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  1. You really need to spread your lips and pull up to make your pee stream out! Watch some videos and practice.
  2. One of my favorite things to do is put a diaper on before sleeping. When I wake up, I just pee in my warm comfortable bed without any mess to clean up.
  3. I've only tried one type before, but I looked at reviews online and got one with good ratings for being very absorbent.
  4. It is so great. Having to clean up after is such a deterrent for otherwise loving wetting for me. I don't like handling the wet clothing/towels and I hate the smell of stale piss. With a diaper you just piss yourself, throw it into a plastic bag, and throw it into the garbage.
  5. I've mentioned here before my interest in diapers. Its not about a baby thing for me, it's just about being able to let go and pee yourself anywhere and have no mess. I absolutely love the feeling of my hot pee spreading through the dry diaper while I release my desperate bladder. I'm considering buying some more and having some fun, since it's been a while. Anyone else have any stories to share about using diapers as an adult?
  6. I have a shewee! Two actually. I have one of the original model, and one or the newer more flexible one. I like the flexible one better. I don't have the courage or opportunity to use it in public often, unfortunately
  7. I've started keeping my "chamber pot" aka my pee bucket, in my bedroom almost every night now. My bathroom isn't far, but there's something so hot about having a desperate pee in the morning without leaving my bedroom. Sometimes if I really need to go at night, I use it before falling asleep too. Sometimes I even use it in other areas of the house. It's my own portable "toilet". Does anyone else enjoy peeing in containers like me?
  8. I was taking a shower and really had to pee, so I did. I enjoyed I and have done it every time since. Even in public showers or at a friend or boyfriends house. I can't shower without peeing now, it's just a reflex.
  9. I've peed in the shower daily since I was very young. Probably for about 20 years now.

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