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  1. Grass and dirt for me. Maybe concrete or asphalt, depending on the setting.
  2. About once, sometimes twice, per day.
  3. Yes! This has been one of my biggest turn-ons ever.
  4. It's always been a difficult balance but I just keep a good distance while trying to maximise the signal-to-noise ratio. If I don't get anything, oh well. Better safe than sorry.
  5. I realised I was into peeing when I was in second grade (around 2006).
  6. One of my favourite go-to fantasies is basically this: https://literotica.com/s/thats-kelly TL;DR - "Wild and untamed" girl fools around with another girl who's kinda shy and gets the shy girl into peeing.
  7. When I was in high school I dreamed about my then-crush leading me into the school gym, popping a squat, and then gushing piss all over the gym floor. She let me eat her out afterwards. I woke up thinking I wet the bed, but in reality, I orgasmed.
  8. Maybe. The sounds (or the thought of what they sound like) get me very excited, but I'd prefer if they just walk calmly.
  9. I second the "natural" part, with some exceptions. I'm a simple person: sitting on a toilet and popping a squat.
  10. Despite Taylor's very powerful and swift streams, she still lasts more than a minute every time.
  11. I've always wanted to pair Taylor Swift with Carrie Underwood for some reason. I'd love to see them make giant puddles after concerts or special events, and to see who could hold the most.
  12. For me it wouldn't lose any appeal, as my interest in it never came from it being taboo of any sort. It was the sense of domination that did it. It would be great for me seeing women pop a squat in person (but not "extreme public" scenarios).
  13. For me it's just watching women pop a squat or sitting on a toilet. Pretty simple stuff but surprisingly effective. I think it comes from a sense of domination and "power".
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