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  1. I've probably said this a million times already (nothing against you), but I'm a relatively simple person. I like to keep it realistic for the most part, so popping a squat or sitting on a toilet (in a clean or acceptably clean bathroom) is where it's at for me. There are a few clips of Naomi Bennett putting on a show that are an exception, though. I can imagine some girl (preferably someone who can sing well) playing around and teasing another girl, then putting on a show in a similar fashion (albeit lying on a table instead of a bridge or whatever) like this story. Often times I can ima
  2. Getting caught Any extreme public stuff Unnatural poses
  3. I'm a simple man: watching a girl on the toilet or squatting, in person.
  4. Yes, but this was only because the men's restroom toilet at the apartment I was living (the one near the lounge, not the one in my room) in was clogged.
  5. No, I knew I had a thing for it, but I didn't know how to describe it. Only during high school did I learn what a kink is.
  6. Oh, I realised it was a kink of mine all the way back when I was in second grade.
  7. A few days ago while I was out on a bike ride
  8. Grass and dirt for me. Maybe concrete or asphalt, depending on the setting.
  9. About once, sometimes twice, per day.
  10. Yes! This has been one of my biggest turn-ons ever.
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