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  1. This is incredibly hot. I’m glad you drank as much piss of his as you could without complaining.
  2. Love how you have no hesitation pissing wherever you please around your house! Id let you do it in mine anytime you wanted. Have you ever left a stain or smell?
  3. Yep this is what exactly happened to me! It soaked right through the rug and made it even more difficult for it to dry. Oh well it was all in good fun 😉
  4. So I've just recently come home from a holiday overseas and had numerous hotel rooms to myself, and whilst still living at home, back at home, I took full advantage of my free time alone. Naughty peeing gets me going the most, so I couldn't help myself but to relieve my bladder around the room at every opportunity I could. It was exhilarating leaving my mark on the carpet, walls, wardrobes, curtains, corner of beds, you name it the list goes on. Being not my home I tried leaving my mark spread out enough to satisfy my needs but not enough to leave any damage clean up for housekeepi
  5. Hey guys! After a long time lurking on and off I decided to join the community finally. I hope I feel welcomed here and I'm looking forward to joining in the fun and getting to know you all. Not sure if required - but I'm a 23 year old male from Australia 🙂
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