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  1. Can’t wait for the next part, really looking forward to what these two get up to next
  2. Part 4 - Girls Night?! Jess got up from the couch, a single drop of sweat dripped down from her head on her naked body running down her her small and firm boobs and ending up finding its place in the belly button. She was as naked as the day she was born and just got done masturbating to the her memory of the day so far, she looked in the mirror and saw her pale body. She never felt so powerful before, to got through with her new found fetish really was great. She picked up her phone and saw the time, she completely lost track of it with all the crazyiness going on and she still ne
  3. Part 3 – A new friend!? Jess snapped back into reality “Ummm e-excuse me what did you just say?” The blonde girl kept a grin on her face and replied “Nothing, forget about it” the playful way she said it made Jess head rush again she knows, she must know what I did. “I´m Olivia by the way nice to meet you. Where you going with all them bags?” “I I I´m Jess. I J- just need to go down a few blocks to my new apartment, got my move-in shopping done!” Jess said with her voice getting flimsy. Olivia smiled at Jess again “In that case welcome to the city! Still you any got
  4. Part 2 – Shopping tour Jess was done unpacking her stuff, now it was time for her to go grocery shopping. Luckily the next Store was just a short walk away from the apartment. With her new outfit, a knee long skirt a fresh pair of lace panties hiding her trimmed pubic hair and bra under her crop top. She went into the store, surprised by the huge size of a downtown store she started to grab the basic she need for her new place. As she was pushing her shopping cart along she felt the urge to pee was getting to her. She wanted to to something naughty again, her last pee was good but s
  5. Isn’t it difficult for a woman to pee in a bottle?
  6. Welcome Keri! As somebody who is not a native English speaker aswell, I can guarantee you this community is very welcoming and won‘t judge you a for a spelling mistake, not a single bit!
  7. Part 1 – A new appartment Jess was laying naked, her usual bedtime attire, in the Hotel bed after being woken up by a call from her new landlord. Today was her first of two days-off from her office job she started a week ago. Since then she has been living in the Accar-Hotel. To Jess surprise Mr. Parker her landlord returned home a day earlier from his vacation. So today was the day she will get her hands on the keys to the new apartment she is about to rent. Even tho she got woken up on her day-off, which she planned to sleep in, her mood was at an all time high since leaving the
  8. You look gorgeous in the pictures
  9. Holy moly! Your fantasy is wild and i like that! Especially love how you describe every single moment of your own feelings throughout the whole story Please continue writing!
  10. Yeah a friend of mine she squatted down in the bushes to get some relief herself. is that shed your preferred peeing spot? Or are there any other places that spark your interest?
  11. After a day at the lake, before going home I watered a bush near the bike parking and parking lot. What about you @Lilly bowman ?
  12. Woah thats a mess if i have ever seen one 😳 @Bacardi i believe in you💪 One day you can do it!
  13. I like a clean shave myself, not just in the pubic area but also my chest as well. It just feels cleaner
  14. a couple days ago i needed to take a train at a small town Station with only four platforms. It was about 1 in the morning since i was at a nice restaurant before i had a few drinks which started to make me desperate for a pee, the train was supposed to arrive in five minutes . In my mind i thought i could hold my pee till the train is here and use the toilet in there since there is no toilet at the train station. I started to get desperater and the train was delayed for 15 more minutes.My bladder was really full and with that i made my way along the platform towards the end of it passing ma
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