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  1. I went back to scoping out potential sightings but none of them that I saw turned into anything and I find the people density on the street tends to go up and down with it going from busy to really quiet back to busy as the night goes on. As I sat I kept seeing people going up to the top side of town and kept debating whether to go up and see if anything was going on around McDonald’s. The only thing that kept stopping me was seeing girls coming to use the ATM and waiting to see if they showed any signs of needing to pee. I was starting to think heading up to Mcdonalds was a good idea wh
  2. After seeing the cute brunette I walked along the street and back round to the churchyard to sit on the bench and scope out the next sighting. For a while I sat watching people coming and going and as time passed I kept seeing guys coming up to the courtyard to pee but the girls I saw that looked fidgety and squirmy went off to the bars. I realised with the now open capacity the queues wouldn’t take as long so a lot of girls were choosing to wait and go in the bars. I just had to wait until some came along that were desperate enough to not wait. I could have quite easily decided to head and th
  3. I haven’t been out the past few weekends hence the lack of updates. The first weekend there were thunderstorms and torrential rain so I decided against heading out and getting soaked and the following week I went on holiday so wasn’t around. This weekend I was back to it and have got a few sightings to report. The first one came pretty early on which surprised me. I had just walked into town from work and walked across the town square towards Mcdonalds. There were a few people around which boded well for how busy it could potentially become and when I reached the crossroads I leant on th
  4. Had she not been just behind me the dark would have made it harder to see. It is defo the kind of alley that looks much darker because of the brightly lit street but once down there your eyes adjust to the limited light. I also loved that she watched, I would have loved the encounter anyway but that fact she came and watched me definitely made it more fun. If only more girls were like her.
  5. After the group of women had gone on their way I popped into the shop and got myself a drink and a snack and wandered back down to where I had started. There were some guys sitting on the bench at the top of the church steps so I went and stood near the bottom and leant on the wall in the little gap between two electricity boxes. I went back to watching along the street and stood there for a while waiting for the next potential encounter. I had been there a while watching people coming and going when my attention was drawn to what would become my next, and favourite, encounter of the nig
  6. After I finished off peeing I walked back around and sat on the bench scoping out the street once more. Again I sat for a while getting sights of what could be potential sightings but ultimately weren’t. Most of these were seeing girls in the queue for the nearest bar looking squirmy but they ended up being let in before anything happened. It had been a while since the first sighting when I spotted what would become the second sighting of the night. A large group of women came along the street and went over to the ATM. Once some of them had used it they all stood outside the shop at the
  7. That's why I love tipsy or drunken pee sightings. The alcohol lowers their inhibitions and they don't care. You know chances are most of them wouldn't dream of peeing so openly in front of a stranger whilst sober, let alone talk to them whilst doing so.
  8. On Saturday I ended up in town scoping out sightings purely because of how the day went. My friend had to go for his second covid vaccine so I said I would cover his shift in the afternoon as I had no plans. It should have been an easy 5 hour shift and then I would have just gone home. However mid afternoon the manager was chatting to a few of us and asked if anyone could work that evening as we currently have a member of staff having to isolate. He said it didn’t matter if none of us wanted to and they could manage, it would just be better if there was someone in incase it got busy with the f
  9. Another fun desperation encounter from work that happened last week. As I said most of these sightings come from customers at the weekend and those ones are expected so when they happen you aren’t shocked. However sometimes they come when you least expect them and take you by surprise. We get a bunch of people coming in from time to time asking to use the toilets that aren’t customers. Obviously because of the membership system I can’t let them in and most of these are people just asking and they leave once you explain you can’t let them in. However occasionally you will get some of thes
  10. Interacting with a person whilst they are peeing is always super fun, especially when it is them that has instigated it. I always read the situation and if the setting is right and I feel that its obvious the girl has no issue with me seeing I will try and instigate the conversation if they don't. As you said it gives you a reason to be looking and not just standing there silent whilst looking. If I feel like the situation isn't right to start talking to them then I won't but most of the time its worth the risk. A couple of my sightings from this past weekend were like this and thoroughly enjo
  11. The next sighting that night came later on when it came time to head home. When we came out of the bar two of my friends got a taxi outside and headed off leaving me and my friend to walk up through town. We reached the main street and headed across to the taxi office. As mentioned in a previous post the taxi office shuts when it gets quiet and you have to call up. My friend ordered his taxi and we stood waiting. When his taxi arrived he went off and I walked along the street. It was quiet but there were still people milling around so I decided to hang out for a bit to see if there was a
  12. For the past couple of weeks I haven’t really been out scoping for sightings, the couple I got were just right place, right time. This has been down to two things. The main thing is going out with my workmates after our shift, after months of being in lockdown its been nice to hang out with them and just chill and catch up. The second reason is the fact that the town has been quite quiet the past couple of weekends. The drop in temperature has been a factor but I think at the moment we are caught in a cycle where people came out when restrictions eased but found it quieter in town and differen
  13. After the young couple had gone I walked around to the top of the church steps and sat down on the bench. There were a few people coming along the street from the bars at the bottom of town and they would be closing up in ten minutes time so I decided I would hang around and see if there was anything to see before heading home. Sure enough just after 4 am groups of people started coming up the side street and walking along the street. Some heading straight through and up the main road, some heading to the ATM and some heading to the takeaway. I kept an eye on the groups stopping off at t
  14. My plan to have a “couple” of drinks in the bar fell through and we ended up staying there for quite a while until my work friends said they were going to head off and get a taxi. The birthday girl and her remaining friends also decided to head off and called for a taxi. We all went and stood outside the bar and waited for the taxi to arrive. Once my friend and her group had left we walked up to the main street and headed for the taxi office. My two work friends ordered their taxis and they asked if I was ordering one. I told them I would go to the taxi office by the station as they are the on
  15. On Friday it was a friend's birthday and she told me that she and a few friends were coming to play bingo at where I work as it had been ages since they had been what with lockdown and she wanted a fun night out. They came in and enjoyed their night and after the last session of bingo finished she came over to me and said that they were heading into town if I wanted to join them when I finished work. I said I would see and would drop her a message. Not long after I finished my shift and a bunch of people asked if I was coming for a drink with them. I said I would and when we were all don
  16. As it was bank holiday weekend Sunday night had become a “night out” night and as expected it had been quite busy. The last session of bingo finishes at 10 o’clock and this is usually when you get a mass of people leaving. Then the rest of the people gradually leave over the next hour. Just after half 10 a young couple came out and walked over to the desk. They had come in about 5 o’clock and I had signed them both up as new members. The girl was what I would describe as fake and chavvy. She was all fake tan and makeup and had drawn on eyebrows and false nails and all that other fake stuf
  17. Whether it is just someone moaning that they need to pee or somebody full on pee dancing I always love these encounters because, as I said before, I love that they let the imagination run wild. The conclusions to these sightings are open to imagination, as is the build up. I love to wonder how someone got to that state of being desperate. However sometimes you get the answers to those questions and it just makes the encounter all that more fun knowing the facts. This happened last Sunday and as it was bank holiday weekend and we had special promotions on we expected it to be busy. Usuall
  18. The following Saturday night I was at the front desk and we had just had a bit of a rush of people and I was just having a quiet moment dealing with a customer when 5 young girls came in, all dressed up for a night out and from the sounds of it already a little tipsy. They came up to the desk and one of them told me that she had been before but none of the others had and a couple of them had just turned 18 during lockdown and wanted to know what they needed to do. I asked if they all had ID and they said yes so I told them I could get them signed up here and now and put 4 forms on the de
  19. People wanted the fun little desperation encounters I have gotten at work so here we go. I will post these in and amongst the pee sightings, which I'm hoping given the success of last weekend are going to be plentiful. Since I started working at my job I discovered that working in that kind of venue can be great for witnessing those little moments of desperation, especially whilst manning the front desk. I have gotten a bunch over my time there and will gradually get to sharing them. I decided to see if people wanted to hear them as in the past few weeks of being reopened I have had a fe
  20. It was starting to get quieter with people either in bars and staying there or heading home. I was slowly walking down the street intending on going and checking out queues outside the taxi office and the takeaway when I noticed a girl walking quickly along the other side of the street. It took me a moment to realise that it was the asian girl I had seen before. I watched her walking along and just assumed she had found somewhere to have a pee. However she reached the bar where she had been denied entry and tried pulling on the wooden gates leading to the roof terrace. The gates were clo
  21. After going back down along the street I noticed a pattern. I think as people realised they would have to wait a while to get into the bars they just decided to stay there rather than move between as they usually would. Also people were not staying out as long as usual as the nightclubs are not yet open. This meant for a while there was a cycle of there being no queues for the bars at all and then every so often you would get a few people waiting. Instead my attention was now focused on the taxi queue as that was quite long and similar to the bar queues had quite a long wait. I witnessed
  22. When I got back down to the street I walked back over to the shop and leant on the wall, scoping out the queue for the bar and checking out the new people who had joined. I was happy to see when I looked down the queue that the three girls who had got the cans of lager were still there, now 3rd in line. I was even happier to see the blonde girl in the green jumpsuit dancing on the spot. At first it just looked like her and one of her friends were just dancing but then she showed the tell tale signs of needing to pee. She kept doing little bobs on the spot and couldn’t keep her legs still. I sm
  23. I've said before in another thread how this is always the downfall of going out looking for sightings. After any desperation sighting or pee sighting your mind always plays out other outcomes of "what if I had?..." or "maybe I should have"...or "I wonder what they would have done if?". This will always happen and sometimes I often find myself thinking I should have done something different, especially when it comes to almost sightings or near misses. You just have to make a snap decision and roll with it.
  24. Along with being able to get back to work the easing of restrictions meant people were now allowed inside pubs and bars so I decided to head out on the Saturday after I finished work to see if the changes meant people were out in town and to see if I could scope out any sightings. However, by the time I finished on Saturday evening I was exhausted. A long shift that day coupled with it being the first week back at work had wiped me, and everyone else, out so after we finished we went to the bar/restaurant next door to our work for a drink before heading home, deciding going into town could wai
  25. Having finally gone back to work after restrictions were eased last week I managed to get out on Saturday night after work and was lucky enough to get a few sightings. I have a few days off work this week so I will hopefully get the time to write those up. However I just wanted to ask a quick question to those who read this thread on the regular. Since being back at work I have had a few fun little desperation sightings whilst working on the front desk and have a bunch more from the past couple of years of working there and wondered if people would be interested in me sharing them. I ask
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