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    Hi there , just an explorer into this new and interesting world ..love the sensual, creative and the erotic and meeting like minded people.

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    massaging , drinking
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    feeling it seep into every pore of my skin:)

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  1. A glass of piss drunk every day becomes very addictive 🙂
  2. If you had a leather sofa, a good soaking on that ..and just lounging on the slippery warm goodness
  3. you could try holding a mirror undereath you to admire the view as you piss!
  4. A lovely stream.. especailly on a tiled floor making it all slippery 🙂
  5. would love to lounge in one of those inflatable paddling pools ..semi submerged in wee
  6. its a lovely moisteriser, especailly on dry skin , feels lovely to just massage it all over
  7. authentic piss drinking, most of the time its just pissing in the mouth and it flowed out, they should use people whose piss tastes ok for the model, rather than having her endure some ones urine that tastes awful.
  8. its not nice to see a women get a full stream up the nose
  9. Lovely tatoos and lingerie:) , youd look great in corsets to :)

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