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  1. very beautiful profile pic, love

  2. Hi melissa thanks for the add. Great pic of you would like to chat get to know you more find out about your pee stories

  3. Hello gorgeous thanks for following me do you want in the first would love for us to get to know each other better

  4. Thanks for the follow!  I'm glad there's something about me you like.  I hope it got you worked up.


  5. Lovely tatoos and lingerie:) , youd look great in corsets to :)

  6. Hi melissa ur page & pictures are lovely...cu at peefans ( what ru interested in?) grtz peelover38


  7. Thank you for following me.Hope we chat more.

  8. Hello Melissa looking fabulous


  9. Have you been for a nice long piss? Were you Desperate?


  10. Hey where your from

  11. hi Melissa welcome to the peeing family

  12. Glad to have you here Melisa. Looking forward to your posts and maybe even some pics?

  13. Welcome to this board, Melisa. Hope you enjoy!


  14. Hello I look forward to meeting up in the chatroom with you and all my piss sex loving friends

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