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  1. Sounds like a good idea, they all seem liie good spots
  2. Would you still like to private message with someone ?
  3. I peed on the dashboard before it’s actually quite good fun to do
  4. Not to long ago I was walking at night and needed a pee so I pulled out my dick and tried peeing while walking. It turned out working well for me. I was wondering if anyone else had tried it and how did it go ?
  5. That sounds like a good idea I might need to get a bucket I can take around the house
  6. I often have to pee in the street after a night out, always happens when I’m walking home. One time I started peeing and kept walking while peeing
  7. It happens to me quite ofter getting split streams especially when i gotta pee really bad
  8. Wow big mess im still holding might go let it out on a bush
  9. Last night i was peeing outside on a bush and was seen by a few people. I quite like being seen by random people and never try to hide as its hard cause i have a large penis so not easy to hide so i just let them look. Anyone else like being seen by random people while peeing?
  10. This morning flopped my dick out and had a huge pee on the lemon tree in the yard
  11. I did it last night just flopped out my dick and had a pee on a wall
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