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    Retired Man who loves pee
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    South-West England, south of Taunton
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    Sheltered as a child/teenager due to chronic illness, married late a long time ago, but was unable to make babies. (So no children = no sex for many years as a 'punishment' for not giving her a child.) Hence I took to pee as a way to enjoy my pee-nis! And to wonder what else I might have done with it had things been different.
    I have loads of pix and vids of me peeing some of which I could upload if that's possible on this site. But also tens of thousands of ones of beautiful women pissing. I always found the sight of their golden streams led my eye back to the source of human joy. I was, and still am, jealous of that. Now, rarely, I get a soaking from the OHs pee hole and wish I'd known other women who'd have liked to share with me when I lived in the English Midlands. Perhaps there are some girls who enjoy the golden nectar, even in South West England. Sadly I only ever met one or two, always on line, and in different countries.
    And of course, as their pee-hole nestles within their beautiful, (and every one different), pussies, I also have a lot of sex pix and vids too. Though videos are increasingly difficult to download in Western countries which have such odd laws about 'public decency', pornography etc. Personally I cannot understand why things which are comman to all humans and most animals, are regarded as taboo and to be hidden away! Most watchers on this and other sites find (nearly) all that comes from the central regions fascinating to watch and stimulating too. Nudes are beautiful! (Both sexes) Sexual games of every sort, provided they do not harm either those involved, or those who witness them, are wonderful. Though sexual exploitation should be avoided at all costs.
    (One of my pet 'old man' grumbles....) Why, oh why, do we 'protect' children from sex until their teens? Sex is the most wonderful of all human communication. What are we afraid of? There is or was a young children's nursery in Norfolk, England, who always teach their charges from 2 onwards, the proper names like penis, vulva, anus etc. They grow up to be better balanced people who are not phased by 'secrets' which are so uneccessary. And doubtless they learn that sex is to be enjoyed. Hopefully they also discover that a man or a woman should enjoy their bladder - and like to share that enjoyment with others too.
    Keep Drinking*- Keep flowing - Keep Filming - Keep Sharing - Keep Writing - Keep Loving. Golden Delicious is not just an apple! {*But don't drink too much without eating and resting - search 'Water Intoxication' for more.] Water, beer, squashes are best. A litre to start with and top up as and when. ALWAYS drink just before you pee and just after. - Though you might overflow if you get it wrong - you can enjoy that too! I take 20-40 minutes to refill, and I love the sensations in the tip of my cock before I MUST pee.
    How do you girls know when you have to pee?

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    I love pix o
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    The very rare occasions when my OH peed when we had sex. The best ever when we were 69-ing and I could look into her pee hole, then watch her liquid burst out onto my face. I licked up a lot and missed so much more.

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