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    My friend told me about watersports and showed me few vids and got interested very much in it. No experience at all, just watching it rains on vids. I wish to dedicate so hopefully this site will help me find her a.k.a curious maniac like me to fulfill my desire or our desire as if i get lucky enough (:

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    Don’t know yet, no input besides watching it rains on the vids...
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  1. Bananaphone

    New and inexperienced.

    Thank you very much for your acceptance and warm welcome, I’m glad i have found this site (:
  2. Bananaphone

    New and inexperienced.

    Hiya! First of all, my name is Adrian I’m 26 years old and living in the United Kingdom, as always I’m trying to keep to the spotless first impression wherever I land and try to introduce myself briefly and say ? hello ?, how are you?. Lets get onto the point. Few years ago my best friend briefly showed me few video short clips including girls doing ehm..water sports ? he seemed to feel uncomfortable with it as he confessed to me that he kind of got addicted to as soon as he watched first short vid and was asking me then what is my opinion about peeing, honestly? I Had no idea besides it is very sexy at some point. The same day, came back home and gave it another shot. Honestly, I was eulogising over it, heh...actually it’s ongoing process and im still getting turned on when I watch it. Never really had a chance to experience watersports...now and then, at all. I may sound a bit desperated but actually I’m not, it’s not like it is the most important thingy in my life, well it is not. I just feel that i could try pee fetish that’s why I had that idea and it pushed me here to share with you guys these few words of mine, who knows? Maybe I’ll match with someone over here (:. Thank you for your time, see you around. Btw I would like to apologise anyone harmed by my English language skills in here, im not originally from the UK, forgive me haha :D.