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    Poly daddy type who loves wet little girls. Also into adult nursing/breastfeeding, as well as crossdressing and everything having to do with high heels and lingerie, especially when wetting is involved!

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  1. I'll preface this by saying that, when I watch pee videos, 90% of the time it's videos of man-woman (or man and multiple women) sex scenes with lots of pissing throughout the scene. So, the kind of stuff that studios like PissingInAction and VIPissy produce. And the one thing that keeps a lot of OK scenes on there from being really good is that most of the pissing is man-on-woman. Especially when it comes to drinking. I get the sense that the mentality that goes into a lot of these scenes is that pissing is some form of domination (or at least a proxy for it) where the point is to degrade the person on the receiving end. So, it's mostly women drinking men's piss, and far less often the other way around. In a lot of videos, the most the man will come into contact with the woman's piss is getting his short soaked and his cock pissed on. That's great, but I want more! It's gotten to the point where every time a woman in one of these videos starts to piss, in my head I'm yelling at the screen, "Go down on her now! You're missing the best part!" There are a few videos where the man in the scene seems like he actually craves the piss of his female scene partner(s), but they seem to be the exception, and the few that I've found stay in pretty heavy rotation, even though I'd like more variety to choose from.
  2. Sadly, I suspect that in the aftermath of the Steele dossier, watersports is likely going to be stuck being the butt of jokes for a while to come. It did kind of become a meme (albeit as a punchline) when the Steele dossier's allegations about golden showers became publicly known, but that didn't help it become any more mainstream.
  3. Welcome! What you've shown us so far is absolutely beautiful! I look forward to seeing more. 🤤
  4. DDLG, FFM threesomes, creampies, adult nursing/breastfeeding, crossdressing (panties, stockings and heels mostly), anything related to lingerie. And I love women of all shapes and sizes, but BBWs hold a very special place in my heart.

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