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  1. Flapnjack

    Happy Halloween!

    Im never ready for snow :(
  2. Flapnjack

    Happy Halloween!

    oh wow you guys had snow? I'm by toronto but I haven't seen snow yet!
  3. Flapnjack

    Happy Halloween!

    Halloween!! Canadian fall is awesome. I like sweater weather :)
  4. Flapnjack

    Pee Bucket List

    Honestly this. It would be great to have a party where people can piss wherever, and whoever . You can have cups and ask to sample their fluid. It would be like a piss cocktail party. This needs to happen!
  5. Flapnjack

    Pee Bucket List

    I really like this list. #3 sounds lots of fun. I can imagine pissing on her, cubs or just causally peeing when I need to. #5 is hot. If she can drink all my piss...she's a keeper
  6. I've seen this movie! Slender, fit and nice body. It always goes well with pee I bet it does taste tangy too lol
  7. Student life if so what are you studying
  8. Flapnjack

    Where did you find us?

    Same! me and @Blackinksoul30 was members on PeeSearch. She msg me about this place and we migrated over here!
  9. Flapnjack

    Hi all!

    I'm glad @spywareonya forced you haha! Just wanted to drop a hello
  10. Flapnjack


    You're so hot!!! Am I too late to give you some attention
  11. Flapnjack

    Anyone here university/college students?

    Wow! Good luck !!!
  12. The summer is really hot! So i ended up going to the shower and pissing all over my body to cool myself down. It was so hot . I just wanted to share thats all !
  13. Flapnjack

    Very unique way of using my piss fetish

    at the moment no :P ....But I do wanna give my golden spray to people :)
  14. Flapnjack

    Very unique way of using my piss fetish

    I was limited on resources ahaha
  15. Flapnjack


    I bet it would appeal to a lot of people here And welcome to the site!!
  16. Flapnjack


    Is your profile pic your drawing?
  17. Flapnjack

    Female Urinal -- reddit entry

    What was the selling point of this thingg? and def unhygenic
  18. Flapnjack

    Are more guys or girls into peeing?

    Yeah this is so relatable.
  19. Flapnjack

    A pee and a smile, astonishing combo

    Wow she has nice eyes
  20. Flapnjack

    Cup piss

    Love these pics: The pee in he cup. How the waves and the light reflects...its like art And this dress 10/10! i hope theres more coming
  21. Flapnjack

    When i peed in a cup

    pee looks settled, since theres no foaming btw was this the same cup in your previous picture. Thanks for posting, can't wait for more!
  22. Flapnjack

    The Matrix Movie

    I certainly like the illusion of reality/free-will theme used in the plot. Morpheus believes in "The One", who can save them from the machines and free everyone. It has been fed to Neo that he will fulfil the prophecy. Later in the second movie, Neo learns the truth. The machines needs a way to control the humans, they know the matrix isn't fallible for people 'waking up' from the matrix. So they devised a lie in the form of the prophecy. Every once in a they release a group of people from the matrix, they will tell them a prophecy of "The One" who will free humanity from the machines and let them settle in Zion. This makes the machines always one step ahead of humanity. And just like the matrix, the prophecy is another form of control. Neo learns this before the attack on Zion. Neo learns he's not unique or special, the prophecy was a lie. There has been 7 other "The One" before Neo, and every instance the machines has destroyed Zion 7 times already before Neo, and this time they will destroy it. Once the machines has destroyed Zion, they will release another group of people and tell them of a prophecy. The usage of this theme within the plot is amazing. You learn the world is a lie, dared to swallow the red pill and immerse yourself with the reality. But how do we know we made it. Is this reality made of other lies and fell into another form of control just like "The One" and Zion's fate? Matrix is such a good movie, the action scene was great with an amazing plot(and original screenplay)