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  1. 'I quickly returned to my bedsit to frig myself' - and it's that killer detail, told in such a matter of fact way, that's the reason for the erection I'm stroking with my non-typing hand!
  2. Thanks so much for writing these up. And totally understand that daily life must take precedence!
  3. Those little details are what make these diary entries so splendid. The bit about 'my beautiful French colleague' having a 'little wee' is so appealing to those of us who enjoy the sound as much as the vision when it comes to pissing.
  4. Firstly, UKpeegirl, I'm pleased you managed to pee discreetly. While it's exciting to read wetting stories, I'm not big on the humiliation angle. (Wetting for pleasure being another matter entirely!) Did you get any sexual thrill from what you did at the time? Was it something you masturbated to the memory of, or did things not fall into place re- the urination fetish until later?
  5. Fisted my cock frantically last night reading these two revelations in particular. Thanks @owlman76!
  6. I've seen the guy in the Frenchpee vids go from pee to ejaculation in a comparable time frame - and his stroking technique is similar too. But I think your transition may be faster!
  7. I made that 23 seconds from the end of your piss to cumming. How is that physiologically possible?!
  8. Demi's body is so spectacular - the squatting poses are instant hard-on material. You get the feeling she could hold on for hours and then piss a real gusher over you - but with enough cunt control to turn it on and off to add to the sexiness!
  9. Agreed, surprised it's not mentioned on here more often. No exaggeration to say there are dozens of pissing exploits in the book - excellent masturbation material for those with our kink!
  10. Love a woman pissing on the toilet. The sight and sound. Wonderful. That will always be my favourite. Basic, but that's me all over! That said, enjoy taking a golden shower - only been lucky enough a couple of times in real life, but both were fantastic. Deliberate knicker-wetting can be very exciting too.

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