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    everything especially those hot sounds girls make when they pee lol.
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    once was with a female friend outside for hours. We came home she immediately started to undo her jeans and then made a serious dash into the bathroom and then with door only closed halfway began pissing a torrent of hiss that lasted close to two minutes with so many sighs in reliefs. I could see it all but she didn't care she had to piss so insanely badly haha.

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  1. Today was a really great day for Me. I got to hear not one, not two, not three, but four hot pees in one day. But from the same girl though. The girl's name is Brianna She is a good friend of mine. I went to her house at 10 in the morning to hang out with Her. We went to see the movie A Dog's Journey at the theater. We ate some food before leaving before leaving She said I have to really pee hold on. She then went inside the downstairs bathroom closed the door. I later went up and went by the door She then peed a long hissing pee with sighs. Her stream lasted like 40-45 seconds and then She flushed. Later I went back in kitchen. We cleaned up and went to the movies. After a few hours later We came back home. While I was driving the car She said I have to pee so bad. She did not use the bathroom in theater. We came home She then rushed inside that downstairs bathroom again. This time She let out a huge gusher. Her bladder literally exploded and everything came out in just like 7-8 seconds. She sighed and said ooh god this feels so good. She even let out a huge fart. The door was closed but I heard everything. After She flushed I got away from the door. I had went near door to hear Her go. We started drinking beer and She drank a lot of beer within 40 minutes. She then got up and ran inside that downstairs bathroom. We were watching tv in the living room. I lowered the volume. Then I went by the bathroom door. She had already closed the door and after sitting down She began taking a hard as fuck power hissing pee. She was sighing so much this time. She kept saying oh god , oh man, oh fuck this really needed to go over and over again. She peed for like 80 seconds non stop hete. Girls say some interesting things when they sigh in relief. Fourty minutes later She got up and said to Me god beer really gets to me. She then started to unzip her pants and quickly ran to that same bathroom and slammed the door shut. This time She gushed like crazy twice as hard as last time. I was amazed how heard Her bladder exploded this time. In just 8 to maybe 10 seconds She peed so much. Her stream was so loud and powerful too. This time She sighed and said Oh Lord that felt so good and this time She once again farted haha. Brianna is 5-8 and weighs like 160. She is built well and has wide hips, big ass, and nice tits too. She is very hot brunette with light brown eyes. Keep in mind that I also peed a few times during all this but won't talk about that since most of You here would rather read about girls peeing than boys. I got very lucky today 4 very desperate pees heard in one day that is the most I have heard in one day!
  2. Well the 1990s and 2000s both were a lot better. Movies, Shows, and Music all were better then for sure. It is easier to get movies, shows, and music now with a click of a button you can get anything. But stuff made in the past was way better then. Yes people were way more active and social in the past and also nicer. And a lot things were better then too. You should have been young in the 1990s and 2000s a lot of things were better. Technology and social media has caused more harm then good. My own life was much better 10-15 years then it is now. The world and even people were much better then I miss those days a lot.
  3. People who report these videos suck unless it features a minor the videos deserve to be online and should not be taken down.
  4. You can increase size of Your bladder by adding weight. If You put on weight Your bladder will increase in size. Not sure about Your urgency problem but the bladder will increase in size though.
  5. This quote is My own creation. "Time and opportunity both are more valuable than Gold and Diamond, Gold and Diamond can be regained after they are lost but Time and Opportunity can't never come back after they are gone".
  6. Yes @spywareonya perfection does not exist nothing is perfect nor is anyone I have kept saying this for a long time now. The whole idea of someone or something being perfect is just a fantasy and nothing else. If God or Gods exist they are not perfect either.
  7. You are welcome I was thinking about doing this thread for a long time and suddenly few days ago I decided to do this thread.
  8. Thanks for the replies everybody it seems like everyone misses the past more things were a lot better then in many ways. The 1960's to the 2000's were indeed a great team peroid.
  9. It is great that You are writing Your stories I might stories on My super hero The Magic soon and post it here.
  10. I grew up in the 1990's and the 2000's and miss those days a lot and I mean a lot. My own life was much better then and the world was also better then in many ways. I miss the world before the smart phones and uber drivers. In past people were nicer, more active, more social, and the world was overall in many ways better. Anybody else feel the same way?
  11. I will talk about something very scary be careful with this one. There is a painting called The Hands That Resist Him. A lot of paranormal experts say this painting is haunted and even it's copies are said to be haunted. Three people owned the painting in the 1970's and 1980's and all died mysteriously. I am not much of a believer in super natural I have little faith but not whole a lot and I don't know what they are really like. Look at copy of The Hands That Resist Him for a few seconds online it is very scary looking don't know what is going on there but thst painting is strange. Even looking at it's copies is a bad idea.
  12. It is a great movie a lot of people say so. I am really surprised that they cast Robert Pattinson as Batman in a upcoming movie. It will be interesting how He takes on that role.
  13. There is a Show on History Channel called Pawn Stars lol. I watch it some times.
  14. Oh yes old Porn Magazines had pictures of pissing girls in them. And in older times they used to make porn on video tapes which included all kinds of stuff. On eroprofile and pornhub You can find a few old pee porn clips from the 70's to the 90's. And people also did stuff in real life with their partners like They do now. And Spywareonya You spell good all the time but this time You spelled Porn wrong. You spelled it pon haha.
  15. Do they also have pee and squirting porn? I like to watch all kinds of porn but pee and squirting are My favorite.
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