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    I'm new to the whole "forum" type but I love desperate girls pissing themselves!

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    Wetting jeans
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    My ex and I used to fool around with it. We would take long drives, she would hold it and jerk me off. A couple times we went to a park and she pissed on me through her panties.

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  1. Wasn't trying to use it for hookups. I meant what I typed. When I post things on these sites I have issues every time but thats fine.
  2. I hope this is okay to post 🙂 Whenever I post wetting things on the forums, I seem to have issues and frankly I don't like putting this stuff out directly onto sites haha. I'm a straight male, 25 years old from USA. I'm into female desperation and wetting (mainly jeans) but I also wet myself a lot. I'm in relatively decently shape, about 135 pounds and somewhat athletic. I'm looking for more people to just talk omo with and have fun. I don't care if it's a guy or a girl, if you're into male wetting and just talking omo, let's chat here...
  3. I would be careful about meeting anyone from the internet. But as far as just having conversations, there are some cool groups on Kik.
  4. Yep just wet myself haha. That was FAST lolol Dm me on Kik if you want the video lol It was a LOT of pee
  5. Just chugged a Monster and about 24 ounces of water. I'm at a 5 or 6 and growing, I'm going to be really desperate really fast haha My Kik is @pissedjeansmetal if anyone wants to hit me up. Straight male 25 USA
  6. I definitely agree with that. Some days I'm more into one that the other but they're both equally sexy and fun
  7. I've probably told my stories a few times on here now, since I've only ever done it in person with one girl. I told my ex about my fetish about 2 years into our 3 year relationship. She was accepting and said she was willing to try it and such. We didn't end up doing very much in the end, but we did have a lot of fun. She would often hold her pee whenever we were together and give me hand jobs while she was desperate. We spent one day of actual full-on pee fun together, we both we ourselves and peed on each other. It was amazing. Unfortunately she never peed her jeans for me, which is my favorite. Maybe some day I'll find a girl willing...
  8. lol when you drink a ton of water and energy drinks? yes it certainly does! haha
  9. I actually just pissed my jeans! It got really bad really fast haha. I have footage if you want to DM me on Kik
  10. Damn I chugged that water and now I'm at a 7 and climbing!
  11. I definitely agree. I think personally sometimes I'll be in a mood for one verses the other, but it can go either way. Both are extremely hot and sexy and yes, they definitely have to be into it.
  12. I'm currently starting a hold if anyone is interested. Probably at 3.5-4, haven't peed in 3.5 hours, I've had a Monster Energy drink and I'm working on a large glass of water. My kik is @pissedjeansmetal and my DMs are open 🙂
  13. I'm curious... For example, you're out with your S/O and they can't hold it, and wet themselves. But then they tell you that they really enjoy it and it turns them on. OR You're just hanging with them and they tell you they have this fetish and decide to hold it until they wet themselves.

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