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  1. How did you get the idea to start?
  2. It's the same here - is it only at home you did it or anywhere when need is there? I tried it for the first time yesterday and did it once again in the morning. I think it's wonderful 🙂
  3. How often did you do it now? Is it more in the sexual way now?
  4. What a nice question - I really like to hear the answers too
  5. What made you think about starting it? This was my first time trying it - and I actually really liked it.
  6. Anybody with experience about wetting your pants for first time?
  7. Lovely vids. Have you ever tried to find a place to piss in desperation and film it?
  8. Are you in to take risks? I mean the risk to be discovered?
  9. Sounds exciting - can we as members come up with ideas?
  10. Both, but vids like this one - it was very nice 😄
  11. Hi guys, I have been turned on by peeing as long as I can remember. I love seeing women desperate and fighting against the volume of pee. I have been here for nearly a month and love what I see 🙂 If somebody of you have some great advices to how to start pee myself I would love to hear 🙂 Take care and happy New year 😄
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