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    Just a boy who loves watching girls go pee! I also fantasize about being told to wet myself. It hasn’t happened yet but I’m sure eventually someone will boss me around and tell me what to do :)

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    Peeing outside, wetting,
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    Let me start by saying, Not a hot experience! But interesting I think. I can trace my sexual attraction to pee all the way back to when I was about 5 or 6 and the neighbor girl across the street asked if I wanted to “play sex”. It turns out playing sex meant hiding in the jungle gym and watching each other pee! I’m a crazy twist of fate after 13 years I just so happened to move back to California and saw her again a church function! Obviously I didn’t mention our past but I’m so curious if she remembers it too!

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  1. Hello. I was seeing if I could start a dare forum where people could dare each other and then submit a pic or video proving the dare was accomplished. Obviously I had pee related dares in mind but I don’t want to put restrictions. Here is our scoring system (50) points - respond to a dare with a video (30) points - respond with a picture (10) points - respond with message (20) points - someone responds to your dare whoever has the most points after one week wins $100 via cashapp. So someone start us off with a good dare..
  2. Nice! I think I speak for everyone when I say. Thanks in advance for posting!
  3. hello, im a straight male and im into girls peeing. i like wetting, and peeing outside and well pretty much any way a girl can pee. anyone from texas interested in the same?
  4. Hello, I am a 26 year old male. I recently felt the desire to be commanded a task (pee related) and then being watched as I do that task. For example, wetting my jeans. I’m really not sure what my limits are on what I would be willing to do so I’m excited to see what you come up with.
  5. Thanks for the reply’s everyone! Appreciate the support
  6. So this is my first post. I’ve never posted on a form site like this before so I’m curious to see if I get any response. My birthday is coming up in couple weeks and for a few years now I have wanted my wife to pee on me and she has before and will for me but I can tell she isn’t into it and will only pee on me in the shower and doesn’t want to anywhere else and she doesn’t want to wet herself because she “hates the wet feeling” or doesn’t want to make a mess. I would clean up any mess and she wouldn’t have to stay in wet cloths but I obviously don’t want to push if it’s something s

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