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    gay male
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    various jobs
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    weightlifter. was varsity football as running back. wrestling. and soccer. enjoy going shirtless. like drink and hold contests. going to sleep really full and drinking water right before bed to make bladder stretch more in my sleep. got into holding from holding in class as not enough time between classes to go. and you get teased if you ask to go pee during class if you even get let out. then kept holding for football and wrestling and soccer after school as was always in a rush and also found I did better if I held it for sports and weightlifting. did better in football and wrestling and soccer with it full. like drink and hold contests. and feeling each others full bladders too.

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    like feeling of full bladder. being made to hold as i was made to hold a lot. like pissing then stopping having just started. and also comparing with others how far and high and long we can pee, and how much we can drink without going. love my abs tensing up when i have to pee bad. and how hard i get when i am holding it too.
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    freind squeezing my boner to prevent the flow as I try to pee and me doing the same with him. awesome feeling as bladder spasms really hard and abs tense up hard with the bladder spasms. dares to drink a lot before soccer games and practices too.

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  1. either a store clerk thought it would be funny to mount the picture there hiding the rest of the word cummings, or it was a customer that moved the sign over to make it say cum. bet a lot of teenage boys were giggling when they saw that.
  2. so then it got easier to hold all day at school as you went from middle school through high school? must had been fun seeing the girls peeing wonder if they knew you was watching. was this in high school when you saw how high you could pee up on the wall at school? not been pushed around or anything at school? usally the bigger boys will push around the smaller boys. did you like how it felt to hold it at school? or hated the school bathrooms? or just no time to go between classes. how did you like playing on the school soccer team after school? your bladder would had been really full playing
  3. did you get better and better at holding at school as you kept holding each year or did it still stay hard to hold each year even with all the bladder stretching from holding each day? what got you into holding at school? did you see how far and how high you could piss on your way home from school?? got in a fight after school with your bladder full? did any sports after school?
  4. you wonder why so many boys are jacking in the toilet instead of in their bed but you have to remember they share a tiny dorm room with another boy and no way to hid they are jacking so they either go without jacking and get super horny or they jack in the bathroom and because its been so long since they shot it comes out with great force and volume getting all over the walls as well as floor.
  5. what were the people saying about the flooded stairs at the university? how big a flood was it?? had you left the bar with your bladder full? many bars send everyone out the door soon as they announce they are closed for the night and don't allow you to go piss first so most people wind up leaving the bar with a very full bladder as they were putting off pissing to keep chatting with friends or to keep dancing and drinking with friends. or they were trying to make new friends and were holding it so they could make a new friend.
  6. so you would be taking a huge risk of getting caught. what would happen if they had walked in on you?
  7. they dont buzz you first? or call on your phone first to make sure your not busy??
  8. what admristrian girls? you was in a office building and went on the floor in the office under the desk"???
  9. who was on the other side of the door and could walk in at any moment? I don't see anything in your post about there being people there but the replies to the post said there are people on the other side of the door.
  10. that is impressive amount and distance. what drink and hold contests did you do in your teens and 20s?? running track does not hurt much with it really full. and often fuller after your events on the way back from having drank so much before hand.
  11. that would be so much fun to see how high up in the air you can piss when using the piss on wall and then it goes down a grate. is this in a bar? store? other place ? can just see it being in a bar and everyone holding it long as they could before pissing to show off how high and how long they can piss.
  12. originally cars were 3 speed automatics. so the shift lever display showed park, reverse, neutral, drive, second, and 1. when gas went up in prices 4 speed automatic became the standard to make it more fuel efficient. you could get by with smaller engine as you had gears closer to what you needed. and third gear gave you plenty of power on highway and would be good up to around 100 or less depending on the car, so instead of totally redoing the display which is driving by a rod off the shift lever , they added a button at the end of the right stalk on the steering column which is a overdrive
  13. I'm athletic gay male. always been into guys since i got a sex drive at puberty. love their muscles. voices. faces. love making out with them. having sex with them. playing sports with them. weightlifting with them. going out and about with them and chatting with them and kissing and cuddling with them and going to sleep snuggled up in their arms. preferably with both our bladders really full as we go to sleep cuddling.
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