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  1. I am a 20 year old male from the United States and I love to see girls pee! Whether it's outside, inside, in their pants, naked, whatever! It is a huge turn on for me. Some of my favorite scenarios are when girls pee from behind, or if they pee in a very public place. I hope to meet many new friends here and contribute to this site's collection of pee pictures and videos!
  2. Out of all the major peeing websites, like INeed2Pee, Bound2Burst, WettingHerPanties, and Needapee just to name a few, who is your favorite pee porn actress or actresses if you have more than one favorite? I know that it's not always easy discovering the names of your favorite actresses, but for those that you know by name, which is your favorite? For me personally, a few of my favorites come from Bound2Burst, namely Jane (classic), Lola, and Lily. Outside of Bound2Burst, Natalia X from WettingHerPanties is in my opinion one of the hottest pee porn actresses out there! And finally, Clare,
  3. Honestly, I love all of those scenarios. I don't think I could pick just one. Desperation wetting is probably my favorite though, with peeing outside as a close second.
  4. I don't mind re-watching videos, although I prefer to find new content as often as I can. Usually I come back to videos I've watched before if I can't find anything new or anything that interests me.
  5. Usually I like to read stories and look at pictures casually as it gets me aroused. Although I like to save the jerking off until I watch videos of girls peeing. Like many people here, I have my favorite videos stored away on my hard drive, but one of my favorite parts about this fetish is finding new material and jerking off to it the first time I watch it. Watching the same videos over and over again get a little old, no matter how much you like them. So I'm very thankful that this fetish is alive and well and constantly has new material being produced and shared.
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