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    bi male
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    Ask me...this hobby would cost me my job
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    Love talking about peeing with anyone. My partner has no interest in pee, so I love talking to like-minded people!
    I live in NJ, USA. If you're in Southern NJ or Philadelphia and want to pee together let me know!

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    Everything but desperation
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    Peeing in sinks or outside

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  1. Another great choice! The warmth feels great and then it pools in your belly button too
  2. frose192

    Snapchat pee

    Anyone can add me to swap piss videos (just let me know you're from here). snapchat: frose192
  3. If I had to pick, I'd say pissing on my stomach while standing up because I can rub it over my stomach and pretend like someone just peed on me.
  4. I like creampies and pregnant women. I guess the trifecta for me would be a large creampie in a pregnant woman and then she gets pissed on or she pisses.
  5. I agree tompee, there's a definite satisfaction to it. And the choices of how to pee... On the walls, in the air while laying down, on my stomach...the choices are plenty!
  6. I pee in the shower almost every time I shower. The only exception is if my wife is also in the bathroom (at the sink or whatever) because she doesn't share my interest in peeing.