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    Doris and Vivian are relaxing by the pool. They are lying in their sun lounges, tanning and daydreaming. Suddenly Doris shouts: “Eeeh, a bug! It´s coming in our direction. Do something!” And right she is. There is a bug, maybe a small roach, coming their direction. The girls don´t know what to do. They don´t wanna touch it. They think of crushing it with their flipflops. But they don´t want to see the crushed bug lying there. They had to expel it. There is nobody else around. Vivian takes of her bikini top and goes to the pool. She fills one cup with water, and approaches the bug. She intends to pour it on the bug. When she reaches the bug, all water is gone, sipped through the fabric on the ground. She has got another idea. She squats down facing the bug. She hopes the bug can´t fly. She pulls here bikini bottom to the side. She opens her pussy lips and aims at the bug. The bug keeps crawling. She tries to release some pee. The first pee trickles on the ground, too far away from the bug. Vivian concentrates. She manages to produce a stream, splashing in the direction of the bug. The bug stops. She now hits the bug. The bug turns and tries to get away. The bug is now struggling to get away, but sometimes being hit by the pee is not helpful. Vivian´s stream trickles down. She has no pee left. The bug is still there. Vivian is looking at Doris. “No way”, Doris says. The bug is now turning again. There is a pee puddle on the concrete floor, but it now goes around the puddle. The pressure to act is building up. Vivian is standing above the bug again, with her bikini crotch pulled to one side, but is not able to produce more than a few drops that trickle down her tanned leg. Finally Doris stands above the bug, legs apart, with her bikini crotch to one side. She tries to pee, but can not concentrate. The bug moves. She needs to move with him, which doesn´t make it easier. The first trickle comes out and wets her hand which is holding the bikini bottom aside. The bug is moving. She has to adjust. Finally she produces more than just a trickle. Her stream hits the ground and the bug, and splashes in all directions. The bug continues to move faster, but in the wrong direction. Doris has to adjust again, to get in front of the bug. While adjusting, she can´t stop her pee. While walking, her pee hits her legs and her feet. She manages to get in front of the bug. The bug turns. Doris keeps pissing, while following the bug. Her stream trickles down. The bug keeps moving away from them. They watch it a minute, as it disappears in the right direction. The girls giggle. They give each other a high five. (Doris' hand still wet from her pee.) They think that was fun. Vivian is waiting for top to dry before she puts it on again. Disclaimer: All characters (except the bug) are of legal age. The bug was not harmed, and lived happily until a natural death.
  2. I get out of the water and use the regular restrooms, where I pee on the floor.

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