waxing had become popular so I gave away the hair dressing to concentrate on it. I had a man working for me, Dennis. After he finished his apprenticeship he took an interest in the waxing too. He was very popular with the clients & really good for business so I introduced him to it. The Ladies loved him & he was in his element. He didn’t take many clients from me but rather bought in his own. It was a very good time for the business as I had really good hairdressers at the time. Not surprisingly he was Gay, but that didn’t bother me.” “As well as his female clients he did the men when they started.” “Men!” “Yes. He would have only done 1 every couple of weeks or so at the start but it has grown in popularity, especially over the past 10 years or so. About 25% are men these days.” “REALLY?” “Yes, they have been our biggest growth market recently & Schoolgirls.” “Is he still with you?” “No he went out on his own about 6 years ago.” “So who does the men?” “We all do. A condition of working here is that you do anyone who walks through the door. Most Salons will do everything but male Brazilians but we do. We have men coming a long way, 2 hours or more.” “Who did them after he left?” “I did. Most of the men went with him so there weren’t many. It didn’t affect the business much because the market for waxing was growing so quickly that I soon had to bring Shelly across. For a start she just did the women & I picked up the stray males we got. As the market grew Shelly took some too until I found Miki. She is Thai, in her late 30’s & loves waxing men. She does women too but men are her specialty. I still concentrate on women but have my male regulars. Shelly kept hers as well & has added to them.” “Do you like waxing men?” “I don’t mind. It’s more of a challenge as there is a lot more involved & their skin is not exactly smooth but they are less complaining than women.” “Do they behave themselves?” She smiled. “They nearly all get erections at some stage but I don’t mind that, it’s only natural after all. I like looking at penises & some are pretty impressive. We usually dispense with towels once that happens.” “Do they ever try anything?” “They ask but we have that.” She pointed to a sign on the wall. I had never noticed it before. It read: I AM A BEAUTICIAN NOT A PROSTITUE PLEASE EQUIRE AT THE APPROPRIATE RETAILER FOR ANY ADDITIONAL SERVICES YOU MAY REQUIRE! She smiled. “Does it work?” “It has to or I won’t have them back.” She hesitated for several moments. “Can you keep a secret?” “Try me.” “I have made some exceptions for my longer term regulars & give them relief from time to time.” She looked a me & smiled. “Do you like giving them relief?” “I don’t mind & it pays! I don’t ask for more but usually get a $50 tip thrown in.” We exchanged smiles “Miki does too. When she first started she came to me & said the men were asking. Apparently Dennis used to provide extras. I told her I would turn a blind eye but handjobs only, no undressing or touching of her & certainly no actual sex. The last thing I wanted was for the Salon to turn into some sort of Bordello. She makes more out of the “tips” than her wages I suspect. Shelly doesn’t say much. She is well aware that I am tolerant to anything over & above so long as they are getting a full body wax & that it doesn’t get carried away. She is married & I don’t think her husband knows she waxes men. I have met him a few times & I think he could be the jealous type & I doubt if he would approve, that’s why she keeps it to herself. She is always willing to take on new male clients & it wouldn’t surprise me if she gives relief to some of them. I have never had any complains about her so she must be doing something right. You should see the welcome some of her male regulars get! Although she has never admitted to anything, I happened to walk in on her when she was finishing up for the day & couldn’t help noticing the handful of notes she was stashing away in her bag. She got such a guilty look on her face but I didn’t let on I had seen.” “At least you don’t get that problem with women.” She raised one eyebrow. “Do you?” “It’s more common among the women, for me anyway, mainly because of the large proportion of mature clients who have been coming to me for a years. They say it’s my technique but I’m sure it just because it’s someone else’s hand! It is a turn on for many women, a lot of women.” She gave me a big smile & I could help smiling back, surprised how candid she had been & decided to take advantage of it. “Which do you prefer waxing?” She had the slightest hint of a blush. “I like them both.” I raised an eyebrow. “The men I think. Can I be candid?” “If you like, I’m a big girl.” “I love doing their balls. I am very particular & take my time which they seem to appreciate. I love holding them while I work. Some are huge, almost a handful. I stretch the scrotum until it is flat & I can get it all. I love making them swing. I like doing their backsides too. They are so hairy compared with us & I just love ripping it out. I like seeing them in all sorts of positions, on their back with their knees up & on all 4’s while I am working on them from behind.” She gave me a cheeky grin. “What I like best is how they look when I have finished. I think a fully waxed man looks so much better than a woman.” She was quiet again for a few more moments. “I do like relieving them too, feeling their cocks jerking in my hand & their cum running down my fingers.” I could see it had been quite an admission. “I know what you mean, I used to do it to my boyfriends rather than risk getting pregnant.” We smiled at having it in common. “Did you mention Schoolgirls?” “Yes, we get loads of them these days.” “Are you allowed?” “There is no regulation or age limit on waxing. It’s like shaving, comes under personal grooming, not permanent like a tattoo. Most come with their Mothers anyway.” “Do they?” “I have several, Mum & 1, 2 or 3 daughters, lining up one after the other. They usually stick around & talk to each other or their Mum while I am doing them.” “How old are they.” “15, 16, 17 I guess & once they leave School keep coming back. I have had them as young as 12 & 13, but they are the exception, most having not fully developed by then, although you would be surprised with some I do, mid teens & a triangle the size of a mature women & busty too, much bigger than I was at their age.” “Do you like doing them?” “Doesn’t make any difference really, but they are quick to do so I get a good turn around & make good money on them, even though we charge $10 less.” “When I was at School I would never have dreamed of shaving, let alone waxing, apart from my legs & underarms.” “I wouldn’t have either. It’s funny how things change.” “It certainly is.” “So what do you want me to do.” “I will have it done.” “Right well how far to you want me to go?” “What do you mean?” “Some just get the front & between their legs but others go the whole way. A lot of women have quite hairy backsides, some have hairy all over their cheeks & the small of their backs. You are not too bad, but as you are dark it is noticeable, I would recommend you get it all done, especially if someone is going to see it. It won’t look like a half pie job.” I thought for a few moments. “I will take your advice & get it all done, my backside as well but I won’t need the relief, I took care of that myself this morning.” We laughed together. I slipped my pants down & right off & with that she got started, having me in all sorts of compromising positions as she worked. “You loose all of your dignity I’m afraid. Getting at the backside is a bit more difficult.” Far from being embarrassed I was enjoying exposing myself so openly & it keep coming to mind what it might be like to get relief from another woman, somebody else’s hand as she put it. She was certainly looking very closely at me every nook & cranny but I imagined was just being thorough. I could feel the hair coming away from around my anus & was surprised just how much must have been there & how far it extended. After she had finished, didn’t hold back clean up after & soothing the skin with special oils, taking her time rubbing in. “All done. Would you like to take a look?” I wasn’t sure if I did, well not in front of her but she reached over for the mirror & soon I could see myself close up. While it didn’t come as a surprise what I looked like, I was familiar with every part of my body, what did was my mound. Looking down my body it stuck up high above my hips. “Okay?” “Yes.” “Does it look pretty?” “Yes.” She put the mirror back. “It’s my bump.” “Your mons veneris.” “Is it?” “Yes.” “Well it’s huge, much bigger than I imagined. I knew I stuck out a bit but not this much. It seems so much bigger without a covering of hair.” “Mmmmmm. I have seen bigger but I must admit you are above average as far as that is concerned.” “Above average! It’s enormous. It’s like a bumper on a car. Now I know what connects first when I run into things.” She laughed. “You can always grow a cover over it again if you can’t get used to it!” She couldn’t stop laughing at the shock at my discovery! “Just your underarms & you’re done.” I had been thinking about that too. He had made comments in that direction as well. I’d not bothered about my armpits while at Uni & it hadn’t worried me so decided to try it again for his sake. “I might leave them this time I think.” “They are dark & showing already.” “I wear long sleeve blouses to work so no one will see.” She nodded. “If that’s what you want.” “Do you get many who don’t get them done?” “None. The ones who don’t do their underarms usually don’t do anything else so I never see them.” She smiled making me feel self conscious from my decision. Curiosity got the better of me & as soon as my hair & nails were done I headed straight for the shopping centre Ladies. As well as looking huge & not just while laying on my back, it stuck out when I looked down sitting on the Toilet too, but I wasn’t there to pee, that could wait until I got home & could really enjoy it. No I just wanted to discover for myself just what it was like. It was soft & smooth to touch & I quickly discovered it was ready to explode too. Not that I was surprised with all of her attentions & I had always enjoyed the discomfort which accompanied being waxed especially now it had been so close to my clitoris. I had always had found some pleasure in pain & the evenings waxing had put me in a very high state of arousal. After a very long caress of my new self a finger found its mark & an orgasm followed with consummate ease, so I left my pants off to continue my discovery on the way home. Letting go out on the deck did feel different. Was it because I was waxed, I didn’t know, but it still felt very pleasant indeed. My body felt so soft & smooth after all of her oils & preparations I decided not to shower, just enjoy it while it lasted. My new appearance also had a new feeling & one orgasm led to 2, 3 & finally a fourth before sleep overcame me. It was still there in the morning & in spite of 2 dawn breakers, I had been ‘in the mood’ all day, ever since I had returned from Marcia’s really & was looking forward to sharing my new ‘self’ with him. Everything had gone like clockwork & as I set off, sensitive to my pants surrounding my baldness, each step seemed to send yet another tingle from head to toe. I had put him off at lunchtime, wanting to save the surprise for the evening where I could really show myself off & perform for him. My nipples were so hard already I was sure they had pushed out through my bra & blouse. They tingled too, joining in to add to my chorus of excitement as I made my way through the peak hour footpath. Everyone who caught my eye seemed to smile as if they sensed my mood, aware of the pleasure within. My fresh pants were not lasting long & I imagined by the time I got there they would be ready for him again. It seemed to be the men that sought out & caught my eye as if my innate feminine allure was to the fore for all to see. I had calculated it precisely & was pleasantly full, just the way I like it as it added to already sensual mood. He would be pleased with what I had done, that I was certain of & what I was about to, introduce him to the soft down of my underarms so he could keep track as they return to their natural state. I wondered how long it would take for them to grow & how noticeable they would be. I had started stroking them, playing, last night & again this morning, looking forward to them growing back too. “Camp stool.” He had given me the usual greeting, quick peck before leading me in. Now he was busy getting it ready for his surprise, not that he knew it then. “Ready?” He smiled. I peeled my pants down slowly as his eyes focused & locked on between my legs. Nothing was said so I carried on tossing them to him in their sticky & freshly wetted state. I took my time positioning on the seat while he took up his post. “Okay?” “Mm!” He was aroused already, I could hear it in his voice. It started slowly & trickled on & on, having been left to natural gravity to drain my bladder. It was a good drop lasting for a very long time while he watched smiling. It subsided to a dribble then stopped. A couple of pushed but there was very little left. “Wipe me please.” He set about tearing off & folding up the wad he needed before reaching between my parted thighs & drying very thoroughly. “Thank you.” He settled back in for his usually stare when all of a sudden! “You shaved!” I had been on show for over 3 minutes & he finally noticed. “Waxed actually.” He winced. “Didn’t it sting?” “Not really. Only for a second or 2, but it will last much longer than shaving.” “Did you do it for me?” “You did make it clear you wanted to see a woman without any hair.” He hadn’t really but blushed brightly & looked suitably guilty. “Thank you. Are you going to do it again?” I had already decided to, the discomfort had been worth it for his delight. “I’ll see. See how this works out. I have never been without hair around my cunt before. I might not like it.” “I hope you do.” That didn’t need saying. “There is one other thing.” “Is there?” I took off my blouse & lifted my arms. He let out a gasp. “Are you going to?” “I’ll see. If I’m going somewhere & it is going to be a problem then it will have to come off. Work is okay because I always wear long sleeve blouses but I won’t make any promises. I will grow it back again if I can. You will just have to wait & see.” “How long will it get?” “I can remember. The last time I didn’t shave was at Uni. Nobody took any notice here, but in Chicago I created quite a stir & people stared & stared. Over there women are put on a pedestal, well appearance wise & would never dream of letting their underarms grow. The only thing I can remember was that it could been seen all of the time, if I had my arms up or down.” “How long will it take?” “a couple of months more so it looks as though are going to have to be patient, something you are not very good at, are you!” He blushed. “You can touch it if you like, I don’t mind.” He did so very gingerly which made me smile. From then on he never took his eyes off my pits or vulva, bending down & moving as I did, following me everywhere as I finished undressing for him. There was no need to put on a show, his entire focus was between the two, anything else would be wasted. After making my tea & settling down he moved his chair to get an uninterrupted view in between my parted thighs & I made a point of lifting my arms up high & folding my hands on my head from time to time. I did my full repertoire of peeing poses, all the ones I knew he liked, taking every opportunity to bend over ensuring he got to view me from every possible angle. He seemed more aroused than usual, if that was at all possible, excusing himself twice during the evening to go to the ‘Men’s’, for some much need relief as well, no doubt, the first time he’d found it necessary, giving the opportunity for some much needed relief of my own, having felt even more stimulated than usual due to the higher level of attention I, or at least my vulva, was receiving. I even wet my pants in front of him, pulling them up so they clung to me wet giving a lovely sensation as they perfectly sculpted to what lay within. I wasn’t sure if it was my imagination, but he seemed to be coming in closer than he ever had before because I could feel his breath in poses where I never had before. Not that I minded, it was one of the nice things about performing for him. He took an extraordinary amount of time wiping after each pee, his fingers slipping off the paper almost every time, not that I commented. He was just running along my grove, not really trying to finger me so I let it go on. The evening flew by & all too soon it was dressing time. “You would like to have a feel, wouldn’t you?” He turned bright red instantly as if I had caught him red handed & looked blameworthy as if he was expecting to be punished. “I know how tempting it must be, but you have behaved yourself &, well, as it is for you after all I’m prepared to bend the rules just this once.” “Are you?” The look on his face was a treat! “Yes, but don’t go in too deep, I’m waxed on the outside remember, not right up to my cervix.” I smiled & he just looked embarrassed, before moving closer & opened my legs. “Away you go.” I expected him to take full advantage of this rare privilege but he stood frozen. Whether he was too scared or if he had his limits & this was going too far, I didn’t know but decided not to push it just in case. “Well?” “Do you mean it?” “Yes.” “Really?” “Yes really! Help yourself.” His hand came across slowly, even though I was wide enough, I moved to open a little more to confirm my consent. He was shaking right from first touch, fumbling with me, penetrating my fold, but riding over my vagina. He returned & prodded a little & I smiled. “That’s okay. A wee bit further if you want to.” He did, as I relaxed & let him go, now I had re-established my boundaries. There was no time limit put on it so it was he who finally withdrew after nearly 15 minutes. “Do I feel nice?” He blushed & had to clear his throat. “Mm!” “Do you prefer bald cunts to hairy ones?” “Mm!” He was so embarrassed talking about it so it surprised me when he added. “They look better, ……. At least I think they do. I really liked you before but you are much better now & not just looking.” He raised his hand & smelled his fingers. A surge went through me. “Don’t forget to wash before you go near Maria.” He was smiling over his hand held up to his nose. “Look at the time!” His train was leaving in 8 minutes so he definitely was not going to make it & the next one was an hour later. He looked scared as if he would be in trouble when he got home. “I’ll drop you off, don’t worry.” “Are … are you sure you don’t mind.” “Not at all.” “But it’s out of your way.” “I don’t mind, honestly.” “Thank you.” He certainly looked relieved. I dressed as he watched as best he could while putting everything away out of sight. “Don’t take that just yet.” He looked puzzled because I was already dressed. “I can managed one more. Come over here & hold it for me?” He didn’t look sure but did as I asked. Hoisting up my skirt, I held the crotch of my pants to the side. A look of sheer delight came over his face as I relaxed & almost filled the bowl. “That’s better.” Shaking the drips off, I tucked everything away. The bowl was quickly emptied, washed & put away. “Do you want to walk up with me to collect the car?” He frowned. I wasn’t surprised. He had become very nervous about going out with me in public. “Have it your way but it would save more time.” I waited but he wasn’t about to change his mind. “See you soon. Be out front waiting or I will leave you behind.” I hurried, not that I knew why, I wasn’t the one who would be in trouble, but was back surprisingly quickly. I couldn’t see him at first, but then he was skulking in the shadows, hurrying out & jumping in the car as fast as he could before ducking down. “Don’t be so paranoid!” That didn’t help & he kept his head down until they left the lights of the City. He was unsettled but I didn’t bother to enquire, just being his usual self when he came out with it. “Do you often go like that?” I couldn’t think what he meant. “Like what?” “Like a …………. Man.” “What do you mean, ‘like a man’?” “You know, standing, out the leg.” So that was going like a man. Yes, I could see what he meant. “Never.” “NEVER?” “That was the only time I can remember, why?” “What made you do it?” “Dunno. I was full, thanks to you fiddling with me for so long,” He blushed, “but already dressed & didn’t want to take anything off again & well, you had already seen me wetting my pants & I thought I would try something different for you.” “Oh!” He seemed deflated. “Why?” “Nothing.” “Did you like watching me pee like that?” “Mm!” I was sure he was blushing confessing it just the same. “Would you like me to pee like that again?” “If you like.” He wanted me to, that was obvious. “I’ll see what I can do.” “Why are you stopping?” “I need another pee & this looks like a suitable place.” His head just about screwed itself off looking round to see if I was telling the truth, but then he seemed to relax when I nosed the car into a gap behind a large truck parked outside a trucking company. I got out & walked around to his side, opening his door wide. He was still looking round, but not quite so desperately. “So you like seeing me pee like a man then?” He looked embarrassed. I didn’t wait for a reply, just hitched my skirt up until my pants were just showing, tucking one finger under the leg band, move them to the side before parting my legs & letting go. He got ‘that’ look setting of my vagina & making me sprinkle rather than pee straight, but I didn’t let it bother me as I swayed from side to side, leaning forward & back painting a picture on the concrete & colouring it in. He watched, fascinated. When I finished I tried to shake like males I have seen even though I didn’t really have much to hold on to. “Okay? Did you like that? Did I pee like a man?” He was blushing again so I guessed I had got it right, well to his satisfaction anyway. “Okay?” I put my vulva away & ‘adjusted’ my pants as I had seen men doing, closed his door & returned to the drivers seat. “Did you enjoy that?” “Mm!” It was a lot more positive. I smiled at him & got a shy one back before reversing out & heading on our way. We had made good time, but then I didn’t waste any on the road & arrived at his Station, at his insistence, even though I had offered to drop him closer to home. “I’ve got enough for one more if you want it?” He didn’t look sure. “We’ll head over to the corner.” Which I did & parked out of the way. “Come round my side.” As he did I opened the door wide, swivelled on the seat & was already facing him with my skirt hitched right up before he arrive. He watched carefully as I peeled my pants off & opened wide. “Here goes!” He was still looking round, as he had done since getting out of his side, but the lure of my exposure was too much to resist. Not that anyone would have been able to see us & what I was doing. There were a few still walking to or getting into their cars, but not taking any notice of us. I spread my labia & let go, pushing as hard as I could so it poured down in front of him splashing on his shoes & trousers & if he had noticed, he made no attempt to move, too engrossed at the performance I was giving. It lasted longer than I expected given the pressure it was under but all to soon it was over for both of us. He watched me wiping myself with the crotch of my pants before tossing them onto the passengers side floor. “Now come ‘ere?” He looked round & bent down, kissing him deeply on the lips. It was only short but got my heart pounding. “Thanks for the lift.” He hesitated as if he realise he hadn’t really said enough. “And thanks for everything.” “You’re welcome. See you & don’t forget to wash my cunt off your fingers.” It obviously reminded him & as he was sniffing as I closed the door & spend away. By the time I got in it was full again so headed out onto the deck making my way to the railing. Even at that hour there we still people walking along the beach. It trickled down the insides of my legs as I smiled towards them, ‘Bet you don’t know what I’m doing?’ I mused. I was ‘in the mood’ & was not ready for bed just yet, in spite of the hour. It had been tucked away in the back of my mind, ever since Marcia had mentioned it & now I was due to be waxed again. It made a certain amount of sense, when I thought about it because I always masturbate when I get home anyway. It was my curiosity that got the better of me. I’d had plenty play with me but none had ever set out to intentionally make me climax by hand. What would it be like. “Usual?” “Yes please …………… & …… um ……” I felt shy asking, but was determined. “with extras this time ………….. if you don’t mind.” “Not at all. Didn’t you have time this morning?” She remembered & we exchanged smiles. Normally quite chatty, she worked away quietly this time, catching my eye with a smile as a sense of anticipation grew between us. Somehow she seemed more thorough than usual but then I thought it might just be my heightened sensitivity. The waxing completed, she took a break for several moment before stepping back up again. “Do prefer to be face up or face down?” “Face up, that’s how I do it.” “Good.” I felt the hands start to explore. “Tell me when I find your spot.” It had been said softly as she looked at me smiling and the build up began. ”Up a bit. ……….. Bit more. ……….…. There. ……. Yes …… There.” Her hands flitted like magic as it seemed to take forever, step after step up the mountain towards my goal. I arrived at the plateau & stayed there on & on as every tiny corner of my body awoke, my consciousness building in expectation. I drifted, gazing up & attracting her attention & a smile as she played my body like a fine instrument. I thought the final escalation would never come & when it did fought it with fierce defiance, every part of my will battled against its certainty. Still struggling as my body twitched & writhed, shoulders bearing the load, back arched as my hips rose, bottom losing touch with the bed completely, breathing deep & erratic, the full force of her symphony played out in that small cubicle. The afterglow seemed confused, longer, but more wondrous than anything before. “Okay?” “Yes.” “I will leave you to recover, don’t rush, take you time & enjoy the moment.” I did & it was some before I felt ready to climb off. “You right?” “I think so.” I felt a bit odd & could still feel it above my knees. “I can’t remember the last time I had one go off like that. Somehow I thought you might.” “I’m sorry ……. “ “Don’t be. I’m not.” “But you have other clients.” “They can wait. Just when you are ready.” I struggled to dress, she stepping in to steady me. Finally I was ready to leave, still experience after tingles. I took a $50 from my purse & put it down on the bench. “What’s that for?” “You usually ……….. “ “No need. Not this time anyway. I have wait a long time to do that & I enjoyed it every moment.” I wasn’t quite sure what to do but eventually picked up & put it away. “You okay to drive?” It seemed a strange thing to ask. “Yes, I think you.” “It was quite a performance you turned on for me. I will look forward to our next time, that is if you want me to do you again.” I found myself blushing & wasn’t sure what to say so thanked her, “for everything.” “You are most welcome.” I arrived feeling very self conscious after my last visit & Marcia was waiting. “My last one cancelled at the last minute so you are it. We will be able to take as much time as we like.” I was blushing already! Couldn’t believe it & to make matters worse Shelly & Miki were there & the others from the hairdressing side. Seems it had been a slower evening to start with, then they all fell to the wayside. “Let’s get you in. I might just have an early night for a change.” Marcia busied herself while I undressed & clambered up onto the bed pausing momentarily when she saw me without a towel & already naked. She had the merest of a smile “Your old usual or your new usual?” “New usual.” “I was hoping you would.” But it was the look that accompanied it that bought me out in goosebumps. We made small talk as if nothing out of the ordinary was destined to happen, carrying on as meticulous than last time while the hands on the big white clock on the wall dragged round. “That’s done. Now what else were you wanting?” That smile. Her hand was in position already & located my spot without any further assistance. ‘Déjà vu’ I thought as I climbed to the top began all over again, this time I knew where it was heading & that I had all of the time in the world. She knew her craft well & had me on the way in no time, but I was going to make sure she had a battle on her hands & sensed that it was going to be a long road ahead, again. It was nothing like what I do to myself, much better & more intuitive. Was there a course for doing this & a Certificate, if so she would pass with honours. I drifted on a wave of pleasure, her glances & smiles knowing exactly where & was & that the battle of wills was definitely on. Half of me wanted it now, feel the thrill in every corner of my anatomy while the other half could have put up with her attentions forever. It was my face that gave me away. I had done everything to hide the explosion building up inside me, except my face. Her smile broadened. “Good?” “You know it is.” That was it! I fell over the cliff & there was no stopping me now. After what she had said last time & really let myself go, sprinkling a little, not that I could have stopped it even if I had tried. She rubbed me right out so I was weak kneed & floppy again. I felt a towel patting my vulva dry. “Sorry.” “Don’t be. That’s a feather in my cap. I don’t get many to do that.” “I felt embarrassed but her smile reassured me. “The cover was about to be washed anyway. You certainly know how to have a good time.” In the end I could have dressed fast enough. “Don’t rush, you’re it for the day.” That didn’t slow me down. My tip was handed back.” “My pleasure.” I felt guilty even though Marcia had suggested it in a round about way but luckily she was in her cubicle so let out a sigh of relief. Time drifted by, Miki had gone over time & I started to panic. Luckily she emerged & invited me in. It felt strange undressing in front of her but was determined not to use a towel even though I felt uncomfortable. It wasn’t wasted on her that she had been requested ahead of Marcia & seemed to have it worked out before we even started. She worked quickly, efficiently taking larger patches at a time which stung a bit more but got me through a bit quicker than Marcia would have. “I know why you have come to me this time.” I didn’t know how to respond. Strangely I would have felt very embarrassed asking for it but in the end I didn’t have to because she continued on to it without any prompting. As with the waxing, she was very efficient, quickly establishing my spots & getting down to business. I wasn’t quite sure why, if it was a different pair of hands, but I got very worked up, just as much as with Marcia, but still fought her tooth & nail to keep the inevitable at bay. I lost, of course & was rewarded with another huge orgasm, every bit as big as the ones I had at Marcia’s hands, the magnitude not wasted on Miki who’s pencilled eyebrow rose high on her forehead. I felt embarrassed but she assured me I shouldn’t be while getting a towel & wiping up the mess I had made. While I’d had the biggest one she said she had ever inflicted, had enjoyed every moment & hoped I would come again, the double entendre being blatantly intended, as my $50 was quickly pocketed. Marcia was at the counter & took my money before walking me to the door. “I noticed you had asked for Miki this time.” Of course she did. I would be mad thinking she didn’t know I was in there & exactly what was being done to me. “You don’t mind do you?” “Not at all.” “I feel so guilty, as if I have been a traitor.” “I wouldn’t give it a second thought. While Miki was busy with you, I had my hands full of a rather tasty Male Model about half my age & was suitably rewarded for my efforts.” She leaned over & spoke in a hush. “You might like to see Shelly next time, then you can make up your mind.” She smiled. “Thank you for being so understanding.” I went on my way. Marcia was at the counter when she arrived. “She will be with you soon.” A smile & a wink. Shelly was the youngest of the 3 by quite some, younger than me as well & was quite striking, very obviously a beautician. She usher me in. Undressing was even more disconcerting this time because she seemed to have everything ready before calling me in, leaning against the bench studying my as more & more of my nakedness came into view. Once done, she still stared, making no attempt to pretend she wasn’t looking at my breasts & vulva, smiling the whole time, so much so that I almost I’d had a towel to cover up. Even though she put me in exactly the same positions Marcia & Miki had, there was something about the was she looked that make her feel very strange, staring & staring. Her work was good, more like Marcia than Miki, smaller patches, very quick extractions, going over each area again & again. By the time I was done I decided that Shelly was my favourite, even over Marcia, not that I had any complaints. It was her lightness of touch that seemed reduce the stinging to such a point that I was becoming aroused much sooner & enjoying being waxed far more than I had before. She insisted on showing her work with a mirror & I found it both fascinating & erotic, Shelly not holding back from touch & spreading, inviting me to touch to, ‘feel the difference’. It was every bit as smooth as I had been before. She began massaging on the oils, small soft hands gliding effortlessly over my body. I could stand this, I decided. “Would you like me to continue on?” A fully loaded question that meant only one thing. “Yes please.” Her hand swept its way down reaching closer with every swirl before brushing lightly over my clitoris. I let out a gasp. The swirl dipped deeper between my legs, which I parted her. A second hand squeezed some warm lotion on my breasts before massaging them at the same time. This was glorious & there was no way I wanted it to end. My nipples were huge & taunt, spring back to attention at every pass. Her fingers were nimble, dancing up & down my labia, all the while she watched watch what she was doing, observing me in the most intimate detail as the force of my orgasm marched on. It was far too good to ever end so up went my barriers, fighting the advance with every bit of my might. She was smiling at me as if she knew exactly what I was up to, knowing full well she had the ability to overpower me eventually. My whole body flinched & squirmed, still fighting for all I was worth, no intention to ever give in. My eyelids went crazy, batting at high speed while I had no means of stopping them. Her smile got broader. Everything was twitching, but the full sensation of orgasm still hadn’t start. It did! Overwhelming me like a tsunami, flooding with pleasure as I did my best to focus on her victorious face. She had me & knew it. Just as it seemed it would never come, now it appeared that it might not ever end. I could feel my anus, the cheeks of my bottom pulsing, gripping the cover I was stretched out on. Her hands kept busy, gently milking my sensations for all they had to offer, not intruding or detracting, but prolong, at least that’s how it felt. It was some time before I could see her beaming face clearly again. “Okay?” I nodded. “They said you know how to enjoy yourself.” All I could do was smile up at her, not ready for words just yet. I wafted along, a huge afterglow building inside me as I gave a mighty sigh. “Alright?” “Yes thank you.” “You’re welcome. I hope you choose me again, I enjoyed being of service to you.” “I will.” First attempt to climb off the bed was not successful so I rested, aware that after the towel she had got the floor mop to finish off. I knew it was necessary having been aware of the pulsating sparkling arch visibly over my mons. After stretch & flexing, I managed to stand, all be it tentatively, having to prop myself up as I got dressed. She brushed my offer away just at Marcia had done saying she hoped she would get another opportunity. I was still shaky at the counter. “Everything to your satisfaction?” “It certainly is.” Shelly was standing at the door of her cubicle & wave goodbye as if it may have been special for her too. Since then I have taken turn & turn about, Marcia & Shelly. I apologised to Marcia for not including Miki but she said not to worry, she has her hands full already & prefers males anyway, although she had mentioned that I had been ‘one out of the box’ for her. Strangely, they have need to wipe up, occasionally mop up & change the cover after me every time, because I don’t sprinkle away from them every time, unless it is something special.
  4. I finished earlier than expected & decided there was little point in starting a new file before lunch so set off to see Peter with the idea I might manage to squeeze in a 3rd pee for him if he was lucky, catching him completely by surprise. Although busy, he made time to watch me on the potty before going back to what he was doing. Just as I started on the tea there was a huge commotion in the corridor. I crossed to the door just in time to see the last of several young women disappearing into the Ladies. Peter was engrossed in what he was doing & seemed oblivious to the fuss. I waited & gradually they began returning up the corridor & round the corner. Following, I saw one disappear into the Premier Business College. I went in. “Can I help you?” A rather stern faced woman snarled at me over the counter. “I was just wondering what you do here?” “We are a College & it is lunchtime so if there is anything I can do for you!” She kept up her rather abrupt manner. I took out my card & handed it to her. That change her attitude. “Dr Wallace, how can I help you!” A few minutes later I left with the information I needed. “Where have you been?” “I went for a walk, filling in time until you were ready.” “Oh!” I was already hatching a plan to surprise him. Right through Lunch my mind was busy plotting. In the end I did manage to pee a 3rd pee which pleased him even if I was a few minutes late getting back. “I will come early on Friday again so be ready, okay?” That got a big smile, the prospect of a 3 pee lunchtime again! “Hi!” “Hi!” “Potty I think.” He was back with it in a flash. After he had finished wiping me I interrupted his usual long look. “Put that down the sink & come with me.” He looked confused but did as I said. “Now wait here until I tell you.” He peered out the door watching me cross to the Ladies & unlock the door. I checked it out & the coast was clear, gesturing him to follow quickly. “Be quick.” He did but was now looking concerned. “In the middle one.” He went into the cubicle & I followed locking the door behind me. “Sit on the top & put your feet on the back of the seat.” “Why?” “You’ll see, now hurry before they get here.” He got in place quickly & I sat on the seat pushing my pants down to give the appearance of using the Toilet. “What’s going on?” “Shush, all in good time now keep quiet whatever you do.” Moments later I heard them coming down the corridor. “Let me go first before I burst.” There was a rush for the 2 remaining cubicles. First there was one peeing on one side, then the other as the ‘Ladies’ was filling with the College’s students most of whom had been holding on until their lunch break. “Hurry up before I wet my pants.” “Yeah I’m busting too!” It seemed they all were. As one left the cubicle another replaced her. I was enjoying it! Some pushed hard straight into the water trap, others coughed to try to mask the sound, one made three very loud plops as she did more than pee, each one was different & quite individual. “Who’s in there?” “Probably that bitch from the Insurance Office.” It was an Irish whisper. “I wish she would hurry, I can’t hold on much longer.” When it was her turn she certainly did need to go because she did the longest pee of them all by far. I was curious as to what was going on behind me because all I could feel was a leg each side of my back & he was staying perfectly still as well as completely silent. I could only imagine what he was thinking. There were 12 in all, I counted before waiting several moments after the last one had gone to pull my pants up. “Wait here I will just check the coast is clear.” He looked completely stunned & bewildered. I closed the door quickly & scurried back into the cubicle locking us in again. “It’s their Tutor.” I whispered & quickly resuming my position on the seat just as the door opened. She was the noisiest, straight into the water full force accompanied by a couple of decent farts. It was all I could do to stop myself from laughing. This time the passage was clear & I beckoned him as he peeped round the cubicle door before scampering across, out, over the corridor & back into the safety of the office. I followed moments later & burst out laughing when I got there. “How did you know about that?” He was shaking his head in amazement at me but also with delight. “I saw them on Wednesday. That’s where I went, to see where they had come from. There’s a Secretarial College round the corner. The receptionist told me they have classes Wednesdays & Fridays & another will be one starting soon on Mondays. Each course lasts 6 weeks. Did you enjoy it? We can go to them all if you like?” His mouth was wide open & he was shaking his slowly as if he still could believe what I had done. “It’s probably best if we only hit on each group once just in case they get suspicious, not that it matters because we will be getting a new lot regularly.” He was still shaking his head slowly. “Didn’t you like it?” A big smile came over his face. “I thought you might.” That was it! He couldn’t stop talking about them the rest of the time, as if he could remember each in detail. He certainly had taken note of them all & said his only disappointment was he didn’t know what they looked like. “You could watch them walk down one week & listen to them the next, that way you could try to work out which one did what.” “Do you mean that?” “Why not. It will be fun. That way you can imagine what each cunt looks like. That should be a problem, you have seen thousands weeing so you should be able to match up a cunt with hair colour & a body type.” His head started shaking slowly again. “Next week is the final for the Wednesday group so we will have to hit them then or miss out. I’ll put it in my diary & make sure I get here early.” I gave him a cheeky grin & got a slightly bemused smile in return. I took my time tantalising him & he watched intently until it finally disappeared from view. “Rebbeeccccaa!” There was a curiosity in his voice. “Yes.” “What are you doing tonight?” It was as if he had only just decided & was sounding me out. “Letting you watch me pee by the look of it.” He blushed profusely as if I had caught him out. “You don’t mind?” “I’ve got nothing better to do so I might as well. I bring dinner, my shout!” That caught him by surprise & there wasn’t much he could say but agree. I didn’t know what it would be, just that it wouldn’t be Italian! “Are you sure you don’t mind giving up a Friday night for me? Another Friday night?” “Course not. We are friends.” “Are we?” “I hope so. I wouldn’t like to think I’m peeing in front of a total stranger.” “But that’s how we met.” “Yes but we have got to know each other better since then, haven’t we?” “I suppose so.” He sound almost unsure. “So is that why you come here?” “Yes.” “But the way we met? That wasn’t normal was it?” “How do friends meet for the first time? I’m sure there are millions of ways & some a lot stranger than ours.” “Yes, but after what I did?” I shrugged casually. “In spite of what happened I did enjoyed your company at the Café & was happy to meet up with you again. That’s why I gave you my number. What happened then? What you asked me to do? Well yes, it was a surprise, but I believed what you told me about Maria & knew it must have meant a lot or you wouldn’t have taken such a big risk asking me. When we talked, well, I couldn’t see any harm in it, but I think that most of all there was something that made me trust you. Peter I wouldn’t let just anybody look me the way you do & as for peeing, well, you are the only person I have ever let watch.” He was smiling proudly. “Even though it’s just for you, it couldn’t happen without me, so, as a friend, I’m happy to be a part of something special, special to you that is.” While I had been speaking a smug look came over his face as if he was getting exactly what he wanted, his own way. “Well I don’t know what to say except thank you. I have always wanted a friend just like you & I can’t believe how lucky I am.” “Your welcome.” I reached over & squeezed his hands & he was quick to take mine & squeeze the back. I felt a strong affection for him & it was clear he felt the same. “I parked in the drive, do you think it will be alright there?” “I don’t see why not, I have never seen a car in there since I’ve been here.” There was no doors or gates opening onto it, apart from ours, so I had decided it was worth the risk. After putting the plastic containers with our Dinner on the bench I dumped the sports bag down on the desk. I had put it together during one of my cleanouts & had been sitting in the boot ready for the next Friday night. “What’s in there?” “A surprise. Get the tray out for me, I’m busting. You can have a look after you have watched me pee.” He gave me a huge smile & was suddenly very busy & had it set up for me in no time. “You had better put the plastic under it.” It was done. “Thank you.” I slipped off my pants, having stood by the car & deliberately leaking before crossing to the door, throwing them in his direction. He caught them & found my damp spot & smiling, burying his face. Unzipping my skirt, it dropped to the floor before stepping out of it. Next it was my blouse & reaching behind, a flick of the hooks & my breasts tumbled out of my bra. His eyes sparkled with delight! Having done my usual flaunt I stood in the tray, feet as far about as possible, hands on knees, half squatting & released my bladder. He was quick to my side peering up at me as I rolled my hips painting patterns on the tray. It was wasted on him because he only had eyes for where it was coming from, but I was enjoying it. I moved my hands each side of my vulva holding it open & directing the stream. I could see his face & realised I had mesmerised him again, the cause of the hesitation in my flow known only to me. As I felt the end drawing near I pushed harder & harder hoping to empty myself in a single stream & nearly made it with only a couple of stray dribble at the end. “Wipe please?” He made up his wad & pressed it against me pushing right inside. “I’ll need a foot wipe too?” He collected a towel & carefully dried my feet as I stepped out. “Thank you.” He smiled but was already occupied staring at my vulva right in front of his nose. Waiting for over a minute, “Okay? Enough for now?” He blushed as I moved to the side to allow him to take the tray carefully to the sink & empty it. “Leave it out.” He smiled. I busied myself putting our Dinner in the Microwave while he remembered the bag. “What’s in here?” “You find out!” He opened it & plunged his hands in. I could see him carefully finding & feeling things, identifying them before taking them out. Once he was satisfied he began, holding up a pair of pants. “There old ones, I never wear them anymore.” He was smiling. “They might fit you?” A look of horror came over his face & he dropped them as if they were red hot! The next 5 pairs were quickly taken out & hurriedly put in a pile. “They’re an old pair of pyjamas & haven’t worn for ages. I thought you might like to see me doing a bit of bed wetting.” A light came on in his head. I imagined the bag contained a great many possibilities for him. “Some old trackies. An old pair of jeans. Not Calvin Klein’s.” He smiled. “An old pair of bike pants from my Uni day I forgot I had.” He held them up. “Yes, well, they are rather short shorts. I might be able to hold them to the side & pee like a boy for you.” He gave me a shy smile. “Pantyhose. Need I say any more. There are some stockings in there too.” He found them. “Yes, & a suspender belt.” That came out as well. He found something else & looked at it curiously as he held it up side down. “It’s a body suit. I used to wear them at Uni. It fastens between my legs. I can wear it with or without pants.” He felt around in the bag but there was no more. “Okay? Do you like them? I can wear & wet them for you if you like? They have all seen better days or are surplus to requirements.” He surveyed them all spread in front of him. “Feel free to try them on if you like.” “What!” “It’s up to you. I don’t mind, I have finished with them now. If they need washing after, give them to me & I will put them through for you with mine.” The look of horror came back. “Well you can’t take them home for Maria to put through with hers.” I had only meant it as a bit of fun but I could also see by the way he had handled them that my suggestion may not have been far from the mark once he had them all to himself. Idea after idea went through my head as I got out our trays & made my tea, different ways I intended to pee for him that night. I decided there would be no 2 the same & they would all be poses I hadn’t tried before. I had been thinking about what I could use each of the things we purchased as well & had come up with more possibilities, realising that the many different ways I could pee for him was only limited by my imagination. As I did not have the same freedom at Lunchtimes, had to make the most of Friday nights to do what I pleased without worrying what sort of state I got myself in. I went back for more tea. Realising I would have to pay a price for it, I drank & drank until I was quite literally forcing it down, but when it came on I was peeing every 15 minutes, not that stopped me topping up until I couldn’t take anymore. He was well aware of what I was up to & beamed his delight. I ended up wetting all 6 pairs of pants, some while wearing my suspenders & stockings, letting it run down my legs, pyjama pants, laying curled in a ball as I often do when sleeping, the bike shorts, holding to the side as promised, thoroughly drenching the jeans to his very obvious delight, the body suit, twice, once with the crotch domed & again with it open, the pantyhose, standing so it ran down my legs & sitting on the Camp Toilet so it formed a smooth straight trickle for him as well as naked poses, standing, sitting, cross-legged, ending up sitting in a pool of my pee, rolling up onto my shoulders so my pee trickled down my body & over my breasts & laying down wetting on myself in my puddle. By the end of the evening my hair had become quite wet from being dipped in pee again & again. I used up all of the towels we had drying myself after each soaking but they soon became saturated too so left my skin clammy rather than dry. He ask if I was okay several times & I assured him I was, just making the most of it for him. “Would you like me to drop you off, that way you can watch me a couple more times?” “Do you mind?” “No, it’s not far out of my way.” “So long as it will be no trouble.” “None at all.” We had to mop the whole floor, such was the mess I made. I tried to joke about it but he was serious, not in an accusing way, but had clearly enjoyed my antics that evening, my complete lack of inhibitions & concern about the state I got myself in. So much for bringing everything in for him, I had to pack it up in 2 large plastic bags to take home for the wash. “Would you like to keep a pair of my pants here?” He looked shocked. “I can change them each time I come round & take the old ones away with me?” His mouth had dropped open. “They can get in a bit of a state during the day & I usually change into a fresh pair before I come round but I will change here if you like, that is if you don’t mind a pair that have been stuck to my cunt all day?” He stared. “Okay?” I sorted among them as I was putting them in the bag & found the pair I had been wearing when I arrived. I showed him the stained gusset. “Will these do?” He shook his head slowly. “I won’t change before I come round here in future, that way they will be better from now on, more to your liking I imagine.” I smiled, he blushed bright red! I had meetings all day Monday & couldn’t get away so got a big welcome Wednesday when I arrived, bought the sports bag with me full of fresh laundry from Friday night & dumped it down. “Where to you want to keep this?” He got that vacant look on his face. “What say I put it in the Storeroom.” He didn’t answer, just let me get on with it. On my return I stood in front of him & very obviously peeled off my pants while he stared open mouth. “I thought we might change my pants over. These will be better.” I held them to my nose. “Yes, that’s a bit more like me. I wore them yesterday & slept in them overnight.” I dangled them in front of him. He clearly didn’t know what to say. “I leaked in them on the way down here, that’s why they are still wet.” I got no response so threw them at his face. Blushing bright red, he quickly grabbed & took them to his lap, but curiosity got the better of him & he could resist a quick sniff. “Okay? Does my cunt stink?” He blushed again but the gusset soon found it’s way to his nose. “Jug.” “Jug?” “Jug!” “If you say so.” He sauntered across & got it out of the bench cupboard. “Sit.” He did. Hitching my skirt up, I put one foot on the arm & hopped into position, my vulva right next to his face. Holding the jug in place below my open labia I started to pee. It went in & on & even though it was a 1.5 litre it looked for a while that I may fill it completely. He was so close I could feel his breath on my labia which set of a flurry of contractions sprinkling my stream towards the end. I carefully moved the jug away & turned. Now I got the full blast of his flow exhausting out his nostrils with a gale like force. It was tickling & tantalising & I wondered if my labia were transmitting the pulsing deep inside my body. I was becoming aroused quickly & had to cut his viewing short. “We have a date, remember?” He frowned & obvious didn’t. “The Secretaries, their Lunch time pee.” That woke him up. “Okay.” I opened the door & started to cross. Around the corner the first sound of the coming could be heard. A quick check, coast was clear, I beckoned & he darted across & I closed the door just as the first rounded the corner. We scrambled into position in the middle cubical & were still settling when we heard the key in the door. This lot were a bit more orderly. They hadn’t all come together like last week & weren’t in such a hurry. In spite of our desperate attempt to get there, it was working out much better this week with a good variety of noises. I leaned my head back between his legs & sure enough, he had an erection. I pretended it was casual, not intended to find anything out & it seemed to work, he did make any attempt to push me away. It was pleasant to listen to & I could see why he enjoyed it so much. I had been in Toilets many times & heard women peeing but hadn’t taken any notice, but then he had introduced me to a whole new world as far a pee was concerned. There were only 11, I counted. Waiting a couple of minutes I decided that must be it for the day, one was absent, but just as I rose to check the coast was clear & get him back another key opened the door. It was the Tutor this time with missing girl in tow discussing the ins & outs of proper telephone etiquette. They were worth waiting for, the Tutor putting on a good noisy performance & her charge managing a couple of fart, pardoning herself, why I don’t know. Finally they left, I checked, he scurried back across the corridor discovering to his horror that he had left the door open. I followed & dissolved into fits of giggles. It was lucky there was nothing incriminating on show, just the jug which could have contained almost anything. “I see you enjoyed that!” He blushed brightly, his huge erection sticking right out in front of him. “I ….. I’m sorry!” “It’s alright, I’m a big girl & have seen lots of hard-ons before.” It didn’t seem to make him feel any more comfortable about it. For some reason I was in a mood, in ‘THE’ mood & it wasn’t about to go away. I became acutely aware of my labia & vagina, not to mention my clitoris which twitched at my every move. Normally when he stares at me, while it is very pleasant, it doesn’t really get me going, not like this, but today it did. I was sure he must be able to see it moving & the glisten of my readiness. Each time it contracted it felt as though it was pushing out another big load. I was dying to masturbate but couldn’t excuse myself to go to the loo, that would have made him very suspicious, even if I passed it off as needing to poo. As pleasant as it was, it was also quite uncomfortable. He was the same because in spite of his attempt to disguise it, his erection remained rock solid & going nowhere, certainly not down. At last my pee came on, maybe that would clear it, get things back to normal, if what I was doing could ever be considered normal. “The potty this time, I think.” “Which one.” I didn’t care. “You choose.” He was funny to watch, acutely aware of his erection & going through the oddest antics to try & hide it. Eventually the big china potty turned up. I made my way across & squatted in place & then horror of horrors! It wouldn’t start! It was the first time I’d had any real trouble since my first attempt, but this time I knew exactly why. 2 full minutes passed. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me today.” It didn’t seem to be bothering him, he was enjoying the view anyway. Pushing made it worse if anything & in that squatting position I was getting tummy pains. I stood to release the pressure before squatting again but all I managed was a volley of farts. He was delighted but I was feeling most uncomfortable & doing my best not to let on. The stomach cramps were really hurting so after 5 minutes since first taking my place I gave it away, protesting that I had no idea why. Standing eased the pain but let the wind go again. He was delighted as it went on & on. I couldn’t sit again so stood in front of him holding my skirt up passing it off as giving him a change. The discomfort ease gradually but the arouse was still there & the sensitivities returned. So much for him watch 3, it was nearly time to get back to work & I hadn’t managed a second yet. It was time to go. After another long fruitless wait I made my excuses, not that he seemed too disappointed. If anything he seemed to have sympathy for my plight, touching my arm affectionately stroking, which didn’t help one little bit even as pleasant as it was. I couldn’t manage even a little something for him in spite of what I had trapped in side. The lunch hour ended quite unsatisfactorily & I stumble out into the street with a very hard lump pressing down. I should have seen it coming! I was full, maybe too full, perhaps that was the main problem, but once I moved, that was it, I was busting, far more than I could ever remember. It quickly became clear I wasn’t going to get back to the Office in time & returning to him wasn’t an option either. “Fuck this!” There was no other option, a large potted tree at the entrance of a building I was passing. I went in behind it. The entrance was clear but could be seen from the footpath. Shuffling nonchalantly I reached a point where I was out of sight, or as hidden as I was very going to be. It had started just as I was kicking off my shoes & standing feet astride, poured down making a huge puddle around my feet. There was no doubt who the guilty one was. I prayed & prayed no one would come near because they would be well aware of what I was doing, if not the puddle, or by the river which had started to flow away, then the splashing, echoing in the hard wall canyon surrounding me, which I hoped was not travelling far & arousing suspicion somewhere. It seemed an age before I could get to a point of stopping it & damming up until I got back to the office. The first couple of attempt fail but at last it was secure & picking up my shoes, made a hurried escape deciding that if I walked fast enough & it did start again, it would be spread thinly on the ground & no one would notice. As it happened I made it back without further incident to the safety of my office. A quick check & I had made it through it almost unscathed. I had got out of my shoes just in time because I don’t carry a spare pair & most of it had been taken by my legs with only a few small spots on my skirt. Pants were wreaked, only on 15 minutes, but they were changeable, another pair in one of my drawers but they had started drying & were now sticking to me sending tingles in all directions confirming the advance state of arousal I had been in hadn’t gone away & I wasn’t about to put them to the test & sit! That would be inviting for disaster! Tucking up another fresh pair it was off to the Ladies for some unfinished business. They really had stuck by then, more that just pee adhesive & it was quite a job getting them off. Each time a section somewhere resisted removal more buzzes race through my body to a pumping vagina. Finally they gave up & I got them down & sat. “Ahhhh!” It was a very pleasant relief & trickled on & on at its own pace, not in any hurry now as it was where it should be! With it came wave after wave of thrills all marching towards my vagina. From it to time contraction began sprinkling my stream round the bowl, or in the case of the strong ones, stopping it all together! After all the drama up until then, I didn’t want it to stop it felt so nice. It did, dribbling for a which, spreading across my cheeks, but even that felt good too. Right! Time to get on with what I really came for! My clitoris was so sensitive I had to treat it very gingerly indeed. In the end there was nothing for it, my usual technique was not going to work on this occasion so I place a finger each side of my labia & closed them, slowly as much as my clitoris would allow. At last I could made the very gentlest of movements sending shock waves throughout my lower tummy, uncomfortable at first but soon pleasure took over. There was no ado, no build up or point of no return, none of that, just a warm flush engulfed my body, clitoris & vagina contracted in unison along with every extremity of my body dropping me into daze of sensations, an orgasm quite like no other. It seemed to go on forever with gradually fading after contractions leaving me hyper aware of every part of my anatomy. I had no idea how much longer I sat there, only that I didn’t want it to end, didn’t want to return to reality. “Rebecca? Are you there?” “Coming.” It was with great reluctance I cleaned myself up, sprayed a bit of perfume up & down my legs, just in case, put in fresh pants, flushed & made ready to leave. Back at my desk it was 1.30pm, the time for my appointment. I had been in there 20 minutes! It wasn’t done but a busy afternoon meant it had to wait until the deck, after a grand wetting & before dinner, which turned out to be cheese on toast such was the hour I got round to it! I could have a couple of times but they were at Lunch & would have been a problem for him so waited until he invited me to the next Friday evening he was having in the City. “Potty please.” He returned with it. I assumed the position & indecision filled my head. Should I or shouldn’t I? It hadn’t been mentioned, but then my Periods hadn’t either & they turned out to be a great treat for him. I hadn’t started & he was patient, as usual, but then the glances up at my face began. It was now or never, for tonight anyway. I strained. There was a bit of sprinkly pee & then the crackle as I felt my sphincter yield & it left my body. He let out a gasp & his eye were riveted. I could see it gliding out of me in one long turd, coiling in the bottom of the potty forming a pyramid without any encouragement from me, accompanied by the smell. I managed a single evacuation, once it tapered off there was no more. He stared with a look of disbelief. I still wasn’t sure if I should have, asked him first if it was what he wanted. There had been sporadic splatters of pee through out, but now that the main expulsions was concluded it settle into a steady trickle & I moved to anoint my offering. “Okay.” “Mm!” His breathing had become deeper, heavier as he had watched. “It’s just that you haven’t said anything.” “I didn’t want you to think I’m weird.” It was all I could do to stop myself laughing. After everything we had done so far, why should this be any stranger than anything else. “You have got a much bigger job to do this time. Would you rather I did it myself?” “No, no, I will.” My bottom got wiped first. “Do you want me on my hands & knees to make it easier?” He looked shocked by my suggestion. I didn’t wait for confirmation, just got off the potty & pointed my bottom in his direction. He made a thorough job, finishing off with some baby wipes to make sure I was properly clean before starting on my labia. After we both stared into the potty. “Do you want me to keep doing it for you?” As it turned out he does, but only sometimes. He didn’t feel the same way about it as peeing, but was curious to watch me just the same. We decided that it would be best left for Friday nights only as it wasn’t something which could be put down the sink. Once the coast was clear he whisked it away to the Men’s for proper disposal. He returned. “Thank you.” “You’re welcome.” “I didn’t think you would?” “I’m full of surprises, aren’t I?” It became a regular during our Friday evenings together, usually on the camp stool & being watched from below. I seemed to be able to keep it at bay, sometime for a day or so, then produce it on demand along with the usual splattering which he seemed to enjoy almost as much. But it was the bending over & touching my toes so he could deal with the aftermath that he seems to enjoy the most & I do too, more than happy to oblige.
  5. I knocked at the door. “Rebecca, what a surprise.” “I’m not disturbing you am I?” “Oh no just busy working my way through.” “How is it going?” “Good now. Everything arrive first thing this morning so I have got on with it straight away. To what do I attribute this unexpected pleasure?” “Nothing really. I needed a pee & all the cubicles at work are busy so I thought I would see if you can help?” He smiled but then suddenly realised he had left me on the step. “Come in, please.” I made my way through to the main office. He seemed fluster by my unexpected arrival but delighted just the same. “You wouldn’t have a potty I could borrow would you, I’m busting.” His face lit up & in moments the big old china one was on the floor in front of me. I took my time getting ready, taking my pants off slowly & handing them to him. They went straight to his nose, of course & after letting him have a good look did a very long pee watching myself as I went. He suddenly realised I was looking too. “You don’t mind me joining you do you?” “No!” He moved closer as if he wanted us to watch together. “Nice?” “Mm!” “Are you enjoying it?” “Mm!” “You like seeing me peeing in the potty, don’t you?” “Mm!” “I have only just started watching myself since I have met you.” “Really?” He looked guilty as if he was taking all the blame. As we watched he was getting very aroused & it showed. “I hadn’t realised how wide my cunt opens when I squat. Usually when I pee on the Toilet it get quite wet but going like this it hardly needs wiping.” “Mm!” “I think you should just the same though, don’t you agree?” “Mm!” I was really getting to him. I pushed harder. “Does my peephole open wider when I push?” “Mm!” “Do you prefer seeing it when it is open wide?” “Mm!” I pushed harder still. “Is it opening really wide now.” “Mm!” “Nearly finished.” “Mm!” “Do you like me dribbling at the end?” “Mm!” “Sometimes it runs down my crack & trickles off my bum. Do you like that?” “Mm.” I imagined there would be some relieving done after I have gone! “There that’s all. You can wipe me now.” He had to get the Toilet roll from the cupboard & took his time, starting gingerly, his hand was trembling. “I like the way you wipe me, so careful & you take your time. I’m always in a rush & leave half of it behind. It makes quite a mess of my pants by the end of the day. Yes that’s it, take your time & push right in.” It was that which it was all about, not him being ‘thorough’ & he didn’t disappoint penetrating me a little. It felt great & I would have loved him to carry on until I climaxed but knew I couldn’t. “That’s better.” My knees were creaking so I stood up. “Peter, will it be alright if I don’t strip off completely?” He looked stunned. “No of course not.” “Are you sure?” “Yes.” “I will if you really want me to, but it would be a bit of a hassle for just an hour.” “No, I don’t expect you to.” “Sure?” “Sure.” “You won’t be disappointed with me?” “No, of course not.” “I’ll tell you what, I won’t put my pants back on & will open my legs so you can see my cunt anytime you want to, will that be alright?” “Yes, yes of course.” “Positive?” “Mm!” The look on his face was wonderful. It was as if he still couldn’t believe his luck. I tucked my skirt up making me naked from the waist down at least. “There. Is this okay?” He was blushing. “Mm!” It was barely audible. I had spread one of the hand towels on the seat before getting the sandwiches I bought ready before making my tea while he was emptying the potty. “Do you want a coffee?” “Mm.” He was obviously still very aroused. Bringing our drinks over I moved my chair so it was facing him & sat with feet dangling over the arms. “Okay?” He gave me a big smile. “Mm!” He never took his eyes off me the whole time while I read through some of the files I brought with me, his face buried in the crotch of my pants. It felt wonderful being looked at again & from time to time my vagina set off a flurry of impromptu contractions. A quick glance in his direction being met with a smile letting me know he was seeing it. I was definitely becoming more & more aroused! I got up twice to fill my mug & made sure on my return to get back into the same position & felt his gazes replacement & the warm, wet feeling began again. “Sick of it yet?” He smiled & shook his head. The pressure was building up nicely & I would have to go in 10 minutes so it would work out perfectly to pee for him again. I finished what I was reading. “I will have to be heading back now.” He glanced at his watch & a look of resignation came over his face. “I’ll just have time for another pee if you want me to?” He was like a little boy. “Yes please!” That got him going. “I’ll go in the other potty this time.” He returned with the pink plastic one & placed it on the floor. I carefully positioned myself over it & released. As my trickle began so did a soft burbling fart. His face lit up & he grinned from ear to ear. I pushed a little to try to make it stop but the fart continued long & slow. I filled the bowl slowly as he looked on, fascinated, his nose just inches from my pee stream. I loved this & felt my vagina contracting & could see my pee pulsating. ‘If he only knew’ I mused enjoying my heightened state of arousal to the full. I stopped short along with my farts & let the last out in a series of dribbles gradually topping up the potty until it was full to the brim. He hadn’t noticed, too focused on where my pee was coming from. He wiped me thoroughly while I remained in position. My knees started to give out after a couple of minutes. “I’m going to have to stand I’m afraid.” As I did he followed me up until my vulva was right in front of his nose. I kept my skirt up for another couple of minutes before dropping it. “I have to go, sorry.” I put my pants on slowly giving him several more views before it was tucked away out of sight. “I’m not doing anything on Wednesday at lunchtime if you would like me to call round again?” If he’d beamed any harder his face would have split. He looked down at the potty & a look of concern came over his face. “Rebecca!” “What?” “How am I going to move that?” I couldn’t stop myself smiling. “Very carefully I imagine.” I waited while he got it up off the floor very carefully & over to the sink only spilling a tiny bit once. “WHEW!” “I knew you could!” I said cheekily disappearing through the door. “How’s it going?” “Great!” He was on top of the world! Computers littered the main office stacked one on top of another & he was wading through them. I looked around. “Have you finished all of these?” “No not yet but it is going much faster than I expected. I can’t tell you how important your help has been. I hardly knew anything before you got involved.” “So?” “What?” “When is the big day?” He smiled broadly. “Week after next with a bit of luck.” “That’s great!” I could see he wanted to give me all the credit but stopped short. “Well you had better get the camp stool out before I wet myself.” He had it ready before I had time to make my pot of tea. We watched together again with him looking at me & smiling his approval from time to time. I started to dribble & it went on & on, nearly as long as I had peed. “It doesn’t know when to stop!” I imagined he wouldn’t be complaining! It stopped. “There, I’m done. Wipe me please?” He did, very thoroughly. “That’s much better!” Leaning forward I kissed his forehead. “Thank you!” I raised my feet to the front edge of my chair & let my legs drop open wide, reached over & poured a mug of tea, unpacked my sandwiches before settling in to the file I had bought to read. “I’ll have to go soon.” He hadn’t moved the whole time I had been there & not taken his eyes off me for a moment. He was completely absorbed & still quite aroused. He had left the camp Toilet set up for me to use again so I moved across to it. “I had my legs together last time so this time I will open as wide as I can.” Hoisting my skirt right up I plonked onto the seat, positioned my vulva as near to the centre of the opening as I could before sitting upright & ‘walking’ my feet, heel, toe round to the sides until my legs were at right angle to my body on both sides. “Ready?” He was breathing heavily already. “Is my cunt wide open?” “Mm!” “Here goes.” Holding the sides of the seat under the edge of my bum I pushed hard but instead of pointing down my stream was rising up splashing on the underside of the seat. “Sorry!” I stopped & leaned forward. “This time.” I still only just got it in the bucket hitting the top rim & he had to move it forward quickly. It was very noisy & I couldn’t stop myself laughing but for all my mirth Peter was taking it very seriously indeed. It was short but spectacular. “Get the wiper ready?” He busied himself, unsure of what length of paper he needed before ripping off too much & carefully folding it into a wad. I watched smiling. “What?” “Nothing.” He’d had his tongue out while he folded, deep in concentration to get it just right. The irony was wasted on me, all that troubled & then do with it what he intended to. I could see into the bucket & it had been a big one! He moved to wipe me from below. “No, from the top, just like I do.” He put his hands in between my legs & wiped me thoroughly from front to back several times. “Thank you.” I caught him looking at the wet patch on the wad in his hand. He blushed. “It’s alright! Go ahead & smell me if you want to.” He smiled & replaced my pants with the wad & ducked back down to look up at me. Relaxing, I waited until he’d had his fill. “Okay?” He didn’t move. “Can I put my pants on & go back to work now please?” I tried to make it light hearted but he was still very intense as he slowly moved back allowing me to escape. “Thank you. Pants?” He passed them back. I wandered over to my chair, turned & faced him before slowly pulling them on halting for several moments with the band just below my vulva to give him one last look before pulling them all the way into position. “All gone for today.” I didn’t drop my skirt straight away leaving it high enough to expose my pants while I pack up my things. “Peter I can’t come Thursdays, well maybe now & then, because we have an office meeting at lunchtimes but I can come again on Friday if you want me to?” “Yes please!” He didn’t have to say it really, I knew & was more telling him when I would come again rather than ask if I would be welcome. “Friday then?” As it turned out I nearly walked out with my skirt still up around my waist! An hour or so after getting back to my desk nature called so I picked up my mobile & headed to the Ladies. “Guess where I am?” His heavy breathing began instantly. Monday morning it arrived! “I wonder what he will make of this?” “I won’t be long, just finish inputting.” I waited. A couple of minutes passed. “Right!” “Peter something we haven’t discussed is what you want me to do when I’m having my Period?” “I didn’t think you would come.” He seemed quite off hand about it. “So you would rather I stayed away.” He shrugged not giving any clear idea of what he expected. “It’s just I’m having my Period now.” That got his full attention. “Are you?” “Yes but I can go across to the Ladies if you would rather not watch me like this.” “You wouldn’t mind?” “No of course not. It doesn’t make any difference to me, all that’s different is I will have tampon strings.” “Are you sure?” “Course. It started Monday so I’m over the worst, not that it would worry me if you saw it, although you might find it a bit too much if you are not used to it, but if you would rather leave it …… “ “No! No! It’s fine.” He cut me short & I could see he was keen, very keen, obviously not expecting me to let him. He was in an even greater rush than usual to get the potty. I took my pants off with a pad moulded into the crotch, glanced at it & as there was nothing menstrual on it so handed it to him. He held it away from himself unsure of quite what to do with it while I squatted in position. His eyes lit up as I reached down & straightened the string out, steadying myself before beginning to pee slowly. His eyes opened wider & wider making me concerned they might be about to pop out! In spite of the dozens of times he had already watched me peeing, he was completely captivated & his mouth opened with delight. “Is it running down the strings? It usually does.” He didn’t speak, completely enthralled with what was going on between my legs. I leant forward a little, my head brushing his & watched with him. I didn’t applied any pressure, imagining he was perfectly content as it went on & on. At the end it dropped back to drips one long continuous trickle making it last even longer. “Okay? “Mm!” “You don’t mind watching while I’m having my Period?” “No!” It had been a dumb question but part of the tease. I had enjoyed his attentions too, more than usual because of that wonderful look on his face. I stayed put until my knees started to creak. “Make sure you dry the strings too but don’t pull down on them or it might fall out.” He did it so carefully it was fun to watch him. “I don’t need to put my pants on again do I, you don’t mind seeing me like this?” “No.” He was already staring up my skirt as he said it. Lunch passed quietly with me doing what little talking there was. I had sat in front of him with my feet up & legs open so he see everything, as I usually do but for some reason it was special to him today as if he was being allowed a really forbidden treat. From time to time I caught his eye & he had such an adoring look it was almost disconcerting. For my part there was nothing special about my Periods but that certainly wasn’t the case for him. After all the only difference was the appearance of the strings, but to him that meant everything & he couldn’t take his eyes off them. “I’m ready.” This time I chose the camping stool & he busied himself getting it ready for me with new air of excitement. He was funny to watch & I was enjoying it immensely. Finally he had everything ready for me. “Thank you.” I lifted my skirt & sat down, positioning myself in preparation. “Peter would you like to change my tampon?” His mouth dropped wide open & he stared at me speechless. I carried on. “It will mean you will have to touch me more than you have before but I trust you completely now not to take advantage of me.” “Do you?” “Yes.” His mouth was still wide open & he was stunned. “If you are interested I have bought some Tampax especially for you to use. They are different from my usual ones & have an applicator which will make it easier until you get used to it. If you like doing it I will move you on my normal ones down the track as there is a bit more involved with inserting them.” He was flabbergasted. “That is if you want to of course.” Still speechless I carried on. “It won’t be all that messy, promise, I’m over the worst but if you like, once you have got used to my Periods I will come around when I have just started if you would like to see what it is like.” It was as if he was frozen still. “It can get a bit yucky & smelly, but it will be up to you.” He was quiet for several moments. “Do you mean that?” “Yes of course, if you want to. We have become very close friends & I know I can let you do anything to me without worrying you might get carried away. You make a really good job of wiping me, much better than I do most of the time, which is why I much prefer you to when we are together & in spite of an occasional slip which happens to us all, I’m quite happy to let you take the next step. Periods are really a part of peeing, well going to the Toilet so it is just a logical extension of what we are doing together so far.” He stared at me. “What do you think? Would you like to?” He didn’t say anything but I could see he wanted to. “Would you like to get started?” He nodded. “Right.” “I usually take my tampon out before & pee & put the fresh one in when I have finished.” His hand was visibly shaking as he reached across & took the strings. “You will have to tug down a bit to make sure it is free. They get stuck sometimes if they have been in for a while. You have to be careful not to get any of my pubes when you grip it.” He quickly checked he hadn’t before pulling down. “That’s it. ……. It’s free now. ……. pull it down slowly.” I felt it leave my body & watched it drop down. “Right? …… Let me see?” He held it up with a delighted look on his face. My menses covered about half. “That’s not too bad. It’s a lot worst on my first day.” He let it dangle in front of him for several moments as if he was fascinated by it. “Put it in the rubbish bag?” He did eventually but not before studying it in great detail. “There are some Tampax in my bag. Get one out, you will need it after I have gone.” He did & held it very delicately as it if was hot or about to explode as he watched my pee trickling out. I let it go slowly again because I wasn’t all that full & wanted it to last a long time for him. He glanced down at the tampon from time to time while watching me peeing as if he wasn’t sure what he should be doing with it. He was watching but without his usual intensity, as if he was distracted by what I had promised. I finished with a long dribble. “Okay! Dry me first.” He did very thoroughly. “Now take off the wrapper.” He did it so carefully it made me smile. It was just a tampon after all but I imagined this was probably the first time he had ever encountered one. “Okay! Now before you start let’s get a few things straight. Number 1 is, you will have to touch so don’t be shy or nervous. Secondly, take your time. There is no need to rush & muck it up. This is unfamiliar territory for you, not touching a cunt as such but what you are going to do with it. If you make a slip or a mistake don’t panic, it’s not the end of the world. Lots of girls still can’t get it right years after their Periods started so don’t expect to become expert first time, okay?” “Mm!” He was very tense. “Let’s get started.” He reached across but stopped short of touching me. “It’s okay, you are allowed to touch.” His first touch was light, tentative. I waited to give him a chance to settle. “I know you are very familiar with what I look like but now you are going to have to get used to what I feel like. Now start at the front with my clit. You can feel what it is like, I don’t mind.” He fiddled with it for a few moments & I could tell his hand was trembling. “Okay? Now go back a bit.” He did. “There! That’s my pee hole. You must have a pretty good idea what it looks like by now so feel free to see what it feels like.” I smiled at him & he gave me a shy one back as he began rubbing a finger over it for a few moments then stopped. “It’s alright, you can take your time if you want too, I’ve just gone so there is no rush.” He did & played with my urethra for a good minute or more. “Okay?” “Mm!” He was smiling a little. “It has it’s own shaft, like a tiny penis, doesn’t it?” “Mm!” “Do you like it?” He blushed madly. “Mm!” “Back a bit further.” He slid his finger. “A bit more.” He did. “That’s my vagina. You can push into me a little if you like?” He did. I could feel myself getting slippery again after his drying so his finger disappeared up to the first knuckle before he realised how easily it was moving & withdrew quickly & got a guilty look on his face. I placed my hand on his forearm. “It’s okay. You will find it easier, I don’t mind. Now that’s my hole where you need to line the tip of the applicator in. Go back a bit further.” He seemed reluctant. “It’s alright. This is the one place we share in common.” He stroked my anus for a few moments before starting to withdraw his hand. “You know what everything is, where it is, what it looks like & now what it feels like. Look, things are not really that urgent yet so you can have a little explore if you like so you will be completely familiar with everything.” “Are you sure?” He seemed shocked. “Yes.” He returned to my urethra tentatively at first but then spent a long time touching before my clitoris then back to the opening to my vagina penetrating a little again. He became more relaxed & at ease touching me as time went on, looking up nervously but smiling. “No rush.” There certainly wasn’t! I could have put up with his touching for hours! An orgasm begged, but this was not the time. He was surprisingly adept at getting me going, even if he had little idea of how much pleasure he was giving me. He stopped, seeming to have had his fill for the time being. “Enough?” “Mm!” “Ready?” “Mm!” He fumbled a bit as he peered between my legs at what he was doing before positioning the applicator. I could feel where he had put it. “It needs to go back a bit.” He moved it. “A bit more.” He moved it again. “There. Find my hole.” He hesitated. “Go ahead, poke you finger in.” He found it okay. “There. That’s where it has to go.” He moved it into position so it replaced his finger. “Right now hold it firmly in place in me just a bit & put your finger on the end & push.” I felt it enter. “That’s it. Now keep going until the inside & outside tubes are level.” I felt it moving a bit more. “Are they?” He was looking. “Mm!” “Right. Now take the applicator away but don’t get you finger hooked in the strings because you will pull it out again.” I felt the applicator leave & he held it up for me to see giving out a big sigh with a huge smile on his face. “One last thing. You will need to push it in a little further or it might work its way back out again while I’m walking.” He was still trembling as I felt it start to move. “Further …………….. further ……………… that should do.” As he stood he had a huge & very noticeable erection. I smiled at it & he blushed! “You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” He was so embarrassed. “I will have to keep you on, just to change my tampons.” Poor Peter! His erection was so obvious & he couldn’t do anything to hide it. “Just have to change the pad in my pants & you’re done. There are fresh ones in my bag.” He got the old one out & once again made quite a performance of unwrapping the new pad before trying to position it in the gusset. It was too wide & he couldn’t get it right. I let him have a good long fiddle before stepping in. “Here let me. It’s not an exact science & will end up where it wants to anyway when I put them on. It’s not so important today, I’m unlikely to leak.” He watched intently as I put my pants back on again, hitching my skirt high to give him a clear view & putting my hand inside holding the pad as I pulled them up the rest of the way to hold it firmly in place. “Wash your hands.” He seemed reluctant to but did finally. “I will still be using a tampon tomorrow, not that there will be much left. We are’nt having our usual Thursday meeting as 3 of the partners are away so would you like me to come around again so you can get some more practise?” His mouth dropped open. “Would you?” “If you like. Might as well while it is still fresh in your mind. You can do it twice if you like, when I arrive & when I go back again. It will save you waiting a whole month. You can hang on to the Tampax box, I will use my usuals until then.” He was tickled pink with the idea, that was obvious. ”I will see you tomorrow then, bye.” Just the pressure of my pants on my clitoris was enough as I made my way back to my office. The temptation to reach down & press it was almost overpowering as the need to climax increased with every step. It took me all of the self control I could muster to ‘casually’ drop my purse off on my desk & exchange smiles with Carol as I nonchalantly made my way to the Ladies. I only just got the cubicle door closed before pressing hard, first through my skirt but then after hoisting it up, directly through my pants. My orgasm was right there, ready & although I knew it was futile, tried to prolong my built up. In the end it was a waste of time so I squeezed my clitoris as hard has I could & became weak at the knees, grateful to have the wall to support me as a thrilling intensity of sensations overcame my body. After riding it out for all I was worth I carried on squeezing hard & grind my fingers in. The second approached quickly but this time I was able to spin it out until I chose when! If anything it was stronger & this time my knees began to shake & I almost collapsed under the intensity. It seemed to go on & on leaving my hypersensitive, flushed & flustered making my way back to my office. Carol smiled again as I passed but didn’t seem to be aware of the state I was in. I held out as long as I could but my concentration was going so made another trip at 3.30. This time my pants came off & I sat on the seat. Despite my clitoris being sore from the earlier session I managed another two orgasms in close succession with the promise to myself to finish the job properly at home. He was bubbling with anticipation when I arrived & quickly started to get the camp stool out. “Why don’t you bring me the potty, that way you will be able to see what you are doing better?” He did. “Would you like me to pee first so you can watch it running down the strings?” He smiled. “Okay!” I took my pants off, handed them to him before squatting carefully with my legs as wide as I could manage without falling over. “Do you want to straighten them out?” He did! “Here goes.” Letting it go slowly, we watched it run down. He had such a lovely look on his face. “Do you like that?” “Yes!” “Haven’t you seen tampon strings before?” “Only in videos, not like this!” “Not even Maria’s?” “Hell no!” “What not even a glimpse?” “Are you kidding? All she says is that she has the curse & I’m to keep away.” “Right.” After I finished peeing he dried me, held the strings & pulled the Tampon out. “So far so good. You can find my opening first if you like.” He took an unnecessarily long time & I made no attempt to stop him. He stuck to the limits I had set so I was happy for him to play as long as he liked, after all I was enjoying it too. By the time he was finished I was in quite a state & looking forward to a trip to the Ladies when I got back. I let him get on with inserting my fresh Tampon without comment. He went about it in a workman like way locating my vagina before lining up the applicator & sliding the Tampon in. Even pushing it up into place was quite clinical. I smiled as I watched him obviously enjoying the task immensely. All finished he looked up seeking my approval. “Very good! You only have to be shown once, don’t you.” He gave me a self satisfied smile at a job well done. Lunchtime passed almost in complete silence as we both ate & he couldn’t take his eyes off me. “I had better be heading back soon. Ready?” He sprang to attention bringing back the potty before watching my pee run down the strings again & getting on with the job, taking his time quite deliberately I imagined. He had played with me just as long, locating my vagina of course, but also clitoris & urethra too, not that they had anything to do with it! It felt nice so I was happy to leave him to it. I felt the applicator, then the tampon slide inside, a couple of final nudges & he moved back with a tickled pink look on his face & another prominent erection. “Satisfied.” He smiled. “You have done a good job, thank you.” I leaned down & kissed his forehead. He looked up, beaming. “You can do that for me every month from now on. Deal?” “Deal!” He was very positive as we shook hands.
  6. It came as no surprise that there was a message from him on my phone the following Wednesday night when I got in. The computers had arrive that morning, he was busy loading up the software & would just happen to be staying in town Friday night. It seemed very soon after the last time but then it was between him & Maria, I had no intentions of getting involved. It gave me quite thrill so I went out onto the deck & thoroughly drenched my pants to celebrate. There was little to do to prepare, I didn’t really need any sprucing up, not that he had given me much time. If I was going to be seeing him regularly he couldn’t really expect me to be immaculate every time. I imagined he probably wouldn’t notice how I looked just so long as he got to watch me pee. It was going to be tough getting through an evening with him again without masturbating so I had an early night Thursday & really let myself go climaxing 5 times before rolling over with my hand firm tucked between my legs & heading off to sleep. In spite of that, my mood demanded 2 more orgasms in the morning before heading off to work a few minutes late. I had 3 throughout the day, 2 in the morning & one just before I left, while I changed into his special pants & bra. I must have overdone it with my preparations because I was full to busting by the time I arrived at the office & had leaked down the insides of my legs waiting at the door. He realised my urgency & stepped aside. I took off my wet pants, still dripping & handed them to him. In spite of their condition he didn’t hesitate burying his nose in them as he hurriedly got the big potty set up for me in no time & was treated to a very long pee punctuated by a long series of farts which brought big smiles. “AHHHHH!” I let out a long sigh as my pee left me. “God I needed this!” His face was intense again, nose almost on the lip of the potty, his breathing deep & hard. No sooner had I finished when he reached for the Toilet paper. “Can I?” “Of course!” He rolled off a length & folded it before wiping across the tips of my labia. “You will have to be more thorough than that.” “Sure?” “Positive.” He responded immediately pushing deeper inside my crevice, disappearing a little as he crossed my vagina opening. He looked up concerned but I just smiled. “Enjoying it?” “Mm!” He was very aroused already & I hadn’t been there 5 minutes! I let him have his usual long stare before my knees started to creak. He must have heard them click because he moved back for me to stand. “Thank you.” I put on the kettle & started on the tea to keep myself topped up & could see he was delighted, looking forward to a busy night. “So how is it going?” He had been working on the computer when I arrived & left it to deal with my emergency. “Oh okay. It doesn’t seem to want to do a sale for me.” “Would you like me to have a look, I have had a bit of experience with computers.” “I suppose it wouldn’t hurt? I have been trying all afternoon but can’t get it to work.” I sat down & followed his directions. “See? I can’t get it do go any further than that.” I tried several times before starting from the beginning & going through carefully, slowly step by step but it still wouldn’t complete the sale. “It’s looking for something.” “How do you know?” “By the way it is behaving. Have you put in any rates for the products?” His face told me he hadn’t & looked suitably sheepish. I went into the stock file & input a few items & made up some prices. It generated a sale. He was blushing profusely. “That was pretty dumb Peter!” He looked shamefaced. “I know, I know!” I had downed two big pots of tea while on the computer & was ready again. “The other potty this time.” He bought in the pink one. I managed to sit on it & leave just enough of a gap at the upstand in the front for him to see. I tried not to push too hard but a little still escaped over the edge. Even though I was peeing slowly it filled quite quickly & soon became apparent I had too much for it all to fit in so stopped just before it reached my vulva & ordered the other potty. He changed them over & I was able to relax & push again emptying my bladder completely this time, finishing off with a series of short bursts until they got smaller & smaller. He made up the wad & began to wipe. His finger slipped off! He stopped immediately & looked at me. I smiled. “Not a word! Now finish what you were doing.” He gave me a broad smile, replacing his finger & got on with it. “Peter can we go for dinner early.” “Why?” “It will save me having to undress & dress again. If we can go now I will undress for you completely as soon as we get back, promise.” He had such a wonderful smile on his face. “Pants?” He smiled & passed them over reluctantly. They were still quite damp & clung to me but felt really nice against my clitoris. As we made our way out onto the street he told me of a great new Café he had discovered which turn out to be yet another Italian, much to my disappointment. I ordered a pot of tea as soon as we sat down & another after finishing the main course. Fortunately he was not his usual chatty self, anxious to get on with the evenings show I imagined, but by the time we were ready to leave I was very, very full, almost painfully so, to the point of having trouble walking. As much as he sympathised, he was also delighted seeing me in this state & didn’t hide his enjoyment as I gingerly headed back to the Office. Unfortunately there wasn’t an alley or hidden door entrance along the way for me to relieve my discomfort. I managed to hang on, only just, until we made it inside. There was no time to be clever. “Get the tray, quick!” He was back in a flash. Stepping onto it I raise my skirt as the deluge began. He crouched in front to watch it streaming out of my pants & down my legs. There hadn’t been time to take of my shoes so they were in for a soaking as well. I just relaxed & let it flow. By the look on his face he wasn’t disappointed as he came in very close, expecting my pants would keep the flow directed down my legs. As it came to a halt I wriggled my bottom, much to his obvious amusement, trying to get the last of the drips dislodged. I carefully removed them & once again he buried his face. It sent a surge through me awaken my vagina with a frenzy of contractions. He carefully removed my shoes, “They will be alright. I will put them out to dry in the morning,” followed by the rest of my clothes so they didn’t get in a worse state than they were already in. He went to tear off some paper towels. “No, that’s no good. Can you wet a cloth & wring it out. Use warm water please.” He did & returned with a smile. Lifting my feet one at a time, he wiped them thoroughly before drying them so I could step away. I parted my legs. “I will need thorough wiping I’m afraid.” He revelled in the task following my instructions to the letter. First my legs, cleaned & dried, the bottom of my tummy, mons & vulva of course, right through to my bum, along the cleft to my anus, I even bent over for him like a child, returning to rinse it out several times as he progressed. Fetching a towel, he began drying. Disposing of the trays content posed a big challenge, but he managed to keep it level across to the sink before tipping & washing it away. I was in the mood to show off as the kettle boiled for my tea, parading in front of him flaunting outrageously while I got my pot ready finding a couple of excuses to bend over for him to see my vulva from behind, deliberately taking my time. He hadn’t taken his eyes off me for a second. “Happy now?” He blushed. “Aren’t you getting sick of looking at me?” He shook his head. “Not yet. I don’t think I ever will.” I smiled & carried on giving him more to enjoy before settling down across from him with my tea, opening my legs wide. Despite my huge pee in the tray I was ready again soon after. I decided it was time to experiment & find as many ways of peeing for him as I could. “I’m ready.” He seemed surprised but also delighted. “Bring me the bucket we use under the camp stool.” He returned with both. “I don’t need the stool just the bucket.” He looked a bit confused but went along with me. Turning, I got on all 4s before parting my legs a little & leaning down resting my head on folded arms on the floor so my bottom was pointing high in the air. I heard his breathing suddenly become much heavier. He quickly moved into position behind me. “Can you get the bucket in between my legs?” I had to part them a little more before drawing them back in holding it in place. “I won’t be able to see where it is going so you will have to make sure it is in the right place to catch it.” Although I couldn’t see his face either, I knew he was close, closer than he had been before as I could feel his breath on my thighs. “Let me know when I can start?” A few moments passed. “Mm!” “Ready?” “Mm!” They were funny sounds & I could tell he had become very aroused. “Here goes!” I relaxed & let it start in its own way before gradually applying pressure. “Okay?” “Mm!” It was that funny sound again. I began to steadily push harder & could hear it splashing into the bucket. I could also hear his breathing & feel it on the cheeks of my bottom. He was breathing very hard now. I farted. “Opps! Sorry.” I giggled a little but got nothing from him but his breathing. There were a few more fart but I didn’t acknowledge them as he was clearly very engrossed in watching my peeing. It seemed to go on forever surprising me because I was pushing quite hard by this stage. As it slowed there were a couple more ‘pops’ showing I was close to empty. He waited over a minute after my last dribble. “Wipe?” He took some paper & proceeded to. I could feel my labia being spread & had no doubt was being thoroughly investigated inside & out but it was harmless enough I decided, more of his never ending curiosity. His hands were shaking the whole time & fingers regularly slipped off but were quickly replace where they should be. It was another minute before he stopped & put the paper in the bag. I was enjoying his attentions so made myself comfortable & let him have his fill. It was 4 minutes before I felt him move away. “Enough for now?” “Mm!” He was still making strange grunts. “You liked that, I can tell.” He was blushing. “Mm!” I couldn’t resist it. “Could you see me farting?” “Mm!” Finally the serious look broke as he gave me a smile. I really got into the tea, drinking pot after pot forcing it down until I could feel it inside me. I was sure it wasn’t good to drink so much so quickly but wanted to perform for & please him. It quickly came on stream & I began peeing every 15 minutes, standing while he held the bucket, leaning forward while he held it from behind, on my knees over a bowl, one foot up on the arm while he sat in his chair looking up & holding a bowl, you name it! Of course I went on the potties, the camp stool 3 times & on my knees again, bottom high in the air as well as standing in the tray both naked & wetting one of the spare pairs of pants I had. After one pee he excused himself & headed to the Men’s but I was sure he had been away far too long for just the normal relief & wondered if he had ‘relieved’ himself in the other way as well. He certainly looked very guilty when he returned. If he had it didn’t last long & by my next pee he was breathing hard again & his hand trembled when he wiped me. I had my last pot of tea at 9.30 but was still able to go twice more for him before it was time to leave for the station. He was quiet as the evening came to an end & watched me getting dressed. “Can I have my pants back?” He blushed. He’d had hold of them nearly all night long close to his face smelling my musk. I had enjoyed seeing him do it, adding to the excitement I already got from him looking at me. “They’re still a bit damp.” “That’s alright, I will be wetting them again soon.” The look on his face was wonderful & I imagined him thinking ‘YES!’ He packed away the last of what we’d had out for the evening & after setting the alarms locked up & headed off. “Thank you for tonight it was awesome.” “Your welcome.” “Can I tell you something?” “Go ahead.” “I thought you were wasting money buying all those things & couldn’t understand why we needed them but now I can see. I had no idea what a big difference they would make & they have certainly make it much easier for me to watch you. I’m sorry for doubting you.” “That’s okay. I just wanted us to be able to do our own thing. We didn’t use the Toilet tonight, you’re not disappointed are you?” “Hell no! What you did tonight was far better than seeing you on the Toilet.” “We can still use it, have both.” Getting close to the Station we passed a narrow alley & I stepped in. “Peter?” He turned & I kicked off my shoes, lifted my skirt & parting my legs let go a strong thick stream of pee. He quickly checked & their was no one near, which I already knew, before returning to me, relaxed & enjoyed the show. There was something about peeing outside for him that I really enjoyed. I had felt it that morning in the park after we had been shopping & again behind the bin. Whether it was the chance of being caught I didn’t know, just that it got me even more excited, not that I really needed to be. The look on his face as he watched in adoration was thrilling enough on its own & now I was really enjoying being the sole focus of his attention more than I ever imagined I ever could. By the time I had finished the insides of my legs were wet again & there was an ever growing stream across to a drain. It splashed loudly as it trickled through the grate down to the water below, the sound just adding to my enjoyment of peeing for him. Dropping my skirt & shaking a leg, I rejoined him slipping my arm through his & squeezing it. “Okay?” “Mm!” He was aroused again. I kissed him. “You will see me again soon!” I danced up the path leaving him smiling. I wasn’t sure what made me do it but Monday lunchtime I gave him a call. “How is it going? …………………………………… Isn’t it? Have you tried ……………….” I made several suggestions but none worked. “Peter I have had a bit of experience with computer software & as they say, two heads are better than one. If you haven’t got it working by, say, 4.30 this afternoon give me a call if you would you like me to come round after work & see if I can get it going.” The call came through at ¼ to 5 so I finished up what I was doing & got on my way. “Potty.” “What?” “You do want to watch me peeing too don’t you?” He obviously hadn’t expected it but quickly got the potty out ready for me. It was a good one considering I hadn’t made any special reparations. I boiled the kettle & made myself tea & began topping up. “Now what’s it not doing?” He took me through, everything was fine until he got to ‘END OF DAY’. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with what he had done but I tried. Nothing. I tried several times, still nothing. “Have you phoned them?” “No, not yet. I thought I would see if you could get it working first.” I kept trying but after an hour gave up. “I can’t get it to work so you had better give them a call in the morning & see if they have any suggestions. I will come over at lunchtime if you like & see what’s happening .” “Are you sure you don’t mind?” “No, of course not. It will give you a chance to watch me peeing again if nothing else.” That got a big smile especially as I had peed 3 times while I had been there & managed 1 more for him before he left to catch his train. I knocked & he let me in. “The camp stool today I think.” He had a big grin on his face as he set up for me. “Would you like me to go how I normally do so you can imagine me when I am not here.” The look on his face was a treat! I went through the process slowly & deliberately explaining as I went, hitching up my skirt, slipping my pants down, shuffling into position, lining up for the seat & sitting down, spreading my labia before relaxing & letting my trickle start. I pushed a little just to give it a straight trajectory but that was all & let it take it’s time giving him a good long pee to watch. “I’ll wipe this time to show you how I do it.” He nodded. I wiped thoroughly pushing deep in between my labia as he watched intently. After I had finished I stood, hauling my pants back up again, dropping my skirt & straightening it out. “There, that’s pretty much how I pee each time at the office.” He had been completely enthralled & now had a huge smile on his face. “Thank you, I will never forget how you go.” “What’s the news?” “They said that they already know & have been chasing it but can’t find it.” “Why didn’t they let you know it wasn’t working?” “They didn’t realise how far ahead I was. I had told them I would not be starting until next month so they thought they would have time to find it but it was bought forward.” “So they don’t know yet?” “No.” “Did they give you any indication when?” “No, they don’t seem to have a clue. They have been over it with a fine tooth comb, they say, but can’t find a thing. The guy who wrote that part of the programme has left & no one else seems to be able to get a handle on it.” “And you want to get started?” “Well I’ve not got anything else to do. The company is keen for me to get going as they want this up & running as soon as they can. The computers are here & there are more arriving so it is only the programme that is holding me back.” “Would you like me to take a closer look.” “What sort of a look?” “Go into the programme itself?” “Do you know how?” “I’ve done it before.” He thought for a long time. “What will they say?” “They needn’t know. I won’t do anything that can not be reversed but I might just have success where they have failed, a fresh pair of eyes. The only thing is it may take a long time.” “How long?” “Hours & hours but I’m prepared to give it a go if you want me to.” “When?” “Tonight?” “Can’t, she is going out tonight.” “Tomorrow night?” He was trying to decide. “I could start at 5 & see how far we get. If we don’t find it then it could try again the next night.” “Are you sure you don’t mind?” “No of course not. I won’t make any promises that I will find anything but there is no harm in trying.” He couldn’t decide. “Think it over & let me know.” 2.30 arrived & I needed to pee. The little devil on my shoulder made me do it, pick up my mobile before heading to the Ladies. I had it all to myself so quickly dialled his number as I walked into the cubicle. “Hi it’s me. ……… Guess where I am? …………….. I’m just in the cubicle at work.” I locked the door. “Hear that? We are alone now.” I used both hands to hitch up my skirt & get my pants down hoping he could hear the rustle. “Pants down so I will just sit. You can imagine me, I’m doing the same as I did for you at lunchtime.” I parted my legs & positioned myself so that my pee trickled straight into the water. “Hear that? I will just hold my phone down there.” It was very noisy & letting it go very slowly, lasted a very long time. “Okay? I will just wipe myself. It’s a pity you are not here to do it for me, you make such a good job.” I rolled off some paper & folded it using my phone hand so he would hear everything. “Okay? Just wiping my cunt.” Again I held the paper in the same hand as my phone again so he could hear everything. “I’m nice & clean now. Just pull my pants up.” I did & smoothed out my skirt. “Okay? I’m ready to go back to work now. Oh one last thing.” I flushed to Toilet. “Enjoy that? See ya!” Then cut him off & put the phone back in my bag. He hadn’t said a word throughout, just constant heavy breathing. ‘Hope I didn’t interrupt anything important’ I mused with a giggle. If he hadn’t been to the ‘Boy’s’ for some relief already I was sure he was probably heading back that way now! His call came through first thing. He would take me up on my offer & had clearance for the entire evening. “How are you?” He gave me an accusing smirk. “What?” “How on earth did you come up with that one?” “Easy! I was going & I didn’t want you to miss out.” He was still grinning. “Well there is no point knowing what it looks like if you don’t know when it is happening.” He couldn’t stop smiling. “Enjoy it?” “What do you think?” “Beware! Anytime anywhere I might just call you again. Would you like me to call you in the evenings?” “NO!” “Alright, I only asked.” He was still grinning like an idiot! “There is a Microwave in the boot. Can you bring it in for me?” “Whose is it?” “Ours. It’s an old one I had at home. It works okay so I thought we could use it here, save us going out for dinner.” He gave me a look as if he approved. It wasn’t, of course, I went out & bought a new one so it would become spare. It will give us more time together. I cleared a place on the bench & had started stripping off by the time he staggered in with it. I was just slipping my pants off as he returned from locking the door with a delighted look on his face. I took the gusset of my pants & pushed it into his nose hold the back of his head as he tried to escape. I hadn’t changed all day so they were in quiet a state. After a few moment I let go but he was quick to get a hand up to keep them in place. The smile on his face said it all. “The narrow bucket this time.” He returned with it & I stood with my legs apart. “Hold it between my legs.” I had to bow them a bit but he got it in place just below my vulva crouching to watch me. My first push splattered a bit before straightening as I pushed hard this time sending a thundering torrent into the container. The noise was thunderous & I could see it swirling up the sides. He looked as though he was thoroughly enjoying it. The farts had started a few seconds after my jet & lasted as a low slow burble almost half way through. I stopped short emptying my bladder completely with 4 final spurts. “How was that, okay?” “Yeeeeaaaaaah!” He certainly had, that was for sure. He put the bucket down, got some paper & wiped me properly before everything got put away. “I have brought something for dinner.” It was a Sweet & Sour, a Chow Mein & some fried rice I had picked up at lunch time. He looked disappointed, but it was a welcome change from Italian as far as I was concerned. “I’ll get started because I have no idea how long it will take. You can get dinner warmed up for us but first you had better get me some tea & keep it coming if you don’t want to be miss out.” That raised a brief smile. I began by clearing everything from round the computer. He certainly was a messy worker. My tea arrived just as I finished & the first 4 mugs disappeared. Smiling with delight as he filled it again. ‘Just as well I bought a big teapot!’ I mused. He had no idea which end was which of the Microwave so I had to give him step by step instructions of how to make it work before getting on to how long to heat everything. At last the delicious smells announced dinner was ready. “I’ll have mine here while I work.” He bought it across. “And a bucket too. I have been drinking tea all afternoon so will need to use one again soon.” He was quick to get one & pull up a chair beside me. “Right. Let’s get started.” I ate with one hand & typed with the other. He was dazzled with what was coming up on the screen. “What’s all that?” “Never you mind. Now write this down.” I gave him strings of numbers & letters. “What’s this for?” “Access codes.” “How did you get them?” “Ask no questions! We had some great hackers at Uni. I never ever paid for software & if I found some that didn’t do what I wanted they showed me how to change it.” He watched in silence as I entered the programme bringing up all manner of images. “What’s that?” “Syntax. Haven’t you seen programme language before?” He looked sheepish. “And here I thought you were a computer expert.” He was blushing & very embarrassed. “Looks as though you might learn something tonight.” I began sorting the files & working out what did what. “I think I will start with this one. It is the most likely place to find what we are looking for.” I had said it out loud more to myself rather than for him. It had been a long time since I had delved into syntax & was hoping I still had it so not to let him down. He sat beside me poised as if he was about to learn all about computers. He started well between topping up my tea & emptying the bucket, asking all manner of questions & I explained. He kept with me for a start but my answers became more & more complicated as I put everything in perspective trying to keep it as logical as I could for him but I could see I was loosing him & he became bored, the only relief when I ordered a container & sat on the edge of the chair peeing for him. I whispered constantly muttering what they had done with occasion surprises, “That’s clever!” as he became more & more restless, fidgety & started yawning. There was no other way I could do it, just scroll through the long continuous page. After a couple of hours I was getting stiff & having trouble focusing so took a break. It gave me a chance to stretch my legs, snack on the left over Sweet & Sour, pee on the camp seat for him & drink my tea before it got cold from being completely engrossed. Returning to the computer I spun the seat round & knelt on it resting my chin on one hand as I began to scroll again. He had been sitting beside me thoroughly fed up tapping a pen which I had to tell him to cease before it drove me up the wall. “Pee time.” He got up & fetched a bucket before waiting for me to turn round & sit on the edge of the seat again. “I’ll go like this.” He went round behind me & I felt the bucket pressing against my legs. “Can you open up a bit.” I did. “More?” I did. “More?” I did but reached my limit between the armrests. “More?” There was nothing for it but lift one legs up as if I was cocking it. There was no response. “Okay?” “Mm!” I let go & could hear myself filling the bucket. I also became aware of him, how hard he was breathing. My peeing was getting to him. I was sure his hand was trembling as he wiped me. That was it! I hardly saw him again! Apart from keeping my teapot full he remained behind me. I glanced back a couple of times & the look on his face was wonderful. He was in raptures. I could hear him breathing & feel it on my skin from time to time. He must have looked from every imaginable angle & although I could tell when he came very close, never touched me. It was extremely pleasant making it hard for me to stay focused. My vagina never stayed still contracting almost continuously quite involuntarily. I was sure it must have been visible to him. I peed regularly for him raising one leg, then the other. “It’s not there. I was certain it would have been.” I turned & looked at him. He had the guiltiest smile I had ever seen like a little boy caught doing something naughty. “Enjoying yourself?” “Mm!” He was painfully embarrassed. “I don’t think I have any secrets now as far as you are concerned.” He was blushing bright red. It was nearly 9 o’clock so I took a break, stretching my legs & peeing on the potty for him, drinking a whole pot of tea before being ready again. “Where could it be, where could it be!” I was thinking out loud. “I know where it might be!” I returned to the computer & the chair. “Curiosity satisfied or do you want some more?” He was blushing profusely. “Are you sure you don’t mind?” “Of course I don’t mind, it’s only a cunt after all, hardly unique. What there must be over 3 billion others in the world & I’m sure they all look pretty much the same.” With that I knelt on the chair again pointing my bottom up in the air & found the files before scrolling again. He came in close & for the next hour & a half studied me very closely, his heavy breathing feeling most pleasant & arousing on my skin. I continued cocking to pee because he seemed to really like me going like that. “This is interesting.” “What?” He came along side me. “It shouldn’t be like that or you won’t be able to print report.” “I saw the reports it produces.” “Yes but they usually write these things in separate sections & connect them after. If they had this bit on it’s own they would be able to, they haven’t written the connection properly. Make a note of this.” I gave him the line numbers & details of what I had changed. “So that was it?” “No, it wouldn’t have effected what you wanted to do. There must be something else.” I carried on for another half hour or so. “Not there! It might just be …………… “ It came to me in a flash & soon I was scrolling again, drinking tea & peeing it out again while he stationed himself behind me when not required. I was getting tired & finding it hard to concentrate. Being in such a constant state of arousal wasn’t helping either. Well he might he able to look at me all night long but I could hack it too I decided. It wasn’t me that was going to get sick of it first! For all that I was dying to masturbate. I could remember being so aroused for so long. It was bound to take me several orgasms before I would be calm enough to sleep. “Theeeerrrrreeeee it is!” “Where?” He came up along side me & peered at the screen. “See it?” He got a dumb look on his face as he searched pretending to understand what he was looking for but I knew it didn’t. “The double forward slashes?” “Oh yes.” He didn’t have a clue. I decided not to labour the point & make it obvious he didn’t know. “Should be back slashes.” I changed it. “Something as simple as that?” “Yes. It doesn’t take much & something like that is easily missed, especially as it is not where you would expect it to be.” He noted down where it was. “There is not much left of this so I will just run through to the end & then we will see if that was it. You can go back to what you were doing if you like? What was it again?” I winked at him & he blushed. “I’ll have a proper pee before I get started again.” I already had my leg up before he got there. “No, that looks like it.” I had finished my scrolling. I looked at my watch & it was after 11pm. “Your turn.” He sat down where I had been kneeling & followed my instructions. I got him to put in a wide range of sales covering all sections of a store while I made the tea & put my foot up on the arm of the chair so he could hold the container for me. “That should be enough. Right! Try an end of day transfer.” He turned on the “Head Office” computer & began. Everything came across. He had a big smile on his face & a relieved look as well. I was relieved to. “Okay, run your reports.” He set up the printer & soon they were filling up the out tray. “Good ………………….. good …………………. good ……………….. good! Well at least that works.” Next I got him doing the Head office functions & everything was working. “That will do for tonight. You can play with it tomorrow & let me know if there is something I need to look at, but for now there is just the email to them.” “I can do it in the morning.” “Do it now, that way they will see you have been burning the midnight oil.” He seemed tickled as if he would never have thought of it. I told him exactly what to write. “Shall I mention the reports not working?” “We weren’t supposed to get that far.” He looked suitably dumb! “When you get the updated disks do a Systems Restore & start from scratch just in case they have made other modifications, but in the meantime you can play until you are satisfied you understand it completely. You have missed your train.” The last one wasn’t leaving for another 10 minutes but he would never had got to the station in time. He glanced at his watch as a look of dread came over his face. “It’s alright, I will run you home.” He gave a huge sigh then stopped. “What if I’m seen?” “At 1 o’clock in the morning?” “I suppose.” We busied ourselves cleaning up. I took the food rubbish with me & he put everything else away. I did one last pee for him before getting dressed & soon we were in the car heading up through the quiet streets to where he lived. I told him what he had to do to test it out properly & what it contained, the options the programme had that he could explore. “I will phone tomorrow at lunchtime to see how you are going if you like?” “Would you?” I had made good time with no traffic, the train was just pulling out as we reached his station. “We nearly beat it! That worked out well, I will drop you here so no one will know you weren’t on the train?” He looked round. Those that had got off the train had already melted into the darkness. “I don’t know how to thank you, not just for fixing up the computer but everything.” “That’s alright. I have done anything like that for ages & I really enjoyed it.” It could have been taken two ways & that’s what he appeared to be doing. “I can’t believe the way you peed tonight & how many. You went 16 times.” “17!” “17?” “Yes I have one more ready.” I watched his mouth wide open as I got out & walked round to his side before squatting in the open passengers door so the interior light shone on me & did a long slow pee for him. “Okay?” “Thank you. I can’t thank you enough for everything.” “It’s very late. You have to work tomorrow & so do I.” He disappeared into the darkness just as the others had done as I drove out & headed for home. I was ready again as soon as I got in so headed out onto the deck & let go. I hadn’t put pants on when I left the office so it sheeted inside my skirt & down my legs. By the time I had finished everything was wet from my waist down, even the tails of my blouse. It all went to the laundry on my way to the shower & washing the sins of the night away. My clitoris was ready to explode but I resisted the temptation to climax in the shower. In spite of the hour, 2.15am, I came 4 times in very quick succession before sleep overcame me at last. I was surprisingly fresh in the morning, waking on time & arriving at work a little early. Lunchtime I called & all was fine. The software company had called & thanked him for the email acknowledging his observations & would now try what he suggested. Everything was running like clockwork giving him time to discover the programme had so much more than he realised, thanks to me of course. He thanked me over & for what I had done & for peeing for him while I did, especially when I was kneeling on the chair. “You liked those ones, didn’t you?” “Mm!” “Cocking my leg like a dog.” There was a moments silence. “Mm!” He said it very quietly as if he shouldn’t be admitting it. “I’ll have to see if I can manage it again. Did you get a good look at my cunt?” “Mm!” He was blushing I could tell. “Not sick of it yet?” “No.” “I though not.” Friday morning tea the phone rang. “No that’s alright Carol put him through.” They had found it & the report glitch too & had just finished thoroughly testing it, all was working satisfactorily. New disks would be couriered that afternoon for delivery first thing Monday. They apologised for the mistake, were full of praise wanting to know what made him think it might be where it was. Of course he had to bluff but they were still very impressed promising to make it up to him somehow. They asked he let them know after his first installation so they could come & see it in operation. He was so excited it was great listening to him. “Good! Well that is behind you now & you can move on. ………….. Of course it was all up to you. …………………………. Yes but you can’t tell anybody so just forget it, Okay? …………….. Peter? …………… PETER! ............. Peter I was happy to do it so it doesn’t matter if you get all the credit. …………………… Peter! …………. Don’t mention it again or I will stop coming round okay?” I tried to sound as stern as I could. “……………… PETER! ……………… Don’t you want to watch me pee again? ….. Well forget it or you have just had your last time ………. I do! All forgotten? ……………. I don’t want to hear any more about it.”
  7. As I arrived at the station he was waiting & I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. ‘He would make a terrible spy!’, I mused. Leaning against a pole with his hat pulled down to his eyes, a cheap pair of plastic sunglasses, collar turned right up & holding the morning’s paper up against his face as he peer over the top. So much for being incognito, he couldn’t have looked more conspicuous if he tried. I drew up in font on him & put the passengers window down. “Peter!” He didn’t notice me. “PETER?” Still nothing. I leaned over & opened the door. “PETER!” He shuffled before looking in the car. “Rebecca?” “Yes, now get in before I get a ticket.” He climbed in clumsily looking round the interior as he settled into the seat. “Is this yours?” “Yes, put your belt on & lets get out of here.” He clicked it in. “It’s an AMG isn’t it?” He knows his cars. “Yes.” “Is it really yours.” “Yes it is really mine. Why?” “Nothing.” “I suppose you are one of those dickheads who think good cars like this are wasted on women?” It was exactly what he thought, I could see it on his face. “No, no, of course not. There have been some very good women drivers. True, we haven’t had a world champion yet but it is only a matter of time.” I was neither interested or cared as I made my way back into the line of traffic. There was a little devil on my shoulder as I pushed my foot to the floor & the car lunged forward catching him by surprise. I cut & sliced my way through the lanes well aware he was a nervous passenger & was gripping the sides of the seat hanging on. I imagined he always drives when they go anywhere. There were a few little gasps & sighs of relief as I pushed through hard, quite intentionally, to impress him & it was working. Not far from where I intended to take him shopping I pulled into a Café open for breakfast. “I haven’t had any breakfast yet, how about you?” “I’m okay, I had some toast.” “That’s not enough to last you until lunchtime. My shout.” “But I …………….. “ I turned into a parking space & stopped. He let out a huge sigh. “Are you alright?” I knew I’d had him on edge the whole way. “Yes, fine. You don’t waste any time do you?” “Me?” I acted innocent but he was still a bit rattled. “Those two.” He looked curious as he reached in & took them out of the boot. “What are they for?” “You.” “Me?” “Yes.” “What are they?” “You’ll see. Now bring them in.” He carried the two boxes following behind me. There were a few in the Café & I chose a table by the window. He put the boxes at the far end. “Are they really for me?” “Yes, but you will have to wait until we have eaten before you find out what’s in them.” I was teasing quite deliberately. In spite of his protests that he wasn’t hungry he managed to put away everything on his plate. I had ordered a pot of tea when we arrived & another after I had finished which was welcomed with a big smile from him. “Okay you can open them now. This one first I think.” I lifted it & placed it in front of him. “What is it?” “Open it & see.” He was very wary opened the box & peered in. After looking down & frowning as if he couldn’t make out what it was, he then looked up hoping I would enlighten him before brushing some of the polystyrene packaging away. He looked at me again waiting for some explanation but I just smiled. Reaching in he got a grip & lifted it up. As soon as the large, ornate Victorian Chamber Pot came into view a look of panic came over his face as he desperately tried to put it back but the packaging had spilled everywhere & got under it stopping it from going back down. I smiled as he scrambled to clear it away before it disappeared from sight at last. He stared at me shell shocked! “Where did you get it?” “At a Secondhand shop I pass on the way home. We will need one don’t you think? Do you like it?” He wasn’t sure, really liked the idea of it but would have much rather I had presented him with it somewhere not so public. He was looking round to see if anyone had noticed. I placed the second box in front of him. This time he opened it very gingerly & peered in. A big smile came over his face. “Thank you.” “You’re welcome.” As he started to fold down the lid a voice called out. “Well let’s see?” There was an older couple sitting over by the door watching what had been going on. Now everyone was looking. “Yeah come on, let us see.” There was a general chorus, they wanted to see. He looked pained but there was little he could do as they became more insistent. “Come on!” “Put us out of our misery.” He looked at me & I smiled. After a long hesitation the calls weren’t going away, he opened the box & lifted up a pink plastic child’s potty. The man over by the door roared with laughter & everyone else applauded. His obligation over, he dropped it back into the box & folded down the top. “Okay?” “You ….. you!” “What? Do you want me to return them?” Finally he gave up his pretence at being annoyed with me. “There is another china one out in the car, not as fancy, an enamel one, an old fashion Hospital bedpan & urinal bottle. Would you like me to go & get them so you can open them too?” He smiled. “No thank you.” “Are you sure? It will only take me a minute.” “Everything’s fine thank you. Where on earth did you get them?” “Same place. They had quite a selection of peeing things. Would you like to call in on the way back & choose for yourself, the young girl behind the counter was very helpful?” “I don’t think that will be necessary. Sounds like you have done quite enough choosing for both of us.” From then on he smiled at me while I was finishing my tea. “Okay? Shall we go?” As we made our way out with the boxes the man by the door roared with laughter again. “She got you that time.” He seemed oblivious to what they might be for but his wife wasn’t & looked straight at me nodding approval. She knew exactly what I intended to do with them bringing me out in goose bumps. “Would you like to drive?” I dangled the keys in front of him. “Me?” “Well I can’t see anyone else.” He was dying to “Are you sure you don’t mind.” “I wouldn’t have offered if I did.” He took them & scurried round to the drivers door. Although nervous he seemed determined to make the most of it. Leaving the carpark he spun the wheels as it launched forward startling him. “It’s got a lot of power.” “It the Kompressor model.” “It certainly is that.” He wanted to open it up but each time he did it got away from him & he had to ease off but for all that he was clearly enjoying himself. It got a bit smoother as we got close to the shopping complex but he need more time to even himself out. He turned into a vacant parking space. “That was good!” “Enjoy yourself?” “Mm! I have always wondered what cars like this were like. They certain have some get up & go, don’t they?” “You get used to it.” I’m sure he was looking at me in a whole new light. The reality dawned on him, he was out in public, in daylight, with me. As we made our way across to the shops he had already disassociated himself, staying within close proximity but looking & acting as if he was on his own. The department store was first & I took a trolley & headed down the aisle. There were a variety of buckets & bowls to choose from & I settled on the ones I imagined would be the easiest to pee in & I also picked up a kettle, things to eat off & drink out of. I could see he was looking worried & turning into a narrow cul-de-sac he moved in. “I haven’t got enough for all this.” “How much have you got?” “$60, that’s all until the end of next month.” “That’s fine. I will put it on my card & you can pay me back.” “I can’t do that, let you to pay.” “Why not?” “Well ……. you are already doing enough just ………. with what you do …………… you know.” “I don’t mind.” “What say we get what we can & get the rest later.” “That would mean you will have to come shopping with me again & again until we have everything.” He didn’t like the prospect of that. “But I can expect you to go this far.” “Why not, it’s for my sake too. If I’m are going to be spending hours in that Office I would like some creature comforts. You want me to be comfortable don’t you?” “Yes of course, but ………………….” “That’s settled then.” He couldn’t say anything else. With that I moved ahead of him & carried on. He hung back at the checkout while I paid. Next the Supermarket for tea, coffee & the other essentials while he stayed outside with the trolley from our first port of call. As I emerged he followed across to the car keeping a safe distance in case, as if pretending he was going to another car. I started loading. It had been more successful than I had hoped. He was watching partly obscuring himself behind the open boot lid. “What’s that for?” “We might need a blanket to put on the floor for me to sit on or lay on.” He asked about nearly everything, why did I buy it. “What’s that?” “This? What does it look like?” He really didn’t know. “It’s a camp Toilet seat. I can sit on it to pee & you can get underneath & see what the Toilet sees.” His mouth dropped wide open. “Really?” “Yes really. We had one when I was young & we went on camping holidays.” Everything only just fitted with the back seat piled high too. “How much?” I showed him the dockets. He winced. It had mounted up to more than I expected because I had got a bit carried away, but I was determined to enjoy myself whether he liked it or not. “It’s alright, there is no hurry to get it back to me, just when you can manage it okay?” I had already decided not to accept anything he might offer, find some excuse for him to keep his money, after all I could easily afford it, far more so than he could with a wife & family to look after. “Do you want to drive again?” He smiled in capitulation. “No, you do it better.” “Do I?” That got a big smile. “Why are we turning in here?” “I have to pee or I won’t make it to the Office.” He watched the park & the early picnickers go by as I turned off into a little wayside. Climbing out I went round to his door & opened it. “What are you doing?” “Going to pee.” With that I unzipped my jeans & pushed them down along with my pants & squatted in the open door. He had a look of horror on his face & his eyes were everywhere. “You can’t, someone might see.” “No they won’t. Anyway they will probably be too embarrassed to look.” I began to pee. It went on for a long time just as I expected, I had been busting since the supermarket. His head was in a spin trying to watch me but still keep a lookout for anyone approaching. I felt quite relaxed & comfortable happy to squat there until it had finished in it’s own time. I bobbed up & down a few times before pulling my pants & jeans up together & zipping them up. There were people all over the place but none had taken any notice of what I was up to. “That’s better.” He stared at me in amazement as I started the car & headed back out onto the road. “I don’t believe you did that?” Smiling at my audacity. “Did you enjoy watching?” “Course.” “I thought you might. So what’s the problem?” Once again I pushed hard all the way into the Office. “Right that is everything.” It had all been bought in from the car, unpacked & put away with anything at all suggestive of what we get up to put in the cupboards under the sink or under cover in the store room. I rinsed the kettle out & boiled it a couple of times & emptied it while tidying up. Finishing, I made tea & coffee for us & began topping my mug up over & over to ensure I would soon be able to pee often for him. “What would you like to see first? …………. Don’t tell me, I can guess.” I knew he would be expecting me to pee for him straight away in one of our new purchases. He took the big china chamber pot out of it’s box & put it on the floor. “Better get the plastic sheet, just in case. I’ve not used one of these before apart from a couple of practice goes at home.” He had it ready for me in moment. As I approached he got down on his knees in front of me. Unzipping my jeans I pushed them with my pants to my knees. His eyes went to my vulva as he crouched in front of me & stared. I waited several moments. “Do you want to watch me pee or not?” He blushed & smiled moving to one side to give me room. I dropped into a squatting position moving until I was lined up over the potty & relaxed. “Ready?” “Mm!” He was very aroused already as watched me intently, that wonderful look of adoration coming over his face with my first few drips. I loved seeing it swirl around the sides of the potty. By moving just a little I could make it go in one direction or the other, go right up to the rim & back down again. It was a bit like using the urinal but on a smaller scale while it slowly filled. He was very intense & making funny little noises. It wasn’t hard to tell he was really enjoying it too. I pushed a little to help it go round & round but not too much so it would last. Gradually it slowed to a dribble before stopping completely. He stared & stared with a fascinated look on his face. After about five minutes my legs ere getting stiff. “Can you get me a roll of Toilet paper? …………….. oh & you had better get one of those small rubbish bags to put it in, it won’t go down the sink.” Still entranced he jumped to it & returned handing me the roll. “Peter? ……… um ………. Would you like to wipe me?” “Me?” “Yes, of course I mean you.” “But you said I wasn’t to touch you.” “I know, but I’m prepared to make an exception. Anyway you won’t be touching me, well not directly, there will be paper between your fingers & my cunt.” He couldn’t decided, but his hands were fidgeting. “Are you sure you won’t mind?” “Positive, but it’s up to you.” He didn’t hold back & tore off a length of the paper folding it into a wad just like I do before reaching between my open thighs & patting my vulva. “You don’t have to go gently, give my cunt a decent wipe if you want to.” He did pushing in deeper between my labia working along the length of my vulva very thoroughly. As he finished he let out a big sigh & I realised he had been holding his breath. He went to drop it in the potty. “In the bag Peter!” Catching him just in time. He blushed as he smiled & put it in the rubbish bag. “Enjoy that?” “Mm!” He squeaked it out. “That can be your job from now on each time I pee, if you want it?” “What?” “Wiping me.” “Do you mean that?” “Yes I mean that!” His face lit up like a Christmas tree. I waited for him to return from emptying it before undressing. I had put on the red pants & bra & he smiled as it came into view, turning & twirling for him, bending down with my back to him, smiling up between my legs as he stared at the tightly stretch gusset. I stayed this way, parading as I washed everything I hadn’t already, dried & put it way. Some furniture had been delivered since our last Friday night so we now had something better to sit on. He sat & watched me busying myself & making sure he wasn’t disappointed. I found numerous excuses to bend over in front of him & snatched quick glances at his face, not that he saw me, completely focused elsewhere. His breathing definitely got heavier while I pointed my bottom in his direction & I felt my vagina twitching & contracting all on its own. Everything done I positioned a chair right in from of him. Standing before it, I reached behind & release the bra holding the cups to my breasts, letting the straps drop down over my elbows before teasing him like a stripper, much to his very obvious delight. Bra gone, I now flaunted myself, twisting & turning to give him views from every angle of the tightly stretched gusset of my pants, knowing full well it was wet. His eyes never left it the entire time. I must have played for a minute or more before moving across right in front of his nose & slowly lowering the waistband until my vulva came into view. His eyes were fixed as I swayed from side to side almost brushing my pubes against his nose. Pushing them down to the tops of my thighs I reached down & drew myself up so my vulva was stretched open right in front of him. Holding it for several moments I swayed again. His head moved from side to side following like he was watching Tennis. This was it! I was in my element completely & getting very aroused too. I held & held before it slipped away. I began pushing my pants down when it suddenly came to me! I drew them back up again, very high so they folded into my vulva, then pushing in deeply & moving my fingers to mop up the already copious discharge, went back to removing them again & spread the sticky gusset pushing it into his face. He made no attempt to stop me, replacing my hand with his as he inhaled the heady musk. My vagina set off a volley of contractions quickly replacing what had been wiped away. Settling into my chair & opening my legs wide, he gazed in. This was it, what I really enjoyed & my contraction became almost constant & was sure he must have noticed the glistening of my growing arousal. I had the tea pot with me emptying it before returning to fill it again. In no time I felt the pressures presence again. “I’m ready. What say we give the camp stool a go this time?” He didn’t reply, happy with me making the choice & got everything out. I could believe it! It must have taken a dozen attempts to get it set up properly, such an awkward struggle for a simple apparatus! Luckily one of the buckets we had bought fitted almost perfectly under, between the folding legs. I crossed & sat ready as he crouched in front of me. “What do you want, my legs together or apart?” He shrugged. I knew I shouldn’t have asked. “I’ll do it with them together this time & part them for you next time. Not that it really matters, you should be able to see my cunt anyway you want to, any time you want from now on.” That got a huge grin. He obviously hadn’t realised my pee’s trajectory in spite of his self claimed expertise on the subject & had to move the bucket forward & again so I could push without it shooting straight over the top. Everything properly set up I now relaxed & finished peeing to his delight as he watched her first from above & then below. There seemed to be something he especially liked about this as if he was finally adding to his repertoire by far the most common way women pee. I had a very full bladder so had gone in the way I would have normally. “There, you have seen me going to the Toilet.” He looked up at me & smiled his appreciation. “Wipe.” He folded the paper carefully into a very neat even wad before wiping me very thoroughly, probably taking longer than was really necessary but was behaving so I allowed it to carry on. The next couple of minutes or so I sat while he studied me from above & below. He smiled & emptied the bucket. I started on the tea as soon as I got up & sure enough I was ready again in no time & gave him a repeat performance with open thighs. Returning to my seat in front of him, draping my legs over the arms opening my vulva wide as I emptied the teapot & went for another. This was much better, I could almost feel it travelling through me & my bladder filling up! In no time I was ready again. “Would you like the other potty this time?” He smiled & fetched one for me. The enamel one much smaller target to aim at so I had to go about it a lot more carefully. I wasn’t sure if I could sit on it, it seemed just wide enough having bought the largest I could find but decided to squat over it this time & try sitting later. It was just as well because I managed to fill it right to the top & he had to be very careful emptying it. He had wiped me before taking it away so I got myself a pot of tea & sat waiting for him to return with my legs wide apart. That got a big warm smile from him. “What time do you have to go?” “I’m not sure, I don’t usually pick it up there.” “It’s nearly lunch time, one more before I take you back.” He looked at his watch & smiled. “One more potty?” “Yes please!” “Get the one you want me to use.” He returned with the big china one & put it down on the plastic sheet. I squatted over it & let go watching with him as it swirled around the sides. I was very full again this time so pushed hard & it certainly made it a lot more spectacular. Rocking back a little I bought it right up to the rim before directing it down again. It was fun, I was enjoying myself giggling as I went & he joined in with my amusement. It lasted a long time considering how much I was forcing it. As it came to an end I stopped pushing & let it trickle & dribble out & when I had finished the potty was almost half full, a good effort considering how big it is. He stared for a long while after I stopped dripping before rolling off some Toilet paper & making a wad & starting to wipe me. I watched as he pressed it deep between my labia & then it happened! He dropped it into the potty. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I ….. I ….. I didn’t mean to.” One finger had slipped off the paper & had run it through the length of my vulva before realising. “Peter!” “I won’t do it again! I didn’t mean it to happen, I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t be doing this!” He was ranting again & I was having trouble getting a word in edgeways. “Peter! …………. Peter! …………………. PETER! ……………… PETER! …………. Stop it! ………. STOP!” I barked it at him & that seemed to work! “It was an accident, just as plain & simple as that! It often happens to me & I’m sure it happens to most women as well so I don’t want to hear any more about it.” “But you said I wasn’t allowed to touch.” “PETER! You know the kind of touching I was meaning, feeling me up & fingering me. This is different, you are doing job for me so it is okay. Do you like wiping me?” He was very hesitant. “Mm!” “Then carry on & if it happens again, or should I say when because it’s bound to, I don’t want you to even mention it, okay.” “Do you mean that?” “Yes.” He gave me a relieved smile. “I think we should start getting moving so you can catch your train.” He looked at his watch & nodded before getting on with tidying up & putting away. When he had finished there was no sign of what we had been up to. He watched me getting dressed so I made sure there was plenty for him to see. “So what is happening this week?” He explained the first batch of computers were due to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday & he would start uploading the software & get it up & running. When everything was running properly he would make plans to install the first at one of the local branches to see how it worked & iron out the bugs. Then it would be off to the other branches around the country until the whole system was in place. As I had now made quite a big commitment to him, was looking forward to enjoying myself too. It was time to come clean. Reaching into my bag I took out one of my business cards & handed it to him. “Peter this is who I am.” He looked at it. “I would prefer you to keep contacting me at home as you have been, you can always leave a message if I am not there, but in case of an emergency you may call me at work but only briefly, I don’t take social calls.” “Who shall I say is calling?” “Just yourself, no need to pretend.” “Right.” He looked back at my card. “Rebecca Wallace ………………. Doctor Rebecca Wallace …………… Doctor Wallace …………… Do I have to call you Doc from now on?” “If you call me that again I will piss on your shoes!” He started to laugh then stopped when he realised I meant it. “It is a professional title only. Away from my office I am just Rebecca, okay?” He smiled in capitulation. “That’s pretty fancy letters after your name ………………. you’re an Associate, that explains the Mercedes, Rolex & Calvin Klein jeans.” He hadn’t missed much. He studied my card for several moments & a strange look came over his face. He looked across at me. “Why is someone like you doing this?” “Because you asked me, remember?” He was shaking his head almost incredulously. “But you are a Doctor?” “Doctors pee too, just like other women.” I smiled at him trying to make light of it but he was still shaking his head. “I had no idea. I thought you were a receptionist or an office girl.” “Am I over qualified for the position? Would you prefer someone else, someone more suitable?” He became quite agitated. “No, no.” “Sure?” “No! You are fantastic, amazing, the best, much better than I ever imagined. It’s not that ….. it’s …… it’s ……” “What?” “I just didn’t expect you would be what you are, that’s all.” “What’s wrong with what I am?” “Nothing. …….. No. ……………… I didn’t mean ………………….” “I’d give up while you are ahead if I were you.” “Yes, I think I will.” I smiled & a look of relief came over his face. “I’m only doing it for your sake.” That was a lie but he didn’t need to know that. “I know.” “It’s up to you. You have kept your side of the bargain & have somewhere private for me & with what we bought today it will work a lot better. Are you going to let me keep mine?” He smiled & nodded as if to concede I had been right all along. “You had better get a move on, we don’t know how long that train will be. Give me a ring at home when you are ready to watch me again. At least we can now do our own thing without worrying what the other tenants are up to.” He made one last check that everything was tucked well & truly out of view before setting the alarm. The pressure was building as I got in the car. It quickly became obvious I wasn’t going to get home without going again, especially as there were road works & we had to make a big detour in the opposite direction from where we were heading. Once we got back on track I started looking for somewhere. It built up very quickly & started getting uncomfortable. “Here will do.” “What? Why are you stopping?” “So I don’t went my pants.” “So soon?” “I think I over did it a bit. I will be more careful next time.” It was an entrance to a factory & had a high steel gate set well back from the road. It appeared to be locked, the factory closed, so I drove up close, got out & went round to his side away from the traffic undoing my jeans & taking them right off, along with my pants. “Rebecca!” I heard it quietly as he had his window shut. I tapped on it. After a bit of a search he found the switch & it came down. “What are you doing?” “Peeing of course! No one will see.” With my jeans, pants, shoes & ankle stockings in my hands I leaned against the side of the car, hands resting on the edge of the roof. “Are you ready?” To bad if he wasn’t, I couldn’t hold on any longer & it had already started. He looked in shock as it streamed down between my feet splashing everywhere but he was at exactly the right height to see it at its best. I pushed & pushed as it splattered all over the side door. He was staring horrified but mesmerised. It certainly had caught up with me because I peed on & on. Finally it slowed to a trickle & stopped. Taking a hanky out of my jeans pocket, I handed to him. “Give my cunt a wipe, will you?” That got him going. He had to take the seat belt off to reach me but once I certainly got very thoroughly cleaned & dried. “Thanks.” I wriggled back into my pants & jeans & climbing back in, tossed my shoes over the back. “Lets go.” He still looked shocked & shook his head! No soon out on the road than it was back, not urgent at first but I could almost feel myself filling up. The Saturday traffic was its usual congested, crawling self, the ones who take the train all week are out in their cars on Saturdays & it shows! “Come on! ………. “ I was getting impatient & the slowly increasing pressure wasn’t helping. It certainly was taking a lot longer getting back to the Station than it had coming in. My hand went down between my thighs. “Are you alright?” “No! I’m about to wet myself.” “AGAIN!” “I warned you what tea does to me.” “HERE? IN THE CAR!” “Not if I can help it.” I carried on but the pressure was relentless. “Come on damn you!” I was getting more & more impatient. “This will have to do!” It was carpark entrance which I turned into. “Where are you going?” “For a pee.” Looking round I saw a wall. “That looks like me.” “What? Where?” I drove along side. “Where will you go?” “Here.” “HERE?” I scrambled out & leaving the door open. There were people everywhere walking to & from their cars but I doubt they would see or realise what I was doing. It started immediately. “REBECCA! ……… REBECCA! …………… WHAT! ………….. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” “What does it look like?” I could feel it flooding my pants & jeans & starting to trickle down the inside of my thighs. “REBECCA! ……………. REBECCA! …………… THOSE ARE CALVIN KLEIN’S!” “Tough!” I didn’t dare looked down, no need, I could feel it, feel myself getting wetter & wetter. He was quiet, very quiet except for his breathing & had that look on his face. I wasn’t pushing, just let it trickle out in its own time. I had no idea how long it took, just that it had been a huge pee. Once it stopped I began pushing again & again to make sure I was completely empty this time. “That’s better.” I looked down & it was a huge puddle, the streams had made pretty dark patterns on my legs. Peeping inside he had a delighted look on his face. “How are you going to get home?” “In the car.” “But you are all wet.” The smile on his face was wonderful. “I think I have an old towel in the boot.” I rummaged & got it out. “Has this happened before?” “Only since I met you.” I used the outer face of the folded towel to dry off the surface wetness before spreading it on the seat & climbing back in. “Did you enjoy that?” He chuckled. “Sadist!” “Have you really started wetting yourself?” He was getting curious. “On the way home the last time. I don’t always wet completely, just leak a bit, that’s why I put a towel down.” I wasn’t going to tell him about my almost nightly drenching of my pants when I got in. He was thrilled by my admission & sat staring at my wet jeans grinning like an idiot. “Calvin Klein’s eh!” “He won’t find out, I hope!” The pressure was off now so I could relax & enjoy it & would you believe it, the traffic cleared & was moving smoothly. “Typical!” “What?” “Nothing!” I pulled into the Kiss & Ride outside the Station. He became mysterious again, putting his hat & glasses back on. “Will you be alright?” “Yes, fine.” “Do you think you will make it home?” “Probably not.” “What will you do, try & fine a Toilet?” “It’s too late for that now. Anyway it is hard to get my pants & jeans off when they are wet.” “So how will you manage?” “Get out of the car & wet myself again I guess.” “Really?” “Yes. You will miss it, but you know what it looks like so you can imagine it now.” It was a tease & bound to keep him occupied all the way home in the train I imagined. “Better go.” “Peter?” He turned towards me so I leaned over & kissed his cheek. “What was that for?” “No reason. I’ll hear from you when you are ready to watch me again.” He smiled. “You certainly will.” I lasted most of the way before the pressure began again. Clenching & with just a couple of leaks I managed to get into the garage. As I clambered out of the car the flood gates opened. There was no point in trying to stop it so I rested against the drivers door & let it go. I’d not wet in jeans before but knew I would be again. Feeling it flooding my pants before heading down, it was warm, a most pleasant feeling & one I knew I could get used to. The puddle seemed huge on the garage floor but there was nothing to do but let it dry out in its own time. I went straight to the Laundry & stripped off completely. The damp seemed to have permeated everywhere & all of my clothes stank of pee, not needing to hold them to my nose to tell. For all that it smelled very pleasant & served to increase my arousal. With the wash underway it was off to bed not the shower for an afternoon of orgasmic delight. A quick check of my musk & it was strong, stronger than usual with a blend of pee which made it a most erotic cocktail! Orgasms came quickly, easily & as the sixth ebbed away I drifted off into a deep sleep, completely relaxed & at one with the world. It only lasted an hour or so but it did refresh me after my early started to the day. The hot steamy shower bought out the scent on my body which I savoured for the few moments before it rinsed away & was replaced by the luxurious bouquet of my shower gel. I was back to smelling like the ‘Rebecca’ I knew so well fresh & clean, ready for an early dinner & a evening of solid work to make up for my day of sinning.
  8. The phone rang! “Rebecca speaking.” It was him after all this time, over 4 ½ months. I came over goosy & felt nervous. A rush went through my body to my vagina. For a moment or two I felt quite dizzy & couldn’t think of anything to say, finally stammering something out. “Good evening ….. Peter.” My heart was racing so hard I was sure it would jump out of my chest. “Yes I remember. ……………… Have you? …………... Yes you can. ………………………….. Of course. ……………… I made you a promise & I always keep my promises. …………………. Yes. ………….. Yes.” He had somewhere, an office to which he would have the only keys. He was about to embark on an upgrade of the Point of Sale computer system, new hardware & software, had been away on a course & would shortly start to receive the new computers for preparation, then it would be off to the branches one by one for installation & training. The whole upgrade was expected to keep him busy for at least a year as there would be a lot of ongoing maintenance. The company had insisted on complete security so he would be working alone in a separate building. While apologising that it was the best he could offer me in the way of privacy, he hoped I would at least look at it before deciding. I had already made up my mind he would definitely get to watch me peeing again. He wouldn’t be getting the keys until Friday afternoon so we agreed to meet there at 5pm. It was less than 10 minutes walk from my office too. “YES!” I exclaimed punching the air after hanging up & making my way out onto the deck to wet my pants again. What a week! As much as I had hoped he would return, it had certainly put me under pressure to get everything done, waxing, nails, hair, clothes & neatly trim my pubes along each side of my vulva because this time he was going to see it if he wanted to or not. Along with my preparations came the need to wet several pair of pants & masturbate morning, noon & night! I nearly forgot & Friday lunchtime had to race down to the arcade. Luckily the red & black set he liked was a stock item so they still had it & in my size, even if it didn’t fit quite as well as what Irene supplies me. Not that it mattered, it was for him not me & I wasn’t in any great discomfort wearing them. I smiled, the complete set cost me less than I usually pay for a single pair of pants! I made very sure I didn’t have any late appointments this time, so had time to prepare myself including one last quickie in the Ladies giving myself a fourth orgasm that day before heading off in good time to get there at 5pm precisely. It was his turn to be late & came steaming up huffing & puffing 15 minutes after me, cursing that they had forgotten about giving him the keys & he had spent the last hour tracking it down. Access was through a side door which was along an alley next to the building. He went to deal with the alarm while I looked around. There was a reception area with a counter & a door leading out to what I assumed was a corridor. Another door led through to a much bigger room which I imagined was the main work room & had a bench & cupboards in the corner for making tea, a desk & 3 old rickety looking chairs . There were 2 doors, one which obviously open out into the same internal corridor as the reception & another which I discovered was a small store room. That was it. I looked round for more doors but there weren’t any. Then I noticed them hanging on hooks above the bench, 2 keys with large tags, one with an ‘L’ on it & the other an ‘M’. He came in still flustered. “Look.” “What?” “L, M!” “What?” He hadn’t worked it out. “Ladies, Men!” “WHAT!” I took the keys & realising there was only one place they could be, opening the door to the corridor. The communal Toilets were opposite, a bit further down. I walked along & slid the key into the lock on the door of the Ladies. It opened. A look of despair came over his face. He didn’t speak, didn’t have to. There was noises coming from another office so clearly they were still occupied. He turned & walked back in disgusted. I followed & closed the door. He had that hung dog look again shaking his head in disbelief. My heart went out to him so I went over & held his arm. “I don’t believe it! Of all the offices they had to give me this one!” “It will be alright.” “Alright! How can you go, you could get caught at any moment.” “They will go home soon.” “How will we know?” “We can check.” “But they might be here for hours.” I could see there was no consoling him. “Why don’t we go & get something to eat. We might have the place to all to ourselves when we get back.” His face looked terrible. He certainly lets you know how he is feeling. He stood there looking down. Glancing over at the bench I suddenly got an idea. Walking over, I slipped my pants off & handed them to him. “Give us a hand?” “What! ……… What are you doing?” “You’ll see. Give me a leg up will you?” He looked confused as he came over & helped me climb up on the bench. I stood when I got there. “What are you going to do?” “Pee.” “Where?” “In the sink.” “You can’t do that!” “Why not, it all ends up in the same place eventually.” He looked round as if he was checking to see if anyone was watching. “I can’t ask you to do this.” “You’re not? I really need to go. I have been drinking tea all afternoon saving it up so you would have something to see. Would you rather I took the key & wasted it?” “No.” “I promised you I would let you watch me pee again & I’m going to. The only reason I came here is so you could watch me peeing, that hasn’t changed, has it?” “No.” “Well let me get on with it before it’s too late.” I squatted over the sink. He had a strange look on his face, delight at me peeing for him but shock at where I was going to do it. I steadied myself one foot each side of the sink bowl. “Ready?” He couldn’t resist it & was between my legs in a flash, his nose only inches from my vulva. I relaxed & a spurt shot out almost straight ahead down the front of his shirt. “Opps! Sorry.” I rocked forward & let out a slow one. It landed in the sink. Relaxing completely, I moved forward & back to keep my stream in the sink where it belonged. The disappointments of his earlier discoveries soon disappeared & he got that look of wonder on his face as I let it trickle out. ‘YES!’ I thought! This was it, what I wanted every bit as much as him. My stream pulsed, little did he know my vagina had set off a barrage of contractions letting me know it was ready to be masturbated any time I got the chance! Not that I intended to go that far, but just the self tease kept me on a high. I couldn’t take my eyes away from his face, that look of absolute adoration. It went on & on & secretly I hoped it would last forever, his look & my heightened state of arousal. I brushed off the droplet & waited, in no hurry to get down. He must have stared at me for nearly 5 minutes looking up & smiling from time to time. I smiled back & for those many moments nothing else in the world existed for either of us. I had wondered if I would feel the same again but if anything it was better. “Does my cunt still look the same?” That got a smile. “Mm!” “Okay?” He hadn’t taken his eyes off me & I imagined he was making up for lost time. I certainly was! “Can I get down now, my legs are getting stiff.” He helped me & as he did, I wasn’t sure if it was because of the particular trousers he was wearing or what I had just done, but his erection was very obvious standing out clearly in the front. He was aware of it & blushed. “Shall we go & get something to eat?” “Mm!” “Pants.” He passed them over & I slipped them on, slowly, teasing along the way. “All gone!” He smiled & headed over to reset the alarm & we set off. We wandered up a couple of blocks to a Café he wanted to eat at, Italian again. I ordered a pot of tea as soon as we sat down which brought a brief smile to what was otherwise a very bleak look on his face. This was it, I decided. I started to realise how much I had missed performing for him & relishing his gaze. This was going to be my only chance, there would never be any other opportunity, anywhere else he could afford & it would be better than sitting at McDonalds & going into arcades so I had to find a way to make it work. I wracked my brains to think of something to cheer him up. “It will be alright, I can go in the sink until everyone goes home.” “I don’t expect you to do that.” “I don’t mind, honest. I know how hard it has been for you to find somewhere private for me & I’m grateful, really I am. The least we can do is make the best of it. There is bound to be heaps of times when I will be able go on the Toilet for you.” He had brightened up a bit since I had gone in the sink but still wasn’t his usual self. I made most of the conversation while we ate & when I ordered another pot of tea, drew a smile. He seemed a little brighter knowing that he would most likely get to see it passing through. I drained it completely getting nearly four cups as he watched me. He shook his head in acknowledgement of my dedication. Suddenly it popped into my head. “Peter what say you go shopping & buy things I can go in when we can’t use the Toilets to save me having to get up on the bench?” “What sort of things?” “I don’t know, buckets, bowls anything I can pee in.” “What will we do with it after you have gone?” “We can wash it down the sink. It will only be a temporary measure, once everyone has gone home I can go back to using the Toilet. What do you say.” He dithered. “How much will it cost?” “Shouldn’t be much. Most of that sort of thing comes in plastic these days & that’s not dear.” “I don’t have any money, Maria looks after all that.” I put my thinking cap on again. “Doesn’t she give you any spending money?” “A bit.” “Well you could take that & see how far it goes.” He didn’t look convinced. “I will make up a list for you.” I sensed something wasn’t right. “What?” “I wouldn’t know where to get them.” “Peter!” I could see he was telling the truth. “Do you not go shopping?” “No Maria does that.” “What never?” “No.” “What about her Birthday & Christmas?” “Kel does it for me.” He mean it, he really doesn’t go shopping. I thought for a few moments. “Peter I’m not your wife or your mother or your sister. The only reason I am doing this is because Maria can’t & I feel sorry for you. I know the office is not exactly ideal but it is private & it doesn’t cost anything. I wouldn’t be happy if you were spending at lot of money just so you can watch me pee, money better spent on your family. I’m sure we can get things working a lot better if we try, for only a little, but I’m not going to do it for you. If you are not going to help I will call it off.” A look of panic came over his face. “No, no, don’t do that!” I had only meant the shopping but he had taken it as the whole peeing arrangement. “I’m sorry! I don’t want to lose you ever, please, please forgive me. You are the best, I never dreamt I would ever meet anyone like you!” It came straight from the heart & although I already knew it, it gave my ego a real boost just the same. We sat in silence for several moments, he with that dreadful ‘hangdog’ look, before I decided to put him out of his misery. “I didn’t mean I wouldn’t pee for you, all I was saying is I am not going to run around after you, that’s all. We could do the shopping together.” “What if we are seen?” “We can go somewhere where we won’t be seen. Do you know anyone who lives down the coast?” “No, not that I can think of.” “We’ll go down there. Do you ever work on Saturdays at your office?” “Sometimes, not for ages.” “It would be the only time for both of us. What are you doing tomorrow?” “Boys football.” “What about next Saturday?” I could see he was sure if he should be seen out with me at all & was desperately trying to think of something. “Well?” I wasn’t about to let him off the hook. “I suppose so.” It was pretty half hearted. “Next Saturday then.” He didn’t look happy. “How will we get there?” “I can pick you up. What time do you usually leave on a Saturday morning?” “10 past 6.” “That’s fine, I can make that. What say I pick you up along the way, save us both going all the way into the city?” We arranged the station. “What time will you get there?” “25 to.” “I will be there okay?” He wasn’t sure but too scared not to go along with me. “The shops won’t be open then.” “We’ll go to breakfast first so don’t have any before you leave home, you hear?” He had a look of resignation on his face. “I’m getting full so we had better move soon.” That jolted him into action. While I was sitting it had been fine but once I started to move the urgency increased to a critical level. We got out into the street. “You okay?” “No!” “Shall we hurry?” “That will only make it worse. I’m not going to make it.” “Aren’t you? ………….. Are you going to wet yourself?” “Not if I can help it! Look for somewhere?” There was an alley a couple of shops along. I got there only just. A short way up was a large rubbish skip. “That will have to do.” I headed up towards it. “But what if someone sees you?” “What apart from you?” My comment wasn’t wasted as he desperately searched the area for anyone else. I didn’t care, walking crossed legged & disappeared behind. It was well lit from a light further up but no one was in sight. I hoisted my skirt right up, slipped my pants to my knees & squatted. He arrived a moments later. “You can’t go here!” “Too late!” It poured out of me. It was too tempting to ignore & took over from any concerns he had as he stood & stared. I pushed very hard hoping it would be over quickly but it went on & on giving me time to look round. There was only the one exit into the alley & that had a closed door. I relaxed & stopped pushing. His focus was now solely between my legs at the exclusion of everything else. Finally it began to subside & after pushing out a few last spurts, not bothering to wipe, I quickly pulled my pants up, dropped my skirt & made ready to leave. “Better not let you look this time. I will take my pants off when we get back to the office & you can look all you like.” We made our way back down to the busy footpath & much to my amusement a river, complete with froth, had beaten us, already flowing across into the gutter with everyone stepping over it as if they realised what it was. I giggled while he looked horrified! Joining the passing parade I hooked my arm through his & carried on quite nonchalantly as if nothing had happened! Passing a convenience store I told him to wait & returned with their entire stock of bottled tea to a smug look like the cat that was about to get the cream! Back in the office I kept my word slipping my pants right off, tossing them to him before unzipping my skirt & taking it off with my half slip leaving me naked from the waist down. “Happy now?” He blushed. I opened the first bottle & began drinking. As I moved he never took his eyes off me for a moment. It seemed no time before the pressure began to make its presence felt. “I’m ready! Do you want to see if the coast is clear?” He returned from round the corner. “There is someone still here.” He looked disappointed as I peeped round the door at him. “Never mind they will go soon.” He helped me up onto the bench. I stood with my feet each side of the bowl, skirt gathered up around my waist. “Stand back until I get my aim right.” I let a trickle go & it landed in the sink bowl. ‘Getting better’! He quickly moved across into position beside my leg so close to my vulva I could feel his breath. A surge went through me & my body tingled. My clitoris suddenly came alive & just the pressure from my fingers holding my labia open for him was almost enough to set me off. The look of total adoration was there again. My vagina’s contractions caused the stream to sprinkle splashing the front of his shirt again, not that he seemed to care. I quickly moved into holding off mode. As much as I would have loved to climax this was not the time or the place. It was a delicate process, easing the direct contact while still ensuring he could see my urethra, gripping my vagina muscles just enough to halt its march to orgasm but not too much so as to stop my flow. It was erratic but there was little I could do, returning to full discharge would have resulted in my climaxing for sure. I splattered on. He was smiling & seemed to be enjoying my spasmodic show. It drifted on & on, over a minute & still didn’t seem near. The insides of my legs were streamed with pee, flowing down in a delta of tiny rivers. It subsided to a dribble which then attached itself to one cheek & ran down to the bench like a waterfall forming a lake around my foot. The seconds dragged by as it grew & grew. My bladder was empty as last. I let my labia go with it bought some reprieve & gave out a sigh of relief bringing a smile even though it didn’t appreciate what it was for. Then, much to his delight, it was followed by a long lazy burbling fart. I stayed feet apart on the bench as he moved round to the front & studied me intently, my vulva at eye level for him. My vagina set up more waves of contraction but the worst of the danger had passed so I was happy to let them go. I sensed it was keeping my labia vibrating & judging by the delighted look on his face it was & imagined he thought I was doing it intentionally for him. It was still hypersensitive & it wouldn’t have taken much to return to the brink so I was happy to let him look for as long as he wished. “Can I have a drink?” “Do you want to get down?” “Not if you don’t want me to. I’m fine, just need to get ready for the next one. You can look as long as you like.” He smiled as he passed up a bottle. “That won’t be enough, give me 2.” He smiled again. I opened the first & gulped it down, then the second as he studied me at point blank range for another 5 minutes & having had his fill for the moment helped me down. I was in quite a mess still quite wet down my legs & the bench had puddles which I had nothing to mop it up with so had to leave it to dry. He was on a high of his own, his face buried in the crotch of my pants, his erection standing out in the front of his trousers. He caught me looking & came over all bashful. “Sorry about that ….. “ “It’s alright, I’m a big girl, I know about these things. I would be more upset if I didn’t have that affect on you.” I gave him a cheeky grin & his face lost all tension & he smiled back at me while I started on another bottle. He set up the chairs for us & I sat opposite noticing him trying to peek between my legs while trying not to be too obvious about it. “Would you like to see my cunt properly?” The look on his face was a treat. He was like a little boy caught being naughty, & looking so guilty & seemed too embarrassed to reply. “I don’t mind you being curious. Here have a proper look.” With that I turn towards him, opened my legs & leaning back gave him uninterrupted view. At first he seemed unsure if he should be looking or not then gradually he became more & more interested & was enjoying it. I got up to get another bottle of tea & bent over, raising one leg so he could see my vulva from behind, knowing he would be looking, making it very obvious it was quite deliberate on my part. “Okay?” He blushed. “Enjoying the view?” He was still blushing. “What do you think!” He got a curious look on his face. “Um ……. Are you natural down there?” “Why do you ask?” “No reason. It’s just that you are nowhere near as hairy as Maria.” “I do trim a bit, along the sides of my cunt. It make it cleaner, especially when I’m having my period.” That made him blush. “I also get a bikini wax, why I don’t know because I new wear one.” “Don’t you?” I shook my head. “No. If I do go swimming I don’t wear anything at all.” He looked shocked. “Don’t you?” “No.” He wasn’t finished. “Have you ever shaved, ….. you know …… down there?” “No, never thought about it. Has Maria?” “No!” That was firm. “Have you ask her to?” “She says it is the way God made her.” “Well you can’t argue with that.” Even though he had been staring at my vulva the whole time, still seemed unaware of just how aroused I was becoming. This was great, I decided & was already looking forward to getting home to masturbate! It was going to be a very good night in more ways than one. Fortunately the bottled tea had the same affect at normal tea & I was ready again in no time. He returned from round the corner of the corridor. “Still not clear?” He shook his head. “Never mind. They will go home soon, it’s Friday. Give us a hand.” I scrambled up onto the bench. “Other way this time?” “Mm!” “At least I won’t pee down your shirt.” He was too intense already to appreciate my comment, bending down & peered up from below at my naked vulva & bum. I leaned forward & after a couple of test spurts let go pushing very hard. My anus must have been right in front of his face when I farted but it didn’t chase him away. I grunted a couple of times to let him know just how hard I was trying. More farts. I could only catch glimpses of his face & wondered if he had that look that always gets me going. My stream just stopped & after one long dribble it was all over. I stayed in position for a while but it wasn’t very comfortable. “Hang on a moment.” I turned round & squatted in front of him leaning back against the wall. “Better?” He stared as the minutes passed. “Okay?” He made no attempt to move. “Can I have another bottle?” He bought another & I drank it. “Okay?” He slowly moved back so I could stand before moving forward again & looking back up me. I parted my legs & as it had lost much of its fire was able to hold it open for him stretching this way & that. Another couple of minutes went by. He was really making up for lost time I decided. Finally he moved & helped me down. “Thank you.” He’d had his face buried in my pants the whole time & suddenly got a look of realisation on his face. “Are they the ones?” “Do you recognise them?” He finally had. “Did you buy them especially for me?” He seemed both surprised & delighted. “I need new ones anyway. Do they look nice on?” “Yes!” “Do you want to see the bra?” “Yes!” I slipped my blouse off. It was very sheer & my nipples were very obvious & erect making quite an impression in the front of the cups. “It doesn’t hide much. Do you like it on? Do I look nice?” I lifted my arms above my head turning one way then the other as he stared. “Okay?” He was smiling so broadly. “Rebecca?” “What?” “Will you let me see your ……. your ……… your boobies?” I smiled. “You might as well I suppose, you have seen everything else!” Unclasping it from behind my breasts tumbled out as I discarded it to one side, raising my arms above my head again made them sway from side to side. I steeped back & twirled before him. “Happy now?” “You look gorgeous!” He meant it. “Hardly, I’m a bit fat.” I was carrying a few pounds & had a bit of a spare tyre from a lack of exercise, but it hadn’t bothered me & didn’t seem to bother him either. “You’re not fat. I think you are fabulous. I have never seen a woman completely naked like this before.” “What about Kel?” “Apart from Kel.” “What? Not even Maria?” “Only little glimpses, that’s all.” “Would you like me to stay like this for the rest of the evening?” “Would you?” “If you like, it’s a warm night.” “Yes please!” “Okay.” I gathered up my clothes & folded them into a pile leaving him with my pants. The pressure made its self noticed again. Someone came down the corridor & returned a couple of minutes later. “A pee before they go?” His face lit up. “I will hold on if you like?” Legs crossed tightly, I watched while hidden behind the door. He returned from round the corner with a big smile on his face. “Gone?” “Looks like it.” “I think it would be best if I went in the Men’s because they don’t mind if girls use their Toilet but women get really upset if they discover a man in theirs.” He got the key & headed across the corridor & I followed but he hadn’t realised I was there. “Rebecca!” “What?” “You haven’t got anything on.” “So?” “What if someone comes?” “They’ll get a cheap thrill, won’t they.” He shook his head. Inside I headed for the cubicle. “Make sure you put the snib on in case someone does turn up.” I heard it click. While still very sensitive, the worst of my crisis had passed & if I didn’t do anything to provoke it I should get through the rest of the night. “What would you like?” He shrugged his shoulders. “Dunno.” “Can’t you think of anything?” He seemed off hand about it so I decided to do what I wanted. “I’ll just go normally, okay?” “If you like.” It didn’t seem to bother him what I did so decided not to ask him again, just do what I felt like at the time. Standing astride the bowl & half squatting, legs wide open, bottom resting against the seat lid behind, I started slowly & having got my aim pushed very hard straight into the water making a spectacular noise farting as I went. The look on his face was a treat! He was loving it. It didn’t last long but he certainly enjoyed every moments. I tore off some paper, folded it & gave myself a very through wipe. His eyes were dancing with delight. “We’d better get back just in case. You can look at me as much as you like when we get there.” We hurried across & back to the safety of the office. I made my way through a bottle of tea while flaunting myself in front of him. I noticing him having to move to see. “Sorry.” I turned enough for him to not have too. He looked embarrassed as if I had caught him. “It’s alright, I don’t mind. You can look as much as you like, just don’t touch, okay?” “Are you sure you don’t mind?” “Of course not it’s only natural for you to be curious, all men are.” He blushed. I was ready again. He checked the corridor not that we had heard anyone & came back smiling. I already had the key so let us in & clipped the snib. As I turned I wondered why I didn’t think of it last time. “Would you like me to pee like a boy?” The look on his face was wonderful. “Will you?” “If you like.” I hadn’t waited for an answer just climbed onto the urinal step & got myself ready. “You had better stand back I’m not sure where this is going to go.” I stood slightly side on to him so he could see me better & holding my labia open, after a couple of spurts began to pee pushing hard, popping out two farts. As soon as he could see where it was heading he came in very close almost brushing his cheek against my thigh as he watched. I leaned back so it went high up the wall before straightening up & making it come back down. I started to laugh! This was fun. I had often wondered what it would be like & it was better than I ever imagined. Unfortunately it ended all too soon. I had left my mark, much of it having splashed onto the floor & him I imagined. He certainly had been a target this evening. I hurried back across the corridor, & safely back inside, sat on the chair facing him, knees up & apart, resting back on my elbows. His smile thrilling me as much as I was thrilling him. I had already decided I would pee at the urinal again & held on as long as I could until it started to hurt to make the most of it this time. It had been longer before I was ready & he seemed to sense my discomfort as I made my way across but once I got there & let go, putting on a spectacular show for him, my pee splashing everywhere, on the floor, on him as well as myself. By the time I had finished I could see spots all over the front of his shirt. But it had been a lot of fun, more so than my first attempt & I laughed the whole way through. He was too intense to join in my frivolity but I imagined he had enjoyed it just as much in his own particular way. I’d had a wonderful time painting all manner of patterns & designs on the wall of the urinal, leaning right back to get up to the top above the sparge pipe & as far long from where I was standing as I could. I reckon I managed at least 2 metres, maybe more. “Pants?” He still had his face buried in them as it had been all night long. He looked a little curious as he handed them over. I used them to wipe myself deeply while he watched surprised. “Just freshen them up for you.” I gave him a cheeky grin as I tossed them back & he caught them, returning them to his nose in one swift movement! I was on a high as I danced my way back across the corridor before taking the bottles across with me, sitting again & opening wide for him. As he closed the door & locked he turned. “Would you like to watch from behind again?” “Mm!” He was aroused already! I half squatted leaning forward over the bowl, gripping the cistern for support. “Ready?” “Mm!” “Here goes!” I pushed as hard as I could as my tight urethra held momentarily before giving way & a torrent of pee poured out of me at the bowl & almost everywhere else. He was behind & below so looking down between my legs I could see his enthralled face! My fart started with my pee & lasted almost to the end. Everything about it thrilled me, the feeling of pushing it out so hard, it sprinkling off the bowl & the seat splashing all over him & down the insides of my legs, but most of all the look on his face! As soon as I stopped my vagina took over twitching & pulsing, so sensitive that the merest touch could well have set it of but for me the warmth & joy of my arousal left me clinging on, too scared to move until the danger had passed. It had an equal impact on him, his breathing so heavy he almost rattled & the look on his face, trembling with exhilaration. It was some time before I could speak. “Okay?” “Mm!” He almost squeaked it out. “We had better get back.” As we crossed I couldn’t resist it. “Good?” “Mm!” Another dry squeak. I certainly had got him going that time. It was time to go. He still had my pants gripped tightly in his hand which had been held up to his face most of the evening so I left him to them until I had everything else ready. “Pants?” He smiled & buried his face in them one last time before tossing them to me. He watched me slowly dressing, taking my time & teasing, parading in front of him in the red pants & bra for several moments before carrying on as my body disappeared from view. It was a reverse striptease but lacked none of the impact it would have had if I had been undressing for him. I was damp from the waist down, not that I could do anything about it so left it to my clothes. “Do you want one last look before I take it away?” He smiled & came over to me so I hitched up my skirt & rested my bottom against the corner of the desk opened my legs pulling the gusset to one side as he crouched before me. I loved looking at that face as he looked at my vulva adoringly. My vagina had set off a barrage of contractions & I hoped it was visible, if he could see my labia moving because it felt to me that they were. “Nice?” “Mm!” “Can you see alright?” “Mm!” He was studying me. “You don’t mind?” “No. Let me know when you have seen enough.” “I will never see enough.” He smiled without looking up at me. I believed him. The minutes passed. “Are you doing that?” He could see me contracting. “Not really. My cunt has a mind of its own.” He smiled. “Your train will be leaving soon.” “I suppose.” He moved back slowly & as he gave me room I put the crotch back in place, running my fingers down the insides of my thighs so my pants sat comfortably. “Say goodbye for now.” He waved as I pulled them right up hoping the gusset had conformed to the fold of my vulva, waiting several more moments before dropping my skirt. “Bye bye!” I was very aroused as I waited for him to set the alarm & lock up. Judging by his erratic movements I suspected he was too. “Okay?” “Mm!” “Enjoy that?” “Mm!” I wanted to hear him say it & when he did, sent a tingle through me to my vagina. “There’s nothing stopping us now.” “Do you mean that?” “If you want to. It will be better after we have done the shopping.” “Mm!” It was half hearted. “Better for me that is.” “Yes, of course.” It was as if he realised he had not been as supportive as he could be & was trying to make amends. I saw a seat on a path off to one side. There was no one heading that way so I steered him towards it. “What? What are you doing?” “You’ll see.” As we reached it I sat down. He went to sit beside me but I stopped him. “Stand in front of me.” He looked confused until I lifted a little & hoisted my skirt up under my bum & opened my legs wide. A look of panic came over him as he looked round but no one was taking any notice of us. He looked back just in time to see me sliding forward to the front of the seat & start wetting my pants. It poured out much to his delight soaking them thoroughly. A huge puddle grew between my feet as it went on & on. He continued to glance round from time to time but quickly returned his attention to the crotch of my pants. “To think they were brand new, fresh on today. I don’t think I could take them back now, could I?” He was smiling at my comments but the intensity had risen again, very quickly as his breathing began. After the main flow had ceased I kept on trickling very slowly for quite a long time. The puddle had sent out several tributaries making it obvious it could have had only one source. It ceased & I stood casually pushing my skirt back down again & smiled at him before hooking my arm through his & walking casually towards the station. “Next Saturday then.” “What if something comes up & I can’t make it?” “You can leave a message on my phone at home or failing that I will wait until 7.30 & if you haven’t come I will go back home.” He wasn’t looking forward to it but I was not going to give in & do it myself. “Thank you for this evening.” “You are welcome.” “I can’t believe you did what you did.” I smiled blushing a little but loved hearing his words. “I loved you going in the urinal. I have always wanted to watch a woman wee like that.” “No problem. I will do it for you again next chance we get.” “I still can’t believe you are happy with the Office. I was so sure you wouldn’t be.” “It isn’t all bad. We would have been lucky to have found a urinal somewhere else for me to go in.” That made him smile. “It will be fine.” “Mm!” “See you Saturday.” “Yes, see you.” I kissed his cheek & sensed he wanted to kiss me back but wasn’t sure if he should. I squeezed his hand as he pulled away & stood watching until he disappeared, having looked back at me ever few paces. I walked slowly back through the Friday night party crowd to my car tinkling with excitement & anticipation. Despite the minor setback of the Toilets, the Office was going to be fine, perfect really for what we wanted to do. In a way it would be better than a Hotel or Motel room, or somewhere temporary moving on each time because it was a permanent base & I could set it up to suit myself. I began to muse, amuse, recall the evening & the pleasure it had given me. Apart from the peeing & him being so close, closer than last time which had only heightened my thrill, stripping off for him had really got me going. I couldn’t believe how long he had spent staring at me but I certainly was not getting tired of it either. He could look as long as he liked, I didn’t mind one little bit. My nipples were very erect & rubbing on the inside of my bra. I could have exploded with the minimum of effort. I was smiling & those coming towards me were smiling too, little did they know the state I was in. A little pressure made its presence felt so I kicked off my shoes & gathered them up before relaxing, let it go, delighted as it run down the insides of my legs leaving a trail along the footpath lasting all the way through the carpark to my car. ‘There is no doubt who the guilty party is!’ I mused. Spreading the towel & slipping them off before getting in, I became aware of the condition they were in & the musk they gave off only heightened my already highly charged state. Making myself comfortable behind the wheel, I dropped the seat back down & settled in, one hand easily locating a rock hard nipple, the other tracing it’s way up my skirt to my warm wetness. I began to diddle. “Mmmmmm!” First brush of my clitoris & my vagina went into a frenzy of contractions. ‘This won’t take long, if I’m not careful’, I mused determined to spin it out for as long as I could, with quick glances in the mirrors to see I was alone. The clitoris was definitely out of bounds, especially if I intended to make the most of the inclination I had. I played & played, arresting if from the precipice again & again. It was going to be good, that much I knew from the tension in the tops of my knees. They were a sure sign of what was to come. The other hand had not been idle either, several buttons of my blouse were open, bra pushed right up so it could wander from left to right & back again! What had started as a gentle tweak was now a full onslaught with nails being dug in very deeply, broken skin probably from the scratches & grazes, they would be very painful in the morning once this excitement had passed. Not that I minded, it had been a long time since I had seen to them in this way & if the past was anything to go by, the resulting soreness would keep me nicely wet for days! As I dug my talons in once more my vagina set of a wave of silliness & my clitoris felt the size of an egg as it begged my attention. I became aware that it was my nipples that were providing most of the encouragement to my vagina. Bringing my hand up & savouring the fragrance of my heat, before it tunnelled into my blouse front so both nipples could be assailed together with that inside me responsible for my preparedness to move into high gear. I could actually feel myself discharging & knew a large ‘damp spot’ was growing on my skirt. Not that I cared, cared about anything else except what was taking over my consciousness. My mind drifted as I tried to focus on the task at hand, or at my fingers in this case. There was pain, real pain & I was hissing, sucking in air to withstand it. One nipple I had stretch to 3 times it’s normal length, clenching it as hard as I could. It was there, right there but needed something to help it over the line because after a battle to prevent, I now wanted it, needed it more than I had in a long time. My nails dug deeper, the pain was excruciating, but it remained at bay. I clenched my thighs, ‘YES!’, nearly. I tensed again, crossing them slightly so my labia rolled my clitoris. It sent out showers of fireworks! “YES!” One more squeeze with my knee coming up to the steering wheel & rolling across, enough to apply pressure to the clitoral hood. A contraction! Then pinching so hard my fingers trembled I was there, doubled up on the driver seat in exquisite agony as the power of my orgasm made me wet, spurting out in rhythm with my climax as I rocked & rocked until my euphoria had been exhausted. It took a minute or two for my legs to regain their power & I could start the car & head for home. It was a bit of a struggle & towards the end, I had to wedge my hand down between my legs to stop it, but made it home & almost to the deck, leaving a trail across the Kitchen before releasing the flood gate soaking my skirt & the tails of my blouse before it had finally drained completely. Returning to the Kitchen I got out the big teapot I had bought when Mum & Dad had come to visit, filling it right to the brim before returning to the deck, refilling it again before the contents of the first batch had made their way to my ‘outlet’, eventually providing a pond for me to sit in & masturbate while topping myself up again & again. Having play myself out for all the pleasure available I stripped off & dumped everything in to soak & headed to bed, stinking like an outback outhouse! My musk heightened my arousal & more orgasms followed & trips to my Ensuite, before sheer exhaustion sent me off into a deep restful sleep.
  9. “This way Madam.” We made our way through the tables to a door. He opened it for me & I stepped inside. All the Board Members & their wives stood & applauded as I was shown to my seat while the partners scrambled to their feet to join in not wishing to be the odd ones out. At the head facing the chairman at the other end they all waited for me to settle before being seated again. I had board members wives each side of me & they were quick to introduce themselves & make conversation. They seemed genuinely interested in me as did the other members of the board who made their way down to acquaint themselves & thank me. By the time dinner was over I had spoken to them all. By comparison my own company looked decidedly off hand all except Petch & Grace seated near the far end, catching my eye from time to time to give a big smile of approval. As I looked round at the elegance of the evening the irony of what I had been up to the night before was not wasted on me. ‘If they only knew,’ I mused. The table cleared, Tobias stood at the far end tapping a wine glass to attract attention. He began to speak heaping all manner of praise on me & what I had achieved for his company punctuated by a regular chorus of ‘Hear Hears’ & acclamation. I blushed profusely throughout & received the smiles of the wives as if, while fully supporting Tobias, felt for me in my embarrassment. It seemed to go on & on but I guessed it was only because of my discomfort. As he reached his conclusion he walked the length of the table & presented me with a gift. As if I wasn’t already embarrassed enough this made me even more the centre of attention as all eyes turned in expectation of me opening it. I fumbled with it before tearing the paper away in shreds. It was a small long box. Opening it took my breath away. It was a beautiful gold Rolex watch & although I didn’t know exactly how much it was worth, I knew it to be many thousands of dollars. “Speech, speech!” They chanted. Tears filled my eyes. Tobias stood beaming at me as if he had intended to stun completely. It had worked. “Thank you …… thank you!” The all let out an endearing smile as the tears streamed down my face. Tobias insisted on taking off my old watch & replacing it with the new. I couldn’t tell the time, all I could see was the sparkle. “Well?” “What?” “Let me see?” I held out my wrist as Carol admired it. “At least you know it will be genuine, not one of those things from Asia.” We laughed. “Real gold & real diamonds.” “Are they?” “What did you think?” I wasn‘t sure just that they were something other than diamonds. “Crystals I suppose.” “On a Rolex? You have to be joking. You could buy a new car for what they paid for that!” Put that way I was stunned by their generosity. “Really?” “Yes really & to think Tobias chose it for you & presented it himself.” “Why?” “He is one of the great male chauvinists of all time, a woman’s place is in the home.” “Is he?” “He took an awful lot of persuading to talk to you in the first place.” “But he was always pleasant enough.” “Yes, he has a good way of hiding it but believe me, you were the last person he ever expected to have giving him advice. You certainly have done well & deserve your gift. It has put the noses of all of the partner out of joint. They have never received anything remotely approaching that.” I felt very humble indeed. “This bloody thing!” “What’s the problem Trish?” She hadn’t realise I was there & was very embarrassed. “Oh Miss Wallace! I’m sorry for swearing I didn’t mean to, truly.” “That’s okay, I have said a lot worse to my computer. Now what seems to be the problem.” She explained. It was new software & while a big improvement on the old, it worked quite differently. I sat with her & watched. “No, you have to save it first.” She did it again. “Oh right.” There were a few other things it wouldn’t do properly so I explained them as she bought them up screen by screen. Looking round, 3 of the others had joined us & were watching over my shoulder. They asked questions too & I explained. I ended up staying with them for about half an hour. “Okay?” They all thanked me & I returned to my office. “Come in.” It was Glenda. “Thank you for helping the girls with the new programme, it has made a big difference. Could you help the others as well?” “Of course, anything to help.” After a discussion it was decided I would stay back one or two evenings & give them a proper hands on course on the new software & bring them all up to speed. Glenda was to see about getting the girls paid overtime & I offered to supply dinner for them. After everything was arranged the date was set for the following Monday evening. It was only those in the office, not the secretaries so Carol & the others headed home leaving us to it. There was a 100% turnout, all eager to learn. I started with a general overall view before dealing with specific parts of the software they were having problems with before moving away & letting them try it out for themselves. I assisted as each struck trouble & soon had them working with it confidently. While they were busy I ordered pizzas & went to collect them when they were delivered down stairs. “Okay, break time.” They had got involved with what they were doing so were reluctant to leave it. I was pleased with their progress & excited chatter. It was going very well. They sat round & waded into the pizzas. “Who wants tea & who wants coffee.” “I’ll do that Miss Wallace.” “Don’t be silly, you are all far too busy, I will. And it’s Rebecca tonight, okay?” I took the orders without writing them down & soon returned with the tray & told each what I had made for them. “How did you remember all that?” One asked. “I used to be a waitress.” “WHAT YOU!” It was a unanimous reply. “A waitress, why?” “I had to eat.” I told them about my University days & some of the jobs I had done. They were amazed & I imagined were looking at me in a new light. I kept them entertained with various stories of my days in restaurants. “And I have driven trucks.” “What sort of trucks.” I told them. “What did the other drivers think.” “I soon fixed them. The first day I went to the abattoirs when I got out of my cab one of them said, ‘Hey Baby you can sit on my face any time’. I said, ‘Why is your nose bigger than your dick!’. They left me alone after that.” They all let out a gasp & covered their mouths. “You said what?” “Is your nose bigger than your dick? Well who did they think they were. I was there to deliver stock not to have sex!” The look on their faces were a treat. “Not that I fancied any of them.” I gave them an impish grin & they all stared & giggled. It went on an hour longer than intended, not that any of them were in a hurry to leave. They all made good progress & started showing each other how much they had learned. “Anyone need a lift home?” There were 3, Lucy, Cindy & Trish. They stayed behind & help tidy up before heading down to the carpark with me. They certainly enjoyed it, excited & giggling, they let out a constant chorus of ‘WHEEEEEEEEE’s’ as I weaved in & out of the traffic & went up & down the rollercoaster hills along the way. As I dropped each of them off they thanked me over & over. It hadn’t just been a tutorial for them but a wonderful adventure too. Trish was last & the one who seemed to enjoy the thrill of my driving the most. She goaded me on so I pushed hard cutting it fine & taking some risks. She loved it. After dropping her off safely I headed for home. I had saved it up & thrilled myself as I let it go out on the deck as soon as I got in, wetting my pants & feeling it running down the inside of my legs. It had become an almost nightly pleasure since that evening with him & an essential prelude to an evening of masturbation. I’d not enjoyed my body as much since my teens. “Good morning.” “Good morning.” “Sounds as though it went pretty well last night, all the girls are talking about it.” “Yes it did seem to go well.” “They are right impressed with you remembering all of their coffees. They can’t imagine you as a waitress. What did you say to them it seems to have left quite an impression?” “Do you really want to know?” “Of course.” I told her. “Oh Rebecca you didn’t! What made you think of that?” Carol was laughing. “I don’t know, it just came into my head.” At morning tea she was still chuckling. “Did you really say that?” “Yes why?” “What did they say?” “Nothing, but they gave me a very wide berth.” “I bet they did!” The second evening a fortnight later was an equal success with the girls delighting in being able to call me Rebecca again because there were no clients around. While the purpose was serious & they made big progress, I also kept them entertained with my tales. I was ready to go when leaving & after a frantic drive thrilling them, having dropped Trish off last again, I pulled over & placed a towel on the seat, just in case & it was as well as I did because I had 2 or 3 little leaks along the way. Finally out on my deck I release a torrent which, in spite of still having pants on, sprinkled the inside of my skirt soaking from almost the waist down. It felt wonderful & led to a wonderful night of self amusement! 2 months had passed & I hadn’t heard from him. Even though it had only been that one evening, I found myself missing it, missing him watching me pee & staring at my vulva after. Every time I went to the Toilet I thought of him & wished he was there. I had no idea what a huge impact it would have on me & regretted asking him to find me somewhere private. He could never afford it, I knew that. We could have carried on, visiting a different Arcade each time on the off chance he might just come up with something. At least I would be getting what I wanted. I couldn’t decided what to do, phone him & suggest we go for another drink? Would I seem too forward? In the end I decided to wait. It was his idea after all & maybe there were other factors, things I didn’t know about. Maria maybe. If he contacted me again I would go along with it, I decided, anything at all. In the mean time just enjoy the legacy meeting him had given me, almost daily wetting of my pants & masturbating after. ’I wonder why?’ I mused as I answered their summons to meet in the conference room. They were all smiling as I walked in so guessed I wasn’t about to be fired. “They have made me an Associate.” “I know.” “But it is usually 7 or 8 years before you get offered that.” “After your recent efforts, especially for Tobias, you certainly deserve proper recognition.” “They want me to choose a new car.” “Make sure you ask for a really good one.” “Why?” “Because you should have the best, you have worked very hard for it.” “But I like my like BMW.” “Time to move on & up girl. Take full advantage of the opportunity they don’t come every day.” “Do you know what they are offering me?” “Not exactly but I have got a pretty fair idea.” “It’s nearly twice what I’m getting now!” “Grab it with both hands Girl.” Returning to my desk I felt a little bewildered. When I started Petch had offered me quite a bit more than I had been expecting & each year there had been substantial increases. It all seemed to be a lot more that I had ever imagined. Not that I was complaining but I worked because I enjoyed it, not just for the money & they had given me a great deal of freedom right from the start. I decided to go along with Carol’s advice & take anything they had to offer. With that I began to study the list of cars they were offering me.
  10. “Three cups?” He seemed surprised. “No look they are only small, better make it four.” “Four, are you sure? Can you drink that many?” “Of course. It is only what happens at the other end that stops me. For a change, I don’t mind it happening! The more the better. Yes, make it four. That should do the trick & pretty quickly, if I am not surprised!” He seemed to be amazed by my matter of fact approach as we settled down at the window bar. “So how did you meet Maria?” “At Marlene’s Wedding. Her family were old friends of Adrian‘s family.” “Love at first sight, was it?” “Sort of. She was small, dark and very attractive. I only said a couple of words to her, but somehow I knew she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I had to wait until they came back from their Honeymoon to get her phone number. It took me weeks to get enough courage to call her.” I smiled, he obviously hadn’t changed much. “She didn’t have a steady boyfriend, I found that out. I was scared that she would say no. Anyway, when I did, she had remembered me straight away and was quite willing to go out with me. I was so relieved. She was from a very strict Catholic family and I wasn’t sure if her Mother would approve of me.” “Did she?” “No, but Maria said not to worry, she doesn’t approve of any of her boyfriends so why should I be the exception. The main thing was that we got along okay. She told me that after the wedding she had hoped I would call. She felt the same as me, that I was the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.” “A match made in heaven?” “Yes it was. I can honestly say that I have never doubted the decision I made to marry her for a moment. If I was asked to design a partner for myself, it would be her.” “Oh! That’s is really nice.” “Right from the start we got along really well. I felt really comfortable with her.” “You had discovered your interest by then. What did she say when you told her?” “Well I didn’t, not straight away. Well, not until after we were married.” “What, she didn’t know? That was a bit mean wasn’t it letting her find that out after she had committed herself for life!” “I would have given it up if she had wanted me to. It’s just that, well I just couldn’t find the right time and I didn’t want to lose her.” “I still think it was a bit mean not warning her what she was getting herself into. So I take it you didn’t do anything like that before you got married?” “I used to listen to her sometimes, if I got the chance, but no, we didn’t do anything like that.” “Do you mind me asking, was she a virgin bride?” “No.” “Really? Good Catholic girl?” “What will surprise you even more it was at her instigation. I hadn’t expected her to want to go that far and was happy not to push it. Her mother made very sure that there were no chances in their house. I was living at home with my folks, so chances there were not great either. Eventually, after we had been going together for six months or so, Maria ‘arranged’ for me to be in their house alone with her and unlikely to be disturbed!” “What, she just hit on you? Do you really expect me to believe that!” “Believe what you like. I was never allowed into her bedroom, well not as far as her mother was concerned. She was the one who led me up the stairs that afternoon! We had done a bit of touching, when we got the chance, but I never expected her to let me go all the way.” “Was it your first time?” “No. I had got with two, …… no, …… three other girl friends, but somehow this was right, from the very beginning.” “Were you her first?” “I don’t know. She has never said and I have never asked. It doesn’t seem that important, we are perfect together. I couldn’t imagine anything better! She once told me that I was the best lover in the whole world! Strange as it may sound, that part of our relationship just gets better and better.” “So how long were you married before she found out what you are really like?” He looked suitably ashamed. “It was over a year! I was going to tell her on the Honeymoon, but it was so romantic that I didn’t want to risk spoiling anything. Then, I don’t know, time just seemed to drift by. We only had a small flat and the Toilet was in the bathroom. I found myself spying on her when she was going. I couldn‘t help it! I used to find excuses to go in there while she was doing wees. Not that it did me any good, she stopped straight away and covered up. After a while she was starting to get more and more annoyed with me but I couldn‘t stop myself. I thought she might get the idea without me having to ask her outright but things only went from bad to worse.” “How did you ask her?” “It was after we moved into our own home. Everything was going well, she was as happy as she could be & we were very close. I got a promotion at work, we got a better car & we were trying for our first child, it seemed like the perfect time to ask her. I decided to cook a really special dinner. Maria doesn’t drink much, but she does like a few wines with dinner and can get quite merry. I thought this might help a bit to get her in the mood for what I was going to propose. The first time I chickened out, couldn‘t bring myself to ask her. I sat there the whole evening, trying to summons up the courage but in the end the night just disappeared. I think she might have been wondering why I had done it & thought I was up to something, which I had been but couldn’t go through with it. The second time she was completely relaxed and not really expecting anything.” “What happened?” “Well we had our Entrée and Main Course, then Dessert & were talking together the whole time and I had plenty of chances, but just kept putting it off. I couldn’t find the words & I could see the night drifting away again. It was while we were having our coffees she stood up and said she was just off to the toilet. This was the ideal opportunity & I decided if I didn’t do it now, I probably never would.” “Like you have just done to me?” He looked sheepish. “My throat went completely dry & I could hardly speak. I was so scared, quite literally trembling. At first when I tried to speak, nothing came out. Maria asked me what was wrong. Finally I managed it & forget exactly what I stammered but it was something like ‘Can I come too‘. At first she just laughed and said ‘Sure‘ but it must have been the look on my face. She stopped. I felt terrible. I suddenly wished I hadn’t said anything. I almost said I was just joking, but it was too late now, I couldn’t turn back the clock, she knew I meant it.” “What did she say?” “I got the distinct feeling she wasn’t all that surprised. She asked me why. I just said I was curious what she looked like & wanted to watch her going. She asked if that was why I was always hanging round when she went to the Toilet. I didn’t say anything, it was pretty obvious. She said that I had already seen her heaps of times & I said I wanted to see her properly. She said it was private and I shouldn’t ask her. I started to feel really guilty, but I had come this far so I figured I had nothing to lose. I told her that I knew that I was asking a lot, but I just wanted to be able to watch her properly. She hesitated for a moment and then asked me exactly what I wanted her to do. I said I wanted to watch in between her legs as she was going. Straight away she said no, that she would feel too embarrassed. I pointed out that she did far worse when were making love. She said that was different. I asked if she minded if I just came in with her and sat on the bath & watched her. Once again she said she would feel really embarrassed. I started to plead with her. She thought for a while & then said I couldn’t come with her that night but that she would think about it & get back to me.” “That‘s a good way of getting round it.” “No! Maria is not like that! If she says she is going to think about it she does & gets back to me!” I felt suitably told off. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean …….. “ “You don’t know her. That’s one thing I have always admired about her. It may take her a while, two weeks this time if I remember rightly, but she always does, tells me what her decision is & why.” I was quiet & let him go on. “That’s the other thing I really like about her, she always gives me plenty of warning & picks a time when we won’t be disturbed. It was a Sunday morning just before she went to church. She told me she was ready & would discuss it with me that night. We couldn’t have discussed it before then because she was going round to her parents in the afternoon. She didn’t say anything while we were having dinner but after we went into the lounge & sat down. She said she couldn’t talk to her mother about it as they had never been able to discuss anything to do with sex or her body & she knew if she had told her she would just tell her to leave me. It wasn’t something she felt she could talking about with her girlfriends so she didn’t know who to turn to. I knew she had made an appointment to see the Priest because it was written on the calendar.” “Did she? I thought that sort of thing was in the past.” “Oh no. From when I first met her she regular went to the Priest about our relationship & marriage. When she was growing up her mother used to send her rather than discuss things with her herself but she has changed & doesn’t go to see the Priest at all these days for some reason & never goes Church.” “She said she wanted to work it out face to face with me. That’s when all of the questions started.” “I bet!” “Why, that was the big one. I told her I didn’t know, it was just something I was curious about. She seemed to be happy with that. Then there was the ‘how long’ & ‘who else had I watched‘, more or less what I had expected. I didn’t tell her about the video night that started it all, and I said that my curiosity had began just before I met her, but I was reasonably open and honest about everything else. I could feel a huge weight coming off my shoulders as we talked & such a relief to finally get it out in the open. She asked me if there was anything else she should know. I thought about it for a few moments and then decided to come clean. I told her all about my video collection. I had about 60 at the time & kept them locked in a cupboard in the shed. She told me she had wondered what was in there. What came as a real shock to me was that she was curious & asked to see one. I told her they weren’t really suitable to show a woman, parts of them were pretty crude, but she insisted.” “So she actually watched one?” “Yes.” “How was she?” “Really good. Some of the ones I have are pretty disgusting, but that tends to go with the territory so I made sure the one I showed her just a collection of girls going naturally, on the Toilet or squatting outside.” “And she wasn’t upset?” “No not at all. After a few minutes I suggested I turn it off now she had the idea but she insisted I leave it on & watched it all the way through.” “You must have been pleased?” “I was & surprised as well.” “What did she say?” “Nothing much, just thanked me for sharing it with her.” “Really? Was that all?” “Yes. She wanted to know all about them, how many I had, where I get them, when did I buy the last one & when I watched them. I admitted I had been buying them behind her back since we had been married & thought she would be angry with me but she wasn’t. She looks after the finances & is very good at it. We wouldn’t have what we have today if it weren’t for her. That’s when she said I could have an allowance each month to keep my collection up to date. You could have knocked me down with a feather. She also said I didn’t have to wait until she was out to watch them just as long as I kept them locked away when I had finished.” “You were lucky, most women won’t have porn in the house.” “I must admit her attitude towards them was most unexpected. Here I had been rushing round to get them out of the player & hidden away when she came home but I didn’t have to anymore. Since then she has let me buy a video editing machine so I can take all the bits I want off the tapes & copy them on the other tapes. I ended up with 12 three hour tapes of just weeing.” “36 hours of peeing? When do you get time to watch them?” “In the evenings mainly after she has gone to bed. She put money aside & when I got my own computer at home I have put everything onto that. Instead of buying videos I now download everything I need from the Internet. She lets me have one site a month so I do the rounds of them all to keep me up to date. I still have my collection, but they are all on files these days.” “Don’t you get tired of watching women peeing for hours on end?” He blushed. “No not yet.” I shook my head in amazement. “What happened then?” “She was very shy but told me she had thought a lot about it & because I am her husband & she loves me so much she had decided to let me come with her sometimes when she needed to wee. After discussing it she agreed I could watch her once a week on Sunday night. I was hoping she would have let me once a day so was a bit disappointed but at least it was something. I hoped that maybe once she got used to me being there she might let me come with her a little more often. She said she was ready then if I wanted to come & started off down to the bathroom so I followed. When she got to the door she told me to wait there and went in, pulling the door closed to behind her. A minute or so later she called out that I could come in. She was sitting upright on the Toilet with her skirt just above her knees & had her eyes pressed tightly closed. I sat down on the edge of the bath in front of her. She had her legs parted a little but not really all that much. It seemed like an age but it was probably only three or four minutes before I finally heard her trickle start. It lasted about thirty seconds or so. The whole time she never moved or opened her eyes. She felt across and tore off some toilet paper. I thought she was going to wipe herself in front of me, but she hesitated. She told me I could go now and to close the door properly after me. I went back into the lounge. I hadn’t seen hardly anything just a glimpse of her stream from time to time but that was all. It was nearly ten minutes before I heard the toilet flush and eventually she came back and sat down.” “How was she?” “Pretty good really but very embarrassed. I thought she might have been upset with me, but if she was, she didn’t show it. She asked me if it was okay & if I was happy now & I said yes but it wasn‘t quite what I had been hoping for.” “Peter she tried.” He blushed & looked shame faced. “I know, I know & I didn’t put any pressure on her because I knew she had done her best. I hoped in time I would get to see more although I knew I would never get to see what I wanted to see.” “Her urethra?” “Yes.” “But you saw mine okay?” “Yes I know, but she is very different to you. She is very big down there & hairy too, much hairier than you.” “I trim a bit.” “Yes I guessed that but she doesn’t. She is much hairier than most women, almost like a man. I don’t mind that but I wish she would trim at least. Even then it would still be very hard for me to see her properly because she is so big.” “You should have been grateful. It sounds as though she put herself through a lot just to try & please you.” He was looking suitable guilty so I didn’t push it any further. “What did she do then?” “That’s what was strange. She asked me if I was going to watch another one. I said I wouldn’t mind & she told me to go & get one & watched it with me again.” “Did she?” “Yes. She didn’t say much but after, once I had locked it back in the cupboard & we went to bed she certainly was in the mood. We ended up having a great night.” “You were lucky. It sounds as though you are very fortunate to have someone as understanding as her.” He looked ashamed again. “Did she keep to her side of the bargain?” “At first. She let me come with her every Sunday night but I always had to ask & each time it was exactly the same, she went in first & didn’t come out for a long time after. I asked her to open her legs wider & she did a bit but not enough for me to really see her. She was always funny about it & I felt really guilty for asking. After a while I asked if I could come with her more often & she said I could, Tuesday’s & Thursday’s, but nothing really changed she was always the same. Once we found out she was expecting that was it. She asked me to wait until after the baby was born. I did but she made me wait another month before letting me again. I thought the baby & having so many strangers seeing her that she might have changed, become a bit more open about it but she wasn‘t.” “I take it you didn‘t go to the birth?” “That was strange, she wanted me there, was almost insisted that I go so I did. She was fine with everyone being there, didn‘t seem to bother her at all, it’s just the weeing that seems to upset her. She always took so long to come out after & was always a bit funny, embarrassed & I knew she had been waiting for her shame to pass before facing me again. As much as I wanted to watch I never intended to upset her so I stopped asking. She has never mentioned it again.” I could see his dilemma & my heart went out to him. Maria had tried her very best to please him but in the end he couldn’t put her through it any more. I felt satisfied that letting him watch me had been the right thing to do, not just for his sake but Maria’s as well. He had got to see what he had always longed to. “I’m ready again.” He had got into a sombre mood talking about Maria but now bucked up. We made our way over to the arcade. We had it to ourselves this time as we made our way to the Toilet. I slipped my pants down & off before tossing them to him again. “How would you like me to go this time?” “Dunno.” I smiled. After all these years he finally gets someone to do what he wants but doesn’t know what to do with her. “Would you like to watch from behind?” “I don’t mind, just so long as I see you, that’s all.” I suspected that was probably true. Lifting my skirt high above my waist, half squatting over the bowl facing the cistern, I felt his breath on the tops of my thighs & knew he was very close again. “Ready?” “Mm!” I let go & immediately started pushing hard forcing my stream directly into the water. It was very noisy & sounded quite spectacular. Above the torrent I could hearing him breathing very heavily & felt it on the tops of my thighs the whole way through. I didn’t manage to fart this time not that I would have stopped myself but it would have been right in his face. My stream ran out quite quickly & there were only a few dribbles, a couple of which trickled down the inside of my legs. Now that my noise had stopped I could hear him breathing so hard he was almost growling. Once again I stayed put & let him have a good long look. Taking some paper I dried myself & the insides of her legs. He moved back a little allowing me to turn & face him. He remained on his knees expecting another show & I made sure he wasn’t disappointed. He was very aroused, I could see it in his face. I was too & did everything I could to pretend I wasn’t, it was solely for his benefit you understand! It was nearly 5 minutes before I asked for my pants back & slipped them on teasing him again as I did. I wondered if I had overdone it, pushed him too far because he looked fit to explode. So far, despite being so very close the whole time, he had shown no sign of touching me which only heightened my power over him. We wandered back through the arcade to McDonald’s. “Do you like looking at my cunt?” It was a dumb question, of course he did but I wanted to hear him say so. “Mm! You don’t mind do you?” “No of course not. You can look as much as you like. Is mine as nice as Maria’s?” He was quiet for several moments & I wondered if reminding him had given him an attack of the guilt’s. “I don’t know.” I giggled. “Being a bit diplomatic are we?” “No, it’s just I have never seen her, not like you show me anyway. She is natural, you know, hairy, very hairy so I can’t see much. She doesn’t, well, open up for me. I only see her if she is getting changed & even then she keeps herself pretty well hidden.” “So you are enjoying being able to look at me?” “Yes of course.” He bought me 4 more cups & I started drinking them. “So am I only the second woman you have watched?” He blushed instantly & I knew there had been another, or others. “I don’t really want to talk about it, too embarrassing.” “Surely you can tell me after what I have just done. Lucky for you I wasn’t embarrassed.” He sat for a long time & then began speaking. “I don’t know what got into my head, why I did it. Looking back I’m disgusted with myself.” I waited hoping that wasn’t going to be it, he would tell me. He was quiet again before starting. “For some reason I thought Pro’s, you know, because they let anyone go to bed with them, well they would be really open about that sort of thing.” “But you were wrong?” “I can believe I was so stupid!” There was a lot of pain behind what he was saying so I kept quiet & didn’t try to tease of make fun of him. “I still can’t believe I did what I did!” He began. “I had wanted to watch a girl, a woman I should say, going to the Toilet properly so much! It was just after & started work so I had money & bought a few videos. As much as I enjoyed them they only made me want to see the real thing more & more. It was before I met Maria, not that I would have asked her anyway & there was no one, no one I felt I could trust. It gnawed away at me. I thought of all sorts of things. I read in the paper about a man who had been caught hiding under a Toilet at a Rock Concert just so he could watch the girls weeing. I know this sounds sick but I was envious of him.” He gave me a weak smile. “I was so sure the girls at the Brothels wouldn’t mind. Even though they are not as obvious as they are today I knew of a couple & checked them out. My biggest worry was someone I knew would see me going in so I chose the one which was hidden away. Even then I hung around outside several times trying to get the courage to go in but couldn’t. Finally I got to the stage I was almost desperate & forced myself.” He took a breath as if it was going to be difficult for him to carry on. “A woman came over & asked me what sort of Lady I would like. I felt so ashamed. She bought out some & they were all over me but this wasn’t what I wanted at all. They seemed to realise & left me alone. The woman came back & asked how she could help. I think she knew I was feeling out of place there. I told her. The look she gave me as if there was something wrong with me. I thought, ‘How dare you! You’re nothing but a bloody whore’. She went away & one by one the girls came out again & stared at me. They knew what I had asked for & were looking down their noses at me. Sometimes they were together & whispered behind their hands. The looks they gave me! Bitches! I felt so disgusted with myself as if there was something really wrong with what I had asked.” “Finally the woman came back & said ‘Tracy’ would do it but I would have to wait because she was with a client. I sat there for nearly an hour as men came & went. I was so scared someone I knew would come in. The other men were so relaxed & comfortable with the girls I envied them. Finally she appeared & told me to follow. I nearly didn’t. It had been quite an ordeal by then already & was about to get worse. We passed some of the other girls along the way & they gave me ‘the look’, obviously knew where she was taking me. The Toilet was small, dark, filthy & it stank. I felt dreadful. It made it seem so dirty, the whole thing. She took her pants down, sat with her legs quite close together so even if it had been light enough I don’t think I would seen much anyway. It was just a dribble lasting about 10 seconds & that was it. She wiped herself, pulled her pants up & charged me $150! It was my worse experience with weeing ever. The woman at the front said ‘Are you satisfied now?’ as I walked passed & I thought, ‘How dare you! It’s alright for you, you do it everyday & can watch yourself as much as you like!’ I could have died & have never went anywhere near a place like that again.” He had become quite emotional & even now years later it still bought back bad memories for him. I regretted asking now but knew that after all he had been through I was giving him what he really needed at last. “It must have been terrible for you.” “It was.” I reached over, took his hand & squeezing it. “If it’s any consolation, I don’t think there is anything wrong with you.” I wasn’t sure quite what made me say it but as I did I realised it was what I believed. He looked up at me. “Do you mean that?” “Yes, I really mean it & just to prove it we can start heading back when you are ready & I will let you watch me peeing again & I will open my legs as wide as you want me to so you can see as much as you want to.” He was still quite upset by his recollections but I could see that it cheered him up. Realising there was little point in asking him what he wanted, having handed over my pants for him to sniff I put the seat down. “Want to see me squatting this time?” That got a big smile. Hitching my skirt up, I stepped onto the seat & shuffled until I had my balance. “Ready?” Not being sure what would happen if I pushed, especially as he was very close again looking up at me, I let it trickle out in its own time. He still had the same delighted look on his face & didn’t seem disappointed I wasn’t pushing. On the plus side it lasted a very long time, nearly a minute again. Once I stopped dribbling, I wiped & waited for him to have his look, over 5 minutes this time before my legs stiffened up & I had to get down. “Sorry I could go as hard that time.” “That was great, really great, so natural, just the way I like it & it went on so long.” He was enthusing so I knew no harm had been done. He hadn’t stood up so I guessed he wanted more & hoisted up my skirt & posed in various positions for him to get a good round view. “Enjoying it?” He blushed brightly. “It’s alright, you are curious, that’s all. I don’t mind that.” He did for a couple more minutes. I gulped down the 4 cups. “That should be enough now. How are we going for time?” “About 45 minutes.” “I should manage 2 more with a bit of luck. What say we go over to save time when I am ready.” We made our way through the arcade & I did a bit of window shopping. I stopped at the Lingerie shop & peered in. He stood back as if he was embarrassed. “What do you think of these?” There was a featured display in the front which I quite liked. He stayed back. “You can’t see from over there.” He came over slowly obvious not comfortable at looking at women’s underwear. “Do you like this one?” He blushed & smiled but I could tell he didn’t. “Well which one then.” He had been looking over at the corner & his eyes kept going back there. It was a bight red underwear set with black lace, very sheer but pretty just the same. “You like that one?” He blushed. “Typical male, likes his woman to dress up as a slut whether she is one or not.” I had hit the nail on the head & he cowed away. Seat up again I stood beside the bowl with one foot up & holding each side of my labia began peeing & directing it round the bowl. “Peein’ like a Boy!” He was enjoying it immensely. I varied the pressure & the angle for him to give as big a number of possibilities as I could. His face was right next to my leg & as I moved & swayed, brushed against him a few times. I didn’t flinch at all just carried on as if nothing had happened. It was as if he was too engrossed to notice the contact. After I had finished I waited again. There seemed to be no limit to his curiosity as he stared for 2 or 3 minutes after. Again I opened my labia so he could see inside me & moved again so he got better & different views. The whole time he had his face buried in the crotch of my pants & it still did little to mask his panting. “Enough?” He looked up & gave me a warm smile even though I could see how worked up he still was. “Yes thank you.” “You’re welcome.” We wandered out into the arcade. “Have we got time for one more?” “Just.” “I won’t be long. Once I get started I can’t stop.” “Will you be alright?” “I think so. I might be up & down a bit during the night but I should be fine tomorrow.” As I continued my window shopping I became aware of him watching me, studying, following my every move as if he couldn’t quite believe I was there. When I caught his eye I flashed a big smile & he gave me a warm one back. Barely 20 minutes had passed before I felt the pressure building up again. “I’m ready.” “That didn’t take long.” “It’s starting to come through now.” I gave him a cheeky smile. We made our way through to the Toilet. He still didn’t know what he wanted so I decided to go normally opening up just enough for him to see. My legs touched his face as I was going & I was careful to not give any impression it bothered me. I was happy for it to trickle away quite normally. He looked up at me a couple of times & had a most wonderful look on his face. He was really enjoying it, which was obvious. I wiped myself as soon as I was done & lifted my feet up onto the seat. “One last look okay?” He gave me such a lovely smile. I began opening for him & stretching so he got to see all. The minutes ticked by. “How are you going for time? Can’t have you missing your train & getting into trouble with Maria.” He had a quick glimpse at his watch before returning to me. I waited until he had decided it was time & moved away. I slipped my pants back on & we headed out into the arcade. “I’ll come to the station with you if you like?” He had such a lovely smile on his face as he’d had for the past hours. “Are you sure?” “It’s on my way.” It wasn’t but I wasn’t about to let on. It had been a brilliant evening for me & I really didn’t want it to end. It had come as a surprise how much I’d enjoyed myself. “I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me tonight.” “You’re welcome. It’s no big deal to me, I had to go anyway & I didn’t mind push it with the tea for you & your looking at me.” “If you only knew how much I have wanted to see that, see a woman going normally.” His voice was breaking but he held it. I felt a rush go through me. It was almost as if I had been waiting for a chance to show someone. The feeling of power was intoxicating & I had enjoyed as much as he had. We walked quietly as if it’s impact was still sinking in. He spoke first. “Will I be able to watch you again sometime?” “Yes. Peter there is just one thing.” He looked worried. “I would feel happier if you found me somewhere private to go.” “I’m sorry I should have planned it a lot better.“ “That’s okay, you weren’t to know how it was going to work out any more than I did. It’s just that if we keep using Public Toilets sooner or later we will get caught & it might find its way back to someone who knows us.” He nodded in acquiescence. “You want to enjoy it don’t you, not always look over your shoulder the whole time?” He was still nodding as the reality of what I said sunk in. “I will make you a promise! If you find me somewhere private I will let you watch me again.” “Do you mean that?” “Yes! One thing I can tell you about myself is I never make promises I can’t or won’t keep.” He seemed relieved. “Thanks for thinking of the arcade tonight, it was very special, I will never forget it, ever.” “You’re welcome.” He smiled & nodded. There were still a couple of minutes so we sat together on a brick fence. “I can’t tell you how much this has meant to me.” “I am beginning to understand.” “I can’t believe what you have done for me.” I was feeling warm & fuzzy. “You’re welcome. It wasn’t a big thing for me, as I said I had to go anyway if you came with me or not. It was just a matter of getting used to you being there.” “It was awesome just the same.” It gave me a real buzz hearing him say it. “I suppose.” The pressure was there again & although I could have held on long enough to get to the Ladies in the Station I thought, ‘Why waste it’. There was a billboard just opposite & after a quickly check to see I wouldn’t be caught, hurried across & hid at the end in just enough light for him to see. He was looking towards the Station & hadn’t noticed me gone. “Peter?” He looked round. I kicked off my shoes, lifted my skirt up to my waist & started wetting my pants. A look of horror came over his face & he quickly looked up & down but there was no one coming. The look of horror was quickly replaced by a huge smile as he watched my pee splashing everywhere, running down my legs & making a big puddle around my feet. Pushing out the last few spurts I wriggled my bum to dislodge any last drips before dropping my skirt, collecting up my shoes & skipping back to him. He was shaking his head in delighted disbelief. I kissed him on the cheek. “Call me.” I scampered up the path leaving him still in shock & as I did two women came down towards the station & one said, “Disgusting! You’d think he could have waited until he got to a Toilet!” I had to stop on the way home but didn’t bother pulling my pants down, just wet them again as I stood beside the car & only just got in the door. Instead of heading down to the Toilet I made my way out onto the deck before wetting them again. I was wet from the waist down & reeked of pee. It wasn’t unpleasant I decided. In no mood to sleep, on too much of a high, light headed from my evening of debauchery, I opened a bottle of wine & took it out onto the deck. “What a night!” I said it out loud. I hadn’t had so much fun in years & got so horny as a result of it. I can’t believe what I have done, how complete unashamed I have been, a real exhibitionist but mostly how much I have enjoyed it. There was still the aftermath & as needed I wet, soaking myself. My hand found its way inside the wet pants & in no time I was soaring to orgasm, one, two, three wetting at will with complete disregard for where I was & what I was wearing. As I undressed before my shower I was surprised to find my bra was damp too, such was the extent of my constant wetting. I bundled it all up & put it in to soak. Fresh & clean I couldn’t resist not one, but a second body quivering orgasm before drifting off to sleep.
  11. “So why peeing?” “Don’t know,” “What do you mean, you don’t know, you must have some idea.” “No! I just know that it fascinates me and I think about it all of the time.” “What, every day?” “Yes.” “Really? But you must have some idea though, surely, or how else would you have known you liked it in the first place?” “Haven’t got a clue.” “What are you saying, you just woke up one morning and thought, hmm I am going to annoy girls by watching them going to the Toilet from now on!” “No of course not.” “So what started it then.” He seemed quite embarrassed. “I don’t think I can tell you, it’s personal.” “Oh right! This from the man who has just invaded my privacy in the most personal way!“ I said it in a teasing way, not accusing. He started to blush. “Who am I going to tell anyway?“ I decided to let it go. We sat in silence for a few moments while I was trying to think of something else to talk about. “I saw it on TV.” “What? Women going to the Toilet? What channel do you watch?” “No, it was a video.” “There are videos of women going to the Toilet?” “Course lots of them.” “Never heard of it.” “Have you ever seen a blue movie?” “1 or 2, but none of the women went to the Toilet, not that I saw.” “You have to buy special ones.” “Right. So when did you see this video?” “When I was at College.” “That must have been years ago.” “Yes.” There was a long pause. “It wasn’t my idea to tell the truth, I only went to keep Craig happy.” “Craig?” “My best friend at school. He had never seen a girl down there.” “A cunt!” “What?” “A cunt, he had never seen a girl’s cunt.” I smiled. He was obviously enjoying it. “Yes.” “And you had? Spy on your sisters did you?” “Didn’t have to, not with Kel anyway.” “Bit of an exhibitionist is she?” “No not really, she just doesn’t like clothes. I remember Mum saying that she would grow out of it, but she never did. Mum used to get so mad with her, but there was nothing anyone could do. No punishments seemed to work, it just didn’t bother her. When she was at home, she just didn‘t wear clothes, that was it! Dad would take her to work with him on Saturdays to get her out of Mum hair for a while, but as soon as she got back home again, she would just strip off again.” “So you saw what she looked like.” “Couldn’t help it.” “Where did two College boys get a blue movie from?” “In those days you couldn’t buy them, or hire them. Someone would have had to have smuggled them in from overseas. There was a guy at College called Wayne, he was a bit older than us. He was just like the Fonz!” “Who?” “The Fonz, you know, Happy Days on TV?” “Never seen it.” “I thought everyone knew the Fonz. Anyway he was one of those really cool sort of guys. I always wanted to be like him. This is when video players were fairly new and very expensive. He had his own and a TV in his own room off their house with his own shower and everything. I was really envious of him. He had a friend, well I don’t think they were really friends, more of a side kick called Nigel. I couldn’t stand him. He thought he was another Wayne, but he was nothing like him.” “I think I know the sort.” “Wayne had some blue movies. Craig had managed to get Nigel to let him come along the next time they would be showing them.” “So he could see a cunt.” I smiled. Peter just looked at me, raised his eyebrows and carried on. “He was too scared to go by himself and hassled me until I said I would go. To be honest I wasn’t really that bothered. It was to be one Friday night when Wayne’s Parents were away. We got there about 7 o’clock. We watched the first one.“ “Did you like it?” “It was okay. There was one girl that was really cute, I didn’t mind her. And one guy was really huge. It was the first time I had seen another guy with a … you know!” I decided not to pursue it, I had shocked him enough already. “To be honest, I was ready to go then, I had seen enough.” “Yes, I can’t be bothered if they go on too long. Half an hour was plenty for me.” “Do you like them?” “Course. I wouldn’t watch one on my own, but if I am with a boyfriend they’re okay. Sometimes. They help to get me in the mood.” “Do you like looking at the men.” “Sure. Some of them are a bit unreal! Freaks almost.” “So you like the big ones?” “Not really. I don’t mind looking at them, but that’s about all. I have had a couple of biggish boyfriends but to be completely honest, it was a bit disappointing. Some of my best times were with normal size guys. It’s true what they say, it not what you got, but how you use it. I hope you don’t mind me being honest but I think I would prefer a normal size cock to big one, if its got a good man on the end of it!“ I thought back to the cubicle. He had felt fairly big, from what I could make out, but probably not the super humans I had seen on videos. “Do you like seeing the girls?” “Of course!” He seemed to be wanting me to say something more. I realised that he was uncomfortable with something. “I like seeing their bodies and, well, watching them touching themselves. I love watching them as they are getting it. Some of them really do enjoy it you know, I can tell. Do you like seeing the guys?” He blushed. “Look it’s okay. It doesn’t mean that you are queer just because you get a buzz out of seeing your own sex you know. I imagine being gay is a lot more than that. Don’t worry about it! If you were that way inclined you would know, even if you didn’t admit it, I am sure you would know.” He seemed reassured. “Their okay!“ He blushed. “Especially if they are not cut.“ He added very quietly, almost unintentionally, as if he hadn’t really wanted me to hear. I wondered if he was ’uncut” or not. I wondered if I would ever get to see his cock. Would he let me watch him pee? I was curious now. “I didn’t really enjoy the second one as much. It seemed to go on and on, same thing over and over. Also the girls weren’t as nice. I had seen all I wanted to. When it finished I really wanted to go but Craig wouldn’t. I was going to just leave him there but he pleaded with me so I said one more! From when we had first arrived Nigel had been going on about the German one. It meant nothing to us. After the second one he talked Wayne into putting it on. It wasn’t like the others. The woman was a lot older not as pretty, but the thing I remember most, was that she was really hairy. Not just down there,” ‘Her cunt’, I thought, but decided to let it go, “but her legs and armpits too. She was wearing a corset and long boots. I remember she had quite saggy … boobies, and really dark nipples. Anyway they were outside and he was sort of tied up. He had a mask thing on and she had been hitting him with a whip. I really wasn’t enjoying it. The other two videos had been, well, attractive, you know, the girls were pretty, they were in nice bedrooms, it was just like you imagined it would be, but this was quite sleazy, especially as I didn‘t know anything about the darker side of sex then. Of course, I was still a virgin then so had no idea what it was like, sex that is!“ “He was on his back on the ground. She squatted over his face. I suddenly thought, ‘She’s not going to?’ The others sensed it as well and they all said ‘Oh no!’. With that, she held herself open and went in his mouth! ………….. That was it!” There was a long pause. “What do you mean?” “That was it, I was hooked!” “What, just like that?” “Yes! Despite everything & she certainly was not the sort of girl you would take home, how crude the whole thing had been, that was it, I was completely captivated. … hooked! … addicted! … since then, not a day has gone by when I haven’t thought something about it.” “Really? Why?” “I honestly don’t know. I have tried to figure it out and I simply do not know, just that I am absolutely fascinated by it. That‘s all.” “What did Craig say?” “He was going on about how gross and disgusting it was, what a slut she was, how anyone could let someone go in their mouth. They were a really turned off by it. I think I was the only one who actually enjoyed that bit. I wanted Wayne to go back so I could see it again, but I was too scared to ask. Judging by the reaction of the others they would have thought I was pretty sick! Luck for me, she did it again later in the movie and at the end two other women turned up with two guys and they all did it, men on women as well as women on men.” “And you didn’t mind that!” “It’s not my favourite. I prefer women on their own, going naturally, but I will watch anything that has women going.” “I see! So now are a pee addict!” “You could say that!” “What happened then?” “Nothing much for a while. After that movie we went home. I think Craig had been quite disgusted by it. He didn’t say much the next day and didn’t bother to try & watch them again.“ “How about you? What did you do about you new found fascination?“ “There wasn’t much I could do. I remember thinking about it all the time, trying to recall what I had seen, but that was about all really. I used to try to listen to girls going to the toilet if I could. I would try and hang round outside the toilet when Mum or my sisters went. Sometimes I was really lucky and they wouldn’t have shut the door properly, but that was about all.“ “How many sisters have you got?“ “Just two, Marlene, who is nearly four years older than me and Kel, Kelly, who is 15 months younger.” “That’s the Nudist one?” “She is actually! She and Bob and their kids go to one of those Nudist places.” “Have you ever been?” “Hell no! I think Maria would die if I suggested it. How about you?” “I don‘t know. I have never had the chance. I don‘t think I would have any problem stripping off in front of others, but I just don‘t know what they do all day.” As I spoke I thought, the idea of a complete stranger seeing me naked quite appealed, but I was not going to let on. “I suppose if I had a boyfriend who was into it I would go along, but I don’t think I would seek it out for myself.” Yes, I thought to myself, that was exactly how I felt about it. “You were saying?” “Where was I?” “Listen at toilet doors!” “Was I. Oh yes. I did have some luck one afternoon. We were invited to my Uncles for a barbeque. Quite by accident, I found that I was standing outside the toilet window. It was girls inside, boys out the back. I could usually tell when they were going and as I listened to them trickling, I tried to imagine what they looked like. It was quite good fun. After that, if we went to a barbeque, I would always tried to find the Toilet or Bathroom window. Sometimes I got lucky.” “Did you have any girlfriends?” “I always had a girlfriend when I was growing up.” “Same one?” “No, but I usually went steady for a few months at least.” “Did you ask any of them?” “Are you kidding? They would have thought there was something wrong with me! No I never asked any of my girlfriends.” “How long before you finally got to see a girl going again?” “About six months, I suppose, when Dad bought a video player. I had been thinking about that one I had seen ever since & I decided to see if I could borrow it. I asked Nigel but he just went on about it being Wayne’s favourite. He said it was worth $500 and Wayne would not let it out of his sight. He said that he could borrow it any time, but he wasn’t prepared to pass it on to anyone else. He really pissed me off!” “You didn’t like him, did you?” “No I don‘t. I still see him round sometimes. He is always really friendly, but I can’t be bothered with him. Anyway a couple of days later I saw Wayne as I was leaving College & thought, I have got nothing to lose! Luckily, he remembered me and the night we had watched the videos. I told him my cousin was coming to stay, I had told him how gross the German thing was and I wondered if I could borrow it to show him. He just said yes! I couldn’t believe it! He asked me when I wanted it, so I said this weekend. He said okay, just call in Friday on my way home and pick it up. I was over the moon! I knew I was going to have the house to myself on Saturday as they were all going up to see Nana and I had managed to get out of it. When I got there, he shuffled amongst his collection, he had about thirty, then gave it to me. Then he said I could keep it if I liked, he doesn’t watch it anymore! I nearly died! So much for Nigel and his $500! I couldn’t believe my luck! It was great. Then he said he had another gross one as well I could have if I wanted. He said it was really sick too. I remember feeling really ashamed when he gave it to me. It was a proper pee movie, my first & as it turned out, better than the one I had asked for in the first place. By the way her looked at me he knew they were for me & what I was interested in. I felt really embarrassed as if I had been caught red handed!” “So you had a bit of luck?” “Well sort of. Nana had to go out so they didn’t go and I had to wait three weeks before I got another chance. I remember being terrified that someone would find them. I kept them hidden but you don’t know my Mother!” “Worth the wait?” “Are you kidding! The other one was perfect! It was just girls peeing, on the Toilet & squatting outside which I preferred. There were over 50 separate scenes. I still have them both.” “Do you?” “Yes, they are pride of place in my collection.” “How many do you have?” “Three hundred and sixty.” “What! I didn’t think they could make that many about going to the toilet! Does Maria know about them?” “Yes.” “What does she think?” “She doesn’t mind, so long as I keep them properly locked away. We never really discuss them.” “Right, so what happened then?” “Well things didn’t change much. I just had the two, which I would watch whenever I could.” “And you still didn’t ask any of your girlfriends if you could watch.” “Hell no, I would never had got anyone to go out with me.” “You might be surprised” “It was different then. Anyway I wasn’t really prepared to take the risk. I used to like listening though. I think I got to hear all of my girlfriends at least once, as well as any other friends and neighbours that happened to use our loo! Mum was the best! She seldom closes the door & the Bathroom was right next door so I used to hide in there & listen. Marlene caught me once & asked what I was up to. I was really scared so I told her I wanted to go & was waiting for Mum to finish. Luckily I got away with it! When I started work I managed to get a desk quite close to the Toilets. I could see the door & loved watching the girls going in and out all day long trying to imagine what they must have looked like weeing. One girl caught me & after she had come out walked up to my desk and said ‘What the hell are you looking at?’ I felt so guilty. I was really careful after that” “It wasn’t long after I started work, that I stared my video collection. Things had freed up as far as those sorts of videos were concerned & you could buy them at the Adult shops. I got used to what I was looking for & only bought the ones that had pee scenes. Sometimes there were only one or two in the whole movie but every now & then & found ones with dozens. Most places you can take them back and swap them, but I never did. I am scared that I might not be able to find them again. It started off okay, I could hide 15 then 20, but after a while it became a real problem. In the end I bought a special cupboard which I left in a shed that Craig had as a workshop until I got my own place. I used to keep a few at home at a time and change them over. He was funny when he found out what I was collecting. He remembered that night and took great pains to point out to me that I had him to thank for my discovery. He never really found out just how serious I was about it.“ “Do you still see him?” “No, not now. He lives overseas. He is now a Diplomat. We wrote for a couple of years, but after a while we sort of drifted apart.” “Same thing happened with my old School Friends. So Maria is quite happy for you to own and watch them?” “She let me buy them.” “Did she?” “Yes. We allowed so much each month and I could keep my collection up to date.” “You are very lucky. I know of women who won’t have them in the house! Sounds as though you have been very fortunate.” “Peter?” I hesitated for several moments. “Um, … I not sure whether you are still interested or not. Are you happy with what I did out the back?” “Yes. As I said, it was perfect, better than I thought it would be. Why?” “Well, it’s just that I will need to go again shortly.” “What! So soon?” “It’s the tea. I have to be very careful where I drink it because it is a real diuretic to me!” “What’s that?” “You don’t know? I thought you of all people would be an expert about everything to do with ladies going to the toilet by now? A ‘diuretic’, um … let me see … it’s like a laxative for your bladder, I suppose. Yes, that is the best way to describe it. They give it to women during child birth to empty them out, so that the bladder doesn’t get in the way.” “Really!” He said, blushing a little. “Do you know what a laxative is?” “Of course I do.” He was quite indignant. “It would be a good job for you!“ I said with a cheeky grin. “Anyway …………… you can watch me if you want to.” “Do you mean it? You wouldn’t mind?” His face lit up. He was like a little boy. I couldn’t help smiling. “Of course not. I have to go anyway, whether you come with me or not. It’s just that there are too many here now to risk it I think, what about you?” He looked around. While we had been engrossed in our conversation, the place had pretty much filled up. At that moment a woman was heading into the passage as another was heading back. “We probably wouldn’t get away with it again. Is there anywhere else you can think of, … that’s not too far away?” He was funny. He got a real look of concentration on his face. I couldn’t stop herself from laughing. “What?” “No, it’s nothing!” For all of his seriousness and the lengths he had gone to ask me, the tremendous risks he had taken, finally when he was going to get more than he had dreamed of, he had absolutely no ideas whatsoever. I realised that I would have to come to his rescue again. Not that I minded, I was looking forward to peeing for him too. “There is a place, it’s a bit of a walk, so we will have to get going soon!” “What is it?” “It’s in an arcade. I sometimes go there when I am up the other end of town.” “But we might get caught. What if someone comes in?” “We will use the wheelchair one. Anyone can go in there and we can’t be disturbed.” I couldn’t think why I had not thought of it sooner, instead of squeezing into that tiny cubicle. I was really looking forward to it now, my vagina was twitching away merrily. ‘What’s new?’ I thought, it had been twitching on and off all night. That was not going to change until I got home and did some serious masturbating. I wondered if he would be masturbating tonight or if Maria was in for the time of her life! “Ready?” “Right.” He jolted into action. As he stood up, I couldn’t help noticing that he already had an erection. I smiled to myself, ‘Poor Maria!’. He insisted on paying and then we were out into the street. There were probably other arcades closer, I thought, but they might not have the wheelchair toilet. There was no time to look around, better to stick with the one I am sure of. As we made our way across to the Mall he became quieter and quieter, his face took on the look of intensity it had the last time. As I had expected, it was still open. ‘Opps!’ I thought as I turned in & leaked a little. ‘Cut it a bit too fine and christened my new pants!’. It was nice as it ran down the inside of my leg. Still, it seamed to take the pressure off just enough to make it through those last few metres. There was no one in the arcade, a part from a couple of security guards at the far end. The Toilets were in a short passage off to one side. I led him down and stopped outside the door. I was really looking forward to letting him see me again & had become very aroused! He had that look on his face again. I felt wonderful. Once again, I was very full. ‘He certainly is getting good value‘ I thought. I couldn’t resist one last tease. “I don’t think you will have to wait this time, I can feel it, I am definitely ready to go!” I went in first & this time he remembered to lock the door! I hesitated for several moment, deliberately prolonging his anticipation. First, I kicked off my shoes. He was watching me intently. Next, I raised my skirt to my waist. He immediately looked down. I knew he could see my pants. Trying my best to keep my skirt up, I slipped them down then right off. I wasn’t sure what made me do it, but I threw them to him. I watched as he immediately held them up to his nose and smelled the wet spot. My vagina was twitching like crazy. ‘God I wish I could masturbate!’. This time there was plenty of room. I lifted the seat. He would see more if I just sat on the porcelain, I decided. I gathered my skirt up, holding it high just under my bra, legs were at right angles and I leaned forward just a bit so my pee wouldn’t go straight ahead. Once again, I reached down and spread my labia so they wouldn’t stick together and make me sprinkle! “Ready?” He moved down again, this time his chin was resting on the front of the bowl, so close, but I had now decided that I liked that & his face still buried in the crotch of my pants. My vagina was twitching almost continuously, but didn’t prevent me from getting started this time. I let a short burst go to see where it was pointing. It was okay, just below the rim. Now I relaxed completely and it started without fuss. Deciding to be different this time, I began to push as hard as I could. A look of sheer delight came over his face. I knew it was going to happen, but did nothing to stop it. ‘Goes with the territory!’, ‘He will have to get used to it!’ He smiled as I farted. I didn’t bother to pardon myself, after all, he wanted to be here! It came out at a thundering jet as I pushed as hard as I could, splashing him too, but he didn’t seem to mind. I let myself make all sorts of grunting noises. His face didn’t change, kept that same look of delight! I could only manage a couple of spurts at the end, but continued to push, knowing he would see my vulva moving. Once again, I was in no hurry to stop him seeing me & continued to push and squeeze for a good minute. Taking some paper and making a wad, I dried myself. Once, twice, three times, very carefully. I sat there after for a minute or more, while he just stared at me & was really enjoying his attention! We were unlikely to be stopping anyone else at this hour, so I was quite happy to stay there as long as he wanted. Eventually, the porcelain felt hard and my bum was starting to get stiff. “Excuse me?” I stood up. Once again, my vulva was right in front of his nose. He didn’t move, just stared straight ahead! I didn’t know what had made me do it, but I lifted a foot up onto the edge of the bowl. His face lit up. He moved down, in between my legs and looked up at me. “Better?“ He was as close as he could be without touching. I thought to myself, ‘What the hell!’ reached down, spreading my labia to make sure he got a really good look inside! A minute went by so I asked. “Okay? Seen enough?” He stared to move away slowly, still with my pants pushed into his face. “Can I have them now?” He stood up and passed them to me without speaking. As well as my wetting they really were a sticky mess & he must have noticed. I started to slip them back on. I could see him watching so did it as slowly as I could, pausing when they were at the top of my thighs, to give him one last look. “Okay?” He smiled. I could see the bulge of his erection very clearly in his trousers. I slipped them the rest of the way up & into place. “Okay?“ Giving him one long last look, before letting my skirt drop. I glanced across at him several times and smiled, as I was washing my hands. His erection was very obvious, but I made sure I only caught quick glances at it and that he didn’t see me staring, as much as she wanted to. “That’s much better! Shall we go?“ As expected, there was no one waiting for the Toilet & still hardly anyone in the arcade. We wandered back out, across the street and sat on a bench seat, in a small park. “How was that?” He had started to relax again. “Better than last time?” “Different.” “Which one did you like best?” “Both! I must admit, though, it is a bit better when you going really hard like that.” “Could you see my pee-hole while I was going?” He blushed, he obviously wasn’t used to her openness. “Most of the time.” “Good! I was hoping you could.” We sat together, deep in thought. I was really enjoying it, more that time because I felt in greater control. He hadn’t tried to touch me even though he was so close at times. I wasn’t sure what I would do if he did! Probably just ask him to stop, that’s all. I wouldn’t not pee for him, or not let him look at me, enjoying it far too much & couldn’t wait to do it again! “What time do you usually go home.” “Just after ten. I catch the train. How about you?” “I have got my car, so I can go anytime.” “Right!” “It’s only 8 o‘clock. Peter, now that I am here, and, well, I am starting to get the hang of it, would you like to watch me going again before you go?” “Are you kidding?” “I thought so! I could probably manage a couple more times before then, maybe even three with a bit of luck. It seem silly to waste the opportunity especially now you have somewhere you can and well, if you buy me tea, it won‘t be very long before I am ready again. What do you say?” ”Are you sure you don’t mind?” He seemed beside himself with excitement. “No of course not. As you could see, I had no trouble that time. It’s no big deal to me, but having got this far and with there still being time, I might as well. It will give you something to remember me by.” “I will never ever forget you, or tonight. It has been the greatest night of my entire life!” “What better than getting Married, or the birth of your kids.” “Well just as great!” “The sooner I have some tea, the sooner I will be ready to go again!” He beamed at me. There was a McDonald’s Café just up the street. As we walked together he became all bashful. “Can I ask you something.” “Go ahead.” “You know before when you let me have your pants, well, they were quite wet. Did you?” “No not really, just leaked a bit. It sometimes happens if I leave it too long.” “Oh!” He looked a little dejected. “Do you ever wet your pants?” “I haven’t for years, why?” He was really blushing now. “Nothing.” “Sure?” “I have never seen a woman having an accident.” “Haven’t you? I’m surprised to hear that! You had no trouble knowing I was about to pee so there must have been others. You are constantly on the hunt for desperate women by the sounds of it.” He was so embarrassed. “No.” “No?” That got a smile.
  12. “Rebecca speaking.” Silence. “Hello? ……………. ” Silence. “Anyone there? ……………… ” I was about to hang up when he spoke. “Yes I remember.” I jumped in quickly, my heart began to race almost instantly. It was him, at last, after I had quite given up & thought I would never hear from him again, after all it had been 8 weeks. “That’s okay.” I was swift with my reply again eager to find out what he wanted. “Yes. ……………………… If you like. …………… It’s up to you, it was your idea. …………………….. No, nothing planned. ……………. BRUCE?” Then I remembered making him up as a bit of extra insurance. A policeman, really, I was sure he must have seen right through me but seems no. I had to come up with something quickly. “He’s on afternoons all this week & doesn’t finish until midnight. …………... No, I often have a few drinks with the men from work. He understands about that sort of thing. …………………….. I don’t mind. I haven’t got a regular as such. You decide. ………………………………. “ He dithered for quite a while before suggesting ‘a little out of the way place’ he assured me would be quiet. It was only about 10 minutes walk from the office so that suited me not having to drive & find parking. “Sounds great. …………………………. 4.30. …………. Yes fine, I can make that. ……………….. I will see you then. …… Bye.” My heart was in a flutter & I am feeling quite light headed. I am going to see him again! What would he be like? It had only been a short encounter last time but he had left quite an impression on me. I had been busy working when he had phoned but that was it for the night, there was no way I could concentrate now. After packing my computer away & tidying up the files I poured a glass of wine & made my way out onto the deck. A surge in my tummy & my vagina began contracting without any prompting & I knew exactly what it was doing to my pants! Why was I getting so worked up, he was married & I had no intention of having an affair with him. It must have been the attention he had paid me, made me feel special in that brief time we had been together. He certainly was good looking & very charming. ‘Trust him to be married’ I rued. Still, it was going to be an evening out, my first for ages. It was only Monday so there was plenty of time to be prepared & as it had been quite a while since I last indulged myself & decide to go for the full treatment to make me feel great if nothing else. The image of him watching me through the bushes returned as I gave in to my growing need letting a hand find it’s way up my skirt finding very wet pants confirming what I already knew, he had got to me again! Friday arrived at last! The week had dragged & I couldn’t wait. Carol had miss read my excitement. “Looking forward to tomorrow night?” “Yes I think so.” “You should be, it has been a considerable achievement.” I felt a little embarrassed. “It’s not every Saturday night you get taken out to dinner by the entire board of a company. You should feel proud.” “I do, it’s just that ….. well ……… I was only doing my job really.” “The Board obviously thinks you have done it very well & for it to be Tobias, for him to invite you personally, now that is a real feather in you cap.” I found myself blushing a little. “Make sure you have an early night tonight.” “I’m going out.” “Are you?” She didn’t have to say it, Carol was curious. It was very rare for me to go out for a drink which wasn’t business related. “Anybody we know?” She was fishing. “No just a friend.” “Well don’t you go burning the midnight oil you hear?” “I won’t, promise, but I might get away early today.” “Go for it. If anyone deserves an early day it’s you.” “Thanks.” Everything was ready, just the Curtis’s at 4pm, that should take about 10 minutes, a quick change & I should be away by 25 past making me fashionably 5 minutes late. Don’t want to appear too eager, even though I am. It had been a busy week preparing, had my hair done, waxing, nails, all of the usual & trimmed my pubes, not that he would know that. I haven’t bought any new clothes, just underwear. I swear by it, to feel good on the outside you must be at your very best underneath. That would be the last thing to change & freshen up. I bought a change of clothes too, something a little brighter & less formal. I have been looking forward to this all week & Carol had commented a couple of time as to how bright I was. We had afternoon tea together & I tidied up my desk ready for the new week leaving out just what I need for my last appointment. They arrived on time & I showed them in. The report took no time to present & they were suitably impressed. “So if that is all for today?” “There is something. Our son ………….. “ “Thank you for that, I will get on to it as soon as I can & get back to you.” They said their goodbyes & the Curtis’s left. It was 10 to 5! “Weren’t you meeting someone?” “Yes!” I hurried through freshening & changing & raced out the door at 5 to. This was the last thing I wanted, to be rushing as I galloped down the street. It was probably a wasted effort because he was bound to have given up on me & gone. I got there at 5 past panting! So much for a ‘quiet out of the way place’ it was packed, a sea of faces. I walked up & down searching for him. What did he look like? I wasn’t sure I remembered. Where was he? I crossed & back twice & was about to give up when something caught my eye, someone waving in my direction. It was him, WHEW! It was too packed for him to come over so I bought myself a drink & pushed my way through. Miraculously he had managed to save me a seat. It was hopeless. All the noise meant normal conversation was impossible. We persevered for a while but gave up in the end. “This is hopeless!” “It’s not good.” I forbore to point out it was his idea. “Shall were go somewhere else?” “I think so.” We staggered out onto the relative quiet of the street. “I’m really sorry about that. Last time I was here it was a quiet little place. It certainly has changed.” I accepted that it hadn’t been intentional, he was just as upset about it as me. “Most of the other pubs will be the same now.” I guessed he was probably right, POETS day, Push Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday! I could see he was unhappy. “What were you going to do for dinner?” “I thought I would grab something on the way home.” “I usually have mine in town. Would you like to go somewhere & eat instead. I know it is early but we could buy a bottle of wine.” I was really looking forward to spending time with him & wasn’t about to be done out of it. “If you like.” “I know a place, it is only a Café but the food is good.” “It sounds fine.” We had it all to ourselves. He had picked up the wine along the way, a sweet white which I was not enjoying but the Café was a BYO so I had to put up with it. Settled at last, tucked off to one side where it was quiet we began to talk & soon got over the difficult start to the evening as I quickly discovered he was everything I remembered him to be. The conversation was great right through the meal & while we drank our teas & coffees. He got up to go to the Men’s but when he returned seemed quieter. I ignored it at first hoping he would brighten up again but he didn’t just got more & more solemn. I wondered if it had been something I had said. It crossed my mind that in spite of his protestations, maybe he had been looking for an affair with me after all. I gave it another 10 minutes but nothing changed. It could have been anything as far as I was concerned & although disappointed it hadn’t worked out, decided to go to the Ladies & then make my excuses before heading home. I picked up my purse. “Will excuse me.” Starting to stand up. “There is something I want to ask you?” ‘Oh Dear’ I thought, he wasn’t all he made himself out to be. “Look Peter, I told you I don’t go with married men, sorry.” “It’s not like that.” “No, well can’t it wait until I get back.” “It is about that?” “What?” He started, hoping I would mind, apologising in advance for asking me, hoping I would think there was something wrong with him, it just went on & on. “Look Peter I don’t have time for this. If I don’t go soon I won’t need to. Ask me if you are going to or wait until I get back.” I moved as if I was about to head over to the passage door. “Can I watch you?” “Watch me?” “Yes.” “Watch what?” “Going.” “You want to watch me pee?” A look of horror came over his face & he quickly looked round to see if anyone had heard. There were only 2 other groups in the Café & they were too engrossed in their own conversations to take any notice. “You want to watch me peeing?” I said it quietly this time. “Yes.” “But, ….. but …… you have already seen me pee, that day in the bushes.” He looked awkward & shrugged his shoulders. “It wasn’t very good, a branch got in the way.” I sat back down. “Why?” He looked strange, guilty or shy, I wasn’t quite sure. “I’m curious, that’s all. ……………… To see what it looks like.” I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t make any sense of it, no one had ever asked me anything like that before. Slipping into automatic mode I treated it as if he had asked me to go to bed with him, deciding to let him down gently, after all I had enjoyed his company up until now & hoped that maybe I could still keep a friendship with him. Someone had told me years ago if you want to defuse a situation like this just mention the wife. It had worked before when I had been hit on. “Shouldn’t you be asking Maria this question?” “I have but she can’t. She tried but it makes her upset.” Strangely I believed him & wasn’t surprised at Maria’s reaction. That didn’t work. It was such an outrageous request I really could think how to handle it. I decided to go along with him & see if I could find a way out of it. “Why are you asking me then?” “Well, last time, even though you knew I was there it still didn’t stop you & you just kept going until the end.” He had his answer prepared & ready as if he had convinced himself I had co-operated. “You didn’t leave me any choice.” “What?” His face started to drop. “There was nothing else I could do. If I had tried to stop I would probably ended up wetting on myself, my clothes anyway & I still had to go back to work. I decided the safest thing for me to do was get it over & done with as quickly as I could & get out of there. ………. Sorry.” His face had been dropping as I spoke & by the time I finished he looked dreadful, really down in the dumps. I felt guilty. So much for letting him down gently! I couldn’t think of what to do next. He looked awful, really miserable. I started to think about it. It didn’t really bother me if he watched me peeing, he had before so that wasn’t an issue, even if it hadn’t exactly been voluntary on my part. The more I thought about it the sorrier I felt for him. He had tried with Maria, I accepted that & that she may have found it difficult, embarrassing, a lot of women probably would. It is a very private thing & a lot of women are uncomfortable about it, not going so much but others being there. Even among other women some are embarrassed. It must mean a lot to him, I decided, because he had taken a big risk asking me in such a public place. I could have made a big scene of it & humiliated him completely. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to please him & see him smiling again. “Where were you going to take me to watch?” “I don’t know!” “You mean you asked me without knowing where I was going to do it?” “How did I know we were going to end up like this. I was sure you had given me the number of you local Pizza place but it was you. I didn’t think you meant what you said about having a drink with me after work. When you were late I was sure you weren’t coming & when you did arrive it turned out to be a disaster. I was sure you would just go home. I …… I never dreamed we would end up having dinner together! I didn’t expected to get this far, well not the first time. I …………….. I …………. don’t have anywhere.” He had got quite worked up waving his arms in the air. It was almost funny, but I managed not to smile. Through it I began to realise that it was as simple & straight forward as this, nothing hidden, no secret agendas, all he wanted was to watch me peeing, for reasons best known to himself. I thought for several moments. “I want you to be completely honest with me Peter?” His face screwed up as if he was dreading what was coming. “Was the reason you invited me for a drink was to ask me if you could watch me pee?” He nodded shamefully, not that he needed to, his face told me it was. If I had any doubts about him before they were gone. There was nothing divisive about him, not for a moment. I decided then that I would let him, it was just a matter of working out how. While we had been talking I hadn’t seen anyone coming or going in the general direction of the Toilets but then there still only a few in the place. “What are the Toilets like here.” “There over there!” He snapped at me but was still disappointed & upset so I forgave him. “I can see that. What are they like?” “I don’t know. Toilets. Ladies & Men’s.” He snapped at me again. “But what are they like?” He heaved an impatient sigh. “Just a Toilet with a place to was your hands.” He did little to hide his irritation & I continued forgiving him. “Are they separate?” “Yes of course, Women & Men, they are always separate.” I was told off! He was very trying but I didn’t mind too much because with a bit of luck it was all about to change for him. “I know but is the Toilet & the wash basin separate?” “Yes of course.” I half expected him to add ‘Stupid!’. “There is only one Toilet?” “Yes!” He was getting very fed up. “Peter if you can smuggle me into the Men’s I will let you watch me pee.” It took several moments for my words to sink in. “What?” “If we go into the Men’s Toilet together you can watch me peeing.” The look on his face was wonderful. Seeing it change from the depths of despair to the height of delight in a few seconds was worth it. “Are you sure?” “If you want to. I need to go anyway so you might as well come too.” He seemed lost for words. All he needed to say was ‘Yes’ but he made such a big performance of it. Suddenly his face changed to concern. “What if we get caught?” I couldn’t believe my ears! After everything, now at last he was about to get what he had waited years for & now he’s panicking about taking a bit of a risk. “I don’t know. We will make something up.” I tried to think. “We could say the Ladies was busy & I was busting so you let be use the Men’s. We will worry about that when the time comes.” He was dithering. The pressure had been building as we had been discussing it & now was getting quite urgent. I stood up. “Look Peter I have to go. If you come with me I will let you see what you want to, it’s up to you, but I can’t wait any longer.” With that I headed off & as I crossed to the door I heard the sound of his footsteps behind sending a tingle through me. It suddenly occurred to me what I would be doing & he would be seeing my vulva again. While I was feeling nervous & a little shy, am also starting to become aroused at the thought of it & even though I have never peed in front of anyone before, I was looking forward to doing so. As I push through the passage door both Toilets were vacant. Walking passed the Ladies, I stepped into the Men’s. Peter arrived moments later. He stood there nervous & full of expectation. “Well?” He look blankly at me. “Aren’t you going to come in?” He stepped inside & stood there. “Close the door.” He gave me a silly grin & pushed it shut. “Lock it. We don’t want to be disturbed do we?” He did. I stepped into the cubicle. It was very small, only enough room for one really so had to straddle the bowl pressing against the cistern so he could get round the door. As he pressed into me I could feel him trembling & he had an erection. It was a long time since I’d had one pressed against me & it felt pleasant. He stood against the cubicle wall, his face set as he watched me getting into position, lifting my skirt up high, I slipped my pants to my knees before sitting down. Still holding my skirt up I slid to the back of the seat opening my legs wide. My pants were restricting so I pushed them down to my ankles. That wasn’t much better so slipped them off over one foot, now free to open as wide as I liked, keeping my skirt bunched round my waist so it wouldn’t interrupt his view. “Ready?” He moved forward quickly & crouched so his nose was almost touching the front of the seat. I hadn’t expected him to be quite so close & it sent quivers through me straight to my vagina which received them with a wave of contractions. I felt very full so just relaxed expecting it would just start right away as it usually does when I am busting but nothing happened! I tightened again & relaxed. Still nothing. I pushed a bit. No nothing. I tensed up again & relaxed, pushing harder & harder. Nothing. ‘This is silly’ I thought. It was right there I could feel it banked up behind my urethra but for some reason it couldn’t get passed. I tried again. Nothing. The seconds were ticking by. He was completely focus on my open vulva. What to do. I decided to go back to basics, tense right up hard then relax gradually & it should start. No not this time. I was getting a bit concerned. I’d had trouble starting from time to time but never as long as this. Maybe it was going in front of him that was stopping her. I pushed long & slow holding it for as long as I could to no avail. Relaxing for a few moments to plan my next moved Peter startled me. “I knew this would happen, I shouldn’t have ask you, it’s all my fault, it happens every time, I’m being punished!” It was quite a rant & caught me completely by surprise. I wasn’t sure what to do. He stood up & retreated to the back of the cubicle. “First Maria & now you, I knew this would happen, I knew, I knew, I knew, it’s my fault.” “Peter it’s alright, there is nothing wrong. This happens to me all the time, just a girl thing I guess. I’m not upset honest. It will start soon, when it is ready.” It didn’t calm him & he continued his rant. I started to worry someone might be waiting outside waiting & hear him. “Peter.” He ignored me. “PETER!” That made him sit up & take notice. “Listen to me! There is nothing wrong, I’m not upset just having a bit of trouble getting started that’s all. It has happened to me many times before & I’m sure it will again. Just be patient & you will get to see what you want to see. Okay? Now be quiet before someone comes to see what the fuss is about.” I spoke to him firmly & that seemed to work. At least he stopped his ranting. I heard it before I felt it. “See what did I tell you.” Taking my mind off trying for a few seconds had done the trick. He almost leapt back to his position in front of the Toilet seat. It was just trickling but I was more than happy to leave it that way. Now was not a good time to try & be clever in case it decided to stop & I couldn’t get it started again. It went on & on but I imagined he wouldn’t be complaining. The look on his face was wonderful, like a little boy seeing something magic for the first time. It gave me such a warm feeling I wasn’t in any hurry for it to end either. On & on it trickled, over a minute by my reckoning but like all good things it gradually came to an end. I was able to push out a few last spurts before it settled back to a final dribbling trickle. He had a look of absolute amazement on his face & made no attempt to move. It felt nice being admired knowing he could look but not touch so I was happy to let him. After a minute or so he showed no sign of moving so I took some paper & wiped myself, once, twice, three times. He seemed to enjoy that too. I waited nearly another minute before deciding to stand up. “We had better be getting back, someone might be waiting to use it?” He moved back but stayed on his knees & watched me taking my time slipping my pants back on & preparing to leave before wriggled out the door first to make it easier for him. After washing my hands I turned towards the door. “Ready?” He grunted. There was no one outside so I sent him off first & waited a minute or so before following bumping into a man at the door. ‘WHEW’ I said to myself, ‘just made it’. He was watching me the whole way & although aware of him, I didn’t let on. I felt great, on top of the world, a real high knowing I had pleased him while thoroughly enjoying it myself. ‘Hand is going to be busy when I get home’ I mused. Arriving at the table I sat down quickly & looked at him with my chin on folded hands. He was shaking his head slowly. “What?” He had a huge smile on his face. “Didn’t I do it properly?” He just smiled shaking his head. “That was perfect.” “How can you do a perfect pee, there is no such thing.” “It was to me. I saw your ………” “My what?” He suddenly seemed embarrassed as if he had meant to say it. “Nothing.” “No go on, tell me?” He blushed bright red & said it again quietly so I could hardly hear. “My …… my hole?” He nodded as if he was to ashamed to repeat it. “My vagina?” He shook his head. “The other one.” I had no idea what he was talking about. “What other one?” He was blushing brighter. “Where it comes out.” “My urethra?” “Is that what it’s called?” “Yes. And that made it special did it?” “Mm! I could see it the whole time.” “You are lucky because I didn’t know it could be seen while I pee. I’m glad I was able to make it special for you even if I didn’t know why.” I smiled at him & he gave a very shy one back. He sat quietly staring at me & it felt very strange. No one had ever looked at me quite like that before & I was certainly enjoying it. He became quite emotional. “I …. I …… I don’t know how to thank you.” “Your welcome.” He went on almost in tears. “If you only knew how long I have waited to see that, see a woman going properly.” I didn’t but was certainly getting the impression. “Are you sure you didn’t mind?” I wasn’t about to let him know I had enjoyed it too. “No. I had to go anyway, whether you happened to be there or not. It was no big deal to me. I think the reason I had trouble at the start was having someone there. I have never gone in front of someone before. Once I got used to it there wasn’t a problem. Anyway you had seen me before so it wasn’t the first time exactly.” “So you are not upset then?” “No, far from it.” I laughed a little as he heaved a big sigh of relief. ‘If you only knew’, I mused. “Good, I was worried.” “No need to be. I am happy you enjoyed it, that’s all.” It had become very intense & as much as I was enjoying his adoration, the last thing I wanted was for him to burst into tears & from where I was sitting it was a definite possibility. I decided to move on & lighten up the conversation. “So?” “What?” “That’s what you were doing in the bushes, spying on me?” He blushed bright red & looked suitably guilty. “How did you know I was there?” “I saw you getting ready.” “What do you mean, ‘getting ready’?” “Doing a wee wee dance.” “A what?” “All girls do them if they are busting to go.” “A wee wee dance?” “Yes.” “What’s it like?” “It’s hard to explain but it is a certain way in which they move. They don’t hold themselves like little girls just …… well …… do a sort of a dance.” “And I did this?” “Mm. I could tell you wanted to go.” “So where were you? I checked very carefully to see no one was there.” “I know, that’s why I hid behind a tree.” “You were hiding?” He blushed again & the guilty look returned. “That’s not fair! How is a girl supposed to have a pee in private with voyeurs like you everywhere. Spied on lots of girls have you?” He was looking very sheepish & uncomfortable & I was not about to let him get away with it. “No you are the first.” “Just my luck eh?” He was not enjoy this. “No, the others had gone into Toilets so I couldn’t believe you went into the bushes. I couldn’t help myself. I thought you wouldn’t know I was watching & realise I was there.” “You were lucky I didn’t scream.” “Yes I know.” He did look grateful. “And earlier, when you asked, what if I had made a big scene?” He was blushing. “I know.” “You have been very fortunate I don’t get upset easily.” “Yes I know & I really appreciate it, truly.” I wasn’t sure what made me do it but I reached over & squeezed his hand & gave him a warm forgiving smile. A look of relief came over his face as the tension drained away. “I thought I was in real trouble though.” “Did you?” “That’s why I waited, hoping if you saw me you wouldn’t call the police.” I smiled at him. “So I had you worried did I?” He nodded. “No more than you deserved.” He hung his head in shame. “I couldn’t believe what you said when you yelled at me. What did you call it down there?” I remembered it well. “Twot!” “Yes. I couldn’t believe you said a word like that! Why that one?” “It’s the worst one I could think of at the time.” “There are worse, much worse.” “Not to me. I think that word is really ugly.” “Do you?” “What does Maria call hers?” “Nothing? She never talks about it, or if she does it’s just ‘down there’ that’s all.” “Shy is she?” “No, she is a good Catholic girl & bought up to not say those words.” “And I’m not a good girl?” I was teasing but he took me seriously. “No, I didn’t mean that. You had got a fright so it wasn’t your fault. You couldn’t help it. I shouldn’t have sneaked up on you like that. I’m sorry, it was all my fault ……………………... ” I let him go on & at the end he had seen my smile. He smiled back but I could see he didn’t know how to take me. He was quiet for a while & then decided to risk it. “What do you call it ‘down there’?” “Certainly not Twot, that’s for sure!” He was curious, dying to know. “If I go to the Doctor I use the proper gynaecological terms, vagina, cervix, urethra, labia, anus.” I left it at that. He waited for me to continue but I left it up in the air. “What about other times?” I gave him a cheeky grin. “Guess?” “I don’t know.” “Try.” “Pussy?” “No! That’s a real male thing, something they like to play with.” He looked a little embarrassed. “Fanny?” “Definitely not! There was a girl at School called Fanny McDonald & she had red hair & freckles. I would never call any part of my body after her.” I could see he was not comfortable talking about such intimate things but was determined to make him do so. “I don’t know ……... Crack?” “When I was little maybe but not now. You should know that, you’ve seen me a couple of times now.” He was blushing clearly unsure with my open approach. “Slit?” “No, same as crack.” He wasn’t enjoying it one little bit. “Beaver?” “No, same as Pussy.” He shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. ……… Mickey?” “Mickey? I have never heard it called that.” “I have.” “Try again.” “Can’t think of anything.” “Surely you can. There is one more.” “No.” “Come on, you know.” He did & I suspected he was teasing now, trying to get me to say it. “No, I can’t think of another.” “Not just one more?” “No, not one.” He was smiling now & enjoying the game I was playing at last. “No?” “No!” “Cunt?” Be started to blush. “What was that?” Now he was playing along. “Cunt!” “What?” “Cunt.” “I didn’t hear you properly.” “Like hearing girls talk dirty do we?” He blushed profusely. “No.” But it was very insincere. “Cunt …. cunt …… cunt …….. CUNT ……… CUNT ……… CUNT …………….. Cunt ……………………... Happy now? ……….. CUNT! …………………. Want me to go on?” He was blushing brightly & looking round to see if anyone was in earshot but was clearly enjoyed her profanity. “No I get the message.” “Sorry I’m not a good Catholic girl?” I could see he didn’t dare reply to that. “But then you probably wouldn’t have just watched me peeing if I was.” That got a smile which I returned & for several moments we shared a closeness that only an intimacy can bring. Both had revealed something deeply personal, mine physical, his closeted. “Why did you go there anyway?” His curiosity was coming to the fore again. I shrugged. “Because I needed a pee.” He wasn’t satisfied. “But why there? Why not go to the Toilet?” “I do sometimes.” “What? Go in the bushes?” “And go to the Toilet.” He wasn’t getting the answer he was hoping for. “But those bushes? Why?” I shrugged again. “Because I have been in there before.” “HAVE YOU?” “Several times.” “But there is a Toilet not far away.” “I know.” He looked confused, dying to find out more but unsure where to head from there. I decided to put him out of his misery. “I grew up on a farm where I used to pee anywhere I wanted & sometimes I miss going outside, so I find somewhere to make up for it.” “DO YOU!” I smiled. It wasn’t hard to see his imagination going wild! All this time I had been peeing outside & he never knew. “Will …… will you be going there again soon?” “Depends.” “On what?” “Who might be waiting to spy on me.” It took several moments for him to realise I was teasing & smile.
  13. The coast was clear at last so I made my way into the bushes & squatted down out of sight. Hitching up my skirt & slipping my pants down to the tops of my thighs, I only just got started when I heard a noise. A quick glance and I could just make out the shape of someone watching me. “What do you think you’re doing?” There was a slight hesitation then a male voice replied. “Just seeing if you are okay.” “Yes thank you I am fine, you can leave me alone now.” I kept watching. He didn’t move. “Did you hear, I would like some privacy please.” He still didn’t move. There wasn’t much I could do, if I tried to stop I would risk peeing on myself & I still had to go back to work! The best thing, I decided, was to get it over and done with as soon as possible and get out of there. It seemed to go on forever as I kept an eye on him through the bushes & thankfully he didn’t move! I pushed as hard as I could but my bladder was a lot fuller than I had realised. At last my stream started to subside. Quickly pushing out the last few spurts, a couple of hurried wiggles to dislodge any drips, I raised myself just enough to slip my pants back up over my bottom. A pat or two to sponge off anything remaining. Oh yuk! One final dribble had trickled into the gusset soaking it and my fingers! Normally I would have dried my labia with one of the tissues I keeps in my bag, but! ‘Teach me to rush’ I thought. No time to worry about that. I half stood, dropping my skirt ready to leave. When I looked through the bushes he had gone. ‘Thank heavens for that!’. He had given me quite a fright, but most of all I was angry! How dare he spoil that one simple homage I enjoy paying to my country roots! I had been peeing outside for years without any bother! It was nice, reminded me of the carefree days on the farm, being able to go where I liked, when I liked. Peeing on the Toilet had been a bit of a rarity in those days. Where the hell had he come from anyway, I had checked so carefully as I always do before going in & there hadn’t been a soul in sight! Damn him! I started to make my way through the bushes. As I got to the top of the garden wall a man was standing there. I quickly glance around & there was no one else close enough so it must be him. He reached his hand out to help me down and instinctively I took it. It was my wet hand! ‘Serve him right‘ I thought but with that he raised it to his nose and smelled my scent. I felt a strong surge in the bottom of my tummy and the muscles of my vagina began to twitch! He smiled at me, obviously realising what it was! I could feel my heart pounding & started to become aware of my wet pants clinging between my legs! “Are you alright?” He enquired. “No I am not! How …….. how ……… how dare you spy on me like that. You are just a ………… dirty old pervert!” “No ………… it’s not like that ……… I was just passing” “Yeah! A likely story! I bet you walk around all day looking for poor, innocent, unsuspecting girls like me to perve on. Do you have any idea how much you scared me sneaking up on me like that. How was I to know what you were going to do?“ “No ……. but ………. I didn’t mean you any harm …… I would never have hurt you ….….. I was just worried about you, …… that’s all.“ I continued my tirade without taking any notice of what he said. “Creeps like you make me sick! I bet you’ll go down to the Pub with your mates and compare notes ‘Caught this Slut in the park with her pants down, got a really good look at her……her….her.. twot!” He looked quite stunned obviously not expecting my out burst but as far as I was concerned I’d had the last word turned on my heels and stormed off down the path! As I got close to the park gates, I realised that he was following me. “Look, you have got it all wrong! I’m not like that ……… I am married with kids … ……… I don’t go down to the Pub with any mates …… …… I am really sorry ……… I didn’t mean to scare you ……… honest …….. was just passing and I wondered what you were doing that’s all ……… you could have been in trouble for all I knew.“ I ignored him & carried on out of gate. “Anyway why were you going in there when there‘s a Ladies is just here?” I couldn’t stop myself from taking a quick glance. He was right. I hadn’t even bothered to look as I had no intention of using it anyway. He seem to realise that he had pulled off a bit of a coup and smiled at me. I could feel myself becoming flustered! Trust him to point that out. For some strange reason I felt compelled to justify myself. I turned and lashed out. “How dare you! ……… It’s …. it’s none of your business … okay ……. … you wouldn’t understand …….. okay! …… … just mind your own business! ………… look, I don’t want to talk about it …… okay!” I felt really guilty as if I had been caught being a naughty girl, turned and continued my retreat making it to the traffic light at the corner and pushed the button. He arrived behind me. “Look, I am really sorry I frightened you. I didn’t mean to, truly. I promise I will never mention this to anyone, honest. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?” At that the crossing light turn green and I set off again & he followed in pursuit. “Please let me do something to show you I’m sorry. Will you let me buy you a cup of coffee, look there is a Café just there, …. …. please? … please? … pretty please?” I reached the other side. I had to smile to myself. He seemed really nice, certainly not the sort I would have expected to be a pervert, no long raincoat, scruffy beard & hat pull down! I hesitated. He smiled at me. He was really quite good looking and well? A quick glance at my watch. I had a few minutes spare. “I don’t drink coffee, I drink tea.” “Is that the time?” “Twenty past, why?” “I’ve got to go! I should have been back half an hour ago!” “Right …. well, … um … can I see you again?” “Thanks, but no thanks, I don’t go with married men.” “No, I didn’t mean that! Just a drink after work sometimes, that’s all.” “Why?” “Well I thought maybe we could be friends, now I am forgiven?” I had certainly had enjoyed his company. He was interesting to talk and listen to, but most of all he made me laugh. The time had just flown by and after all he had been completely open about being married, what he did, where he lived. I felt as though I could trust him. Probably wouldn’t do any harm to have a drink once in a while, I thought, having never got involved with the drinking Schools at work, always far too busy. I though for a while & gave him my home number rather than my mobile, that way he wouldn’t have 24 hour access to me. “Now I really must go.” I gathered up my briefcase and headed for the door. “I am sorry, really!” I called over my shoulder. “Yeah, well don’t do it again!” “Here you are. Have they been in yet?” “No, not yet.” Cherry the Receptionist replied. “Right.” I started to walk towards my office. “They were supposed to be here by 10 o’clock!” It was Trish at her officious best. “Yes I know, but they weren’t quite ready.” “But Anne told me that they were, sitting on the counter.” They had been but I had no intention of explaining where I had been & blushed a little. “Well she must have been mistaken. Still they here now so no harm has been done.” “I’ve got a good mind to ring her up! She said they were ready and just sitting there.” “She might have thought they were something else. Look, the client hasn’t come in yet so can we just leave it please!” “But she said they were ready. What if the Smiths had have come in? I was the one who told them they would be here. How would it made me look?” “The matter is closed now, so can we get on with what we were doing?” “I’m going to give her a piece of my mind!” With that Trish picked up the phone. “I said leave it Trish!” “But …………” “Trish! ……. Leave it! Okay?” I found myself becoming quite annoyed. I knew it was guilt from lying and that only made me feel worse. “But …” “Trish! What part of leave it do you not understand!” “Yes Miss Wallace.” “Thank you. Now I don’t want to hear it mentioned again! ……. Is that quite clear!” “Yes Miss Wallace.” “Now if you will kindly get back to work!” “Yes Miss Wallace.” I felt riddled with guilt as I hurried off towards my office. I knew I shouldn’t have reacted like that and it didn’t sit easy with me. Reaching my office door Carol spoke. “What was that all about?” “Oh just those documents I picked up after the meeting, I didn’t get them here by 10 and Trish is acting up. The client hasn’t been in so I can’t see what the problem is, no harm done, but you know Trish wouldn’t leave it alone.” “I do and so do you.” I had heard that tone in Carol’s voice before. “What are you saying?” “Don’t you think you came down a bit hard on her after all she does a very good job, even if she takes it a bit too seriously sometimes. Perhaps an apology is in order?” I trusted Carol’s judgement implicitly. Carol for her part had the utmost respect for my skills and ability. Together we had become a formidable team within the company. I didn’t hesitate, turned & walked back down the office, in behind the counter, stopped in front of Trish’s desk. The indignant hubbub stopped instantly. The others immediately became very busy. Trish looked up anxiously. “Trish, I am very sorry for the way I just spoke to you, I had no right to address you in that manner. You are a very good worker and do an outstanding job for me and the rest of us. I am very sorry. Please accept my apology.” Her mouth dropped wide open! “Thank you Miss Wallace.” “Will you forgive me?” She beamed out from behind her horn rimmed glasses. “Yes Miss Wallace.” “Thank you. I really am sorry, I don’t know what came over me. I promise I will not speak to you like that again.” I reached down, placing her hand over hers and squeezed it gently. The two of us smiled at each other for a moment or two before I turned and walked back to my office, leaving behind a now excited hubbub. It was another dimension to the great aura I had unintentionally built around myself. With the exception of Carol all of the other women in the company were in absolute awe of me. As I passed Carol we exchange smiles. “Perfect!” “Thank you.” I walked in to my office and closed the door. I sat at my desk for a few minutes reflecting. It had been a dramatic morning, quite out of character with the rest of my life. I was feeling very sensitive somehow, as if the fright had heightened my awareness. I could feel my nipples pressing against the inside of my bra & was also very aware of my pants pressing against me too. Each time I moved I was conscious of my clitoris & it felt very pleasant indeed. I dreaded to think what my pants must be like & even though they had long since dried, I knew they must still be in a mess. I smiled to myself, the illicit cup of tea was making it’s presence felt already! I had a clean pair in my bag from my last Period, luckily. The next client wasn’t due until after lunch but I decided to get freshened up straight away. I would have be mortified if I thought that anyone might be able to smell me. From out of nowhere the memory of him smelling his fingers came into my mind making my vagina twitch again. Fortunately, the cubicles in the ‘Ladies’ are separate rooms and not just partitions. My pants were very messy and still quite sticky! I took them right off, sat there, relaxed, closing my eyes & again, saw him watching me through the bushes & felt my vagina twitching. It took quite a while to relax enough for my trickle to start. I wasn’t in any hurry and just let it take its time. It felt really very pleasant. I realised that I had always enjoyed peeing, mainly for the relief I suppose, but this time I hadn’t been really busting, yet it still felt nice! As I went to dry myself, I realised just how sensitive my clitoris still was and how aroused I was! It gave me quite a surprise. Gently wiping in between my labia I knew that it wouldn’t take much! As much as I would have loved to, it would just have to wait until tonight! Slipping on my clean pants, I felt much better, fresher but could still feel the gusset pressing against my clitoris! Back at my desk, I got out a pile of files and began pouring over them but couldn’t concentrate! My mind kept wandering. I kept seeing his outline in the bushes watching me & him smelling my pee. My clitoris had become quite annoying. Every time I moved it sent tingles into the tops of my legs and my vagina began twitching. I called Carol and asked not to be disturbed until lunchtime knowing I could trust her to make sure I wasn’t. There were security cameras throughout the offices and I’m not quite sure where the one in mine is. Glancing round I saw it directly behind me pointing over my shoulder towards the door. My clitoris was getting annoying, passed being pleasant & was almost starting to hurt! Rolling the chair as close under the desk as it would go, slipped my hand down onto my lap and began pressing hard, hoping to make it behave itself! I was worried that my pants, although clean on, might start becoming sticky as well, so very carefully walked my skirt up my legs with my fingers until I touched the skin at the top of my thighs. Luckily I did because they had become quite wet in that short time. Very carefully, I opened as wide as my desk would allow. Right! If I can just press really hard on my clitoris it might make it go away until I’m ready to deal with it properly. As soon as I slid my hand down inside my pants and squeezed that was it, I reached the point of no return! Just like that! There could be no stopping it now! I lost all will power and continued squeezing as hard as I could! My pants were getting wetter by the second! The urge to push them down and masturbate properly was enormous! ‘Damn the camera’ I thought. I was about to come. Deciding to make the best I could of it, I began rubbing very slowly and carefully so as not to create any suspicious looking movement. As my orgasm approached, I felt myself drifting into a semi consciousness. I was only rubbing very slowly, but was pressing as hard as I could. The sensation of it popping back up after each pass of my fingers was one of the most exquisite I had ever given myself. I wanted it to last forever! My orgasm was just there, a little quicker with my finger and it would start but I was in no hurry. Clenching my muscles as tight as I could, desperately trying to prolong it, the inevitable build up until no amount of effort to stop it would work & it over came me! Still resisting the temptation to rub myself properly, my orgasm grew in intensity slowly, eventually controlling the whole of my body! My clitoris twitched, and vagina and anus too, my nipples, knees, top lip, nostrils, ears, even my eyelids were twitching, my hair felt as though it was standing on end, toes curled so my shoes dropped off. There was no part of me that was not pulsing in some way. It seemed to come in waves, more intense at each contraction, before reaching a pinnacle of perfect bliss, then gradually ebbing as my consciousness slowly returned. Still pressing hard and rubbing slowly I finally began to emerge from the euphoria. It had easily been one of the greatest orgasms of my life! Minutes after I was still having occasional involuntary twitches of pleasure & it was at least ten minutes before I felt that I had finally come back down again! I stopped rubbing and very carefully withdrew my hand out of my pants casually raising it above the desk and folding it with the other under my chin again, my head was filled with the aroma of my illicit pleasure reminding me of him sniffing his fingers over again. ‘OH MY GOD!’ I thought to myself! The front of my pants were soggy, the price you pay for pleasure, I thought! So much for putting on clean ones, I smiled to myself! They had become nearly as messy as the ones I had taken off! I very carefully let my skirt slip back down my legs again. Rummaging through my bag, briefcase and private drawer, there were no more spares to be found! Damn! I usually has them stashed everywhere in case of emergency, not that I had ever imagined this kind of emergency! I decided that it would be wise to pop out at lunch time, buy some and change, just in case. I still couldn’t quite believe what I had just done, masturbated at my desk! But it had been wonderful, a most memorable orgasm! Somehow doing it at my desk had been special & I somehow knew that I would be doing it there again! Glancing up at the security camera, I wondered how much it had noticed. I should have done it in the Toilet while I was there. Although I have masturbated in Toilets in emergencies when I was younger I hadn’t wanted to risk it at work & also not give it a kind of ’body function’ connotation which I certainly does not think it deserves. What the hell, I thought, I love to masturbate so why not, after all it is perfectly natural! Next time I felt like it, I wouldn’t hesitate, but would be in the Toilets. I have never suffered from any of the shame or guilt complexes most seem to have about masturbating, despite having been a regular and sometimes very prolific producer of my own pleasure at times. I looked up at the camera again. Surely they would not be able to tell what I had been doing, not from behind, especially as I had not made any movement at all above the desk! Still the thrill of possibly being caught had probably added to the intensity of my pleasure, I smiled to myself. They had promised me that the cameras were only there for my safety and would only be used for evidence in the case of an incident. I was not sure if I believed them and hoped they were telling the truth now! The wonderful thoughts of masturbating came flooding back into my imagination. Thinking back I couldn’t recall starting to masturbate, it had been a part of my life as early as I could remember, sitting cross legged my vulva resting against my feet & rocking. I remember doing it for hours on end giving me a most wonderful feeling. Progressing from that, there were the wild stormy nights & cold frosty mornings when I tucked up in bed on my side or tummy, hand lodged firmly between my legs pressing. There was something safe & secure about that feeling. No matter what the world was doing outside, nothing could penetrate my little world & upset my comfort. At my desk I was miles away as memory after memory came flooding back. The first time it had actually given me quite a fright. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, not that the fright had lasted that long! I made myself climax again that night & every night & morning in the following weeks! And that had only been the beginning, I had done it regularly ever since! I remembered going through phases where I would masturbate many times a day for weeks on end. My first preference was always in my bed, but there were few places where the mood did not take me. I remember masturbating in Public Toilets when I went to town and in the Toilets of other peoples houses when I was visiting. There was something a bit naughty about that which added to the thrill. Around the house I masturbated in the shower and the bath, watching TV alone, in almost every room of the Homestead at some stage or other, outside behind trees among bushes and rocks, later in the car, sometimes while I was driving. If I felt the mood coming on would immediately start looking around for somewhere to climax! I never needed much stimulation, in just a few moments I could get myself on the way with just my imagination. I’d had some really special orgasms, especially the time at University after a session on pot I had masturbated to nine orgasms in a row without stopping. When I marry, I believe I will continue to do it regularly but for all that while at Uni ‘the pill’ had became essential. I didn’t have steady boyfriends rather grabbing sex whenever the chance came my way, which was pretty regular. Some tried to settle me into a relationship & while I really enjoyed the sexual side, sooner or later they would grow tired of trying to compete with my studies and drift away. I much preferred one night stands! No commitment! I usually got off okay with them. I have never bothered to keep count of my lovers but there has been many throughout 6 years of study. It was the freedom I enjoyed and got in with a group where everyone avoiding any kind of permanency while they worked towards their goals. That had suited me at the time because I was the same but now, sadly I struggle to remember the last lover I had! Despite having always had a very special place for masturbating, that too had fallen to the wayside since my career had started becoming just a ritual, Sunday and Wednesday nights, more because I thinks I have to! A bit like having a regular shower! I am in a rut & this mornings activities had showed me if nothing else, I still have the ability to truly satisfy myself & I vow not to let it ever drift into the back round again and to once again let it be a proper and important part of my life again, as it deserved to be. I knew I should be working but was enjoying reminiscing far to much & after all I was up to date for a change & fully prepared for my next appointment, so ‘what the hell!‘ I’ll just let my mind wander off again. I gave my virginity to Matt when I was 18, a neighbour & had always been my special friend since childhood. Not a word was spoken, just a knowing smile the morning, just weeks after my 18th Birthday, when Mum discovered Matt’s bed had not been slept in. From then on the spare bed was never made up for him & he stay more & more often, a sign that they had accepted I had entered womanhood. Our relationship had been complete almost right from the start, progressing from our mutual masturbation, he did not have any problems making me climax, my first lovemaking orgasm on just our third time. It was lunchtime. First priority was fresh pants & I bought a six pack of cheap cotton ones, not my normal fancy style as they were only for emergencies anyway. I put two pairs in my drawer, two in my bag and a spare for the car. Scrunching the last pair up I headed for the Ladies. No need to hesitate this time! I was still aroused & my pants were still quite sticky. I took them off completely, no constraints and no cameras, I hoped, looking around quickly. I was going to take my time but it wouldn’t let me! While it was not as intense as the one at my desk, I still had a very deep and satisfying orgasm! Quite unexpectedly I found myself becoming emotional. I managed to hold back the tears but it made me realise just how much I enjoyed and just how important masturbating was to me! I love it! This time I cleaned myself up a bit better, wiping and drying thoroughly, fresh pants, lots of powder and perfume! By the time I finished I could have done it again, but this time I let it wait until I could relax properly at home. I felt a lot better & had just enough time left to have something to eat. Sitting in the retreat area, Trish walk passed! She smiled! We were ‘friends’ again now. Suddenly the thoughts of what I had done came bouncing back into my mind. It was all I could do to stop herself from laughing, ‘If she only knew that I sat at my desk and masturbated, have just been to the Ladies and finished myself off!’ I thought to myself. I wondered if Trish masturbated? ‘Naughty thoughts’ I smiled. Somehow I knew Carol did. ‘Don’t ask me how?’ I mused. It wasn’t just because she was on her own, there was something else, a kind of sensual air about her. I remember when I first realised, some how it didn’t seem right for a woman in her fifties to masturbate, it was a young woman’s game. Then I thought of Mum again, she wouldn’t have been much younger. There was no doubt in my mind that Mum still masturbates. Right through the appointment reality started to set in & it bothered me. What if he had made it all up? As soon as they left I rang. He had said he was out & about all day and at least had told the truth about that. So much for privacy, I thought! Still my story about being from a computer company organising a family promotion must have sounded plausible. Yes their Computer Manager was Peter Parker, (I thought it should have been ’nosey’) he was married to Maria and had two sons. In the end I got everything, address, phone number, even a description which fitted him exactly. Relieved I sat back. Why I had given him my proper home phone number was beyond me, but then I’m not really devious person and he had caught me in a rush, some what off guard. I didn’t really have to, but this time I was doing a survey for the Education Office and Maria confirmed everything for me. At last! I finally settled down and did some productive work for the rest of the day! By the time I got home I was in the mood again! After tea I ran a bath and went for a soak, only the second time I had used the bath since moving in. I intended it to just relax me and then have an early night to take care of it, but found my hand making its way to my clitoris! It didn’t take long, not the first anyway! I ended up masturbating to three climaxes before the water started to get too cold and I had to get out. I thought that might have taken the edge off things. Once snuggled up in bed, I started to just play again and the climaxes came regularly. It had been a long time since I had just indulged myself completely & was pleased that I had not lost my ‘touch’ so to speak. I didn’t stop so much as just drifted off to sleep. I became aware somewhere in the small hours in a dream like state & could see the outline of him watching me through the bushes. My hand was still resting between my legs. Without having to move it far & it only took a few moments before I had revived and as I lay there lost in my images of yesterday morning, I gradually edged my way to a very long, gentle and deeply satisfying orgasm. I woke at my usual time & have always liked my morning orgasms, probably because I am fresh and relaxed. The pressure in my bladder also seemed to make me more sensitive. One orgasm, then another followed soon after. This is better, more like old times. I was up, dressed and ready for work. After my tea and toast I headed back to the ensuite for a quick wash. Much to my surprise it was begging again. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, I slipped off my pants, put one foot up on the Toilet seat and watched myself coming to another climax. It was unexpectedly big causing my whole body to quiver & shake as it took hold of me completely. I rubbed as hard as I could. It took a long time to finally pass. Looking in the mirror I was quite flushed but it had been worth it! ‘That’s the tenth in less than twenty four hours!’ I mused ‘And still nearly as good as the first.’ I felt proud that I still had it and could still masturbate as I had done in my teens. Carol bought her in a cup of tea. It was three fifteen on Friday. I suddenly thought ‘He hasn‘t rung!’ Even though I hadn’t really expected him to, I was disappointed just the same. ‘Still,’ I thought, ‘he certainly did me the world of good!’ For the past ten days I had masturbated morning and night, setting my alarm earlier so not to rush my ‘dawn breaker‘, in the ‘Ladies’ at work most days & was now firmly back on track & enjoying masturbating to the full again! In spite of my over indulgence, orgasms seemed to be getting better if anything. My clitoris had been a bit sore for the first day or two, but I trimmed my pubes around that area and it seemed to be better. Still it had been getting a lot of attention, not stopping at just one, three or four was now the norm. I had managed three in the ‘Ladies’ on Wednesday morning one after the other causing Carol to become quite worried about my spending so much time in there! I thanked her for her concern & explained that I wasn’t at all unwell, rather hadn’t felt better for a long time! Five weeks had gone by. Sunday evening I was sitting out on the balcony overlooking the ocean, quietly sipping on my wine on a pleasantly warm still night. For some reason I began to think about that morning in the park. He hadn’t phoned & it made me feel almost rejected & in spite him seeming to be honest and genuine, I decided that it must have just been an affair he had been looking for after all, even though he was so adamant that he was not like all of the others. I was quite disappointed because I had really enjoyed his company and had been looking forward to seeing him again. Still, I thought, it hadn‘t been a chance meeting entirely without any rewards for me. I smiled & closing my eyes I could see his outline in the bushes and my hand made its was under my dressing gown as I began to masturbate again.

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