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  1. Fortunately I have waterproof floor mats!
  2. Do you ever fantasize about people you know in real life peeing? Do you picture them rushing to the toilet, pee bursting out, or imagine what they look like relieving themselves?
  3. I check it just to see if I can beat my maximum. I'm not really that concerned with the volume though. When I use it in a car, I just slide to the edge of the seat and hold it in place.
  4. I have used it a few times since, it's a fun way to pee. I used it in the car this afternoon.
  5. I bought a new water bottle recently. It's pretty large, with a wide mouth opening and markings on the side to tell you how much liquid is inside. I bought this bottle specifically for peeing, it was never intended for drinking. I just used it for the first time. I was pretty full, not exploding but needing to go. I stood and held the bottle in place between my legs. I began to pee, splashing a bit on the floor below. When I was done, I checked to see that I had peed 20oz. I can't wait to use it again!
  6. I always pee in pools through my swimsuit. Its such a turn on to pee somewhere bad. I have pissed a little amount on the bench in a sauna before, but not much because I was afraid it would leave a pee smell.
  7. I was just in the bath and needed to pee. Typically I'll just relax let it flow into the water. This time I laid back and spread my legs. I started to pee straight up into the air, pushing hard to send a stream of pee a couple feet into the air.
  8. All the time, I have been doing it for years. I too really enjoy using a pee bucket. I sometimes use a wide-mouth bottle, and I have used many other spots and containers to pee. Never with friends though.
  9. It's been a while since I relieved myself into my bucket. Tonight I have been feeling naughty so I purposely filled my bladder. I put my bucket out on the balcony, ready to receive my pee. I waited until it was almost dark, and sat on my bucket in a dress without panties, where I am as I type this. I put a blanket over me so no one can see. I'm slowly letting the contents of my bladder out. I can't gush or splash too loud or the neighbors will hear so it's almost torture to slowly let my full bladder go in little spurts.
  10. If I could pee anywhere without getting caught/making a mess, I would never pee the same place twice.
  11. I have tried a few of them. I have a shewee flexi that I use sometimes and I like it best. I mostly use it at home for fun but it's come in handy before when I was really desperate.
  12. I thought of another story, not quite sure if I've ever shared it anywhere on here. Back in my student days I was a server and a bartender. One night I was alone behind the bar, and no one was on the floor to cover for me. It was busy, and I couldn't leave the bar unattended, but I really needed to pee. After everyone had their drinks, I assessed the situation. I was wearing a short skirt with panties underneath. The bar had a shelf about waist height where the sinks and ice bins were. I quickly hurried over to one of the sinks. I sat on the shelf, chatting to the three men sitting at th
  13. When this happens, there are usually many toilets around for them to use. I've witnessed a friend pee in the yard because he's too desperate to get inside the house.
  14. I was just out in public and feeling a little adventurous. I was wearing a skirt and I sat on a park bench off in a dark corner. There was a path with the odd person walking by. I slipped off my panties when no one was there. After a couple more people passed, I slid my skirt out from under my ass. I slowly slid to the edge of the bench, pretending to pay attention to my phone. When the coast was clear, I let a spurt of pee go. It splashed on the ground below, and I could feel my heart pounding. I paused for more people to walk by. I kept going in this manner until there was a size
  15. I notice my male friends are almost completely unable to hold it the minute they need to piss. They often go from "I need to pee" to pissing on the nearest tree because they can't wait a second longer. I think men can't hold as long as women because they are used to just peeing where ever when ever. Women are used to holding it for a more appropriate place.
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