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    once was with a female friend outside for hours. We came home she immediately started to undo her jeans and then made a serious dash into the bathroom and then with door only closed halfway began pissing a torrent of hiss that lasted close to two minutes with so many sighs in reliefs. I could see it all but she didn't care she had to piss so insanely badly haha.

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  1. I have a feeling that many of you on this site probably know that not all girls and woman feel comfortable with others being turned on by their peeing. Decent amount of girls and woman like the idea of other people including guys hearing their very hot pee sounds and some even are okay with others watching them pee. But there are also plenty of girls and woman out there that don't like most people especially most guys watching them pee or even hearing their very hot pee sounds. Have you noticed any girls out there who don't even like the idea of most people especially most guys even hear
  2. Hmm hissing pees from girls are usually long and steady too. Sometimes the steady pee streams from girls can be a minute long or even longer while at the same time the stream will hiss too. It might make a whistling sound and a reecho sound too. The more desperate they are the better the hiss will be other factors also impact the hissing sounds. The short pee streams from girls are usually the short very explosive gushing pees they are the short streams. Hissing pees are longer than the gushing ones.
  3. I think you misunderstood me by action I mean girls can finds partners easier than boys I think. And I think most guys want girls that are attractive or at least decent looking as partners. When I talk to most guys about girls they usually talk about her looks more than anything. And one night stands are not the same as marriage material though. For marriage us guys too want a partner that has other good things besides good looks and body. A lot of guys for example want a wife or girlfriend that can cook well too, some would be very pleased if their wife or girlfriend likes video games too. Of
  4. I see that do you like the hissing, gushing, and all other very hot sounds you girls get when you pee? I really like many of the sounds girls make when they pee.
  5. @Chrissy89 hmm do you think that you girls make very nice hissing, gushing, and other very nice sounds while you pee? If so then wouldn't it make more sense for your boyfriend to hear those very arousing girly pee sounds rather than strangers?
  6. @AbbyPeePrincess Well you girls in general have much stronger pee streams than us men. And of course the infamous hissing and gushing streams you ladies have while peeing are so incredibly hot. Female pee sounds and streams are much more fascinating and way hotter than male pee sounds and streams. Those gushing and hissing pees sounds and streams you ladies have probably can make many men very aroused and of course jealous too. I am sure at least some guys out there wish that their pee streams could sound as arousing as a ladies hissing and gushing piss or that their streams were as powerful a
  7. As a human being do you ever feel guilty about stuff? Like the bad things that you have said, done, and even thought throughout your life time. I think many of us do including me. I hate being so imperfect and faulty, being a human being is so incredibly hard I think. The bad things could be anything from this fetish to bad stuff you say to others at time. According to many religious people of many religions saying bad words is a huge sin and even our fetishes that we have are considered huge sins by many religions. And even if you judge things outside religion then in general many people in s
  8. I have bought a couple of games for PS5 over the years but I don't play them too often maybe I should.
  9. I am a little old but not still in my early 30's but yeah I do get worried about getting old and many things bother me as I get older. I am not too old but I do miss my younger days a lot.
  10. Nice to see you here.
  11. I like many things about girls peeing I really like the hissing and gushing sounds and other nice sounds girls have when they go pee. I also really like the way the pee stream looks and comes out of a girl's pee hole when she is peeing. I also really like the taste, smell, and touch of a girl's pee. I also really like female desperation and when girls run to bathrooms and other places to take a much needed pee. And I am also turned on when girls moan in relief when they are very desperate for a pee and when they are moaning in relief finally when they take a much needed pee. I also like when g
  12. I see that NFL is pretty cool. What kind of a wrestler? A WWE kind? Or real wrestler kind? Like the ones who wrestle for real and may compete in the Olympics. WWE is fun to watch but it is mostly staged and they don't apply full force during WWE fights but WWE has good amount of followers. But WWE was better back in the day when they had people like the undertaker, kane, torrie Wilson, Mickie James, etc. And even John Cena and the Big Show used to wrestle more regularly back in the day.
  13. Yeah Anne Hathaway is so hot as Catwoman and Zoe did good acting as Catwoman. Oh okay. Do you only play Madden and WWE 2k video games or do you also watch NFL and WWE?
  14. There used to be a very big thread in the pee videos section which was called stream of the day I think. It had so many good pee videos from so many people. So many people had replied to that thread but now I cannot find that thread in the pee videos section anymore. Does anyone else remember that thread? If so did it get deleted?
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