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  1. Haha it's a small world I guess as I have visited both of those places before and know exactly where you mean! No idea how you managed it down that tunnel with all the tourists but kudos to you! Did you do it just because you needed to or because you were in the mood to do it if I can ask?
  2. Hi there everyone! As this is my first post I thought it best to introduce myself and hey, what do you know, there is a section of the forum designed for just that purpose! Well hmmm what to say about me....well, I'm a straight guy, 31 from the UK. I've been into aspects of the kink for a few years now but only really started actively experimenting in the last year or two. For me, I most enjoy the "taboo" aspect of the kink primarily pissing in and on places and things we're told we're not meant to especially indoors. The whole "don't give a damn" attitude and abandon side of it is something I find hard to resist. Anyway, it's nice to find an active forum such as this and to be able to converse and discuss experiences with different and likeminded individuals. Any questions feel free to ask!
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