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    Just a young adult trying to meet like minded individuals and I think I've found the jackpot

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    naughty peeing and getting pissed on
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    yet to have one

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  1. Hello and welcome, we're the same age haha added your snap!
  2. Welcome! I sent a request on your snapchat
  3. Welcome to the group! Hope you make plenty of connections here
  4. I only watch there as well, girls pissing where they shouldn't os quite the turn on haha
  5. Wait a minute are you pissing blonde from pornhub 😂?...wait wrong name never mind haha
  6. Wait a minute are you pissing blonde from pornhub 😂?
  7. Hello and welcome to the site! Enjoy yourself!
  8. Welcome to the group! I'm semi new myself but I'm sure there's an omiroshi category somewhere in the many subcategories 😁
  9. This is nothing too grand compared to everything on here BUT its my first experience so its special to me. I was driving around in Orlando one year when I was visiting my aunt and uncle and we were heading to one of the many bars close to her house. We turned onto international, and with it being late the prostitutes were on the prowl. So as we come up to a traffic light we spot one next to us and she proceeds to squat and piss right there it was great! she was still going as the light changed
  10. First time ever joining a forum about pee so hello all! I'm ready to finally talk to some like minded individuals about this Haha looking forward to seeing what I find here!

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