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  1. Theman23144

    Backyard peeing

    That has happened to me being locked ouy and needing a big piss
  2. Theman23144

    Piss on the shower curtain

    I do that often sometimes no hand on cock just let it hang hahahaha
  3. Theman23144

    ladies describe your pee stream!

    Wow sounds amazing i will watch your vids now
  4. Theman23144

    Help pee

    Thats is fine i was judt having fun haha
  5. Theman23144

    Help pee

    Is it ok if you need 2 hands hahaha
  6. Theman23144

    Help pee

    You may need 2 hand to hold my dick hahaha
  7. Theman23144

    Help pee

    Hahahah i would still be able to finish my pee just might go everywhere hhaha
  8. Theman23144

    Help pee

    It would be great hahaha i may get hard mid pee hahaha
  9. Theman23144

    Help pee

    I would love you to hold my dick while i peed, and for you to shake it when im done
  10. Theman23144

    Sink pee

    You are lucky haha
  11. Theman23144

    Sink pee

    And let the pee flow
  12. Theman23144

    Sink pee

    Wow id love to see you peeing in the sink, for me its pretty easy i just flop my big cock over the edge
  13. Theman23144

    Sink pee

    That sounds like heaps of fun how did you both pee in the sink
  14. Theman23144

    Sink pee

    I would love to see you and curvey piss in the sink
  15. Theman23144

    Sink pee

    I would love to pee in the sink with you