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  1. Woooouuu it's really good. I love it. I don't pee when my boyfriend is in my vagina. But if he go out, i explode with strong jet.
  2. Oh i love it. I love full bladder and explode with my boyfriend. Rarely i pee my pants before sex because i have really full bladder
  3. Hi all, i am marta and i like having sex with full bladder. I love when i pee during sex because i don't hold it in. There are girls or boys with this passion? Tell me about us.
  4. We play with full bladder during sex, or she pees in the street because She doesn't hold. Other She holds pee with hand in public. She pees during sex because bladder is so full that she explodes. But we would to play in public and you give us new ideas?
  5. Hi all, sorry for my english, but it's not my first language. I and my girlfriend play with pee, pissing and other plays about pee. I love this experience, but i would have other ideas of plays with pee and penances with pee in public. She holds really long and she explodes in pants. If someone have some ideas, i accept all. Thanks

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