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  1. Let's assume we have a virtual sticker on our foreheads that identifies what we were into, so no chat or coffee or meals required. I tap you on the shoulder and you know that everything's OK, no matter what happens. I say "You lead". We head outside, to a nearby park - it's late, dark and deserted, but warm. No words are exchanged. What happens then is completely up to you - you can lay me down and be the dominant one. You can simply pee in front of me, naked or dressed, or you can stand over me and let go. Maybe you want to get closer, so you straddle my head and kneel. Your pussy fits perfectly over my mouth and you let go. Alternatively, you lie yourself down and make it obvious where you want it. No words are spoken, and when we're done, we go our own way. In time, after a few more silent meets, we can progress to coffee, chats or maybe more. Meanwhile, we know where each other will be at a given time, can turn up, satisfy our urges, and go away happy.
  2. I'm very intrigued by your tiny Australian bit!
  3. I tried to pee in the sea last night, but I was stood atop a sand dune, and the tide was out. 100yds is a long way to try and pee, especially if there's no wind behind you to help. I remember swimming in a little harbour on Cyprus a couple of years ago (strictly speaking I suppose, I was off Cyprus since I was in the sea, but you know what I mean). All these little tiny fishes surrounded us and were nibbling around our knees. They were very interested indeed when I peed, so I guess they liked the warmth, or the nutrients or something.
  4. Ha! Which part? Actually, I'm originally from Devon but don't let on. There is nothing Welsh about me at all, I just choose to live in this beautiful part of the world. If part of you is Welsh, what is the rest of you?
  5. I'm half of an English couple currently living on the beautiful Isle of Anglesey off the coast of North Wales in the UK. Not seen anyone except my wife peeing outdoors here.
  6. I would walk home from primary school with a classmate, Karen Ellis. We would cross behind some garages and through the woods as a shortcut. The first time I peed in front of anyone was when I needed to go when we were behind the garages. I pointed myself at the garage wall and let go a stream. It didn't seem to bother either of us that one of us was peeing in front of the other. There was no diving for cover or cries of eeeewwww or any feeling of embarrassment for some reason. Clearly Karen was fascinated by my ability to aim and shoot and it became something of a tradition to stop for a pee on the way home from school. A few weeks in, Karen decided she would join me and would hold her regulation school pants aside, lift her skirt and try to pee standing up like me. She was always disappointed that she couldn't hit whatever we had decided was the target. What occurs to me now, is that in school, there were always the boys trying to look up girls skirts for a quick flash of knickers. That was where boys got their kicks! Karen and I had a much more mature 'relationship', even at that preteen age, in that neither of us passed out from the thrill of seeing the others underwear, or even actual genitalia. That wasn't the point of our exploration. It was purely the peeing thing. Happy days! Later during one long summer break I recall spending a day with Karen near a local lake at which there were more woods. It was only a couple of minutes walk from the street in which we lived, maybe six doors away from each other. We fished for tiddlers in the river, found hideouts, built a rope swing and climbed trees. There was one favourite spot which we went back to regularly. There were two rows of hawthorn trees, about five each side, and close enough together for the canopies to meet in the middle, leaving a hidden 'den' beneath. During the summer it was possible to climb up on one side and make your way along the branch so that you sat immediately above the den. A couple of times we were sat quietly up there when the odd pair of older kids would sneak in between the trees and stop to kiss or grope each other. We sat so still that nobody ever saw us perched in the tree about 20' above them. When the coast was clear though, we'd unzip or pull shorts/panties to one side, and pee into the void beneath. More happy days! Karen! Where are you now, 45 years later?
  7. I don't remember a time when I didn't have some sort of sexual curiosity. Back when my single parent mum and I were living with my grandparents (which makes it pre-school) I already remember squatting over an old jewellery box using the mirror to see behind myself to determine what was where. Back in those naive days, you got your kicks where you could, and peeing was certainly one of those kicks. To answer the original question, I thought it would be quite kinky to sit backwards on the toilet to pee. That certainly worked for me! A second more accidental occasion might be familiar to guys, but possibly requires more explanation for the girls... When a guy pees, you regulate the flow by squeezing the penis just below the head, as you all know. I was doing this - stopping and starting and holding it in - when my squeezing fingers slipped forward and I found myself just holding my foreskin at the tip. With the squeeze released, the pee immediately flowed into the foreskin where I gripped tighter to stop it escaping. I didn't quite blow up like a balloon, but there was certainly some pressure there. Taking my free hand, I tried to squeeze off the flow to rectify the situation, but the pressure had already built up. It was now getting quite uncomfortable, so there was nothing for it but to release the balloon. It was like a pee explosion! There was pee on the tiles, on the cistern and I even managed to get some on the window - not to mention all up my teeshirt. It's the sort of thing you only do once by accident and take better care from then on - unless you're doing it for fun, like I still do in the shower from time to time.
  8. Nudist married guy here from the windy Isle of Anglesey in North Wales. Age 52 at the time of writing, but a really long term fan of pee fun. My first recollection concerning anything sexual relates to pee, and I was about seven at the time. I don't know where the idea came from, but I remember lying in my bed, letting a little pee run into my navel. It made lovely splashes as I tapped the puddle with my finger. Of course I tasted it, and while it was a little salty, it was quite palatable. The fascination has never left, and when the nudist idea struck at about age 12, I remember sneaking out into the back garden after dark when the folks were in bed. It was naughty enough to be stood in the middle of the lawn naked, but of course, it wasn't long before I took a pee out there in the open too. It was particularly nice to point Percy straight up and pee directly into my mouth. Fast forward to age 26 and I married a woman who, while not a lover of watersports per se, was perfectly happy to indulge me in my pervy activities. It took a while to work up to asking her, but I'll never forget the joy of lying in the bath that day as she stood over me and let it go for the first time. She caught on quick, and quickly diverted her spray up my body, ending up peeing directly into my face. She laughed and lost her aim a bit when I opened my mouth for her and took a mouthful, but she regained her concentration. She's a bit of a squirter when she cums, so I was already used to taking mouthfuls of her juices, and she'll purposely squeeze out some dribbles for me when we're engaged in mutual masturbation and she wants me to cum quick. So that's me - a long time fan and really lucky I think to be married to someone who will indulge me. Glad to have found this site and hope maybe to chat with some folks hereabouts and exchange stories, fantasies and experiences.
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