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    I work in a school in classrooms, and as such can only use the washroom between classes...meaning close calls on a daily bases! I am 100% lesbian but haven't had a partner in a long time.

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    The absolute orgasmic relief of letting your pee flow out of your body after hours of holding.
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    I was working in a Grade One class, and I had had more coffee that usual that morning, so my small bladder filled up quickly. I asked the teacher I worked with if I could use the bathroom, but she said she needed me to stay to help with the kids. 45 minutes pass, and I ask her again, almost begging this time, but still the answer is still no. As I work with the kids, I have no choice but to hold my crotch as I sit with them, and few notice my abdomen swelling and ask me about it. When I finally got to the bathroom, the stream of pee was so powerful that it actually splashed back up against my crotch as it hit the water. I didn't even try to stop the moan of relief come out, and I'm pretty sure everyone in the staff room heard it.

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  1. (Due to the positive feedback on my last story, here is a second one. Since fiction is my passion, I will mostly be posting fiction on this site. If any of you are interested in my other non-pee fiction ((I mostly write horror)), send me a message!) Sophia let out a small giggle as she pressed her left hand harder into her crotch, her right hand holding a cool glass of beer to her flushed red face. She had to pee BAD, but was to drunk to notice. Continuing to giggle for no apparent reason, she leaned back and tried to remember how she had gotten into a situation so unlike herself to participate in. Sophia was nineteen-years-old, and of all the words that could be used to describe her, party-animal would probably be one of the most inappropriate ones. Having been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder all the way back in middle school, she had straight up skipped her graduation party for a rather quiet dinner with her family. Sophia's quiet nature had been more of a frustration to the boys at her school more than anyone else: she was by far the most gorgeous girl in her grade, with a naturally flat stomach, round butt, and full chest. The girls, who were always jealous of her beautiful red hair that hung down on her shoulder blades, could never understand why the guys they always wanted to date were turned down by Sophia. The answer was, well, although Sophia did like most of the boys who asked her out, she simply didn't have the confidence to go on a date with anybody. Directly out of high school, without a penny to her name, Sophia had decided to get a small job and earn some money instead of jumping into college and falling into debt. She got a small job at a grocery store in the deli department, where the majority of her co-workers were the same age she was. After around three months of working there, she had fallen pretty hard for a guy there named Shawn. Confident, happy, and enthusiastic, Shawn felt to Sophia to be everything she wasn't. That was why, when he started talking to her in the staff room after their shift was done, it went a little differently that it had with other boys at high school. "Thanks for your hard work today," Shawn said to her as he slipped on his jacket. "You're one of the few people here who actually try at the job." Sophia blushed and looked down at the ground. "Oh, it isn't a hard job. Just slicing meat and handing out salads. Nothing you need to thank me for." Shawn gave her a slight smile, seeming surprised by her response. "You know, I'm free after work on Fridays. How about you and I get something to eat next Friday after our shift?" Sophia's face and turned into a tomato, and she had to turn around and fiddle with her locker before she could respond. "S-sure, Shawn..." she found herself saying, although her mind was screaming at her to say the opposite. "How does the White Spot sound? It's not too far from here..." That was where they met a week later, Sophia dressed in her most expensive red dress and makeup applied ever so delicately. People around her couldn't help but look as she walked up the steps: she was gorgeous. Shawn too was taken aback by her appearance, slack-jawed in his dress shirt and pants. At first she thought it meant she didn't look good, and was about to apologize when he told her she looked gorgeous. Thanks to Shawn making reservations, they were seated pretty quickly. Sophia, who had never actually drank any alcohol before, decided in her anxiety to order a beer to try and look normal. When she took the first sip, she almost spit it out, unprepared for its bitter taste, but in her effort to look put-together managed to drink it without making a scene. Sophia loved listening to Shawn talk, hearing him tell her about his family and engineering classes at University, but when it was her turn to talk, the anxiety swelled in her chest and caused her to trip over her words. As a tactic to not have to speak much, Sophia tried to be drinking as often as she could, and by the time their food had come, she had already downed four beers. Sophia, a natural lightweight but without the experience to know that yet, was now extremely drunk and had lost most of her anxiety. She was now enthusiastically going over details about her personal life she would never have gone over to anyone before, only mildly aware of her steadying swelling bladder. He continued to drink, however, and Shawn, although surprised by how much she was sharing, was not at all offended or repelled by the details. It wasn't until she tried to get up that Sophia realized just how much pee was inside her. She slight pressure put on her bladder as she got up was enough to send a jet of pee out of her. It instantly soaked though her panties, between her dress, and soaked into the carpet at her feet. Horrified, she looked up and was releved to see that no one, including Shawn, noticed. "Sophia, you okay, Hun?" All that old anxiety came flooding back and now her face flushed with more than just the effect of alcohol. "Just tell him you gotta use the washroom," her mind told her, "everyone has to use the washroom, it's not something to be embarrassed about." "Yeah, I'm good" Sophia said instead, hobbling over to him. "Let's go home now." "Do you...need to use the washroom?" Shawn asked, watching how she walked with her legs clenched together and her left hand shoved deep in her crotch. "What?! No!" Sophia said, too drunk to realize how desperate she looked. "Let's just go! It's a long walk back to my house. We can take a shortcut through the forest..." It was indeed a long walk back to her house, one that Sophia's rather small bladder could not handle. Finally, taking a deep breath in, she stopped, closed her eyes, and said "Shawn, I need to pee!" "I can tell," Shawn said, not quiet understanding the boner he had been having ever since seeing Sophia walk like that. "You can go behind a tree, I won't look." Sophia tried, but she was simply too drunk. When she tried to squat, she would fall over, and when she tried to stand, she lost her balance trying to take her panties off. Finally, being too desperate to care, she called out to Shawn, "Shawn, I need your help to pee! Come quick!" Shawn, with his face now flushed red and with a penis harder than he ever remembered having, went over to Sophia. "How am I supposed to help you, Hun?" "Help me take off my panties, quick!" Shawn hesitated, and Sophia screamed "Quick!" again at him, causing him to rush in pulling down the silk pink panties that were visible by how Sophia hiked up her red dress. During the process, however, the breaking point of Sophia's bladder was met, and with a sigh she let the dam loose with Shawn bent in front of her. His hands were between her legs, and instantly they were covered in pee. He froze, transfixed on the golden shower flowing onto his hands, unable to move as pre-cum started to leak from his cock. She just peed and peed and peed, to the point where Shawn couldn't comprehend how so much pee could fit into such a slim girl. When she finally finished, a rather large puddle had formed in the mud, and as the realization of what had just happened came to her, tears began to run down her cheeks as she began to cry. "No, no, it's okay!" Shawn said, wiping his hands on his pants and embracing her in a tight hug. "Look, let's stay at my place tonight, okay? It's closer to here than your place, and that way your parents won't know how much you had to drink." Sophia nodded, but didn't say a word the rest of the night. No suggestions for sex were made from either of them, and as Sophia slept soundly in Shawn's bed, Shawn couldn't help but to furiously masturbate to the whole experience on his couch as he too tried to fall asleep.
  2. @Sweets Thank you, I look forward to the adventures :).
  3. @gldenwetgoose maybe I can write more for you, then 🙂 .
  4. @gldenwetgoose Thank you! We will see. If this story get enough attention maybe I'll write more.
  5. This is a story based off a real life experience. Hope you enjoy! Cassandra was an Educational Assistant at a small school on the side of her town. She loved her job there: as an EA, she didn't have to worry about report cards or paperwork, and she got to sit right beside the kids! However, there was one down side to it... As an EA, the teacher was in charge of the class, meaning that she could not leave the class without her teacher's permission. Cassandra has a very small bladder, and loved to drink lots of coffee, so this got her into a lot of trouble at times. One time, in particular, would always stand out to Cassandra as the closest call of her life. She had woken up rather tired that day, so she had drank a lot more coffee that normal. She hasn't really thought much of it at the time: coffee was an essential part of the morning for her, and if she needed more some days, she just drank more. When the bell rang that morning, though, and she immediately felt a pressure in her bladder, she started to get concerned. "Sarah" Cassandra said to the teacher, calling her by her first name, "mind if I slip out to the washroom before we get the teaching started?" Sarah gave Cassandra a rather annoyed look. "We just started, Cassandra. You can wait for the first break." The first break was an hour and fifteen minutes away. Cassandra bit her lip in concern. The day started with her and the teacher reading with the kids on the carpet. Since Cassandra was able to sit still, she was able to take the focus off her bladder as she listened to the children read to her. After about a half an hour, the teacher announced that it was time for everyone to return to their desks for math. As Cassandra tried to stand, pressure was put on her bladder unintentionally as she leaned forward to get up. Cassandra let in a sharp breath and contorted her face into a grimance as she struggled to keep the pee inside of her. "Cassandra, you okay?" a little boy asked her, noticing her struggle. Cassandra let the children call her by her first name." "Don't worry, sweetheart, I'm fine" Cassandra said, forceing a smile. "Let's get your math done, okay?" Another half hour passed, and the pressure on her bladder had become unbearable. Trying her best to walk properly, Cassandra hobbled over to the teacher's desk. "Sarah, I REALLY need to go! Please, I won't take long..." This time, Sarah looked slightly angry. "Cassandra, no. I need you here to help with these kids, most of them are very far behind achedemically. There is only fifteen minutes left. You can survive." Face flushed red with both frustration with the teacher and the energy to keep her pee in, Cassandra hobbled over to another girl to help her with her schoolwork. When she sat down, the girl gave a little giggle and pointed to Cassandra's stomach. "You look pregnant, Cassandra!" Cassandra looked down, and saw the normally flat stomach of hers unnaturally extended against her bright yellow dress. "Yeah, pregnant with pee" Cassandra thought but did not say. Instead, she called the girl silly and got her focused on her schoolwork. After what felt like hours, the bell for the first recess of the day rang, and Cassandra immediately began journey to the washrooms in the staff room. She wanted to run so bad, but if she did she would end up leaking all over the place. Instead, she was forced to do a sort of shuffle-hobble. It was attracting attention from everyone around her, but she didn't care. She just needed to get to the bathroom. To her overwhelming relief, one of the washrooms was vacant. She got inside, closed the door, locked it, and hiked up her dress, almost forgetting to pull down her bright pink panties before sitting down. She smooth, hairless bottom landed on the toilet seat, and with a deep breath she let the dam waters loose. The stream of urine flowing from her was so powerful that it splashed back up onto her crotch once it hit the toilet water. She didn't care. This was the most amazing feeling in to world to her, and she didn't even try to fight back the moans that came from her mouth. She noticed a cameltoe forming, and rubbed it as more and more and more pee gushed out her. As the last few dribbles came out, the process was finished by a massive orgasm that squirted out of her. Panting, Cassandra cleaned herself up, flushed the toilet, and washed her hands. She made a promise to herself never to drink that much coffee in the morning again.

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