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  1. I hope this is okay, this is my current pee 😛
  2. You never fail to say something super super sexy. I love your posts!
  3. Drinking and swallowing pee are my favorite things about pee! I drink a lot of my own, because I have no pee girl in my life... but I used to drink my ex's pee frequently. I'd always drink her full bladder, though usually from a cup. I would drink nothing but girl pee if I could. It is the sexiest, most beautiful and intimate thing in the world to me!
  4. Wow... some links to these videos would be wonderful 😛
  5. I think we would all love to see this video 🙂
  6. Plus a million on the rewriting subject!!!! So fucking hot!!!! And girls who pee in diapers, soak them to leaking, then stay in them for hours. I've only seen one video, and it was a girl who stayed in the same diaper all day, and started the camera every time she peed. Then went to sleep and peed once more in her diaper before bed. So hot!
  7. Dude, I'm right there with you. Same situation. It's really nice that there are girls in this community of ours who are willing to respond to comments like yours with a positive light though, I love this place ❤️
  8. Aww, what a nice comment! Guys like us (at least me; I assume I speak for the others) love reading comments like this from girls like you! 🙂
  9. My favorite thing in the world is drinking girl pee. My aim is to find the love of my life, who will let me drink 100% of her pee and never waste it in the toilet! ❤️
  10. Plus one with the waste of pee idea. I can't stand the idea of girls peeing in a toilet. I wish I could drink all the pee produced by all the cute girls in the whole world.
  11. I can relate to that. I am absolutely addicted to and in love with pee. I prefer pee over most beverages. I would so love to taste yours ;-)
  12. Mmmm, how did your beautiful pee taste??

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