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    Just a regular guy who think pee is super fun and intimate. In a relationship with a partner who is less into it, but we are open about this and I'm free to socialize. Try me!

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    Few limits, but my favorite parts are the sharing + intimacy about it
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    Marathon hotel nights and first times pretty consistently make the best stories.

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  1. As many have said here, the sensation is excellent, all that extra edgy pressure and anticipation and relief, and sharing those feelings with someone else in a context where it's okay to be sexual, to be turned on by it, etc only adds to those feelings - plus sharing that vulnerability with another person and connecting over it. It also gives you time to plan out all the fun activities you are going to do when things finally open up...
  2. Personally I don’t want my kink associated with this behavior. It’s not okay.
  3. I'm finding myself alone for the first time in a while and asked a friend (not on here) for a request. this is their response: I'm probably about 80% full and can't wait.
  4. Over the years i've made friendships, most of them staying online, with fellow pee lovers. Sometimes we would share, or make requests, or get off together while others were just a nice relationship with a mutual one weird trick, and in some cases we both loved piss and knew it, but loved it in different ways (I'm more into the playfulness and intimacy, they are more into the power or degradation for example). Does anyone else have friends or groups like this?
  5. yes, sadly worker exploitation is not sexy to me. boo amazon.
  6. oh yeah, for my 0.02 this is an easy first playful way to introduce pee in a new relationship. The other person has total control with it so can keep things in their comfort zone, it's a kind of curious, kind of goofy thing - highly recommended, though maybe best to keep in the shower or outdoors or generally away from the toilet if you are trying to introduce things slowly.
  7. complete non-issue to me. i'm an adult with basic control of my sexual feelings and want others around me to feel comfortable. I also think it is a more logical way to do bathrooms and architecture in general. cut the number of communal bathrooms in half, build a few more private locking single restrooms in their place for folks who need that for comfort/space/ability/childcare/etc reasons.
  8. This question goes out to the folks who like indoor pee fun outside of the tub but don't enjoy ruining or staining their homes/carpeting/furniture/etc. What do you use for protection? In the past I've had success (in increasing order) with piles of towels or laundry The most obvious & readily available choice, you probably already have this Protection is really hard to count on, best for playing on a hard floor Carefully cut & flattened garbage bag Can't really recommend this 😕 shower curtain liners Cheap
  9. Riding the subway once late at night, I was around 23 years old and as we were passing through a university neighborhood two very loud, very drunk, college age got up to exit the train. The car was pretty empty but one announced she had to piss and asked whether anyone wanted to get off and watch her. I just sat there, too shocked to move (and also not comfortable getting off the train to follow two younger, intoxicated women - though in retrospect I probably should have been less concerned about the tiny age gap)
  10. Honest side question- is this damaging your house at all? Curious how long-term cost works for folks who love naughty peeing on things like carpet and floors.
  11. i am reminded now that life has been so unfair to me
  12. what use is being in the same toilet stall?
  13. Yes, i have had many close and best friends who are women. With some, depending on the boundaries and closeness of our relationship, I've been open about this, but like anything else I've always respected the boundaries of the friendship, and that means not sharing things that are likely to make the person feel uncomfortable. For me it's a basic self-control issue that I would expect of anyone - if I had a foot fetish and my friend whipped her feet out, I'd be totally capable of excusing myself and turning off the most opportunistic parts of my lizard brain for the sake of my friendship. If sh
  14. I like it - not because i like the feeling of needing to pee but because the feeling of desperation is tied to the feelings of anticipation and release. With another person that is all much more heightened, but there have been times where I just end up holding the same way some people talk about edging.
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