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    once was with a female friend outside for hours. We came home she immediately started to undo her jeans and then made a serious dash into the bathroom and then with door only closed halfway began pissing a torrent of hiss that lasted close to two minutes with so many sighs in reliefs. I could see it all but she didn't care she had to piss so insanely badly haha.

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  1. I like girls peeing in front of me and also other people!
  2. I would like my ideal partner to pee all over my body and pee inside my mouth too. And also would love it if She let me touch her pussy while she lets go off her golden stream. I would also love it if she lets me watch her piss whenever I want to and hold her bladder in for me too if I ever asked her to. And I would also like it if She was into watching me pee.
  3. @spywareonya Welcome back! I will be honest with you that I myself don't contribute or react to stuff here as often as I used to. But a lot of it has to do with real life issues. Right now I am trying to fix things in My own life so I don't have the same time I once had but I try to contribute once in a while still. But I noticed some big time contributers that used to contribute here a lot and with whom I used to interact a lot had taken a break from this site and you were one of those people. Others like that also included people like @YellowKitten and @Riley and because of that I myself lost some interest here. I think this site is more fun if people here contribute, react to and interact with each other as much as they can.
  4. Would you watch a girl do no 2 outside?
  5. @steve25805 It is amazing just how much technology has changed through out time. Maybe 100 years from now Cars will be even way more advanced than they are right now.
  6. @Peefreak99 Maybe you should tag some of the girls on this site and ask them if they can make a specific pee video that you want them to make for you. Be like please make a video like this as many people here would like it.
  7. Very hot story @pop-a-squat You really had to pee didn't you? I love how bold you are and that driver is so damn lucky.
  8. That is great man share them all with us. And check out the new message I sent you in the messanger.
  9. I agree I loved how She shared so much with us and was always trying to help and encourage us all on this site.
  10. I really do miss the 1990's and 2000's especially the 2000's My life was much better and there was also no Coronavirus.
  11. Many of you have probably noticed by now that Nancy hasn't been on this site for months now. We really need her right now. She was a great at posting here regularly and she also provided guide, leadership, support, and help to many people here. We need her so much right now I hope she os doing well in these tough times that all of us are facing together. I also hope that she comes back on the site very soon right now I want to talk about a lot of things and she is one of the best people to talk with regarding the things I want to speak about. I also think that she misses this place and the people here just as much as we miss her here. A lot of you probably feel the same way about her here.
  12. Fountain trick is very old and you could actually do it very well even many years ago. I did it a lot at My Schools some of the bathrooms lacked a main physical door on the outside they just had stalls and or urinals depending on which gender's bathroom you are talking about. And on outside they lacked an actual physical main entrance door. And in situations where We had these doorless bathrooms well in such situation often the girls bathrooms were next to the boys bathrooms with drinking fountains in between the two. And by pretending to be drinking water from the fountains between the two bathrooms you could hear many girls pee it was so hot. I have encountered such kinds of doorless bathrooms in many other public places. You don't need to use the cellphone at all when You are doing the fountain trick.
  13. Well I think if the urgency is really really great then at the beginning the pee will hit the water directly with a lot of force at the beginning for a second or two and then it will come out regularly even with young girls. It doesn't happen with young girls that often rather with them it is very very rare in situations where they are really desperate. Older women do this more often. I think stockier women that are not obese have more forceful streams.
  14. Yes younger girls have more powerful streams but many older women also can pee with a lot of power. I think all girls have splashing sounds during peeing sometimes regardless of their age. And a lot of young girls too pee directly into the bowl. I have noticed when their bladders are way too full the pee explodes very hard at the beginning of the stream regardless of their age. I also have noticed that stockier but not obese females are powerful pissers. But yes overall young women have the best streams.
  15. Once when I was like in 5th grade I had a in class bathroom inside the class. It was one seater unisex bathroom. I also had a bathroom like that later on in another grade. But in elementary school you stayed in same class for most of the day in middle and high school you changed teachers and classrooms every hour. Anyway I was in my 5th grade class and one day the teacher from next door knocked on the door. My teacher opened the door the teacher from next door was an attractive female in the late 30's. She told my teacher I really have to pee please let me use your bathroom. This was the closest bathroom to her. My teacher said yes then this female teacher rushed inside the one seater unisex bathroom. She shut the door, then heard rustling of the clothes. She then raced to bathroom seat and then sat down. And instantly pee started spraying out of her very fast and loud. Her pee was hissing so hard, fast, and loud She also sighed a few times. After a minute of non stop peeing her stream ended. She then said aahh in relief. Then She tore toilet paper and wiped her pussy, and then She flushed, washed her hands, and came out of bathroom. I was sitting like a few feet away from that bathroom. I think everyone in the clsss most likely heard her pee and sighing and everything.

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