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    once was with a female friend outside for hours. We came home she immediately started to undo her jeans and then made a serious dash into the bathroom and then with door only closed halfway began pissing a torrent of hiss that lasted close to two minutes with so many sighs in reliefs. I could see it all but she didn't care she had to piss so insanely badly haha.

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  1. Two days ago I heard my friend's sister take a very nice short explosive gushing piss in the toilet. So I was at my friend's home two days ago and I had gone to his place to hang with him and I guess his sister too his sister had came over at his place as she lives very close to his place. Anyway my friend's younger sister is a major hottie she is a blond girl with an amazing face and very nice body and she also has a very nice ass and a nice pair of tits . Plus she is a very good pisser too she has a huge bladder and makes amazing sounds when she pees and her big bladder fills up quickly too.
  2. I would let many female celebrities out there pee on me and I would drink their pee too.
  3. What are your reasons for visiting and using this site? I am here mainly to take about pee related stuff with people. My main interest related to this site is girls peeing. I also really like the video links peope share here. I am also here to talk about sex and talk about other things in general too. The general chat section is one of my favorite things on this site. I am also here to escape the daily struggles of life. Although this site is not really about connecting with people. I do however like to come here and spend some time here to forget my daily struggles. This site also does provid
  4. @Bacardi Well you girls can do long steady hissing pees or gush it out very hard in just a few seconds in one single push. A certain girl on this site once told me that when girls do the short yet very explosive gushing pee in which the whole bladder explodes like crazy in just one single push in a few seconds then the desperation is more severe. She also told me that girls can choose to take long steady hissing pee or gush it out like crazy in just a few seconds in one single push. But when girls do short explosive gushing pees they are usually at the breaking point. Girls usually run to the
  5. Does anyone else here like it when girls run to the bathroom for very urgent pees? Like when their bladders are very full or over stretched and they run to the bathroom for very urgent pees? And after running to the bathroom they close the toilet door and rush to the toilet seat and sit down on the toilet seat and then end up exploding hard as fuck usually with a short but powerful gushing pee or a long and strong steady hissing pee? Anyone noticed girls doing that kind of stuff and do you like it if you have noticed it? I also have noticed that they tend to show signs of extreme desperation w
  6. Watch this one so many Tigers in one video! Hey @ShyPeeMan you will like this so many Tigers in one video. Tigers are also one of my favorite Animals. They are such majestic, beautiful, powerful, cool, fascinating, and mysterious creatures.
  7. I started this topic in 2019 and will bring it back again. How about the Mongoose? I love Mongoose so much they are so cool and brave and they hunt venomous Snakes and are even immune to venom of many venomous Snakes. Here a Mongoose battles against a Black Mamba. The Black Mamba is often called the deadliest Snake on the Earth.
  8. peeingone


    I do that at times when I see a girl that is even decent looking in public I start imagining if this girl is shaved, hairy, or trimmed. I also imagine what she looks like nude and if she loves having sex a lot or not. And last but not least what it looks and sounds like when she is pissing.
  9. So I want to ask the guys on this site as well as the girls on this site who like having sex with girls do any of you like kissing and licking or eating a girl's ass cheeks? Do any of you also like eating a girl's butthole? If you like to do any of these things then why do you like to do it? And how did you get into it and how long have you been into any of these things if you like to do any of these things? I myself love to kiss and lick/eat a girls ass cheeks and I also love to eat a girl's butthole. And are there any female celebrities out there whose ass cheeks and buttholes you want to pu
  10. Decent amount of girls make audio recordings of their pee sounds on youtube. Sadly some really good audio recordings of girls pee sounds have gotten deleted on youtube in the last couple of years. But you can still find lots of good audio recordings of girls peeing sounds on youtube.
  11. @mickymoist Hey man you are a cool dude and I like you and we have talked before and you don't like that issue. But bro I personally find that problem funny haha that thing is very fond of you and doesn't want to leave you alone lol.
  12. @gldenwetgoose My hands are too big for my phone that is why I make mistakes while typing here when I am using this site on my phone.
  13. Okay I got you and sorry for any mistakes. Well in one of my posts I made a mistake while typing and forgot to write the word not before saying and not the person who did the act. My hands are too big for my phone that is why I make mistakes while typing when using this site on my phone. So it sounded like and the person who did the act. Later I edited it but before I edited it two people quoted it abd replied to it later I edited my mistake. I told two of them to edit the reply part where they quote the edited version of my reply one of them did the other one did not understand what I was try
  14. @peeguy8844 Do you see how you replied to me here by quoting me and then replying to my post earlier. In my earlier post I made a mistake while typing and said its the act that turns me on and the person who did the act. 2 days ago I fixed that part by adding the word not before saying the words the person. Now in the end it says its the act that turns me on and not the person who did the act. I added the word not anyway when you quoted me a few days you quoted me when I still hadn't fixed the error. Can you go on your reply to my reply where you quoted me and said I won't lie iv gotten hard l
  15. hmm @kiaman peeing for 11 minutes? I don't think that is even possible. That video must be edited or something.
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