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  1. Same, I have friends in Northern Ohio, Michigan and Illinois so I come out that way from time to time.
  2. Clearestblur21


    That third pic looking straight up... wonderful
  3. I can't get enough of them, and I like how they can be appreciated for their different forms. I can just as much enjoy a tight and fit butt as I can enjoy a large and curvy butt; although I myself have a preference for the latter. I start to drool when I see a plump, voluptuous ass that I can get a handful of. There's this one girl on reddit whose body I'm particularly enamored with, which I know is silly because I don't know her as a person and there are thousands of other women on reddit just as attractive in their own ways. She doesn't post anything really explicit, but her ass is something that I would jump through hoops to get to play with. For a few examples: And while I know this is meant for bare asses, I also gotta post a couple of her pics in underwear because it really highlight how much of a bubble butt she has. Nancy I know you're not a fan of underwear but man this woman makes it look so hot Of course I'm in the mood for a woman as well right now. I was talking to my gf recently about that sex smell that's so prominent when she's bent over in front of me and how it adds to the whole instinctual pleasure of the act. I think I may need to start up a new thread about scents...
  4. I like that you teach by doing. Aside from myself as an example, I know you're someone who can get others to meet you at your level of openness, and I'm sure that a lot of people appreciate that. I showed up at this forum in the first place because ultimately I wanted to express myself regarding something that makes me feel good that I felt I could never talk about in my real life. It took me some time to actually start participating like I do right now, but I'm glad I got there. You've definitely been an encouraging spirit to help me get to that point, even if it's simply bonding over how much we like looking at butts. Also, I enjoy the bit of irony of you talking about the virtue of being full-frontal in a thread that's meant to appreciate "women's bare bottoms" lol
  5. I look forward to it! I know I'm admittedly a bit reserved, but your outgoing nature helps get me out of my shell.
  6. I'm glad you persevered. You're a special one, Nancy.
  7. And I adore you, Nancy. You bring such a welcoming, stimulating and bold energy to this place that I always enjoy.
  8. Aww come on, you know I flocked to your mega-thread of pics when you had first told me about it. And you know I gravitated to the pics of your ass, so you can imagine how much of a dream this particular thread is for me lol
  9. Oh wow, why did it take me so long to start checking out the non-pee sex stuff on this site? This thread was perfect material for a morning wank, and I still have 42 more pages to see!
  10. Lol sorry for the double-post, internet was crapping out on me
  11. It is heart-touching and makes me melt, and it simultaneously drives me wild like an animal. I feel so primal and in touch with my nature when I finish inside her, like a tiger with his mate lol
  12. It is heart-touching and makes me melt, and it simultaneously drives me wild like an animal. I feel so primal and in touch with my nature when I finish inside her, like a tiger with his mate lol
  13. My gf has described the same thing to me. She's on birth control so we don't use condoms and she's told me how much she loves the feeling of my cock pulse as I fire a load inside her, and she keeps me inside her afterwards a bit to "milk" me with her pussy, as the guys have described above. After a bit, I pull myself out of her and she focuses on the feeling of my cum flowing out of her and running down her legs. She's also told me that sometimes when she has an after-sex pee that she gets turned on by the consequential cum dump that happens, and wants me to fill her back up. Funny enough, that ended up being the icebreaker for me telling her about my pee kink.
  14. I remember a woman once writing about how she finds watching women pee a lot more fascinating than watching men pee because with men it's pretty straightforward (quite literally), but with women there's so much more nuance to be found with how they pee, based on their pussy, their urethra, the way their stream comes out. She's right, and I think I was subconsciously aware of this when I was first getting into this kink. I remember some of the first peeing videos I've seen had three very different stream styles: the first was a power pisser who would shoot like a geyser, the second was a woman on the toilet peeing in a "double" stream, and the third was a woman outside peeing in pulsing bursts. Each sight was hot for its own reason, and that's far from the only styles. I wonder if someone more diligent than me could catalog all the different kinds of women pee streams for reference
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