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    once was with a female friend outside for hours. We came home she immediately started to undo her jeans and then made a serious dash into the bathroom and then with door only closed halfway began pissing a torrent of hiss that lasted close to two minutes with so many sighs in reliefs. I could see it all but she didn't care she had to piss so insanely badly haha.

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  1. There are many factors that impact human females ability to make hissing sounds as well as other hot erotic sounds girls make during pissing. But one thing that you must keep in mind is that all girls that can hear and are not deaf or something like that are well aware of the variety of hot sounds girls make when they pee. Many girls are very pee shy and try their best to not make those sexy pee sounds like the super sexy hissing sound. They have many tricks to hide or at least lessen their pee sounds. Most girls don't mind their husbands or boyfriends hearing their sexy pee sounds but if you
  2. At a very young ever since I heard a girl pee at a young age I developed sort of a strange fascination of sorts of the sexy pee sounds girls have when they pee lol.
  3. @Dr.P Yeah you are right man a lot of things go into determining a girl's attitutudes towards her pee sounds when other people are in good hearing distance. Thanks for the story about Ellie.
  4. You are welcome man yeah Ana Didovic is truly amazing I have known her for so many years now.
  5. @Adyguy6970 What about that Ana Didovic lady? I think she has the capacity to hold up to 4 liters of pee. She truly is amazing she can hold her bladder until she gets a bulge in her stomach area man she pisses so much and her capacity is amazing too.
  6. @Ppgirl I see. Well the sighs in relief are pretty hot. Yeah the variety of sounds girls make when they pee truly are very hot I think a lot of times Women can even use those sounds to turn on guys they like and other times a girl may even let you hear her hot pee sounds to test your attitude towards her pissing sounds. Like if you are a guy and let's say that you are good in hearing distance and the bathroom is near you then the girl will pee very loud on purpose and will try to make those sexy pee sounds girls make as much as possible and after she is done with her peeing she will come out o
  7. @Ppgirl Well everyone pees so you won't get judged for peeing since everyone does it. And a lot of people pee a lot too. Well it doesn't take anyone too long in the bathroom if they are just peeing in there. Anyway do you think girls pee sounds are erotic to any extent? How do you feel about people hearing you sigh in relief when you are peeing?
  8. @Ppgirl I see are you afraid that those sexy pee sounds girls make will turn on random guys you are not attracted to? How do you feel about people hearing you sigh in relief when you are taking a very desperate pee?
  9. @Ppgirl Are you pee shy around guys you are not attracted to? Are you pee shy because of those sexy hissing and gushing sounds girls makes when they pee? @owlman76 Well yes they try to hide all those things from most people most times. But you are right after you start living with them they start doing all those things. I think the main reason main reason many girls are pee shy is because their pee sounds are really hot.
  10. @Ppgirl Are you pee shy around everyone including even other girls? What about your sexual partners if you have any? Or you pee shy because girls pee sounds are too hot?
  11. I think everyone on this site will agree with me that girls are capable of making really hot sounds when they pee. Their streams also look very good when it comes out of their pee holes. It is easier to hear girls pee than it is to watch them pee because most girls will not pee in front of anyone especially a guy they do not have sexual atttaction towards. Once in a while if they ate very desperate they may pee in front of anyone due to sheer desperation. It is however very easy to hear girls pee especially outside the toilet door particularly at home bathrooms. I regularly get to uear girls p
  12. What do you think about Got2Pee and Sneakypee videos? The girls in their pee videos really do have to pee very bad most times. And they pee a lot too. I think their peeing videos are real too as you don't see or notice any cuts, trickery, or editing done in their videos.
  13. I am a straight man and I only like to watch and listen to girls peeing. I can always watch myself pee if I want to see a guy pee lol. Girls peeing is so hot everything about girls peeing is hot especially the sounds it makes and also love how the stream looks when it comes out of their pee holes. Also love the variety of pee streams and sounds girls have and love the taste, the smell, and the touch of their pee too. I love reading stories about girls peeing also love sharing My own stories about watching and hearing girls pee with other people here.
  14. @pop-a-squat Nice story! Thank you so much for sharing this incredibly hot story with the rest of us. I also really like the two pictures that you shared with us all here you indeed made a nice puddle.
  15. Wow did you get lucky yesterday! And you also posted a picture of their streams that is so awesome man. Seeing two girls pee at once is pure good luck lol.
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