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    Golden showers and watching women pee

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  1. So at some of the bars I go to the put ice in the urainals and it is fun to melt the ice
  2. Jpee72

    Favourite Pee Model?

    I think her name is Jenny and getting harder and harder to find her videos ... not the best. Pics but
  3. Jpee72

    Peeing underwater

    Yes I enjoy watching that
  4. Jpee72

    Snapchat pee

    anyone can add me jcrts182
  5. Jpee72

    Post about your pee!

    So nothing special I was sitting on the back patio at my apartment looking at pic and reading treads when I realize I need to go. So instead of walking inside I just pulled my short leg up pulled IT out and just went on the patio. I was not a lot of pee but a lot fun doing it. Some splash on leg. I forgot to shake it to so more run done my leg.
  6. Just wanted share me peeing
  7. Jpee72

    where are you

    Houston tx love to pee in public
  8. Jpee72

    Where did you find us?

    I was just searching for pee pic and this site was on there and clicking on and looking on your site I knew I had to join?????