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  1. Recently, my bucket lives in the corner of my bedroom and gets used as a toilet every single time I have to pee. This is ongoing 3 weeks now. I only use the toilet if other functions are necessary. I've been loving it! It feels so fun to have my own secret pee spot in a corner that's not in the bathroom. Usually it's empty, after each pee I clean it out and return it for the next use. The only exception is sometimes I use it at night and empty it in the morning. Yesterday I got home from work bursting. I ran straight to the bedroom, ripped my jeans down and sat quickly on the bucket
  2. Do you ever drink a lot of liquids when you know you won't be near a toilet? Or purposely hold your bladder? I'm talking about specifically getting full without wetting yourself. I love forcing myself to see how long I can wait and how good it feels.
  3. Desperation is a big part of it for me. A full bladder makes me so horny. Masturbating when I need to piss is my favorite thing. I love seeing others, particularly men/people with penises desperate to pee. Wetting isn't necessary, but I do love seeing the relief after the desperation and holding. They can pee anywhere as long as it's not a toilet.
  4. I'm not sure what she needed to apologize for. Rock bands are known for doing insane stuff on stage so where's the surprise? He obviously wanted to be pissed on and enjoyed it. No harm.
  5. When I was in university we had a large campus with several buildings. I would often explore looking for new places to relieve myself. I never did anything too crazy, was afraid to get caught....but peed on several carpeted floors and bathrooms with tile. A favorite was the library carpet.
  6. My dorm room had a sink in it, but the toilets were down the hallway. I used the sink as a toilet the entire time I lived there. I would sit on the counter and use it like a toilet.
  7. Wow! Love the desperation. Heavy breathing and sighs of relief always turn me on. You had a sexy long pee I bet it felt so good.
  8. On towels on the floor. Put them in the wash after and no one will ever know. I like to use all sorts of containers like flower pots and mop buckets.
  9. No. I personally have been overweight and thin at different times of my life, and my bladder capacity hasn't ever changed.
  10. I wasn't wearing anything under my dress.
  11. I've never peed in my dishwasher. I thought about doing it with my shewee, but also considered squatting over the open door.
  12. Last night it was raining pretty hard here, and I needed to pee. I put on a short dress and a jacket, and went out onto my balcony. It was dark, so no one could see what I was about to do. I stood with my legs spread a little bit. I started to pee slowly, it felt amazing to release outside. The sound of my pissing was drowned out by the pouring rain. I finished my pee and went inside. This morning my pee was all washed away.
  13. As much as I enjoy public peeing in all the wrong places, I personally believe that something like pissing in a soap dispenser is wrong. I don't think other people should be exposed to your pee without their knowledge.
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