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  1. I grew up in a cold climate, and yeah, as an adult wouldn’t dream of wetting if I had to be out in the weather. I remember the sensation of putting on jeans straight out of the laundry dryer that were still just a little damp, walking outside and having them freeze stiff like a board. one exception though: snowmobile suits. We wore them as kids to play in the snow all winter long, also with big old boots. Getting in and out of those things to go to the bathroom was such a hassle, I’m sure I wasn’t the only kid who wet inside one. Typically they were so extra warm and insulated, it didn’t feel cold.
  2. My bid would be for you to start your day with some naked yoga. If you have to pee while doing the warrior pose or in cat/cow stretches...well, so be it! Regardless, here’s wishing you a deliciously naughty weekend!
  3. So hot! Your squirming with pleasure is especially exciting. Mmm!
  4. Whoah cool! Thanks for the tip. I’m excited to try!
  5. Ohhh if I was in a man’s body the first thing I’d do is Go to the gym and do an aerobics class, and play some basketball. What would it be like to do that without big breasts bouncing around, or strapped down in a sports bra?!? I’d go for a swim, too, just so I could stand around and talk to people with my shirt off and belly hanging out. And then I’d want to stick my cock in everything I could think of. I’d go to the grocery store and get melons and rice pudding, I’d go to the fabric store and get silk and lace and faux fur and leather all to rub on my cock. And then I’d go to the hardware store and pee inside of one of the lengths of pvc pipes all stacked on a rack. I’d get an old set of Hot Wheels toy cars and build an elaborate track, and then pee down the track like a flume. And then yes: sex!! And after that, if there’s still time, I would go to a pub and see if I could find someone to mansplain to...just to see what that feels like.
  6. I’ll get there. Just a little shy— still getting used to the site!
  7. No, I’m not shy about it! They’re the only labia I’ll ever have, so I might as well enjoy them. 😉
  8. I meant emotional state or state of arousal. But does it change with latitude or altitude as well as attitude? I’ve never noticed. Definitely worth exploring.
  9. Depends on what state I’m in!
  10. Well, then, just for the sake of scholarly study, here is a view of that one long labial lip showing loud and proud.
  11. I find that people want to suck and pull on my lips, but I prefer it when someone just kind of holds them in his/her mouth.
  12. I have this one inner labial lip that is much longer than the other. Sometimes it acts as kind of a “rain chain” for my pee. If you could hold my lips open for a clear, straight stream, that would be great.
  13. When I was first learning to fish, my uncle taught me to hold the fish out to the camera at arms length in front of me for the prize photo...just sayin’.
  14. Thanks, BlindListener! Yes, I’m new—and thoroughly enjoying it!

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