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    Just a regular guy who think pee is super fun and intimate. In a relationship with a partner who is less into it, but we are open about this and I'm free to socialize. Try me!

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    Few limits, but my favorite parts are the sharing + intimacy about it
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    Marathon hotel nights and first times pretty consistently make the best stories.

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  1. Best not to look a gift horse in the mouth... I used to think of myself as exclusively into pee streams and showers and then made a friend who loved wetting. It started out as scratching each other's itches but when i tried it, bing bong, that's pretty good too. Hits a lot of the same notes. Glad it was fun!
  2. Yeah, it's a difficult line to walk... sometimes I can just turn those feelings off around friends and polite company, but others it's a bit... trickier. I know most people are so blissfully unaware, they can treat it so playfully like a big joke which is hot on its own. OH WELL
  3. I'd probably treat this as any other sexual or bathroom-related thing, which is to say if you are involving bystanders in your kink or sex for me personally that is a line I wouldn't cross. Walking around in a big obvious diaper? Not for me. But just as a reasonable person would speculate whether someone is wearing boxers or briefs or a thong or nothing I wouldn't go out of my way to investigate whether they are wearing a diaper - fine (and fun) by me.
  4. if it's gonna be a marathon with a partner my first choice in this particular case is diet soda or water - but lighter alcohols are good too. no coffee, but that's just my preference.
  5. Congratulations to you both for finding this activity together! It's wild how much the world opens up once you both realize you like it - its like a wet squirty foreplay that lasts as long as you want it to. One of the first things I did with my first pee friend was to just watch it come out up close - like letting her hold me and guide my stream, then doing the same (or trying to) for her. What fun... And then drawing on my own favorite memories I'd say to just take advantage of the infinite foreplay- invest in a washable mattress protector and make playtime the object of the night: - drink lots of water or your drink of choice, sit around and just be close, watch a movie or whatever - check in about how full each other are feeling, let it be fun and drive the anticipation, and let the desperation increase every other sense down there - fool around and talk through ideas for what you might do when it's time to let it go - when it finally comes, pace yourselves and take turns to make it last as long as possible! For me this usually starts out with peeing in our clothes and eventually evolves into a big wet puddle.
  6. Every time i am making the pitch to a new partner I draw this connection - the buildup, anticipation, desperation and release hit all the right notes, just a little bit differently.
  7. You already posted this picture years ago as 'Sandra' and strangely as several other Sandras over the years as well
  8. i love pee play, i mean love it and get off to thoughts of it most days, but it doesn't come into mind every time i go and i'm able to keep the same kinds of boundaries with sexualizing others one would expect. I sometimes worry that friends would be weirded out, make a big deal around any trip to the bathroom, etc, but I don't picture this any more than any other sexual thought with others.
  9. I've definitely gone over 2L before, but even when i've tried to measure it can be tough to prioritize that over all other things the moment it is all happening...
  10. Some version of this has come up with pretty much every intimate partner i have ever had. The sense of affirmation around pee play is huge for me, and i feel like that manifests itself as being very GGG and excited to learn what gets someone else off. I don't see it any other way.
  11. Get well soon! I discovered my love of pee while home sick and drinking lots of fluids and it's pretty much a tradition at this point every time i catch a cold and am home alone. Given the choice i'd still prefer not to get sick.
  12. +1 to everyone saying this. Most friends i've met in general kinky communities who expresses an interest in watersports is more into it from the BDSM side. It's an important distinction that often winds up being an incompatibility- I'd say the best piss play i've had with others has been folks who are either already into it, or have what would seem to be a more vanilla but sex-positive + GGG attitude, who are open to trying it and quickly get sucked in.
  13. Your husband is truly lucky to have a partner so open to this - I've never personally felt shame for my pee kink, but it has definitely fed into my exhibitionism and general GGG-ness - the times I've had partners who were open to trying it (& even enjoyed it) it was just so hot to feel affirmed that I think that feeling has spread into other areas of my sexual life. Not knowing his specific interests or experiences it's hard to give much perspective, but aside from what you are already doing - being open and curious and accepting - I think some pretty universal advice when it gets down to testing the waters is plan out some of your first play in a way that lets you relax about mess. Maybe it starts with just watching- If it's more, the obvious place to start is in the shower but that can also be cramped and uncomfortable. Waterproof mattress covers or pads are cheap and easy to clean up. drink lots of water, of course - not just because it means more squirty foreplay and fun but because more watery pee is much more fun to play with for most people. enjoy the anticipation. be prepared to get pee-shy and move on, make out, do other things. nothing lasts forever.
  14. East coast US for now, likely returning to the midwest soon... but nothing is certain at this point.
  15. This isn't a comment specific to this site, but applicable to virtually every kink or sex-related site i've ever seen: The reactive approach is not good enough. It should not be incumbent upon the women who join to have to wade through so much abuse, it is clearly an unsexy turnoff at best and a vicious cycle of more and more gender imbalance and male desperation (the bad kind) at worst. I don't have an answer, but 'just report em' is not a good enough answer any more. Something has to give. One answer, and I'm dead serious about this, is for there to be more avenues to online sex work like only fans and cam girls. But that alone is not enough.

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