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  1. (Due to the positive feedback on my last story, here is a second one. Since fiction is my passion, I will mostly be posting fiction on this site. If any of you are interested in my other non-pee fiction ((I mostly write horror)), send me a message!) Sophia let out a small giggle as she pressed her left hand harder into her crotch, her right hand holding a cool glass of beer to her flushed red face. She had to pee BAD, but was to drunk to notice. Continuing to giggle for no apparent reason, she leaned back and tried to remember how she had gotten into a situation so unlike herself to parti
  2. @Sweets Thank you, I look forward to the adventures :).
  3. @gldenwetgoose maybe I can write more for you, then 🙂 .
  4. @gldenwetgoose Thank you! We will see. If this story get enough attention maybe I'll write more.
  5. This is a story based off a real life experience. Hope you enjoy! Cassandra was an Educational Assistant at a small school on the side of her town. She loved her job there: as an EA, she didn't have to worry about report cards or paperwork, and she got to sit right beside the kids! However, there was one down side to it... As an EA, the teacher was in charge of the class, meaning that she could not leave the class without her teacher's permission. Cassandra has a very small bladder, and loved to drink lots of coffee, so this got her into a lot of trouble at times. One time, in parti
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