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  1. I'd much prefer to be able to pee while I cum. It's like you don't have to hold anything back and my full body is involved. Let it all go sweetheart!
  2. Taking the afternoon to myself. Sweet pink silk & lace panties cover my pink lips. Enjoying none sense tv and as I'm nodding off the warm liquid spills slowly from my slit. My clit feeling like it's in its own little hot tub. When I awaken I will slide I finger into the wetness and most surely explode. Perhaps you'd like me to share that moment as well?
  3. My fave is just panties and a sports bra while I'm about at home. A skirt when out is convenient and feels so good when the breeze blows.
  4. Watching him suck and squeeze full tits whilst making her pee & cum with his fingers. Gawd that sends me over the edge.
  5. I've peed in the water many times. Feeling the temperature change around me feels so good. But I'm definitely going to plant my ass in the sand and have a wee next time. I think sitting on a large hot rock and letting flow will also be on the must do list too
  6. Love pissing with a hard dick inside me. Sloppy & wet. Feels so amazing!
  7. Lovely. Yes. I would certainly allow that but I would prefer to aim it at your hard Harvey.
  8. I like to be relaxed in panties and t-shirt. That's all.
  9. For me as well. Although at this precise moment I don't need much help. I am pretty wet. 😇
  10. Absolutely you can have your hand on my pussy whilst I pee. And if you find your way to my clit all the better.
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