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    I’m a secret pee lover especially naughty pissing 😉 I have a family and they have no clue. I love to piss on clothes, carpet, anything you ask me to piss on and I will ;)

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    Naughty pissing
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    I finally tried out this fetish thats been making me want to cum just thinking about it, I pissed on my steps, the living room, everywhere in my house

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  1. One time I thought I was home alone, my son was with his babysitter so i could clean, my fiancé doesn’t know about my fetish, and he was at work. So I pulled up some piss porn I’m really into like the homemade videos, carpet piss, bed piss, anything like that. To me it turns me on more knowing I’m pissing in places I know I shouldn’t. Beforehand I was drinking water all day at working holding it for when I get home. I started fingering myself and I could feel the urge. I only had on a sweater and my lace underwear. I grabbed my vibrator and my blanket and I went into my dining room. I was thinking about all the different possibilities of places I could pee in so I sat on the carpet and I spread my legs. I was so horny I really didn’t care how much it soaked through. I changed positions, and I was in doggystyle position pissing all over my carpet and my socks once I was done I felt the spot to see how much it soaked through. It was probably once of the best sensations I’ve ever had and now I know what my new hobby will be whenever I’m home alone again. 😉
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