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    Pee fiend
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    Looking for more people that have the same love for pee as I do. So I can learn new things to try and get feedback on things I tried.

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    The smell and watching it come out of a pussy, or watching girls pee in public places or in bowls or bottles.
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    Drinking my partners pee for the first time and filling her up with my pee and watching her squirt it everywhere.

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  1. hi, just wondering if there is a spot on this site for members who want to share videos or pics with other members who may request them to do different pee activities for each other. this is something id really like to try.
  2. i love having the chance to help a girl pee its a huge turn on for me along with having a girl do the same for me.
  3. what are some fun ways to interact with other members on this site when you dont know what to be posting or commenting on.
  4. Just looking for some new ideas and things to try out alone or with a partner or online.
  5. Peeonmyd


    Just wanted to say hello and would like to know how to get started on this.

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