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  1. My favourite place to pee in is in the woods. Simple but effective. My (unrealistic) dream spot is on T. Swift's face.
  2. Varies from once a day to once a week.
  3. My preference is videos where the woman/girl is just squatting without using her arms or hands to support herself (for the most part) as it looks "natural" and much less staged. Here's one example: https://pissrip.net/got2pee/12245-got2pee-crouched.html
  4. I'd pop a squat in a bunch of places, especially in the woods or in some other secluded spot. In a somewhat secluded picnic area where there's nobody around, I'd lie down on the table, spread my legs, spread my pussy, and then let it rip. I'd also be open to peeing while on my knees.
  5. I've got three, two of which involve T Swift. 1. Me going out on a trip with Taylor. Being in the lake, where I pee on her. Me laying down in the grass with Taylor squatting over me and peeing all over my face. Along with getting to watch her pop a squat. 2. Taylor teasing another girl or woman, and Taylor's lying down in the grass while another girl pees on her face (a lot of 69'ing is included as well). 3. This came to me when I was in high school. My crush leads me into the school gym, which is closed but the doors were unlocked. She goes to the middle of the gym, pops a squa
  6. When I was 5 or 6, I remember when my mom took my sister and I out on a walk at night and my sister had to pee, and I remembered her just squatting by a tree and relieving herself. This ismay very well be how I discovered my fetish.
  7. Sinks, showers, on plants, even out my bedroom window on a few nights.
  8. Taylor Swift. Definitely T Swift as she just seems to be that "wild", daring type.
  9. Fairly basic stuff, but: Having a girl pee on my face My favourite positions when it comes to women peeing are preferably popping a squat or the "imaginary toilet" (whatever you call it). Just being able to watch a girl pee like this in real life. Add in me getting to eat her out afterwards (no wiping as long as it's not concentrated)
  10. The other thing that gets me is what I like to call "fluttering". Where the pitch of the hiss keeps jumping around.
  11. I did not write this, I just found it while browsing through Literotica and I thought it would be a good one, after some tweaks. Activities: Peeing in a bottle, guy peeing on girl, girl pees on guy's face. https://literotica.com/s/wet-in-the-wild-woods The guy who wrote this specified Jack and Kate as brother and sister which I found super super weird, especially for a peeing story. The tweaks I would make to this story are: 1. Replace Kate with T. Swift 2. Make Jack and Kate Taylor FWB (obviously they wouldn't be related) 3. Add a scene of Jack eating Taylor out
  12. Hey guys, I found it! https://picmir.me/pub/156046# Edit: Except there's a problem, that all the other images are super low res. The hunt still continues as to whether or not there are hi-res pics of the other ones... If anyone knows someone on Picmir, could you ask them to send you the images in the gallery so you can upload them here?
  13. I've seen this picture across the web numerous times: But recently, I came across of what is cleary another shot of the same act: This has got me wondering: Is there more to this? Does anyone know of a video or gallery containing both of these shots? If so, could you please link it?
  14. dltq


    https://www.pissrip.net/bound2burst/16445-star-so-very-urgent.html This video is by far my favourite peeing video yet. Everything seems so natural, true, and "organic".
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