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  1. Oh i love this story so much, genuine accidents are so hot 🔥 and the way you went along with it! Thanks for sharing
  2. So with the service still being really bad i decided it would only be fait to leave another mark in the public bathroom. I made a before and a after photo of the toilet. First i hit the bowl but then directed myself toward the back right corner, of course hitting the seat while I was at it . I made a huge puddle as you can see, the whole right corner is flooded. It even started to flow towards the door behind me and im pretty sure it went under it into the main area with the sinks 😈
  3. I agree especially when it is dry soil so you can make a river and leave behind a wet patch or a puddle.
  4. I think i could never pull something like this off even though it sound really hot - Great picture and very nicely told story. Thank you for sharing Lena
  5. As im writing this im on vacation in Greece in a lovely hotel in a great town with very nice and sunny days. Only the personal working at the hotel are so unfriendly and rude, kinda sad. I decided to leave them a „message“. In the basement near the bar are toilets. I went into a cubicle and noticed the key for the door was missing, that made my heart race a liitle bit more due to the fact of what i had planed to do. I closed the door behind me, whipt out my dick and started peeing first i hit the bowl the I reoriented myself so that i hit the the seat leaving alot of marks on it, of course t
  6. Sound kinda tragic hope you are better, mental health is so important and not to be joked wirh 🙏
  7. Welcome to the site Haley! I hope this question is cool with you, what is the naughtiest fantasy you have? If you dont mind sharing 🙃
  8. About two weeks ago I was hanging out with a friend of mine. Lets call her Stella, she is about 5‘4 with blonde hair. Stella has that Hippie-Chick Style going for her. Anyways she called me an told me that she has a new camera and wants to try it out on me. So we took a few photos. After that we were just hanging out and scrolling through the camera roll. I saw something that peeked my interest, a girl waving at the camera while squatting in a field of tall grass. So i asked Stella if there is a story behind this pic. Stella chuckled a bit and started to tell me a little story. She
  9. I guess i need to go and visit some football grounds in the UK
  10. Are you still interested in talking to new people?
  11. Last weekend I was out and about with an old friend of mine, lets call her Jess. So Jess and me were enjoying a nice bottle of wine at a beautiful spot near a waterfront just talking about life and whatever, since we haven´t seen each other for quite a while. I started getting dark as she mentioned we might need to get going. We left our spot and stated walking along the park road which leads up to the waterfront. Jess gave me a little bump on the shoulder telling me to wait here for a second she walked of towards the public toilets in the park. She pulled on the door and walked
  12. This will be the last part of the Berlin trip It was the day of us leaving Berlin. Since it was a trip organized by the Collage/Uni (whatever you want to call it) we all had to take the same train home. So we were waiting at the train station, just outside of Berlin. It was a pretty hot day and we just got news that our train will be delayed, unfortunately this is very conmen in Germany. Ava, me and some other decided to use the time to go to the next supermarket, which was not that far away and end the trip in good all fashion with a few cans of beer / bottles of w
  13. This is Part 2 of my Berlin Trip Experience So it is the next day on our Berlin Trip due to it being a Uni thing we had to do activities the whole day. In the evening Ava and me decided to go to a beach bar near the Spree(big river in the middle of Berlin), I think the place was called Yaam. She was looking great this evening, short dark skirt and white Top which fitted her perfect. We got there order a beer each and just started talking after a while Ava asked if I wanted to go for a little walk along the river because she wanted to have smoke. She handed me her we
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