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  1. The summer is really hot! So i ended up going to the shower and pissing all over my body to cool myself down. It was so hot . I just wanted to share thats all !
  2. Student life if so what are you studying
  3. Flapnjack

    Cup piss

    Love these pics: The pee in he cup. How the waves and the light reflects...its like art And this dress 10/10! i hope theres more coming
  4. Flapnjack

    The Matrix Movie

    I certainly like the illusion of reality/free-will theme used in the plot. Morpheus believes in "The One", who can save them from the machines and free everyone. It has been fed to Neo that he will fulfil the prophecy. Later in the second movie, Neo learns the truth. The machines needs a way to control the humans, they know the matrix isn't fallible for people 'waking up' from the matrix. So they devised a lie in the form of the prophecy. Every once in a they release a group of people from the matrix, they will tell them a prophecy of "The One" who will free humanity from the machines and let them settle in Zion. This makes the machines always one step ahead of humanity. And just like the matrix, the prophecy is another form of control. Neo learns this before the attack on Zion. Neo learns he's not unique or special, the prophecy was a lie. There has been 7 other "The One" before Neo, and every instance the machines has destroyed Zion 7 times already before Neo, and this time they will destroy it. Once the machines has destroyed Zion, they will release another group of people and tell them of a prophecy. The usage of this theme within the plot is amazing. You learn the world is a lie, dared to swallow the red pill and immerse yourself with the reality. But how do we know we made it. Is this reality made of other lies and fell into another form of control just like "The One" and Zion's fate? Matrix is such a good movie, the action scene was great with an amazing plot(and original screenplay)
  5. When I'm having a fun time! Nothing can hide my smile. The most recent, is this piss drinking instructions. I took me so much tries to get it all the way
  6. Flapnjack


    Nice to meet you! Enjoy! There's def lots of people that share the same interest in you
  7. Make friends where we can support each others pee fetish, by either talking about it or play with each other(pee games). But also to have fun while where at it :)
  8. Flapnjack

    Anyone here university/college students?

    One thing i learn from writing essays is that it takes critical thinking. It's a great skill to develop.
  9. Flapnjack

    Ask away

    I like making smores over a wood fire . But for real that's pretty cool. Do you have a cottage you retreat to? I guess you like action films too?
  10. Flapnjack

    Ask away

    What are your hobbies!
  11. Not sure if people like my taste
  12. Flapnjack

    Anyone here university/college students?

    Wow I started reading up about networking just out of random interest its fascinating. I want to learn more about UNIX and OS in general, currently running ubuntu 16.04. I'm currently learning full stack developer, my degree is not related at all but I must say it does help with opportunities. General science? Do you have a favourite branch of study? I wonder what a degree in English entails. I've only been exposed to high school english, but I assume you write a lot of essays? I'm doing Mathematics for my degree
  13. Flapnjack

    woman's bare Bottoms

    Thats Lana rhoades. I kinda recognise her tattoo haha
  14. Flapnjack

    Anyone else in the midwest US? :)

    I'm from the north. Its really warm during the day and cold in the night. Do I dress for the day and freeze at night or do I dress for the night and carry a thick sweater during the day lol.
  15. Flapnjack

    What do you do when you feel lonely?

    If you feel like this is affecting your mental health you should see psychiatrist. Please understand you don't necessarily have a problem to visit one -- and its this stigma that people often do go. You can message me if you need someone to talk to.
  16. Flapnjack

    Where would you see me pee?

    I want to see you pee into a wine glass!
  17. Flapnjack

    Measure your pee

    Username checks out :P. 1.8 Liters? Wow thats really impressive. Is this what happens when you try to hold as much as you can?
  18. Flapnjack

    The awesome grandeur of nature

    If this fascinates you, I'd recommend planet earth and the Cosmos. Both have amazing visuals for earth and space respectively. Plus you get to learn a lot :)
  19. Flapnjack

    Hi everyone!

    Hey everyone, excited to join the community and meet like minded people who enjoy pee. Thanks @Blackinksoul30 for showing me this site.