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  1. Definitely don't need to apologise for this, it is a very hot thought.
  2. I do the same. Especially with sightings. Always hard not to because, as you say, its a split second decision and afterwards I always think of what I should have done or should have said in the moment but with everything happening so quick you just do what feels natural at the time. Definitely gets easier with experience to know when to do things and when not to. I agree on this too, for people who only get a small number of sightings it can be much easier to remember and make them more special. I usually make little notes when I get sightings but even with those notes there are sighting
  3. A few of us had gone out after work for drinks and had been to a few bars before we ended up at the karaoke bar. With it being Thursday and student night the drinks were cheap and the karaoke was fun so we decided just to stay there. We ended up there longer than expected and were shocked when the bouncer came round asking us to drink up and start heading out as it was closing time. We finished our drinks and made our way outside and whilst a few people set off to walk home the rest of our group headed down the street a little way to the taxi office. When we got there two of my friends or
  4. It certainly was. My mind definitely wandered anytime I was around her. Me too, I know of a few bathrooms like that but besides that encounter with my SIL I have only ever used them with girlfriends. Hopefully some day I will get to do something similar again.
  5. I have always enjoyed situations where me peeing causes someone else to wait a little longer. I have created situations like this many times over the years and always enjoy them but when these situations present themselves it's always much more enjoyable. Whether it be that I happen to be in front of someone in the toilet queue or I have seen the chance and put myself in front of them it’s always fun knowing someone is waiting for me to finish so they can do the same. However this encounter took me completely by surprise for reasons that will become apparent. A bunch of us from work had g
  6. Yeah sometimes familiarity outweighs my passion but this was definitely not one of them. I was certainly turned on from watching her desperation then even more so whilst listening to her peeing right behind me. I certainly woukd have loved to more than just pee whilst standing there but I resisted. Just meant I was glad to be wearing loose jeans so it wasn't super obvious. There are trackside bars along the way at a few stations so you never know it could be.
  7. Something a bit different before I continue posting my usual sightings. This is just a fun encounter I had a couple of years ago with my sister in law and a wonderfully designed bathroom. Where we live we have a local ale trail which is a great day out visiting some really nice pubs. The novelty of it is the pubs in question are all situated either on railway stations or next to railway stations so you can visit each pub and then get the train to the next one and so on. We have done it many times over the years and have tailored it to our own day out. We start by getting the train to the
  8. Same. I always find after the initial shock of being caught as long as they see you are not in any way a threat they don't attempt to hide anything or cover up, they just continue as they were. I've said before how I always thought most women would do anything to be discreet about having to pee in public and at the time of these first sightings in this spot I held that belief. However as the weeks went on and I began to adopt the "caught by accident" method I started realising that wasn't true at all. I was shocked at how many ladies either didn't care when you caught them or how many just o
  9. After getting that second sighting of the two girls and then that night witnessing a bunch of people using the spot my suspicions of it being a popular spot were confirmed. Not only that but it was a perfect spot. As I have said in previous posts there are multiple entry points to the little churchyard plus its not uncommon for people to walk through there so my new found tactic of “just walking through” had proved successful. A tactic I used quite often over the following weeks. I had found that most of the girls were very care free if you had “accidentally” caught them. However I had also fo
  10. After getting the first sighting in the churchyard and seeing multiple people using that spot afterwards I knew I had to check it out and see just how popular of a spot it was. Potentially I had just gotten lucky or maybe it was just because it was late on in the night when bars were closing but either way it was worth checking out just in case. Turned out it wouldn’t take long for me to find out just how popular it was. I was out having post work drinks with some people and had decided that after we had parted ways I would head down to the churchyard and scope it out. I was excited at t
  11. Been a while since I posted here due to being busy with projects and the obvious lack of new sightings. However with the promise of restrictions being lifted soon and things returning more to normal I am obviously excited at the prospect of being able to go out to hunt for sightings like before. This gave me the urge to look back at previous sightings in my archive and I then came and looked at the ones I have posted here, making a list so I can keep track of what I have shared. Whilst reading through the ones in this thread I found the first ones I shared on this site were early 2020 and besi
  12. Just a little fun encounter I had earlier today that I thought people might enjoy. I got the bus into town as I needed a few bits and I ended up going into one of the shoe shops as I realised the other day I could do with some new walking boots as my others are starting to fall apart. I looked around and found some really good ones that were on sale so grabbed them and then had a look around at other stuff, getting some ideas for potential Christmas presents when the time comes. I made my way towards the till and got distracted by the accessories on display when a woman came up behi
  13. Yeah, i think after the initial shock she just accepted that I was there and had seen her so it was pointless trying to hide. For a while afterwards we would joke about it and she definitely found it funny. Just a shame that that was the only time something like that happened. I encountered my step sisters friends needing to pee on a number of occasions but unfortunately was never lucky enough to have a similar encounter of seeing them peeing.
  14. One of the hottest sights I got genuinely by accident happened years ago at home. My mum and stepdad had gone away for the weekend and on the Saturday night my step sister went out for the night with some friends. She had already told me that one of her friends was going to be sleeping over which I said I was fine with as I was going round to my friends house and might end up crashing there like I did quite a lot. Unfortunately my friend had something come up so I just stayed in and enjoyed having the house to myself. Later in the evening I was sat in my room on my xbox and I thought I h
  15. Later on when it was around the time when bars were either closed already or were starting to close and no longer allowing admissions so there were lots of people either heading for taxis or going to get food. Usually at this time a lot of people head up towards the top end of town to go to the big nightclub but government guidelines mean it still hasn't re opened. I was stood watching the crowds when two young girls came along the street walking quite quickly. They stopped at the edge of the road waiting to cross and it became obvious where they were heading. I walked down and went up t
  16. The third sighting of the night happened a little later on. I had gotten myself some food and had sat and eaten it on the door steps in the churchyard. I spotted a young couple walking down the road, the girl was walking quite slowly and kept stopping. Her bf/husband was walking ahead of her and stopped to let her catch up. When she did catch up he took her hand and she started walking faster with quick paced little steps and eventually they made it to the shop on the corner of the street. The guy went to the ATM and as he did the girl started dancing on the spot. At first it was hard to tell
  17. As I walked back into town I met up with some people from work who had just finished and went with them to the pub for a couple of drinks. An hour and half later when the pub closed my friends headed home and I wandered down to the bottom of town which was starting to get busier now that it was midnight and most of the normal pubs had closed. I was stood by the shop and ATM watching the people coming along the street to the different bars when my attention was drawn to a cute chubby brunette girl who had just joined the line for the ATM with her friends. She was stood stepping from foot to foo
  18. Got a handful of sightings over the bank holiday weekend which started off with a hot blonde milf and her equally hot friend. I had just finished work and was walking into town along the main road. As I was two women appeared from one of the side streets across the road and started walking towards town. A little further along there I walked across the road at the crossing point and fell in behind them, immediately wishing I had done so sooner. One of the women, a tall leggy blonde was wearing some sexy skin tight leather look leggings which not only showed off her great butt but also clearly
  19. The fourth and final sightings of that particular night happened a while after the post above. I went to my favourite pub for a drink and by the time I left and walked along the street there were a number of people outside the taxi office waiting so I wandered on there to see if I could see anything fun. As I was stood in the crowd my selective hearing picked up on a comment. "I should have had a wee in there". I looked round and saw a brunette in a little black dress. I assumed it was her who had said it as she was pointing down the side streets to one of the bars. My assumption rang true as
  20. The third sighting of the night caught me by surprise. I was sat on one of the benches in the town square watching the crowds across the road at McDonalds and those coming and going down the main road scoping out the next potential sighting. I had been sat there about ten minutes idly messaging on my phone. When my attention was drawn a couple who were been very touchy feely with each other and laughing. They walked across the square to one of the many ATM's (there are a lot of banks in the town square). As they were stood at the machine the girl was very giggly and all over the guy and
  21. The second sighting of the night came from a really cute short girl with dirty blonde hair. My attention was drawn initially as I heard giggling and laughing up at the top of the road by McDonald's and soon saw it was a group of four people walking down the road, acting stupid and having fun. At first I just enjoyed their antics as they slowly made their way down but then one of the group, the little blonde girl stopped, bent over and moaned "stop it, your going to make me piss myself". As they continued down the girl kept laughing at the two guys and each time she started laughing she s
  22. Need to catch up on a few of the sightings from the past couple of weeks. I had been out for a few drinks with the guys from work and after we had parted ways I wandered down to the bottom end of town to where the main hub was. I stood watching the crowds go by as it gradually got busier. It was around the time that people were arriving and lots of taxis were pulling up and dropping people off. One of which was a group of three older ladies I would say were in there mid 40's. After they got out of the taxi they were standing on the corner of the street pointing in different directions an
  23. I do enjoy knowing that. Watching a women peeing because she just doesn't care whether you are there or not is hot. But I do love those situations where you know a woman is peeing because she is desperate. I have had a few sightings where it has been obvious that the girls have some semblance of caring about being seen but that is over ridden by their need for relief. I love hearing people torn with that dilemma of knowing they will be seen but not having time to go somewhere else.
  24. Definitely. Up until a couple of years ago I believed that most women would do anything to hide the fact they were peeing outside and look for the most private, discreet places and that only a small minority were brazen enough not to care. Now since I started this job and the circumstances meant I was in town late at night and discovered this spot a lot of people use to pee I have come to realise it is the opposite way round. Most women don't care about peeing in public and have zero care about being seen and its those who look for privacy who are the minority. Most women just look for a spot
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