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    I like a lot of stuff!

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    everything especially those hot sounds girls make when they pee lol.
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    once was with a female friend outside for hours. We came home she immediately started to undo her jeans and then made a serious dash into the bathroom and then with door only closed halfway began pissing a torrent of hiss that lasted close to two minutes with so many sighs in reliefs. I could see it all but she didn't care she had to piss so insanely badly haha.

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  1. Haha watch this one it is funny as hell the way She reacts after getting slapped is so damn funny. And the background music is also very funny lol.
  2. peeingone


    Well a few weeks is not a long time but in the past I think She used to log in more regularly.
  3. peeingone


    She hasn't logged in since July I think She was a very active member in the past buy nowadays She hardly comes here.
  4. Those three stories are really hot but You got any stories about short and powerful gushers?
  5. That is awesome man thanks for replying to the thread.
  6. @speedy3471 It is very hot right now even in Canada but winter can be pretty harsh too. Yet despite all that I prefer really cold weather over extreme heat.
  7. I got one drink a lot of water and hold Your pee in for as long as You can and then go Pee in the toilet.
  8. Haha I don't think I can do that. I pee outside very rarily.
  9. @steve25805 Got any more videos like this man?
  10. Maybe We will be extinct in thousand years from now but I don't know really.
  11. I prefer any type as long as She is hot I like her lol.
  12. More pictures of pussies!
  13. I like this change a lot @Admin Thanks for adding this. It looks so nice.
  14. I would change a lot of things from My mistakes that I have made and also the bad things life has done to Me. I will also undo things I should not have done and do things that I should have done.
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