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  1. This morning it's rainy, and the rain was dripping loudly from my upstairs neighbors balcony so it was perfect to pee. I put on a dress without panties, and grabbed my shewee (I have the flexi) and extension tube. I connected them, sort of wedged the shewee between my legs, and adjusted my skirt so the end of the tube just stuck out. I went outside, standing, with a cigarette so it would look like I had a reason to be outdoors in the rain. Below my skirt, I started to pee. I let out a couple spurts on the floor. I moved, spraying a couple more spots. I didn't empty my whole bladder,
  2. I have a friend who grew up on a farm, where the kids would play outside all day and pee wherever outdoors if they had to go. She hates public toilets and, as an adult, still prefers to pee outside. If she's visiting someone's home she will use the toilet, but in public places she will find an outdoor place to squat. I don't think it's at all sexual for her, just habit and comfort.
  3. Car parks are usually where I pee, and I do pee in the grass under skirts too. I already do the really sneaky ones, I'm trying to get the courage to be more obvious. I sometimes see people peeing in public and no one really cares.... I just don't like the idea of being caught or watched.
  4. Unfortunately all our gas station and single-user coffee shop facilities all don't have urinals where I live. I guess it's more common in Europe maybe. I have looked in every public toilet I can find that isn't a wide open men's room (where anyone could walk in)
  5. It's not often you see a single-user restroom with a toilet and a urinal. Often it's only a toilet, even if it's a men's facility. I've seen online but never in real life, facilities with a toilet and urinal in one lockable room. I'm trying to find one of these (because I want to try a urinal and not get caught). Anyone have a suggestion on how to find one?
  6. I'm still quite worried about getting caught, so it's hard for me to find places to go. Tonight I was out for a walk and went on a hunt for a dark corner. Everything was way more well-lit than I remember. I finally found one spot, a little corner about two steps off the sidewalk. It was next to an empty field and a house (hidden by some bushes from view of the house windows). I was so close to peeing..... But I couldn't muster up the courage to go. I was too afraid someone would walk or drive by and I'd get caught. Next time I go out it'll be in a skirt without panties. Maybe I'll bring m
  7. I love that I've inspired others to pee in buckets. Mine is blue and plastic as well!
  8. I was travelling and visiting a famous tourist attraction just outside of a big city (I won't say which). Part of it was gardens and forest. Not many people were interested in seeing that part but I went to explore. While I was in the gardens, the fullness of my bladder struck me. I checked the guidebook and it showed the nearest toilet was 15 minutes walk and I was not going to hold that long.I wandered down a quiet path, and ducked into a little corner behind some bushes. While people were looking at the beautiful gardens, there I was secretly peeing on them.
  9. I do it often. Sometimes multiple times a day. Today I was extremely desperate though. I pissed for well over 1 minute.
  10. Today I got home really really desperate to pee and didn't want to have a boring old pee. I had my bucket in my bedroom and I wanted to use it. I was so desperate, I didn't lock the front door behind me. I dropped my purse and jacket as I quickly made my way to my bedroom. I grabbed the bucket and put it on the floor in front of the window. I pulled down my pants and sat on it, finally releasing my bursting bladder. I pissed and pissed for what felt like ages! It was so fun and I can't wait to do it again.
  11. There have been maybe 2 times in my life where I absolutely couldn't hold it anymore and had to find somewhere to pee in public. The rest of the time it's on purpose.
  12. I've recently returned from a road trip on my own, and I had some fun peeing experiences along the way. Where and how do you piss when you're driving all day?
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