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  1. I wash my hands in public toilets, mostly because I'm touching surfaces other people have to touch too. At home I don't bother when I pee.
  2. I'll pee in public before I wet myself, every time. I often run behind a bush, car, or building to pee when I'm out, especially since everything is closed because of lockdown.
  3. Do you ever get into situations where someone will casually talk about needing to pee or be visibly desperate and tell you about it and it turns you on? I recently was in a situation with an attractive man and he was telling me how he had to pee really badly, wished there was a open public toilet around, and was thinking he might just whip it out and pee off to the side of the street. I was getting so horny. Part of me wants to think he's one of us. How common is it for a guy to talk about this to an acquaintance he doesn't know very well?
  4. Once a guy I was hooking up with pissed in the bed with me. That night we got very drunk, he was even more wasted than I was. After we had sex we both went to sleep. I woke up at some point to the sound of running water...and then I felt wetness from his side of the bed, and realized he was peeing. I lay there in shock for a minute, couldn't believe he was pissing his bed. I nudged him to wake him up, and he was so drunk he just picked up a thick blanket, put it on top of the wet spot, and lay back down. I was so horny I couldn't believe it. I reached over to grab his cock and start
  5. Make a grave stone that is a bench shaped like a toilet seat! I would pee sitting on it.
  6. I've never done it but I really would love to try. I want to have a guy pee in my pussy as I also release my full bladder.
  7. Holding is my favorite part. I really enjoy the feeling of a full bladder, it makes me incredibly horny and I can orgasm like crazy due to the increased sensitivity. The build up and the release when you finally let go feels soooo fucking good. I like to watch others desperate to go and holding full bladders. The relief is part of it too, hearing someone's sighs and moans and seeing the relaxed look on their face as the pee rushes out of them.
  8. https://www.shewee.com/shewee-flexi.html This is the one I like best. I find it has no leaks compared to the more rigid original shewee but it doesn't collapse either.
  9. This deters me from peeing in public almost all the time. I live in a very busy city and most places have cameras.
  10. I like to use anything that will contain the mess. I like containers, cups, buckets. Anything I can just wash away the pee without having to scrub floors. If I really want to make a little mess I'll go on a towel on the floor. I also use diapers occasionally because they're a way to wet without cleanup. The mess is a real deterrent for peeing for me. I enjoy peeing outside but it's rare to find an opportunity, so I have to make it work at home.
  11. I love to get into a nice bubble bath when I have to pee. Even if my bladder isn't particularly full, my body is so used to peeing every time I step into the bath or shower, that it's a reflex. So I like to get a big drink or two, get in the bath, and hold my pee as long as I can before I pee in the hot bubbly water. Anyone else love to tease themselves in the bath?
  12. Yes! I love mine. Years ago I got a shewee like yours. I found the rigid shape very uncomfortable to use without leaking, so I really only played with it in the shower. I got a shewee flexi more recently, it's a little flexible while still being rigid enough to not flatten completely. I find it much easier and more comfortable to use than the original version. Can't wait to try it outdoors this summer!
  13. Anywhere that isn't the toilet or shower is a turn on for me. I prefer in public or outdoor. I love it when the guy is desperate and obviously struggling to hold back, moaning and clutching his cock.
  14. Speaking as a woman who is into it, I don't post content strictly for the fact that it leads to pushy people and harassment. It's bad enough that men already bother me enough without images of myself online. I've also left many online communities because of really inappropriate behavior from men.
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