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    once was with a female friend outside for hours. We came home she immediately started to undo her jeans and then made a serious dash into the bathroom and then with door only closed halfway began pissing a torrent of hiss that lasted close to two minutes with so many sighs in reliefs. I could see it all but she didn't care she had to piss so insanely badly haha.

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  1. @Admin Hey Admin before I started this in 2019 I did ask you for permission if I can bring up no 2 here and you said yes as long as we don't go too deep into it. Back then you did give me permission that I can bring this up here as long as no one goes too deep into it. And @spywareonya also replied to it. But if the rules have changed now then you can delete it. And I promise from now on that I will never bring up no 2 here again and I think others will also listen. And I do not go on this site as much as I used to in the past. In the last year or so my visits to this site became less frequent
  2. No I do not care about who can hear me pee. I think girls are more likely to be worried about who can hear them pee than men.
  3. @pop-a-squat Very hot story! I love how you are willing to pee anywhere at anytime.
  4. @beergut64 Oh that is nice that she can still hiss despite being 66. Does she hiss a lot still or once in a while? Or in the middle? And can she still do those short explosive gushers? What kind of a body she has? If she is a little thick then I can understand why she still can do nice sexy pee streams with hot sounds still instead of the slow trickles women over 60's tend to do most times during pees. Thicker but not obese women tend to produce nice pee sounds even till a later age as compared to skinnier women.
  5. @littlebladder I think most girls can do many kinds of pee streams. The gushing pee streams happen when a girl can no longer hold in her piss. When girls gush their pee it comes out like crazy in one single push or ejection both push and ejection can be used here. When they gush it out their bladder literally explodes it sounds like a dam just burst open. The gushing pee streams from a girl are only 5 to 10 seconds long and some really rare times it can be maybe upto 15 seconds long and I mean maybe. But when they tend to gush their pee I have noticed that they tend to run to the bathroom ver
  6. @imani Well short powerful gushers maybe more urgent but long steady hissers can also be very desperate especially if the girl hisses very hard. Some people tend to confuse a very strong long hissing pee to be a gusher but in reality a gusher is never a steady long stream but rather a short explosive stream that is pushed out in just a few seconds.
  7. @imani So when a girl does a short but very powerful gushing piss that exploes like crazy in just a few seconds then her desperation is more severe? And girls can choose to either do a long hissing steady stream or a short but very powerful gushing pee where it all comes out like crazy in just one single push in just a few seconds?
  8. Sorry for the title of this post being so long. But I think many people on this site have probably noticed many times that when girls pee then sometimes the stream is steady and long with a hissing sound but other times the stream of piss comes out very quickly and hard in a single push where pee gushes out really hard in just a few seconds in a single push? I have heard and seen both styles from many girls. Two months ago I heard a friend's wife pee on the toilet 3 times in one day two times she did a steady long hissing stream and another time her pee exploded and gushed out like crazy in a
  9. When the girl in the video says she has to pee really badly and acts like she is really dying to pee but when she finally pees very little comes out. I also hate it when a girl is peeing and for a decent amount of time the camera man changes the camera angle from the stream and pussy to her face or something for longer than 5 seconds.
  10. There are many factors that impact human females ability to make hissing sounds as well as other hot erotic sounds girls make during pissing. But one thing that you must keep in mind is that all girls that can hear and are not deaf or something like that are well aware of the variety of hot sounds girls make when they pee. Many girls are very pee shy and try their best to not make those sexy pee sounds like the super sexy hissing sound. They have many tricks to hide or at least lessen their pee sounds. Most girls don't mind their husbands or boyfriends hearing their sexy pee sounds but if you
  11. At a very young ever since I heard a girl pee at a young age I developed sort of a strange fascination of sorts of the sexy pee sounds girls have when they pee lol.
  12. @Dr.P Yeah you are right man a lot of things go into determining a girl's attitutudes towards her pee sounds when other people are in good hearing distance. Thanks for the story about Ellie.
  13. You are welcome man yeah Ana Didovic is truly amazing I have known her for so many years now.
  14. @Adyguy6970 What about that Ana Didovic lady? I think she has the capacity to hold up to 4 liters of pee. She truly is amazing she can hold her bladder until she gets a bulge in her stomach area man she pisses so much and her capacity is amazing too.
  15. @Ppgirl I see. Well the sighs in relief are pretty hot. Yeah the variety of sounds girls make when they pee truly are very hot I think a lot of times Women can even use those sounds to turn on guys they like and other times a girl may even let you hear her hot pee sounds to test your attitude towards her pissing sounds. Like if you are a guy and let's say that you are good in hearing distance and the bathroom is near you then the girl will pee very loud on purpose and will try to make those sexy pee sounds girls make as much as possible and after she is done with her peeing she will come out o
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